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  1. Apparently, you know nothing of the "Queen of MLs" BLACKCAT!? She has pieces in her collection that would make you boot your mom! Seriously!!! like the frickin' variant psylocke!
  2. i got the background from ENI, and the armors from http://www.republiquelibre.org/cousture/bd/IRNMN4C.HTM with the exception of iron Spidey, which came from Google.
  3. were not getting an iron man wave! he's getting his own line with a different title and packaging than ML. goddamn, people. and the spectacular spidey line will be 5", so they dont count. id like to see one or two boxsets, as well.
  4. that and iron man is getting his own line. i expect the return of a spider-man classics like line.
  5. they are more for nostalgia of MEGO figures than anything else.
  6. Tony Stark made a gift of this costume as a way of welcoming Spider-Man to membership in the Avengers. It represents his status as a member in good standing of the super hero community, and of course, an employee of Stark International and an associate of the invincible Iron Man. In addition to housing features that enhance the new powers with which Spider-Man has been gifted, this new costume is far more versatile than the old. It responds instantly to the mental commands of its wearer, shifting appearance or extruding an array of tools and weapons. In addition, it offers increased protection as its liquid metal construction is nearly bulletproof. It also features a trio of retractable "spider legs" which can supplement the hero's hands in combat. Nope, no quirky banter for the beginning. The body for all the Signature Series figures (even Wolverine, sadly) is the same one used 8 years ago by Hasbro for their DC 9" line. At least with Spider-Man, they all look like the same guy. Since he is wearing a cloth outfit, his outfit doesn't need to be changed in order to accommodate the articulation (like the Origins figure). Unfortunately, since it's cloth, the suit doesn't have any of the shininess (is that a word?) of the suit from the comics. Hasbro did a good job of making the colors of the cloth and of the plastic match, however. The only thing that can be said about the sculpt (except that it's overused) is that it's fairly proportional. The legs are slightly longer than the arms, as they should be, and the chest wasn't made overly big to make him look buff. 8 years, and still holding strong. What's not holding strong is the articulation. Yes, there are all sort of doodads that will guarantee the right pose, but he's missing two key points: thighs, and a ball jointed neck. Yes, he still has a swivel neck, but it always looks down. Anyway, he has: swivel neck, ball-jointed shoulders, swivel biceps, hinged elbows, ball-jointed wrists, hinged fingers, some sort of torso joint (more on that later), ball-jointed hips, hinged knees, and ball-jointed ankles. The ankles, shoulders, wrists, and fingers (oddly) are ratcheted, for some stability. I haven't tried putting him on his hands, but that's a definite possibility. The torso joint is extra good. At first, I thought it was a hinge, because of the huge forward/backward movement, but it turns out it's a ball-joint. Add in the fact that the waist is also ball-jointed, and you have a significant range of motion. Hasbro, start making all your torso joints like this one! Still despite that great area, it doesn't change the fact he has no thighs. The limbs need to be updated for thighs and double joints. As far accessories go, he has the three "spider-legs". They plug into his "harness" attach to his back (note: harness is not removable), into three different sized holes. Why? God knows. All truth to be told, the legs were the only real reason I got this figure so I could use them in a custom Iron Spidey. They attach to the harness with swivel joints, and are solid all the way through. So is this a figure worth getting? If you have other Signature Series figures, yes. I got mine on clearance for $7, so he was a pretty sweet deal. I don't know what I'll do with the body after I make that custom, though. I decided to post this on the forum because the figure isn't in the database.
  7. lookin' great! ill probably get them all except for the one with the snap on armor. i was going to also say the gray modern armor, but when i was typing it, i realized that would make a nice war-machine. edit: anyone know when these will be out (seeing as the spider-man 3 figures were out in march)?
  8. x-23, oh, wait... eddie brock j. jonah jameson aunt may
  9. i agree rachel is the best female figure produced so far in ML (with the possible exception of psylocke).
  10. Magneto Classic Armor Iron Man Ultron Mandarin
  11. i thyink they should make living laser and a new mandarin.
  12. for me, its X-23 and the monsters. surprisingly, they all turned out well imo.
  13. a love child of galactus and thanos thats been taken over by the symbiote.
  14. i can get he newer icons figures.
  15. TomTom

