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  1. Ditto! Or I remember one Wally world cashier eyed my cache of GI Joe and He-Man toys one time. I asked 'Something wrong for a 22 yo man buying toys?' She replied, only if you don't have kids. :evil: I have an 8-month old baby daughter, and I sure as hell ain't stopping. Ignorance is bliss. Especially when I take my baby daughter to TRU and they ask if the Rattler and Marvel toys I'm buying are for her. @*-
  2. Actually, same should be said for everyone. :wink: Barring The Big Snake himself. Destro is in his IG outfit, which he hadn't wore since his capture in Castle Destro. And Dr. Mindbender is wearing the costume the original did - the one that died. This Doc M is the clone. I'm guessing Hama just picked whichever costumes he liked the best, because going by continuity, timeline, and costumes it don't make a lick of sense.
  3. It seems like many of the redecos are figures that alot of people have a problem with. Maybe Beachhead was cured of his pigeon toes. Maybe Doc Mindbender no longer has club foot. Maybe Flint finally got a backside and smaller boots. And maybe Shipwreck got off his steroids and grew back his beard. 8) But then maybe they are just repainrs or maybe filler names like the report said. And hopefully Roadblock won't be a non-O-ring repaint of Heavy Duty with just a new head sculpt. @*-
  4. Can't we all just GET ALONG?!?! Ah well, we all know the answer to that. @-@ And from the looks of things, we need 4 or more lines of Joes to satisfy everyone. 12in for ooooooold school. A RAH type revamp for old school. A better JvsC for the fans of the newer stuff. And a kiddie line. For the kiddies. And they can be cute like the Spider-Man line. I mean, think about it. Cuddly Cobra Commander, Storm Shadow, Destro, and Major Bludd all with hude smiles on their faces. Its enough to make you want to kill some one. Seriously, though, everybody has good valid points. But let me share with you the right opinion to have. Mine! :wink: I really like most of the JvsC stuff, but I do miss RAH and wish I had more of the old ones. Of course in a Utopian Joe society, every paint job would be perfect and flawless, materials would be top of the line, and titanium crotch pieces. And no more of this 'buying with money' non-sense. All Joes would be free. Oh, and a final note. Older items do tend to drop in value when newer versions are released. This is wether or not they are redecos of the original. With new items to buy, the market for the older stuff decreases slightly. No longer do you have to sell your mother's soul for a MOC kick ass Snake-Eyes. Now you can find hin in stores everywhere and in two varities! I'm just thankful they are no chase figures in Joe. We'd be pulling our hair out and killing one another.
  5. What is/are my favoritce vehicle(s)? I'd probably have to go with vehicles that most of my JvsC figs can't even fit in. Crying shame, that is. They should sell enlarger add-ons. :roll: Hiss I Hiss II Rattler (just got the new redoc version. Not bad. Just need a pimp-daddy Wild Weasel varient to fly it aroun @-@ ) Dragonfly Stinger Jeep Night Raven Thunder Machine BUGG Rolling Thunder Mobile Battle Bunker And on a side note, I wish they would make small bases or background pieces like Checkpoint Alpha. Or the Rifle Range. So basic, but hours of fun. And for schmoes like me who can't do dio type setups. -
  6. Well, apparently I fall right in the middle with the twenty-somethings. I'm 22 here. Old enough to know better, but young enough to get away with it! 8)
  7. I've never really been a 12in fan no matter what the toy line, but occasionally I do pick up one or two and try them out. So far, the JvsC line of 12inchers hasn't really impressed me, and I wish most of them didn't have the shirts molded to the top body piece. In retrospect, part of the fun of 12in toys is buying new equipment and clothes to dress them in what ever gear seems appropriate for the mission situation. So far I have only bought the Tunnel Rat figure, and I am very pleased with him. I just with there were more weapon and costume packs specifically for JvsC. I mean, you can buy for the actual Joe 12 inch line or the other lines, and there are a few equipment packs for JvsC but they are mostly made up of bulky action toys that are lame-o. If they were more outfit and weapon specific packs that would be excellent.
  8. When in Rome do as the Romans. Or somesuch. Charbroil. (Like he won't be gone with this many votes.)
  9. I deffinatly think issue 11 was excellent. The only real problem I'm having or have had with any of the Devil's Due stuff is sometimes the story seems rushed and to much thrown in for it to slam to a halt and slap a 'See you in 30' button on it. But hey, I guess thats the point so I'll buy it next month. Sneaky SOBs.. The new art is wonderful, although I didn't mind Kurth except for sometimes being hard to distinguish some of the people. As for Liefeld.. I can look over his art. But he might have been the down fall of one of my fav comics Deadpool. A guy creates a character over a decade ago and does very little with him. Others bring him up and then all of the sudden he wants the rights back. Bah! Sorry, end rant.
  10. Just out of curiousity, but it is really 'stealing' if you own both toylines? @*- Although different people at Hasbro work on the seperate lines, it's probably not thievery of others ideas. - And as for original ideas, I doubt there are few truly new and revolutinary ideas out there you just tweek the old stuff for a new twist. I, for one, do enjoy (for the most part) the JvsC line. There are some stuff I don't like, and wish would disappear. But for me, atleast, the good outweighs the bad. I just hope they fix the loose waists and gimpy legs and then give us the 'special' Joes again and not in stupid new costumes and subsets.
  11. Yeah, but atleast Crazylegs had a gun. :wink: Budo would have been a great covert op in the Feudal Ages. Budo has gotta go.
