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  1. I'll be adding a new Hot Toys piece to my collection within the next week or so. cornerstorecomics.com has the Iron Man Mark IV in stock and it should be heading my way fairly soon.
  2. I thought the same thing, but after I saw the Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. He seems like a really good actor and he looks to fit the part well enough. The costume has the classic colors and the basic classic designs. They tweaked it. It's going to happen. Raimi's Spider-Man was the closest costume to the comic vision in any comic movie thus far and I'm sure they wanted to make a break between the two franchises. I'm excited about the movies, but I'm a huge Spidey fan and welcome what we get. I'm not going to throw it to the wolves just because Sony made a hasty decision. And after looking at the IMDB page - Martin Sheen and Sally Fields are Ben and May Parker? That should be interesting.
  3. I agree whole heartedly. I would love, however, for Hot Toys to get the rights to do comic accurate 1/6th scale figures.
  4. We were all on the same page, for the most part, because the majority of us Joe fans (going purely off of this site's demographic) were children and easier to please. As a collective of adult collectors, we are a bitchy and fickle lot. Everyone here doesn't like the original cartoon. Same goes for the Marvel comic. When Joe came back in earlier 2000 - split reviews. All the way through VvV, SpyTroops, etc. Many hated Sigma 6 and others warmed up to it and hated to see it go. Plenty of negativity was heard amidst the shock and awe of the awesomeness that was the 25th Anniversary. The movie definitely brought mixed reviews. Mixed in with first Devil's Due and then IDW getting the comic publishing rights. POC wasn't wanted at all, but now is praised by many. While others wish 25th would have made all 300+ Joes from the original collection. My point? Just in the last decade we have seen countless reboots, reinventions, rehashes, trips down nostalgia lane, and plenty of head scratchers. This vision of Joe won't leave a foot print in the sand much longer than anything else. And it seems the trend in most new cartoons is to never go over 3 or 4 seasons.
  5. I saw a lone Manhunter Robot out in the wild at Wal-Mart at a North Ga Wal-Mart in Ellijay. First I have seen of these. And they definitely stand out with bigger packaging than DCUC and it being bright green...
  6. great review and pics.also so dose mine so u might have got a bad qc one jay. I'll third this. Mine has the updated wrist articulation as well.
  7. Weren't they saying the Saga would be released in 3D starting in 2013 with The Phantom Menace?
  8. He's referring to the Marvel Legends 2-packs that have been exclusive to Toys R Us for the last couple of years. Iron Man 2 has, so far, had Mark IV, V, VI, and War Machine 6-inch figures as well and exclusive to Wal-Mart.
  9. Really like the newest episode. They introduced Destro, Scrap Iron, and cameoed Steeler. All-in-all they are doing a bang-up job. I'm really curious to see if the Renegade angle will last past the first season. And according to next week's synopsis we are getting some Zartan and 'Nok love.
  10. It was just as good the second time around. I just wish they weren't breaking it up into a 2-parter and making us wait three weeks to see new episodes. Oh. And does anyone know if Batman: Brave and the Bold is coming back? I really enjoy the hell out of that show and was sad to not see it returning yet.
  11. The new round of TRU ML 2-packs have been selling like hot cakes at $30 - $35 per two figures. As well as the Wal-Mart exclusive Iron Man 2 6-inch scale figures. So far, the 6-inch figures that have been poking their head up have all sold relatively well and have all been of fantastic quality. Hasbro has really upped their game since they got a hold of the Marvel Legends back in 2007. Their great downfall is having the franchise almost as long as Toy Biz did, 4 years as of this year, and not popping out as many characters. The price increases are a damper being almost $3 - $4 more than when Hasbro's Wave 1 came out and several bucks over Toy Biz's Legends, but as Arrow said the big box retailers set the price not the manufacturer. I can tell you, however, if the quality is there the masses won't care and WILL buy them. Collecting toys is a luxury and collectors will spend absurd amounts of money on them. And parents will buy whatever their kids want at a reasonable cost.
