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  1. I have several of the Sideshow 1:6 Star Wars figures (Vader, Stormtrooper, a few Clones - only armored characters) and decided this was the way I wanted my collection to go. I have been slowly selling off all of my 1:18 and 1:12 scale stuff and using these funds to slowly, but surely, build up a 1:6 collection. I also received my first Hot Toys figure last week: IM2 War Machine. And all I can say is WOW. What an amazing figure. The only down side to to these large figures is the cost, which equates to a much smaller and more focused collection. With so many property licenses owned by Sideshow and Hot Toys it is difficult to figure out the ones I really want.
  2. Even Star Wars with a straight continuity goes in multiple directions. Just compare the original mini-sodes of the Clone Wars, the Clone Wars comic books leading up to Episode III, and now the new Clone Wars cartoon. Continuity isn't completely cohesive across the board even when considering the same franchise and the EXACT same period of time (3 years.) Not to mention look at characters like Batman. Comic continuity not even included since the 80's you have the Keaton movies, then Val Kilmer, then Clooney, Batman: TAS, Batman Beyond, Justice Leage (and Unlimited), The Batman, Christian Bale movies, and Batman: Brave and the Bold. All have recognizable cast (for the most part) and similar storylines, but re imaging and reinvention all around. It happens to characters. Call it keeping it pertinent, modern, interesting, or just for the hell of it. Either way, I enjoyed the movie for what it was. I liked Resolute. And so far I like Renegades. And I'm just one man with a single opinion.
  3. Just watched Episode 3 and I am still very much enjoying the show. I definitely will stick around to see what direction they are headed in.
  4. I was actually about to say this myself. Just a bit ago my Target had a Hal Jordan, Deadshot, Hawkgirl, Green Parademon, and Dr. Fate. This actually happened last year as well when they had another sale very similar to this. A lot of old stock popped up.
  5. I'm beginning to become quite annoyed at the variant to regular pack ratio in the new figures. At the TRU I went to today I found 8 or 9 X-Men costume Deadpool. I have yet to see a regular ol' red n' black Pool yet. *grumblegrumble*
  6. Saw a lone Modular Armor Iron Man at TRU in Cumberland, Ga.
  7. I'm a big proponent of both Cornerstorecomics and BBTS both being the two online shops I use the most and keep pre-orders through.
  8. However, you can go out to any of the brick and mortar stores and find a whole plethora of characters (if you can find any stocked shelves)not just GL. And, for that matter, there are multiple GLs out there who are different characters. Not always just Hal over and over again. Plus, so many people clamored for the early big characters in DCUC because they never found them. Hal and Sinestro being two of the very hard to find characters. Plus, with the GL movie coming out - why not have some over exposure with Hal?
  9. Well, probably because they are a teenager and early 20's receptively whilst Kershner was 87. But, I assume you were speaking in hyperbole and not actually wishing death upon anyone. It's truly a shame he passed away as he did direct some very big and well known projects and seemed to be an all around great guy.
  10. Watched this last night and I really enjoyed it. Did find it a bit strange to throw in Speedy only if to allow him to throw a tantrum and sulk off into the night. The other characters were portrayed well (at least for me) and I like how they didn't just magically become a good team-up from the start. Each of them continued to use their mentor's style of combat and training. Without the veterans around to give them quick and decisive orders they weren't as well-oiled and of perfect timing. The worst part for me? Finding out I have to wait till January to see more.
  11. To be completely fair? I didn't hate it. It definitely seems that they are shooting for a younger audience and also de-aging the entire cast (aside from General Abernathy) quite a bit. A lot of the characters are purely what we know in name and general aesthetics only, but obviously they were going to revamp the concept for a new generation. As far as Cobra being seen as a good guy? I like it! It's a nice new spin. Instead of every episode being an oddball attempt at world domination - it will be a rogue group of Joes trying to bring down a world renowned and loved corporation that has some shady operations underneath the surface. I wonder if killing off Weems in the first episode was a little wink to the fans with a silent "yeah, sorry about that" or... if he will come back (I hope not)? The angle of Flint hunting down our on-the-run Joes is an interesting take and blends in old "who do you like as Joe leader better?" mentality from the first cartoon and, assuredly, will allow for other Joes to be brought in to help try and take them down.
