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  1. mine would be alot like yours, but id change a few things about the figures: 1.)-specified to John Romita jr, we havent had a figure of his art yet. 2.)-specified to her 1st appearance (the whole "you hit the jacpot tiger") thing as the standard figure, and a modern one as variant 3.)-wouldnt change a thing, but if they are doiung him in a business suit, can they please not use the prof. X one. the shoulders, hips and torso look wonky. 4.)-wouldnt change a thing. 5.)-fine as is 6.)-id really like a bigger version of the ML13 figure. he needs to be taller thatn spidey imo. 7.)-three words: kraven's last hunt 8.)- well, i dont know who doppleganger is-so i cant really comment (to wikipedia!), but id like to see a variant of six-armed spidey BAF: id prefer them coming with bases instead of BAFs, so the budget would be better for the individual figure.
  2. well, i figured since iron man was 50/50 (i saw the cases) that doom would be too. though it still doesnt matter, since its still the same toy inside.
  3. i dont really want any of these cut, but if i had to guess which ones will be cut, my money's on valkyrie and doc sampson, since they are a girl and a supporting character, and those NEVER make it.
  4. TomTom

    The new Vulture

    That's Electro. it is? good god...they dont need to make it THAT obvious. im pretty excited about the new series, and the only reason i can think of why is because it premieres on my borthday weekend (yes, i have those )
  5. well, yes and no. doom came in both masked and unmasked in the packaging, which doesnt change anything about the actual toy, bu its just a different version. actually, it isnt even a variant, they were packed 50/50 i believe.
  6. seriously, how much money do you spend a year for that? its gotta be somewhere in the thousands (especially with TB's market flood in '06). i had a problem with ASM super strength spider-man, his ankle broke off, and when i tried to email them and ask for a replacement, they told me something like take it back to the store. im not sure if thats actually service, but it was rather irratating. i did eventually fix it though, but i shouldnt have had to. hasbro isnt without problems either, but they are MUCH better than TB. the only real problem i have with hasbro figures is the right hips on my quicksilver is a tad loose, but that happened over time. now, by over time i mean a few months, not a few minutes, a problem i had with the aformentioned spidey (and a re-release of parachute spidey).
  7. well, my left hand is kinda skrull-ish, ehich fckus my typing up (yes, i go really far for jokes ), but besides that, no one in my town looks skrull
  8. i like the ML12 one for thje straight claws and torso hinge.
  9. if ou could, go with both. if you have to choose, get the sinister six. its got more figures, and venom, electro, and spidey are almost worth the price on their own.
  10. i tried that, and it didnt work. actually it closed the effin' window!
  11. i like 'em. im probably not gonna buy them, but i may get iron man. if your looking for these, their at my wal*mart, which scares me cuz they never get anything until a year after their released.
  12. TomTom

    Box Set Ideas

    sweet ideas but try thinking logically first-how would you get a box set with 9 characters in it,not only that but doom has 2 head,skrull has 2 arms,and dragon man is HUGE,how much are you going to pay for that? probably $100-120 next,prof x with wheel chair AND hoverchair?! what? why? we already have a wheel chair,people want the hover chair,and he wore a different costume in the hover chair (green fatigues) and this is just a personal gripe,but the black panther body for magneto? hes bigger than that dude,that body is puny and last,its not that easy to just add and ab crunch on to a character,and people want a new beast sculpt anyway,his articulation is kinda outdated,and many people complain how big he is (i dont care though) i thought it would be nice that people could have their choice for theings like X's chair, doom's head, and skrulls arms. and yeah, dragon man is huge. my solution? make the packaging bigger. and as for beast, i can see where your coming from with the new sculpt thing, but the ML4 beast was perfect in all aspects. and as for magneto, trust me, it works.
  13. TomTom

    Box Set Ideas

    Fantastic 4 (based on F4 legends figures) Mr. Fantastic (non-stretched) Invisible Woman (clear w/ airbrushed blue) Human Torch (Flame-On w/ new head) The Thing (taller and w/ drybrushing) Franklin Richards (TBF4 box set sculpt w/ new non-OMG, a robber! head) Dr. Doom (new head w/ interchangeable Doombot head) Super Skrull (F4C sculpt w/ interchangeable flame on arms & clear arms) Dragon Man (F4C w/ NO CHANGED PAINT APPS!!!!!) Kang ( F4C w/o lead paint {or whatever that warning meant}) thats nine figures, more than any other box set ever. but since hasbro has no plans for box sets, and just single and two packs: Professor X vs. Magneto (X comes w/ new head, and both wheelchair and hoverchair) (Magneto is Sentry/Black Panther body w/ new head, gloves, cape and belt, and added chest armor) Jean Grey vs. Mystique (Jean would be the Jim Lee version people are demanding) (Mystique would be the modern version im demanding) Cyclops vs. Toad (Cyclops would be the standard Bullseye/Quicksilver body w/ new head and have the classic costume) (Toad would be a retooled ML8 Doc Ock w/ new head and such) Beast vs. Avalanche (Beast would be a staright re-release of X-Men box set figure w/ the cloth coat and an added torso hinge) (Avalanche would be either a new sculpt or a retooled of the XMC figure) Hasbro, you need to hire me right now!
  14. TomTom

    Hasbro Q/A

    Since the podcasts have ended, is there anyway we can set up just a regular Q&A with Hasbro?
  15. were you not here a week ago?
  16. darn, and here i thought we were done with threads like these....
  17. id say the hasrbo one, because the torso hinge, and if your lucky, you can still find him in stores.
  18. i like it. it goes into better detail with some of the armor stuff, and the missile. i like that big, mutipul explosion.
  19. close. itll be through there site.
  20. id like toi see the newer mystique. it would look really cool at least. and why the released golden age versions of cap and bucky? easy: they dont know how long the new designs will last.
  21. i forgot about ultron! hed be good too
  22. classic hydro-man is all i ask.
  23. i will admit, i was rushed, and kinda skimmed. my bad. i wish blk. spidey was taller, hed be near perfect for a comic style, but ah well . i do find it quite odd hasbro releasing characters that wont be around til next season (venom).
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