  12. I was actually going to say this. In the deep South it's Coke. No matter if they want a Sprite, Dr. Pepper, or an actual Coke. And having been a waiter in said area, and being prone to saying Soda, I got a lot of confused looks when I asked if they wanted a Soda refill. Oh, and speaking of crazy influxes in prices for Soda. I know some restaurants are up to around $2.40 for the price of a drink. Which is laughable - since I know the pricing of those items and it literally costs no more than a quarter or so per refill. And the average consumer doesn't get more than 3 or 4. Sometimes it just makes more sense to drink beer at a restaurant. @drink@
  13. Just recently finished up The Force Unleashed II and Assassin's Creed both with platinums and went through Dead Space with about 80% of trophies completed. TFU II was lackluster in comparison to the first game and mostly due to not being nearly as epic in story or expansive in alien planets they take you to. Assassin's Creed II was amazing and one of the best games I have played in a long time. I really need to pick up Brotherhood soon. And Dead Space was a really cool game and gave me the Resident Evil in space vibe. And being such a huge fan of all of the RE games I jumped on the Dead Space bandwagon and now patiently wait (for another few weeks) for DS 2.
  14. That line ended before it really even began. Only one art style of the turtles, and not even the most prominent one through the comics, along with April and Mousers. I would have loved to have seen this fleshed out to include Shredder and his Foot Clan, Casey Jones, Splinter, Utroms, Fugitoid, etc.. etc...
  15. As a general rule of thumb I don't put up Christmas decorations till at least the day after Thanksgiving and it all comes down after the first of the year. I haven't seen Easter decorations yet, but I really haven't been in any retail stores in the last few weeks. I did find Valentine's Day decorum out on Christmas Eve to be a bit premature. But that's just the nature of the beast. We'll be seeing Saint Patty's Day theme items not too long from now either.
  16. Star Wars does have three lines and the one that is most plentiful is the Saga aka rehash line. Star Wars fans have been asking for years to clear this one from the pegs to open up space for Clone Wars and the movie based line. I think the bigger issue with GI Joe and figures desperately needing updates is that the original run has an expansive 300 + character library to choose from and everyone has a few 'favorites'. Sure, some are widely popular across the fanbase and some are guilty pleasure favorites (I'd never admit it out loud, but a Captn Grid Iron and Fast Draw updates would be super keen!) They have damn near upgraded everyone up through '86. But what defines a proper upgrade? They are all better than their predecessors. Unfortunately, Joe doesn't have a timeless story and everyone is just a plain vanilla human. You have to keep reinventing or rebooting or you end up having a buncha old guys duking it out. Vietnam was so 1960s/70s and even the Gulf War ages our vets these days. And you have to keep upgrading the tech and the story for a newer generation. Ask most kids about Star Wars and they couldn't tell you who Boba Fett is, at least as an adult, (as evident when last Halloween when my 5 year old dressed up as the older version of the Mandalorian), but they can tell you who Commander Cody and Capt. Rex are. At least the core characters are still around and at least kids love ninjas now as much as they did in the 80's. Never aging Joes and Cobras is just the way fiction goes. Batman and Superman will always be early 30s. Spider-Man will always hinge in that mid to late 20s range. And anytime you try to update or replace there is a huge backlash from the fanbase. A couple complete reinventions of the mythos GI Joe, sans Duke, Snake Eyes, etc..., has been attempted since the 80s and always failed miserably. I like the peppering of the line with new updates, classic definitive looks, and new trooper updates on Cobras end. And I like still seeing GI Joe still on the pegs four years after the re-start-up.
  17. Yup, Ma gave it to Clark last season. And it currently sits in the Fortress of Solitude (I think?) In a future episode this current season a red and blue wearing Clark can be seen zooming by in a reflection of a nearby window.
  18. I saw this with my son a few weeks back and we both really enjoyed it. (It captivated a 5 year old for two hours.) Like the other good Captn put it, the plot was pretty straight forward, but entertaining none-the-less. We saw it in 3D (and I usually opt for the 2D movies) and I thought the 3D really added to the movie. And the soundtrack was kickin' too, but of course it was composed by Daft Punk, a well known electronica group. They even make a neat-o cameo in the bar fight scene as the two DJs. And the helmets they wear in the movie is the helmets they wear at every show. (They have the whole incognito thing going on.)
  19. I would be inclined to agree. Especially since their big show was almost two weeks ago and nothing was mentioned. Plus, it seems Hot Toys has a lot on their plate this coming year with IM2, Spider-Man 3, Indiana Jones, RE 4, Predators, Thor, Captain America, etc. etc. etc. If (IF) they did happen to get the SW liscense - we'd probably only see 2 - 3 a year. At best.
