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  1. Dudes, you're all wrong. Kristen Bell should be Yeoman Rand. She'd be PERFECT.
  2. Here's a link to the Target ad: http://docs.google.com/View?docID=dd6hwpw8...evision=_latest It only shows the Enterprise on sale, but says "Other selected Star Trek toys also on sale."
  3. Thanks Wheeljack, I figured Target would have a sale sooner or later, since they seem to like to get movie sales started early. I wonder if the roleplay toys are included on the sale? Usually, from my experience, Target will advertise a few of the items they have on sale, but also will mark down other items not in the weekly circular. When they do that, they usually stick to the same price reduction. So, since the Enterprise is 23% off regular price, it's likely that other items will be 23% off their regular price. Hopefully this will bring the roleplay toys down to $11.50, since I don't really have any interest in the 3.75" or 6" scales, and Target doesn't carry the 12" scale.
  4. I've been drinking out of my Kirk glass, no wear on it as of now.
  5. Has anybody tried running the collectible glasses through a dishwasher? I have hand washed thus far, because I'm afraid the print might wear off in the dishwasher, but I'm probably just paranoid.
  6. Does anyone like the soundtrack more after seeing the movie? I know I do. I thought the soundtrack clips sounded good before I saw the movie, but I thought the score was great in the movie. Definitely need to pick this CD up.
  7. But here's the number 1 reason why they would do a new Trek in the "New" Timeline: new fans. The old fans alone weren't enough to keep a Star Trek TV Show afloat. The new fans have showed that a Star Trek movie can dominate at the box office. Paramount wants those fans in addition to the old fans. I don't think they'd get that if they went back to the old style. It just wouldn't sell as "not your father's Star Trek." It's gotta be "new" and "fresh." Granted, I don't think the Enterprise crew would necessarily be the focus of a new TV show due to the movies, there could be another ship/crew or some other angle to bring a new TV show. Ultimately, I doubt a new TV show will even happen. Maybe after Abrams and company are done making Trek movies, then maybe a TV show would pop up, but probably not until then. I hope I'm wrong though.
  8. Yup. Essentially its the theory of quantum mechanics. The "Old" timeline is still going on, but there's now a new, additional timeline. The only changes to the "Old" timeline are that Spock Prime is now gone, Romulus is destroyed, and the Narada and its crew are gone. Otherwise, all is good. Nothing in the "Old" timeline can change due to anything that happens in the "New" Timeline. If there ends up being a new TV show, and I hope there will be, I'd bet good money that it would be in this "New" Timeline.
  9. Saw it last night. Pretty stinkin' awesome. I think I need to see it again.
  10. Probably Saturday for me. The anticipation is killing me.
  11. Yeah, but this is Hallmark, not Diamond, and these are Christmas ornaments, not toys. Licensing isn't usually done on all products under the sun. It's usually divided up among different groups. Like Playmates has toys, Burger King has fast food toys/glasses, some company will have t-shirts, another company will have party favors, etc. Plus, Hallmark has been doing Star Trek ornaments forever. They did them back when Playmates had ALL of the Star Trek toy licenses, so if, for some reason, Hallmark needed to purchase a license to do ornaments from Playmates (which I don't think is likely), then I don't know why it wouldn't have happened again.
  12. So does this mean they won't have any ornaments based on the new movie? That seems like it could be a big oversight.
  13. TRU has them for $14.99 Target has them for $12.99 I would guess that Wal-Mart would be somewhere near Target, maybe slightly cheaper.
  14. Not much to go off there, as the clip is pretty short, but I like it. Definitely keeps the spirit of the original theme while updating it a bit.
  15. Owning practically every Playmates TNG action figure, many of the DS9 figures, the Enterprise bridge, Enterprise Engineering, the Galileo shuttle, a DS9 runabout, and others, I'm fully aware that Playmates had the Star Trek license for a long time. But that was a different era, an era when Trek was still pretty big, and at least one, if not two, TV shows were airing new episodes every week. I think it is easy to look down on Playmates, because they just haven't shown much recently. As far as I know, the major licenses they have right now are TMNT, Trek, and Terminator (the last two only as of this year). In an age when the big toy companies like Hasbro and Mattel are gobbling up licenses left and right, and the smaller, more specialty companies like NECA and DST are providing some really quality product, I think Playmates is in trouble. This year they're relying on two big movie licenses, both of which are PG-13 rated, to sell toys. Now, I could maybe overlook this if the toys were at least collector-friendly, to satisfy that small portion of the market, but they aren't. I'm a fan of both Trek and Terminator, but the poor effort by Playmates has really turned me off these lines. I'm 99% sure I won't get anything Terminator unless I find it on the supercheap, and there is little that I'm interested in the Trek line despite the fact that I'm really, really trying to find some quality product to buy (I'm excited about the new Trek movie, I think it'll be great). Maybe I'm wrong, but I'd be willing to bet good money that Playmates won't survive the next couple years.
