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  1. also, we wont have to wait 3 months for them to ship.
  2. those look great! except MJ. when are they out?
  3. judeging by the pics, it looks like they did a good job with sandman. but if we're gonna have wolverine and cyclops, we should have other x-men.
  4. the charton characters can't be passed onto anyone besides DC. that's why we don't have a jlu blue beetle. as for lobo, mattel could do a collaboration with DCD. the horsemen would sculpt the figures and accessories, maybe a base, and DCD would distribute them. he's be like 7 bucks more, but atleast we'd have him.
  5. its not really false advertisement. all the companies do it. they hand poaint them, make sure the figure has no deformations, all that stuff. its kinda like why hollywood actors/actresses look perfect (except danny devito, who has a large army or birds and rides a duck to work).
  6. nah, it's him after harry threw a bomb into him.
  7. when are these figures even being released?
  8. it really depends on whther you like his classic image or the newer version. i personally prefer the newer image, seeing as it would become awkward having people over with the speedo version on the shelf.
  9. i look at it this way: sculpt doesnt mean squat if it cant move, anything can be ruined by a drunken monkey with a rat tail brush for paint, and articulation is nice, but doesnt make up for a god awful looking figure. thats why i like DCSH/DCUC, they combine sculpt, good paint and articulation that is the best ive ever seen (aesthetics wise).
  10. i am iron man, na na na na na na na.
  11. the ML1 cap is worse than the face off version. and the fact its older, you should probably be able to get face off cap online cheaper. re-releasing modern armor iron man next year would make the best sense due to movie
  12. im gonna break da rules and put more than 3. mcfarlane spider-man modern armor iron man sinister six venom (with different elbow joint) fearsome foes vulture, lizard and rhino what is that five? sinister six black cat (with black widow legs, and different head) pheonix brown wolverine deadpool on the subject of bases, they should pack in the stand that came with snap shot spider-man. it's basically the same as the ML versions, but it uses a waist grip, so figures without holes in their back can use it as well. as ive stated before, they should do a whole wave of re-releases. so they dont piss off old fans and make new fans happy, they should use a re-released BAF as well. i'd like sentinel!
  13. this really isnt very "marvel" related, but i think you should start a (seperate) database for DC figures, especially with DCUC on the way. but no world of warcraft, please.
  14. TomTom

    Ugliest Uniforms

    it was more of like street clothes than a uniform, but i agree nonetheless.
  15. i say give the older, pre-ML13 figures more pictures. all there is is standing up staright, turned around, and head shot. it may take a while, but it will drastly increase the quality of the database #US1#
  16. you cant complain about the sculpts or the POA, because it'd be the same. hell, i think the POA is better. and the packaging? what was so good about toybiz's clamshells? they were generic and omnipresent. and why are you complaining about namor? look at your avatar. i know i dont have the best opinion, and people shouldn't follow me. i am pointing things out, and if you checked your facts, you see it's true. but you? i think you'd rather let the line die than buy something from hasbro. it's better that hasbro got it rather than playmates. then we wouldnt see them in as many places.
  17. hmm, a defined scale, useful articulation, accurate sculpting, and seven batarangs vs. the most worthless waste of plactic plus elbows? take a guess.
  18. 1. the designers ARE THE SAME ONES AS THE TOYBIZ FIGURES. the people who worked on legends, still work on it. you wouldnt be doing anything really. 2. see #1. 3. and do what? the figures are about as good as they will ever be. banshee used the standard bullseye body with some tweaks for the removeable wings. hercules skin tone was the skin tone in the comics. and if you say you will re-do emma, then you have to say you'll re-do all the ugly women in the toybiz line, plus spider-woman, wasp, and psylocke, because they share the same basic body as emma. 4. again, the figures would be exactly the same as if toybiz made them. i personally like invisible woman's costume. if it had been the classic version, you would be complaining about "oh, we already have one of them". double for the heroes reborn suit. 5. something that ain't broke? the extra joints made it easier to break the figure. hasbro's going in the right direction. yes, double joints were nice, but they break easily. they are also using the hip joints toybiz used in the beginning instead of ugly balls. they give good motion, without ruining the aesthetics of the figure. 6. and it was a standard for toybiz. i dont know how many times i have to say this, so i change it up a bit: if the deal wouldnt have gone down when it had, you know what we'd have in stores? Marvel legends 17, with she-hulk, xorn, and ultimate wolverine. 7. and do you kno0w what paint washes do to a figure? the make it look dirty. hasbro tried the same kind of wash/highlight with emma, and that didnt turn out so great. 8. did you see the last few BAFs under toybiz? onslaught, mojo, modok. they weren't that big either. instead of comparing to the early days, compare to the last few months. 9. yes, we do deserve more accessories. but did you ever see a web accessory with spider-man? did you see optical blasts with cyclops? did you see alternate, claw-less hands with wolverine? no, you didn't. and the few more bucks we're spending gives us stronger plastics, better packaging, and generally sturdier figures. 10. that's what, one wave? don't like em? don't buy em. if you complain about SM3, complain about the inclusion of X3 beast, juggernaut, and jean grey. toybiz could have made them, but they didnt. they made the comic line. nothing wrong with that, but they could have given us something. 11. so, you're saying we should go from the most inovative packaging, showing pictures of the character in question from the comic (or in the case of X3, the movie), to generic clamshells that show nothing of the character inside except the figure itself and need to be opened with a power saw. hasbro's packaging is WAAAAAAAAAY better than toybiz's. you should not need tools to open packaging! screw MOC. toys are meant to be played with, or at least displayed loose on a shelf surrounded by it's buddies. 12. well no crap! they can't get there if the store doesnt order them! around the time ML14, my wal*mart still had ML9. since im such a nice guy, i'll add another for you. two names haunted ML. wolverine and iron man. since hasbro's takeover, we've had six announced waves, and only 1 each of iron man and wolverine. stick that in yer pipe and smoke it.
  19. an enitre wave of re-releases. here me out. they take old, expensive (on secondary market) figures like modern armor iron man, mcfarlane spider-man, and any others, have no BAF, or better yet, a re-used BAF like galactus or sentinel. they old colletors wont have to buy any of the re-releases for the BAF, and the newbies dont have to pay insane online prices.
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