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  1. They look good. Definitely on my "to buy" list, can't wait for them.
  2. Nope, not me. Wave 13 looks decent, but until I actually FIND them, I'll continue to hate Mattel. (Still haven't seen anything from Waves 9 or 10 in stores.)
  3. Not as essential for Transformers, who have the presence of a very successful film franchise going, and who recently had the best animated incarnation (TF: Animated) since G1. For Joe, however, this is crucial. They need a good cartoon to help sell the toys. Here's hoping for a Resolute-style show that can effectively showcase the brand.
  4. Technically it does have a new head sculpt. But yeah, it's practically a repaint. A $28 repaint. Mattel sucks.
  5. Ugh. Why does Mattel have to suck so badly? Want this figure, but don't really want to pay $28 for it. Would be a little more reasonable if I were buying other things to justify the $8 shipping charge, but I'm not collecting MOTUC because of the cost, and I just don't care about Ghostbusters. Is there any chance this figure will stick around until November 16th, the next sale date with new items? I'm probably buying the DCUC Color of Fear 2-pack and the MOTUC He-Man reissue, and maybe the MM Proto Suit Batman. If the Bank Robber Joker is still around then, I'd love to add him to that order.
  6. Don't let that stop you from getting the figure, he's great. I agree that the lime green on the goggles wasn't the best choice, but you could always paint them. A gunmetal gray would go well, considering the rest of his color scheme.
  7. Yes they did. Oh, cool. Must have missed that or forgotten about it. No real loss for me though, I like the Excelsior-class, but I wasn't planning on picking up either of these.
  8. Info here: http://www.entertainmentearth.com/prodinfo...?number=PL61887 Anybody seen this yet? I think it's supposed to hit sometime in July/August (EntertainmentEarth is showing August for when they get it). From what I remember, I think that only Toys R Us will be carrying it, outside of online retailers. I'm still uncertain about whether I want this thing. I hope it comes out soon, because I've got my Star Trek Movie phaser and communicator still in package, but my receipt expires soon. I'm either getting this new belt thing and returning those, or keeping those and passing on this thing.
  9. Maybe I'm just confused, but I didn't think they had ever planned to release an "Excelsior," just the 1701-B, which is an Excelsior-class.
  10. I don't think there is any worry of them breaking. The quality issues are mainly concerning tight/immovable joints or sloppy paint. If you go to Toys R Us, you can just pick out the best paint jobs on the peg, so that's not a problem. I had an immovable waist with my first Ryu, but I just exchanged him at Toys R Us for one that didn't have the same problem, so really not an issue there either. Essentially, don't order online expecting a perfect figure with a great paint job. As far as the line goes, it's really become one of my favorite of the year. There's just something intangibly great about NECA super posable figures. I'm eagerly waiting for Wave 2 to come out. Highly recommended.
  11. Holy cow. Did you even read my post? I never said Star Trek is on clearance at Target.
  12. But Target doesn't clearance based on whether a toy line is continuing or not. They clearance if a line isn't selling well or if they need the space for other things, and Target has far less floor space for toys than other retailers like Wal-Mart and Toys R Us. I'm actually quite surprised that Target is continuing to keep a spot for Star Trek. They are getting rid of the Terminator toys, but that was expected. Now it's likely that they'll keep Trek around until after Christmas.
  13. Anyone else not seeing the Star Trek product moving at local stores? It's all just clogging the shelves everywhere I go, and I'm wondering whether future waves will even be put out. With Transformers movie toys flying off shelves, new G.I. Joe Movie figures out now, and figures from the second season of the very popular Star Wars Clone Wars series coming in a month or two, it seems like the competition is only going to get more stiff for the Star Trek line. So, will we see massive clearances of the Star Trek line like we did with last year's Indiana Jones line?
  14. The price increase doesn't mean much to me, because I can never find the DCUC figures I want anyway. Mattel's distribution sucks.