  16. I think that's relatively accurate, except that Search for Spock is clearly better than Nemesis.
  17. Yeah, I understand the exclusivity part of it. However, I would assume that Playmates doesn't have a long license (maybe only a year or so), considering the likelihood that the line won't have a long shelf-life. Let's face it, this stuff could be off most shelves by the fall if it doesn't sell well. Not to mention, movie toy lines don't seem to have the longevity of non-movie lines. Add in the fact that this is more of an "adult" movie, and I don't see Playmates even wanting to hold the license very long, much less renew it after their license is up. Regardless, I'm sure that someone will pick up the New Trek license when Playmates' license expires, and I certainly hope it will be DST.
  18. There's got to be someone else that will make an electronic version of the Enterprise from the new movie though, right? I mean, maybe not soon, but in a year? I like the look of the ship, but I'm just not sold on the Playmates version. From the pictures on the box, it looks too "kiddy." Definitely not as nice as the Playmates Enterprise D or Klingon Battle Cruiser that I got as a kid back in the early 90s (or at least not as good as it should be compared to how good those were despite being made 15+ years ago). Here's a negative review of it, just helps confirm my lack of interest in it: http://www.dorkdimension.com/2009/05/toy-r...erprise-by.html It seems completely overpriced when comparing it to the Diamond Select Enterprise D due for release soon.
  19. Let me preface this by saying that I've seen every Star Trek movie, but it's been awhile since I've seen some of them. I have seen Nemesis more recently. I rank the TNG movies like this: First Contact Nemesis Insurrection Generations FC is hands down the best, no question. The rest are all probably tied for second. Generations always seemed a little too canned for my liking, with the Captain Kirk connection. Insurrection was just sort of "blah." And Nemesis has its share of issues, but also has some bright spots as well, just sorta average overall. I'm a bigger TNG fan than TOS, but the TOS movies were overall much better quality. There weren't many bad ones in that group. Hopefully the new movie will give the franchise the kick-in-the-pants that it needs.
  20. I stopped in at TRU today. Looked a lot, but didn't buy anything Star Trek-related. Decided the electronic ship doesn't look detailed enough for me. I'm sure Diamond Select or someone else will make a better one, so I'll just wait. Saw the Mattel Hot Wheels Enterprise D. It looked great, but I wasn't willing to fork over $15 for it. I'll wait 'til I find it at Target for $13. Examined the 4" figs. Just. Not. Good. (with the low price and extra bridge pieces, if these had been decent figs, I'd be collecting all of them, but they aren't) Stared and stared at the 12" figs, but didn't buy one. I'm not usually a 1/6 scale collector, so I don't know what I'm gonna do. Undoubtedly, these are the best Star Trek figs from the movie line, and they do look good. I'll probably convince myself to pick up one or two of them by the end of the week.
  21. I wonder how this stuff is going to sell to the kids? Will anyone be buying all of this stuff? Could we be looking at a repeat of Indiana Jones '08? I know I'll be passing on most of the movie merchandise unless I see it at clearance prices. Might try out a 12" figure, might pick up the electronic Enterprise, and might pick up a Roleplay toy or two, but otherwise, I'm not seeing much that interests me at this point.
  22. Nice. Looks like the Electronic Enterprise will be $23.99, might actually pick that one up next week. Still not sure about the 12" Collector figures or 3 3/4" figures. Those are much better prices, but neither line looks all that impressive.
  23. I agree, the hair choice on Worf wasn't the best. But the worst thing about the Worf head sculpt is that it is too thin. From that picture, it looks thinner than the Picard and Data head sculpts, which just isn't right.
  24. I'm not a 1/6 collector (with a few exceptions), so I wouldn't care to buy these anyway, but those head sculpts look pretty bad. Data is probably the best, but it's still not all that accurate. And Picard looks like a gnome. Not good.
  25. Looking at the future waves listed on Entertainment Earth, it seems like practically every ship released will have a "battle damaged" version released at some point, which is disappointing.
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