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  1. Nice to see TNI press Mattel on this issue. Unfortunately, Mattel's stance still hasn't changed, and they're still wrong. Another problem with Mattel's logic is their reliance on the "Lobo comics" as a problem. Now, I'm no expert in the area, as I only collect graphic novels these days, but I did find a link that says the last comic Lobo was in was published in 2004. Considering this, I'm not sure how Mattel's argument is even relevant, because no kid is going to be picking up a "violent," "non-kid friendly" comic when they aren't even being made by DC right now. The "powers that be" really need to take a look at this again, because there is obvious fan outcry for a Lobo figure to be made in the new DC Universe line.
  2. Just got an e-mail from HTS, my FF Wave has officially shipped!
  3. I don't think so. They did the same thing with the Transformers movie toys last spring when the same code was active. I think Hasbro thinks that product sold is product sold, regardless of the discount given. Not to mention, I'd bet there were quite a few people who ordered the FF wave without knowing about the code. Regardless, all that matters is that some of us were able to pick up the whole FF wave for $60 shipped. Friggin' s-ah-weet deal!
  4. yeah, missed them looks like we'll have a Ronan w/o his torso and cape for awhile Just keep checking HTS over the next week or so, stuff seems to go in and out of stock there frequently.
  5. Wow, Doom and Invisible Woman are already gone! They're going quick, folks!
  6. Well, last fall there was some Star Wars merchandise (can't remember specifically, maybe the 30th Anny figures) that did come in stock the day after the Fall 25% off code expired. However, this past spring, when they did the Spring 25% off code, most of the Transformers: Movie merchandise came in stock while the code was still active. It's going to be hit or miss with these. Guaranteed, if they do go up for sale, they won't last for very long. good point there! well, i hope everyone gets what they are after, along with the sweet discount! Hey kids, the FF Wave is ON SALE RIGHT NOW! Just picked up all eight for $60 with free shipping and no tax! WOOT!
  7. Well, last fall there was some Star Wars merchandise (can't remember specifically, maybe the 30th Anny figures) that did come in stock the day after the Fall 25% off code expired. However, this past spring, when they did the Spring 25% off code, most of the Transformers: Movie merchandise came in stock while the code was still active. It's going to be hit or miss with these. Guaranteed, if they do go up for sale, they won't last for very long.
  8. Why is Lobo too violent to make into an action figure, but yet he was routinely featured on Superman:TAS and Justice League? Does that make sense? How is an action figure too violent anyway? Doesn't McFarlane make a bunch of creepy monster sculpts that they sell in the toy aisles at Toys 'R Us? How is Lobo worse than those figures?
  9. So... are Target, Wal-Mart, and other major retailers going to start carrying these Mattel DC 6" figures when this line comes out? 'Cause Wal-Mart and Target seem to be clearancing the current line. Hope these are released in large numbers.
  10. I'm a Marvel guy first, and a DC guy second, and don't even know a whole lot about these independent comics. I know the names and faces for the most part, but can't say that I've ever read a single comic of any of these characters. However, I know a good action figure when I see one, and I've picked up all of the first wave thus far. And I'm really impressed. Savage Dragon is an amazing figure. Judge Dredd is great. And for all the negativity towards Witchblade, she's still one of the best looking female figures that Toybiz/Marvel Toys has ever produced (remember the Scarlet Witch, anyone?). Oh, and Pitt is stunningly good. Fantastic BAF the way that all BAFs should be. Right now, I'm giving the DC Superheroes/Upcoming Classics line the edge overall in the 6" category, due to some amazing sculpts from the 4HM. Next in line is probably Marvel Toys. I think Hasbro has done some good work with some of the figures thus far, and they look to be getting better in future waves. However, for the moment, I think that they're coming in third place. Obviously this is all personal preference, but this is how I see it. Of course, it doesn't really matter, 'cause I'll probably be buying them all anyway.
  11. Stan Lee always has to make a gratuitous cameo, doesn't he?
  12. Dude, Jimmy Olsen didn't stand a chance.
  13. First of all, Hasbro and Mattel are competing businesses, so yes, it is a competition. I didn't intend this to be a fanboy battle (I'm actually a bigger Marvel comic fan, myself), but more a commentary on the potential profitability of the two similar lines. I think Mattel is headed in the right direction, while Hasbro is making some mistakes. And don't give me the argument about size of the BAF parts in the package. One quick look at the marvelousnews pictures of HML Wave 3 clearly shows that the Brood Queen pieces are super small. That wave could have easily been done in six figures, maybe even five. Not to mention, the Blob's head and hands from HML Wave 2 were placed in two separate figures. That could have been done in one figure. Breaking up a BAF over more figures only serves the purpose of selling more figures for Hasbro. It doesn't limit the amount of characters, they can always make more waves if they really want to release more characters. Those extra waves would give us the opportunity for more BAFs.
  14. Well, they've got eight figs for the Fantastic Four wave, and seven figs for the Spider-man wave. I can't remember how many were in the Hulk wave, but it seemed like a lot when I first saw the pictures. Regardless, it will be some time yet before Hasbro churns out a six figure BAF wave. And in the meantime Mattel has great figures (Four Horseman sculpts, anyone?) at the same price, but with less figures to complete the BAF. Even though I'm a bigger Marvel fan, I think Mattel might have the better superhero action figure assortment in 2008.
  15. Anyone else think that the upcoming DC Classics BAFs being spread over only five figures is a potshot against Hasbro and their unbelievably high number of figures to complete a BAF? Six figs for Annihilus was one thing, but then eight figs for the Blob, and now worst of all, eight figs for a relatively small Brood Queen?!?! Mattel totally has me sold on the five figs = BAF theory. That's a total of six figures for about $50, which is far better than the nine figures for $80 that Hasbro is forcing on us. I'm hoping that Mattel does such a great job with the DC Classics line that Hasbro has to change their tactics to compete.
  16. Do I want Marvel Legends in S6 style? No, probably not. There's no need for it, I like them the way they are. However, I can't believe all of the negative sentiment towards the S6 line. I myself was apathetic to the line, until I bought my first one. After that, I was hooked. People that talk bad about the S6 line really need to give it a try. I guarantee most collectors would like the line if they tried it.
  17. Or a long wait until... now: http://www.tfw2005.com/boards/showthread.php?t=148020
  18. I'm really warming up to the Animated series and toys. By the time they hit, I'm going to be fully on board. Sure, they look a little different, but different can be good sometimes.
  19. Those prices are freakin' insane. I don't know why those would even go for much over a hundred bucks. A thousand dollars is just plain crazy.
  20. Well, sales are done on a weekly basis, mainly at Target and TRU. The chances of a Transformers sale going on while you're here aren't all that good though. Plus, there's a terrible dearth of product on the shelves anyway. It's been pathetic. Wal-mart generally has the best prices on items, with Target a close second. TRU can often be overpriced. However, I think the Bumbleebee two-pack with the '09 damaged version should hit Target soon (it's an exclusive). I haven't seen a Robovision Prime (Voyager class), but that was another Target exclusive. I can't think of any other exclusives out currently. Hope this helps.
  21. I've seen the Snowspeeder, AT-AT, and Millenium Falcon at Gordman's for $8.99. Plus there is a 20% off coupon floating around the web good for one item. That makes them $7.20 before tax. They also have some of the titanium figs, but I can't remember the price, because I don't collect them.
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