  20. Not the only one, but this is a very specific type of tongue in cheek taking things literal humor. As is most of the site. It's taking broad stereotypes and blowing them up. Or, better put, removing the concept of suspension of belief from fiction. The irony is taking everything so meticulously literal. But, as I've stated in other cracked.com topics - I waited tables for a long time and this was the pseudo-smutty, tongue in cheek jesting I'm accustomed to. I doubt the author was a huge GI Joe fan too, but it's the same 'outside of the fan-base looking in' that many people do with current pop-culture hits like Twilight. But to add to the list, what about Deep-Six v1? If he wasn't part of an under sea adventure he was a giant walking target. And don't get me started on Budo. Loved the look as the kid, but thinking about it with practicality as an adult - what the hell was a Samurai doing on a battle field with tanks, planes, and laser guns? (And, yes, this would apply to 99.9 % of Ninja Force too.)
  21. I've seen the same endcap and at least 5 - 6 Snake Eyes. He's out there. I promise.
  22. I don't want to say it was a bad year in movies. I'm seen a ton of movies this year that I really have enjoyed. Iron Man 2, Tron: Legacy, Inception, Toy Story 3, Megamind, Tangled, Scott Pilgrim vs the World, Predators, Knight and Day, A-Team, Alice in Wonderland, the Losers, the Expendables, Karate Kid, Kick Ass, Prince of Persia, How to Train Your Dragon, Shrek 4, Percy Jackson, Jonah Hex (Yes, I did like this movie. But I knew better than going in with unrealistic expectations), TCON: The Dawn Treader, Harry Potter 7 (Part 1), Despicable Me, RED, Get Him to the Greek, etc. etc. etc. I'm a huge movie fan and this is just a portion of movies I saw this year and in the theater. Not even counting seeing Inception three times or Iron Man 2 twice. And I saw a bunch more of 2010 on DVD (didn't have time to see them all on the big screen.) As far as the best and worst list - I usually expect the best movies to be high end and artsy and definitely shooting for Oscar potential. Pleasantly surprised to see Inception so high up. 2011 is going to be a huge year of sequels and highly anticipated movies. In just a few weeks you get Green Hornet and that still leaves: Thor, Captain America, Green Lantern, Transformers 3, Sucker Punch, Cowboys and Aliens, and POTC 4. Not to mention X-Men: First Class and Conan - which I will see but not sure what to expect. What can I say? I love movies and usually see at least 1 - 2 in an actual theater every week.
  23. Wait. These are 3-3/4 scaled? Yowza! I thought I read somewhere that they were 1:12 scaled. They have a ton of the Revoltech figures based on various movies and they look really well sculpted, but at $30 - $45 a pop it seems awfully steep for the lil guys.
  24. Assuming asspats since he threw in 'good game'. And nothing goes along with good game like a good asspat. All that aside, apart from Batman and his family and the Justice League - my DC nerdom pales in comparison to my Marvel-geekiness. I still like the DCU, but the characters I typically seem drawn towards seem more prevalent in the Marvel U. I like the lower power class fisticuffs and some sword play and grittiness thrown in for good measure. Of course I do fully understand this is due to my growing up reading comics in the 90's. Funny enough, however, is my little brother finally coming to the comic side like his older bro. I'm ten years his senior and he has just within the past 6 months hopped on the bandwagon and it seems he steers more to the DC side of it all.
  25. I was excited to hear about Captain America and Thor - seeing as no company is making straight comic accurate Marvel characters in the 1:6 scale. The Iron Man figures are great and the other Avengers will be well received. Curious about the Iron Monger to it's scale and if done properly scaled - I wonder if they would do a Hulk true to scale also. The Burton Batman movies getting made is also awesome and I will probably pick up Batman and Joker - just wish I would have been into HT figures when the DX versions of TDK Batman and Joker came out. They are through the roof on the secondary market these days, but would be a neat set-up in someone's collection. Nothing else really excited me, but that's probably for the best and I guess I should be relieved they didn't get Star Wars license. A Star Wars line would probably bankrupt me with a quickness. I would like to see a Green Lantern figure as well, and figure it will probably happen at some point. But, Iron Man Mark V, Thor, Captain America, Indiana Jones, and Keaton Batman was enough interest for the year.
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