    two pack ideas

    spider-man and mary jane watson black suited spider-man and Gwen Stacey iron spider and aunt may scarlet spider and uncle ben spider-man II (ben reilly) and j. jonah jameson venom and carnage green goblin and doc ock kraven and electro mysterio and morbius scorpion and shocker beetle and chameleon the best part is most fo these could be retools. blk. spidey could be a retool of mcfarlane spidey without webbing (similar to jin's custom). MJ and gwen could use the psylocke body with new heads. iron spidey, scrlet spdier and spider-ben could be retools of the urban legends spider-man body. aunt may and uncle ben would have to be new, but JJJ could just be prof. X with a new jacket and head. venom could be a scale down of the icons figure, and carnage a repaint of the fearsome foes figure witha darker red and symbiote tendrils. kraven should just be the sinister six body and paint apps, with the SMC "not getting kicked in the groin" head. electro could be a repaint silver surfer, much like the prototype. mysterio, morbius, scorpion and shocker could lose the action feature, with added articulation for all except scorpion. i dont know about beetle, he may have to be new, but chameleon could use the prof. X body with a new head.
  16. okay, i gotta change mine a bit. for suited figures, they should by all means use the ball jointed elbow. any lost motion is worth not thriwing the sculpt off every time you turn the thing. i also would like to see the 45 degree hips end. i think they did it for aesthetics, but as iceman and black suited spidey prove, all they would have had to do was too make the ball bigger. i would also prefer if the figures facees were cast in the skin tone. the reason is that if thye have to be cast in the color of the hair, the skin tone has to be farily think to cover it up, and the figure would look lifeless. just use different skin tones, hasbro. and as for doop stand, im not taking credit where it's not due: i got it from OAFE.
  17. articulation: i like when things blend in, ala mcfarlane spidey's shoulder joints. i dont really see the reason for toe joints, since no heroes stand on their toes (with the obvious exception of spider-man), so they are fairly redundant. individual fingers are nice, but since the way they are constructed makes them removeable, they should avoided or updated. besides those two, im fine with a cross between hasbro and toybiz articulation, which looks like the way some of next years figures will be. their is one thing hasbro (and every other toy company) needs to put on their toys: ball jointed/hinged neck combos (mcfarlane spidey, face off cap, etc.) if done right, they add so much more exprssions then the typical joints, they may sell a figure on their own (not really, but i was making a point) accessories: if they fit the character, give us them, if not, dont. some of the best accessories came in the 5" spider-man 3 line: they webbing on both spideys and venom. as far as stands go, ive been saying they should do something similar to the doop stands* but double the length with waist grips rather than the hole in the back. the reason? simple: they could be used on characters without the holes like iron fist. BAFs: they are running out of big characters to make, and they should reaturn to stands or use the extra budget money on paint or articulation. size: easy 6". comics: given that toybiz rarely gave the best stories for the character, im kinda glad they were discontinued. and since toybiz got them free and hasbro would have to pay for them (driving the price up even more), im fine with never seeing them return. plus, the images on the packaging give a nice enough comparison. clothing: as long as what happened with mandarin never happens again, im cool with the rubber/vinyl material. paint: i will admit, as much as i have defened hasbro in the past months, the need new skintones. im tired of them looking lie zombies. fortunately, that seems to be changing. appearance: i like either their modern look or the look they used for the longest time. *named after doop, since deadpool stands is too many letters.
  18. they started doing them in 1990 and spider-man classics debuted in 2002, giving them 12 years of the same scale. how many characters do you think they made in that time (especially with 4 cartoons)? i think they reached the bottom of the barrel in the six inch scale once they got to man-wolf and toxin.
  19. i didnt necessarily say bright, more along the lines of a cross between the modular armor and modern armor figures.
  20. they made all the face off bases, green goblin, and wonder man and scarlet witch's motorcycles or whatever they are.
  21. trust me, no you dont. the problems outweigh the perks fairly easily. and the figure was scaled up from the mcfarlane/fearsome foes spider-man with a retooled chest (which probably led the the lateral joints not working) and waist area (which explains the hips). the differences are the logo is etched instead of raised, and the wiats is a simple peg joint, not a ball joint.
  22. pretty simple: which do you prefer for an iron man figure's colors, red and yellow or red and gold. i personally prefer red/yellow, since it has better contrast (i can barely tell the difference on hulkbuster iron man!).
  23. TomTom

    Thank You Hasbro!

    BUZZZZ wrong, it would have cost just as much as the Hasbro figures cause they would have raised prices just as much(LCBH anyone?) well MAYBE the 2 packs would have saved you some money(i think the LCBH 2 packs are a dollar or two cheaper then the WM exclusive ML ones) uh..... NOPE. you think Toybiz was going to raise the price of Legends by 2 bucks? @lol@ LCBH are 10 because they have to pay a higher license fee.... just like Hasbro does with ML they wouldnt have to. since they are a subsidary of marvel, they didnt have to pay for the license, so they could use their entire budget on articulation, sculpt, etc. (btw, they didnt have to pay for the pack-in comics either @rambo@
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