  12. I also think the issue is everything is going towards digital media in general. Music, books, comics, movies, etc. The older crowd is used to a physical copy and that is what breeds a collector. I like collecting movies, books, comics, etc. I don't want MBs I want an actual physical copy I can hold and store along the rest of my collection. However, I am getting away from comic collecting. I have been for a long time and I'm slowly going through my single issue collection and selling them off bit-by-bit. I am going towards collected HCs of certain stories and arcs. That was my biggest killer of comics; I collect one or two books from a particular series and then a large crossover event happens. I could either collect my usual books and have no idea what the hell is going on or I would have to pick up 12 other books I normally didn't care about. I finally gave up and threw in the towel. Of course the $3 - $4 price tag didn't help either.
  13. Huh. Definitely shows the difference in regions. All I can find has been the variant cases. I would like a regular 'Pool and all I can find is the X-Men costume variant.
  14. I say buy the trade. This, of course, is based solely on the fact that this is how I collect comics these days. They display better on a book shelf and easier to keep up with than single issues.
  15. Clone Wars is doing for Star Wars what M.A.S.H. did for the Korean war. Taking a relatively short conflict (3 years on both parts) and shoe-horning in more than what actually makes sense in sensible real-time passing. Between the comics, the original Clone Wars mini-sodes, and the new (now 3 seasons worth) of the Clone Wars it has become a "too many cooks spoil the broth" endeavor. Honestly, I do enjoy the Clone Wars cartoon. Maybe I am a sucker for anything Star Wars. Maybe I like watching it with my son who loves it. Probably both. However, I've gotten where I take the many non-6-movie-Saga portions of Star Wars and look them in much the same way as I do with comic book characters. Batman and Superman have been around for over 70 years and everything thing the have accomplished is impossible to swallow even with a suspension of disbelief mentality. I just stop trying to make it make sense in a broad over view and enjoy or dislike it on a story-by-story basis. Unfortunately, I haven't been too impressed with much of this season. It's just too damned boring. I don't care about inconsistencies. But I do care to be entertained.
  16. Does this mean we can't count the Stormtrooper Commanders from The Force Unleashed. @smilepunch@ (And yes, I know he's dressed as a 501st. I know way more than any one human being should about the differences in Trooper armor.)
  17. I've picked up quite a few of these figures (Beachhead, Snake Eyes, etc...) for my son and have been able to tinker around with them myself. They really are great. I made the decision, however, to move away from the 1:18 scale of figures and vehicles. It's a real shame, too, especially with some of the stuff I see coming out. Either way, I'm excited to see what comes next and will check out the new cartoon as well as see what the design for the toys look like.
  18. Unfortunately, I don't see this being a reality. The 3-3/4" scale stuff is in the $8+ dollar range. But I would be okay with getting rid of comics and BAF pieces in lieu of some larger scale figures as well as more accessories for characters that warrant it. As for who I would like to see? Just start from the ground up. Enough time has passed since Toy Biz MLs that many figures could stand a mulligan. Give me a: Captain America (Steve and Bucky varieties and modern Steve) Iron Man (This property is already hot. Take all those 3-3/4" inch comic ones that have been unloaded and pump them up and give us a modern one as well) Spider-Man (No, seriously. No gimmicks. No crazy battle armor. Just a super articulated and well sculpted figure. Give us the next coveted McFarlane Spider-Man, Hasbro) Thor (Classic and new costumes) Hell. Just give us Marvel Legends that look as good as the new two-packs I saw tonight. But don't tap into the C-list and below quite yet.
  19. Finally found these at a local TRU tonight, but every BW/WS and DP/WP pack was a variant. Blergh. I picked up the variant Deadpool and left. Now... to find the regular version.
  20. I noticed when I was at Target earlier this evening that the DCU Classics figures were marked down to $7.49 and this sale, according to the shelf tag, will run through December 4th. Of course the only thing on the shelves were Cpt. Marvel and Barda, but I digress. Go check it out and maybe you'll have something in your neck of the woods.
  21. This, obviously, may be due to a regional difference, but the newest episodes always come on Wednesday night at 8:30 EST for myself. Last week's was great. I like that they are throwing in all types of Avengers characters and the introduction of Wonder Man was welcome. I look forward to every week to see who pops up next.
  22. Found remnants of this wave in the North Ga area earlier today.
  23. Er... bwha? There was a second season? The last episode I ever saw was when Peter and Eddie duked it out as Spider-Man and Venom at the end of Season 1. That would have been 2008. I was waiting for a second season, but never found one to appear on TV and never heard anyone bring up a Season 2. What happened in Season 2? Was Tombstone still the behind the scenes big man churning out new super villains?
  24. Well, I received number two of three today. Still find it odd that they weren't all shipped together...
  25. I received one today. My check was cashed back in mid September (so I sent it early September) for 3 Boba Fetts and I still received just one. I thought that very strange.
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