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  1. umm, hes got two right legs. i dont think you can repaint that...
  2. you could give him the regular version's legs and repaint him, or use a black arachnis head and helmet cast (i know for sure he has this one) and regular iron man body. i dont really know what else to tell you, except pray to god hasbro re-releases it.
  3. im gonna hold out for the opening version.
  4. for me, its a tie between captain america and cyclops. quicksilver is a close, close second
  5. They sculpted his hair flat--probably as a safe tolerance for the helmet cover. I'm tempted to get some black Fimo and give him a more buoyant 'do. And the reason I don't think the Hulkbuster looks model-like is because of the "inked" panel lines on the figure. Mine are sloppy and uneven and I'm tempted to strip them and repaint the entire figure. ( Actually, Hulkbuster would be an excellent figure to really trick out with added parts under the helmet cover ( inspired by the famous Nitto SF3D kits) and rescore some panel lines and drill out some details in addition to a total repaint and weather job. I'd also do some serious work on the glider-then it would looke like a model kit.) i was talking more about his facial feature than his hair.
  6. while we're talking about hulkbuster iron man, anyone else wonder why he looks like hitler?
  7. i do agree on HML4. its ridiculous. we first saw hem at SDCC, and since then, ive been craving for that DD and punisher.
  8. new rule: you also have to give reasons. and they have to make sense.
  9. I think you are overestimating the level of caring I have for this. I was simply making a (not-so) funny. well, you didnt use a smilie!
  10. ive been suggesting this since around new years (i think...), but i didnt want to post it because someone would say, "stop acting like a mod" or something similar. i hope we dont discuss grammar and spelling here, theres two a's in my official. as for the title, i just wanted it to grab someones attention to post here instead of having a million frickin' topics on one subject.
  11. i know about the scales. i ment to add sculpted in there, but again, im lazy. also, your 1 and 3 kinda go against each other there. as for 5, i would hope so: the FA was supposed to capture a 65 year old look, while the ultimates are really new (comparatively).
  12. You obviously don't have figures like Astonishing Cyclops, FF Legends Thing, The Brood Queen, FF Legends Doc Doom & Mole man, Danger, Xorn, FA Captain America, Planet Hulk etc in your collection, because they are as detailed a sculpt as as anything Toybiz put out...... "Artistically speaking", there's no difference in the level of detail there. "Obviously"??? Oh, really? What's it like to be dead wrong? HML 3 Astonishing Cyclops: Don't have it 'cause I don't want it. Horrible sculpt + horrible monotone plastic + horrible paint apps. = one sucky figure. FF Legends Thing: Have it. It sucks. Day-glo orange plastic + tiny l'il head + weird, thick, protruding neck = one short, sucky figure that is not as good as the ML Wave 2 Thing (from Toy-Biz, BTW...) FF Legends Doc Doom: Have it. It's over-rated. Decent sculpt + monotone plastics = one mediocre figure. Toy-Biz's ML Wave 2 Doom had superior detailing. Sorry, but it's a FACT. Brood Queen: Hate the character, hated most of the wave, don't want the BAF. But the pieces I have are of the same monotone plastic that Hasbro prefers. Toy-Biz made great BAFs (except for Mojo)...Maybe you noticed?? Danger: Barf. Stupid character. Stupid figure. Poorly made. Xorn: The guy with the teeny-weeny l'il Magneto head?? And the boring, monotone plastics? Oh yeah...That's a GREAT example of Hasbro's "artistry"... FA Captain America: A decent sculpt that intentionally captures the cartoony, Golden-Age look of the 1940's Cap. But the monotone plastics are horrendous, especially the day-glow red boots and gloves. Planet Hulk: Have it. This was a re-tooled Toy-Biz Hulk with a strange looking head, and...Monotone plastics. Every other Toy-Biz Hulk was better than this lame-ass figure that Hasbro hastily cobbled together. Sorry, but again, you're dead wrong...and I'm 100% right. Comparing Toy-Biz and Hasbro from an artistic POV is laughable, because Toy-Biz was FAR superior. That's an indisputable fact. #US1# cyclops- it did a hell of a better job capturing the look of leather than ML8 storm, and it isnt a retooled namor or have a crappy light up head. thing- the neck thing is a quirk of the art, not of the figure, and the height is due to them using marvel's official guides, so they cant take the full blame. doom- has more articulation than ML2, and has a more relaistic sculpt. the paint on the green is flat, but the silver has airbrushing for depth. brood- what is your definition of monotone? have you put it together, or seen some pics online? if not, then shut the hell up. danger- IF YOU DONT LIKE THE CHARACTER, THEN DONT BUY THE EFFIN TOY AND STOP EFFIN COMPLAINING! also, being specific every once in a while instead of "bah, humbug" wouldnt hurt. whats crappy about the figure? xorn- A) it was a toybiz sculpt B ) i already explained what happens whaen you do super detailed figures at those run numbers. cap- im sorry, but were the crappy printing techs of that day making different shades of red? also, lets not forget iron man is the only FA figure toybiz has managed not to f*ck up. p. hulk- again, what is your definition of monotone? one last point to make before retiring for the night: ML1 cap? no scales? im sorry, if an aquaman figure from the friggin' 90s can have sculpted scales, so can cap from "one of the most artistic companies" and the whole lack of comics thing is simple- toybiz got 'em free. hasbro would have to pay extra, driving the price up further. anyone else lack the fact we dont haev to use power tools to get to our toys anymore, and if we do leave 'em in their, its something nice to look at? oh, and plastic is made for oil, which right about now is pretty damn expensive. also, it take more than one gallon of gas to get to california from china. checkmate. i think i got caught up. as for the whole grammar thing, like i said earlier, im lazy.
  13. I'm a frickin' genius! and capnjeffo, alpha prime, and all the other good posts i didnt read (i know, im lazy...), amen brothas. (though im not a big fan of hand joints unless they are done right.)
  14. please keep the bitchings here so i know which topics to avoid...
  15. thats the super hero squad one. though i do hope it gets made, or a re-lrease of the ML11 one.
  16. told ya it wasnt that ard. and there isnt much you can screw up with an almost completely blue paint job. IF hasbro makes a comic line, i hope they paint the figure right: jet black with blue airbrushing.
  17. just in time for the tigra wave, so that works!
  18. its not that hard to use a paintbrush...
  19. it wasnt bought by hasbro. theyre license ran out (which confuses the hell out of me, because they are part of marvel), and the bid came between them and playmates, and thank god hasbro won, because otherwise wed hardly be able to find them. also, thats just as you said: a rumor. and the paint aps werent that great. they were sloppy as all hell because they tried to do what mcfarlane does but in really large numbers, so much the factory could handle producing such detailed paint apps in the small amount of time and the rushed. a lot. and yeah, the iron man figures are great, but have you seen the pics of HML4, theyre even better (well, they will be...). and they made a six-inch version of the SM3 figures (the important ones), and you can go to the store and pick them up in the new SMC line. so, no i dont agree with your opinions.
  20. it has a better glider and articulation. i wouldnt want it in ML, but SMC, like ScorpioKyle said.
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