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  1. well, duh they wont look good next to legends, theyre based on an animated show. same goes for looking kiddish-if you dont like the way they look, blame the art, not the figures based on the art.
  2. does Cortana from HALO count? cuz Danger kinda looks like her, and would be about the right size for a 1:1 model.
  3. ...and i gotta say, im addicted. im borrowing it from my neighbor, whose borrowing my HALO 3. heres my current team: Iron Man (Modern) Captain America (Classic) Spider-Man (Classic-does anyone know how I can unlook the symbiote?) Thor (Ultimate). I usually subsitute them if they are dead with (in order): Human Torch (Ultimate) Wolverine (Modern) Spider-Woman (again, does anyone know how to unlock Julia) Thing (Ultimate)
  4. i never thought about BAFs. my votes are for blob and foom for future.
  5. HOLY CRAP! Reed does look like Jon Stewart! I know it's not an ML, but the DCSH Clark Kent kinda looks like Stephen Colbert. Also, ML2 Doom looks like Guy Pierce, and the box set Doom looks like Lindsay Lohan:
  6. holy crap, i did not know theyd be out this early.
  7. Male: Ultimate Iron Man. love that figure Female: F4 She-Hulk Future Male- Tie between Daredevil and Punisher Future Female- Spiral.
  8. i second that. i dont mind the bitcing so much, but there are infinite "hasblow" topics. do us a favor: next time some one complains, start an "official bitching" topic.
  9. i wpuld buy him, but as tarot said, hes not that diffrent costume wise than the mainstream version.
  10. heres the tally of what he's missing from the average ML articulation (those extra shoulders arent average): hinged neck entire right arm torso hinged hips thighs and the waist activates the light up eyes, sometimes, so im counting that too. thats 11 missing points. i think we need a new version.
  11. well, looks like the whole 16 figures is for the new animated series. whoops.
  12. TomTom

    Hasbro Sucks!

    okay, this topic is starting to die down, and before it fully dies, i have to say this: no matter how good a sculpt is, no matter how crappy the paint is, no matter the amount of articulation or accessories, none of it matters if the toy isnt fun. of the toy falls apart when you look at it, its not gonna take long to get bored. but if you can find a situation where the figure fits in, you have yourself a good toy. oh, and anyone complaining about hasbro articulation- if you cant find any good poses, your not trying hard enough.
  13. i woulda said foom, but since hes not there, cap i guess.
  14. a great list, but honestly every single one of them has not only been done, but done extremly well, so whats the point? anyway my only real want is Doppelganger, sure theres others i'd gladly buy but Doppes is #1 without question green goblin needs to be taller doc ock needs a labcoat sandman needs...well, nothing, but it wouldnt hurt to re-release him venom needs a neck joint electro needs a good figure thats not in a box set or fucked up by action features lizard needs nothing really, i just missed out on the fearsome foes set same with carnage (though he could stand a darker shade of red) beetle needs a figure of his classic image. also, i was kinda tired when i posted it, so heres an improved list Hydro-Man Chameleon Venom (he really needs that neck joint!) (variant Eddie Brock) Beetle (Classic Armor) Kraven's Last Hunt Morbius Doppleganger and spideys greatest villain of all time- the Burglar I wanted to put Scorpio-Venim in there, but I didn't want 2 versions of that guy in one wave.
  15. TomTom

    Hasbro Sucks!

    i never said he made a bad point, i said he was being an ass...
  16. they can, but it would help alleviate some of the bitching that goes on around here...
  17. yes, there is probably a topic about this already, but im too lazy. so basically since the line is more than likely already in production, this is our guesses/wants for the line. remember the whole "8 heroes 8 villains" thing. heres all mine: HEROES Spider-Man Symbiote Spider-Man (variant of Symbiote being ripped off) Mary Jane Watson Silver Sable John Jonah Jameson (or should he be villains ) Daredevil Peter Parker Toxin VILLAINS Green Goblin Doc Ock Sandman Venom (variant of Eddie Brock) Electro Lizard Carnage Beetle i gotta say, it was way easier to do the villains than the heroes, mainly because of the films.
  18. i dont think marvel toys is going to get the license back anytime soon. it doesnt expire til like 2012. as for them being hired as sculptors, that would be the best situation possible: toybiz sculpt + hasbro's sturdy plastic= goodness! and since they are getting better with paint and articulation, this will be the best of both world's.
  19. TomTom

    Hasbro Sucks!

    who is this SO NO TORNADO guy i keep hearing about? im assuming he was blocked before i joined (august '07), but ah well. a word to the not so wise, floaton: i did almost the same thing your doing when i 1st joined (except, you know, whine-less...). actually, it was the opposite, i was trying to reduce the number of hasbro hate threads. but thats not the point. the point is pick your battles. youve made what? 4 posts? and your already being wanted gone? id straighten up your act, and quit calling us dorks, because youre on a toy forum. yes, were all a bit dorky, but if you are one of us, you cant make fun of the rest of us for that reason. you cant act like the jock in high school that gives us swirleys, cuz youd be in the same group. wed make sure youd get the stall with the crap.
  20. yeah, we got a HoM spidey in wave 18. the figure was fucked up by action features (something i dont miss since the switch), but if you want to get technical, it had the design.
  21. TomTom

    Hasbro Sucks!

    you all have a newfound respect from me
  22. nope, I like it too. it does look kinda cartoony tho. if they make my fave characters...I will buy them no matter what size they are. i think its pretty kick-ass, and may pick it up despite the scale difference, and ill just call it a new armor or something #US1#
  23. ummm...who cares why....from what I remembered everyone complained about the 15 year old flat chested Rogue, or the teen age Ice Man and the non Australian Pyro. Thats how it goes in movies. get over it really. yeah, but those characters actually had something to do with the x-men. okay, pyro didnt, but that worked out by X3. gambit has nothing to do with wolverine. deadpool, i can kinda see, since he was also in the weapon X program, but gambit?
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