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  1. I have no idea what anyone is talking about here.
  2. I like the Punisher variant. Tigra has this funny plain-Jane face going on that makes me chuckle. That blue-and-yellow Wolverine will be quickly decapitated and receive the Morph-mod if possible. Not so good are those heads. The ball-joint limbs on the Hulk wave really hurt it. I want Foom, but few of those figures will be displayed. Ironically the Red Hulk wave will be the first one where I get all the figures not for the purposes of completing the BAF. I'll repeat what I said earlier: good job Hasbro.
  3. Is it possible the blonde head could go on the blue-and-yellow Wolverine to make an animated Morph? Good job Hasbro.
  4. While doing some schoolwork I happened to glance at my LCBH display and while looking at the O'Brien figure I considered its superiority to the She-Hulk figure with which it shares a common mold. It made me wonder, is it possible that Hasbro had to make certain figures with their funky elbow and knee joints because of some copyright or contract limitations? No one else uses the Star Wars/Sigma 6 joint but Hasbro (a fact which might not surprise you). Neither does anyone use the narrow Mattel pelvis. Could action figure joints be secured through copyright restrictions? And I know Hasbro did use some of the old Toy Biz joints, but that was on figures which were old molds. Most of their new molds did not use the double-hinge so maybe the ones that were made were allowed by the contract by which Hasbro obtained the Toy Biz molds. Real Inside Baseball stuff, I know, but at least were not talking about an April Fools joke.
  5. A few people have mentioned the possibility that Hasbro has delayed wave four in order to improve it now that Jesse Falcon and crew are on board. If that is true, big if of course, then we could be seeing a marked improvement over previous offerings, i.e. better articulation and paint washes or whatever. If that is the case who will we all have to thank for the restoration of Marvel Legends to its prior glory? Who do we thank for making this dream a reality? Everyone who complained non-stop, jamming up the message boards with their constant griping about Hasbro's handling of the line. Oh bitter irony....
  6. Maybe it's post-poned because they are redoing the crappy Hasbro joints with the superior Toy-Biz style double joint.
  7. Was Rex supposed to be Namor? I always wondered who he was and never noticed them making any clear links. Then I thought of "Imperious Rex!" Namor's battle-cry. Anyone have any insight?
  8. My only reason for questioning whether we still need BAFs, and I believe the intent of the original poster, is that there are very few large characters that absolutely must be BAFs to be done right. No one would disagree that Annihilus and Ronan should have been regular figures. We have suggestions like Warpath, Box, Cyber, Strong Guy, none of which need be made larger than the regular Hulk or Sasquatch figures. Characters like Fin Fang Foom, Goliath, and Atlas should be BAFs because they are large in the comics. But then you get Ronan coming in saying, "Hey I'm kinda big," and no one at Hasbro says, "You're a douchebag, no BAF for you."
  9. Let me add, would you rather see more themed box sets than BAFs in the future? They already have a few characters lying around that could easily make a quick set: the Aurora and Northstar could go with a repainted Captain Britain to become Captain Canada, er Guardian, and some slight retooling of the Jean Grey Phoenix for Vindicator. Maybe a two-pack of Lilandra and a repainted Captain Marvel as Vulcan. And who doesn't want that variant Havok from the Wal-Mart line? Just some thoughts.
  10. When I saw the title I immediately thought Sauron. Ah, I remember the days getting a figure like Angel, with huge wings and a BAF piece; and that BAF was the biggest in the line. It would be pretty dumb if Strong Guy ended up bigger than the Hulk. All that said, who else is there that really needs to be a BAF to be properly rendered? I think of Atlas, there are a couple versions of Goliath, maybe Sugar Man or a goofy gigantic Cameron Hodge Phalanx? Anyone else? Do we really need BAFs anymore?
  11. Not really looking forward to these, and solely based on the terrible, terrible Hasbro joints. These things have less range of motion than the original Toy-Biz figures. Anyone remember that old Hulk that was like four inches tall and if you pulled the tab on his back his unarticulated fists slammed together? Yeah, that one is better than these. Hopefully, some day not too distant, Hasbro will get sick of complainers and give their figures Legendary articulation, not G.I. Joe joints.
  12. I've been to three different Wal-Marts and two Toys 'R' Us's and have only been able to find half of the Brood Queen series, and these all in the same store. Since I'm only interested in Phoenix, Black Knight, and the Hydra Soldier, these finds have done me no good. In most every location I find a bunch of HML2 Quicksilvers (sadly not the green variant), Ultimate Wolverines, and X-Men 3 figures. One Toys 'R' Us only had Silver Anniversary Wolverine and Diamond White Queen. Lame. Anyone else have this problem? Is this an example of the negatives of Hasbro's Legends, which we needn't go into though there be many, outweighing the benefit of their larger production quantity?
  13. I just thought of this, the real people to bug about a Wrecking Crew box set (or any other obscure fan favorite) is not Hasbro, but rather Marvel Comics. If they write the Wrecking Crew into a major storyline in a title with significant sales (appearing in their classic outfits) Hasbro would have some support in releasing a box set, or two packs. So lets go Diamond Joe!
  14. Havok (the unused prototype from the Wal-Mart line) and Polaris (the only good female sculpt is the Phoenix/Ms. Marvel one) Northstar and Aurora would be easy except that I seem to recall they used that sub-standard Invisible Woman sculpt for Aurora. A new Rogue and Gambit would be excellent. They could use the Gambit from the web poll. All they need to do with the original Rogue is fix the ##$%$# legs, the head, and no cloth jackets! Marvel Boy (or Justice) and Firestar would be cool. Justice could be made from any general male sculpt and for some diversity, I suppose the Wasp sculpt wasn't too bad for Firestar. Despite their unrecognizability, I would love a Wrecking Crew set.
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