  15. You have two options: 1) Wait for the Bird of Prey to decloak. OR 2) Create a large tachyon field with a network of starships to detect. Good luck!
  16. Finally scored a BoP today. I compared it to my DST/AA Enterprise E, and it's pretty much perfectly in scale according to the info I got on Memory Alpha. Memory Alpha says the B'rel-class BoP (the one we always see in the movies & tv shows) is about 158 meters long. It also says the Ent E is 685 meters long. So, roughly, the B'rel BoP should be 1/4 the length of the Ent E, and this is accomplished with the DST/AA Ent E and Hot Wheels BoP. It's as close to perfect as we're going to get, which is great. I'm very pleased with this coincidence.
  17. Skids is currently hitting everywhere across the country. Personally, I've seen him at both TRU and Target. Mudflap is still a little rare. Some people have found him in stores, but I think that is mostly on the West Coast.
  18. This isn't exactly true. Wal-mart doesn't necessarily have "sale" prices, but they do "price cuts." Whether it is clearance or not depends on whether the figures are labelled with red and white clearance stickers, or if the price marker on the shelf is a red and white marker. If the price stickers are still yellow and white, then it's just a "price cut." Price cuts are not the same as clearance. For example, the past couple of Christmas seasons, Wal-mart has marked down Transformers and Star Wars figures with price cuts, but after Christmas, the prices went back up to normal. With clearances, the prices should keep getting marked down until the product is all gone (but there have been some odd occasions when a clearance item will suddenly go back to full price). Also, price cuts are much more uniform throughout all Wal-mart stores. Generally, each store sets its own clearance prices (although the Indiana Jones stuff was clearanced similarly last year), whereas price cuts are set by Wal-mart corporate.
  19. Holy cow this topic has gotten off track... Weren't we discussing Hot Wheels toys at one point?
  20. I agree, there's something wrong there. No way is a BoP anywhere remotely close to as big as the Ent D, and she only held 1,013 passengers and crew, not 1,500. I also don't think that we've ever seen a BoP in TNG or DS9 that's any bigger than the BoP as originally seen in STIII. If we have, I sure don't remember it. However, looking at the other measurements from that DS9 Tech Manual (i.e. dimensions and mass), they are consistent with the K'Vort being significantly bigger than the B'rel class. The length of the K'Vort is listed as 678 meters, but the Enterprise D is only about 600 meters long itself, so this K'Vort class would actually be bigger than the Ent D! For comparison, the Klingon Vor'cha class starship is only 480 meters long, and it's always been depicted as much larger than BoPs.
  21. I don't think that's accurate. I checked Memory Alpha here: http://memory-alpha.org/en/wiki/Klingon_Bird-of-Prey It states: "On average, a Bird-of-Prey had a crew compliment that varied from "about a dozen officers and men," up to a crew of thirty-six. (Star Trek III: The Search for Spock; DS9: "Return to Grace") A skeleton crew of a half-dozen could adequately operate a Bird-of-Prey, and even take it successfully into battle. (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home; DS9: "Once More Unto the Breach")" This seems to imply that there was no change in the BoP from STIII and STIV up through the Dominion War in DS9.
  22. Check it out here: http://www.diamondselecttoys.com/store.asp...ategoryID%3D335 Diamond Select Toys/Art Asylum is producing it. Probably the best bang for your buck Enterprise D out there, when it finally arrives.
  23. Yeah, we know. We were discussing the DST/AA Enterprise D that is due any day now after months upon months of delays.
  24. I think the Micro Machine BOP would be a better scale, remember "a dozen officers and men". Sulu meant 12 maybe. Yeah, it definitely has a small crew, but in TNG, whenever a BoP would show up, it certainly wasn't tiny compared to the Enterprise D. I think the Micro Machines might be too small, but then this Hot Wheels version might be a little too big. We'll just have to see when both are finally released.
  25. That Klingon BoP looks like it might be roughly in scale with the new DST Enterprise D that is coming out soon. They could display well together.
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