  12. I will not give in to peer pressure. Budo has to go. And thanks Tom, I was beginning to think as a newbie to the board I was just making filler and know one was actually reading my posts. -
  13. BUDO (He didn't even come with a projectile weapon for crissakes!)[/b]
  14. (To quickly shy away from the before mentioned slobber swappin') Now that Wave 3 has finally landed in the deep south all I can find are pimpin' purple Snakes. And the only non-existant one to find is Stalker vs Zartan. Go fig. And on a side note, I finally saw the GI Joe micro-machines. Who the hell are they kidding? @*- Take bland and cookie cutter itty bitty men and army weaponry slap some Joe and Cobra insignias on it and viola.. store exlusive crap. I mean there is some less than par stuff out there, but the mini Joes and vehicles they had in the late 80's were pretty friggin' cool. Cest la vi. :roll:
  15. And for the matter of the original card artwork I miss the artwork (and the full boxes) of the vehicles as well. I mean hell, Wave 1 even had them and then they went poof. Granted they are open for the sheer purpose of trying of the SA (and letting the little kids run down the battery.) But why, oh why, is the large vehicles completely open to the world? @*- What, they can't spring for a thin sleeve over the toy itself? Fortunatly, for what little it's worth, the vehicle boxes do have some art on the back. So I guess thats all the original artowrk, aside from the filecards (which is a step up from the past few years with pictures of the toy on it) we will see. And hopefully we will see something new on the back of Wave 4. :-? And just be glad they aren't 4 packs or 8 packs. -
  16. I can concur with this because I do in actuality live in BFE.. Sad I know, but the moonshine and going barefoot are pluses. The KB near me still has a few RAH 2-packs, as does Big Lots, and most CVS and Eckerds I've been too. The places you don't expect to find toys of there 'caliber' there might just have a few. A few months back my friend found a POTF2 Emperor Palpy at Ingles and some Episode I stuff (slightly off the topic, but just a point.) The Palpy was the one made by Kenner and from 96 or 97 anout 5 years ago. Take about your peg warmer.. :wink:
  17. Supposedly, when these mythical 3-packs from K-Mart come out there are Wave 1.5 which had Tomahawk vs Headman. Buuuut, why wait so long to put them out I wonder..? Hell, most of us who want them probably have them. Well, except for people like Destro.. Anyhoo, K-Mart still might or check some online retailers. This two-pack wasn't exactly placed high on the 'Bad Ass!' GI Joe list and has been weighed, it has been judged, and it has been found wanting.
  18. I ordered my Snakes off of Brian's Toys (way tooo expensive, but I needed atleast a small fix) and I got the pimpin' purple Eyes. All though, I wonder who thought up this color scheme..? Even in the fugly neon color ninja days he came away unscathed. Although, I don't mind it's got an odd appeal. However, I wish I could find a damn black one.. or anything for that matter. Places in my area (deep south and in the boonies) get in the new 12inchers (which is cool cuz I snagged the only Tunnel Rat) but still have Wave 1 with Wave 2 vehicles and a Wave 1.5 or two stashed about. I had fortunatly found Wave 2 about a month ago at a Target beyond my normal route. And whats worse? In the manner of an hour (not all in one day mind you..) I have 5 Wally Worlds, 4 Targets, 4 K-Marts, 1 TRU, and 1 Kay-Bee .. go fig. @*-
  19. This sucks, that sucks. Hoo-boy, screw the glass being half empty its broken and in the trash can. The Duke helmet is lame-o, however it is removable. Problem solved. And as for Ripper have a Cobra symbol, I think it has more to do with the target audience as to why. Kids who don't know the old line or read the comic would wonder why in the hell the badguys had different symbols. If you had Cobra, 'Noks, IG, and independents like Firefly it would befuddle the most spectacular 3rd Grade student. The only problem I see is that Cobra needs to fire the fashion coordinator for the Neos. And maybe get the characters to stop raiding Mr. T's closet. What next? Will a Roadblock figure down the line be wearing golden forks, spoons, and knives around his neck?
  20. The Wave 3 Nunchuk vs Firefly is just a complete rehash of Wave 2 with no differences what-so-ever. Its bad when the repaints aren't even repainted, eh?
  21. This is technically ('course the number proves that), although I have been reading (or for those who will-- lurking) for quite some time. And I figure if I'm going to start out, I might as well jump in the Lion's Den and say what I have to say. Now, without further adue... I like both. I love the older Joe toys, and I love the new Joe toys. Blasphemy, I know, buuuut everything has its ups and downs. I always thought the old Joes looked puny. Now they don't. But because of larger shoulders some of them can't rest there arms by there sides very easy. Some of the weapons are hard to hold, but I've had this problem since waaaay back in the 80's. I remember how the claw with Storm Shadow v2 never stayed on right and I taped on the SOB. Some of them seem a bit softer, but I don't qualify it as flimsy. Beachhead sometimes looking bold-legged does suck sometimes and I would have no problem with the sound attack if they didn't effe up some good props and weapons. Although here is my question, those who are totally old-school pro. If Hasbro would have kept on going what would you have wanted. Slightly re-tooling and re-styling on the JvsC allowed them to slightly revamp the old molds with a different feel. If the new Flint had been put in the old look you would have two almost identical toys. Hmm, now only if they'll make about 15 more Heavy Duty's the JvsC line will be perfect. I just hope we don't get a repaint of Scarlett with a goatee.. -
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