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  1. How big a deal were these Dark Avengers, in the comic? I like the concept a lot, but was it a brief arc that will be forgotten in a year, or some big investment by Marvel that will be far-reaching in scope?


    They were around right after Secret Invasion ended and lasted up until Siege. So. March '09 - June '10 a sixteen issue storyline. So far, they have made Venom (Spider-Man), Daken (Wolverine), Moonstone (Ms. Marvel), Norman Osborn (Iron Patriot), and Sentry. I don't believe they did a Bullesye / Hawkeye yet - which would have rounded out the roster.


    It is a fleeting group that is already forgotten and replaced by Steve Rogers and his new teams: The Avengers, The New Avengers, and the Secret Avengers.

  2. This season is becoming way too convoluted, more so than usual. You have Chloe with the Suicide Squad, you have Darkseid, you have General Wilson and the VRA, you have clone Lex (who apparently has super dense skin as of last night's episode), and alternate Earth Lionel. I mean, I get it, it's the final season so they want to make it grandiose. I just wish they would either knock out a distraction or two in the next coming weeks or tie it all in as one big Darkseid plot.


    On a side note, how many people laughed at the ridiculous Matrix rip off on Collateral?

  3. see the movie you've advertised at roughly $7 a ticket



    Out of every post - this one sentence stopped me dead in my tracks. Where are you seeing a movie for only $7? Seriously, I have to know (unless you only see matinées). Most movies start around $10 and if you add in 3-D or IMAX you can start hitting $20 a ticket.

  4. Yes I guess transformers is a bad example ... sort of ... I am just always surprised when people take little kids to see things like this ... @loll@


    Like this? Like what? Movies based on children's toys? GI Joe, Transformers, He-Man, Spider-Man, Batman, Iron Man, etc... are all properties that have always been targeted for and meant for children. We just happen to be a small niche of grown-ups that didn't quite grow up.


    Don't misplace bad parenting when you are just annoyed by little glowing shoes in a movie theater while you're watching giant robots beat each other up. :rolleyes:

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  5. I was in the movies & some numnuts brought his 4-6 year old if that with him to t he opening night of transformers 2.... I was shaking my head at that alone ... plus the kid was bored & complaining half the movie & he had those shoes on that blink when ever you move your feet .... VERY annoying at a movie!!! Some people just don't think!


    My son will soon be 6 in April. And I've taken him to see both Transformers movies, GI Joe, both Iron Man movies, etc. A bit of a difference in small children playing adult video games and children seeing live action movies based on old toys and cartoons. Plus, Dead Space, Left 4 Dead, etc. don't have toy lines found in Wal-Mart and Target toy aisles that are marketed towards children.


    Granted, I am disappointed with some of the crude language and humor used in these movies and find it misplaced. But they are still sci-fi/fantasy and as kid friendly as the comics and cartoons I watched growing up.

  6. Neither i wish they'd pick up the classic where it left off as they've done with the real american hero comic book.


    I just don't think that would work for the cartoon, as it's aimed at a new generation of potential Joe fans and there would be a lot of history from the original cartoon. Plus, do you include the DIC cartoons or do you continue from the Sunbow episodes?


    This type of idea works a lot better for the comic because: comics are a niche audience and the original collectors are still around to support it. The original scribe, Hama, came back to write and there are other books by IDW based on the franchise so everyone isn't forced to continue the story if they don't want to, but still want to enjoy Joe stories.

  7. Personally? I really enjoyed Resolute and I am currently enjoying Renegades. I'm fairly confident that if Renegades used the same art style and characters designs of Resolute, but kept the same plot lines, there would be more happy fans.


    I am really looking forward to Friday's TV line up lately as it gives me Renegades, Young Justice, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Smallville, and now Fringe. Fridays haven't looked this good in quite some time.

  8. Well, I'm an almost 31 year old single father who lives in a two bedroom apartment. Behind my couch is framed movie posters of the Star Wars original Trilogy. I also have framed Spider-Man and Iron Man movie posters in the dining room area. On each side of my entertainment center are Ikea Detolf shelves with my Sideshow and Hot Toys 1/6 figures.


    The hallway from the front door to the living room is lined with framed comic art prints, signed posters, etc. My son's room is, of course, littered with posters, toys, trinkets, etc. His bathroom has a Spider-Man theme. In the kitchen atop the cabinets are various Star Wars spaceships. My book case is lined with normal as well as hardcover graphic novels. My bedroom has a score of various bobble heads and the Big Millennium Falcon from Hasbro.


    My entire apartment looks like Toys R Us and a museum procreated. Do I care? Newp. I am happy with it and come to grips with the fact that I'm a big kid and that will never change. Hell, my 81 year old grandfather just considers himself an antique kid. I don't bring over women often between work and my son (and I only bring the opposite sex on the nights he stays with his mother), but when I have it's never been a problem. To them it's no different than a place filled with sports, movie,or music paraphernalia.


    I also keep my place clean and tidy. And don't allow my collection to look cluttered or strewn about. I do also have family pictures framed around my apartment as well. However, that is just the way I do it.

  9. I looked at this up until I got to the price. It is awesome, but I guess I will stick to my little Hot Wheels version. Savings: $1491.00.


    Yeah, the limited edition scaled replicas get to the point of higher-than-high-end collecting. eFX puts out Star Wars scaled replicas and the TIE Fighter to come out this year is around the one-thousand mark as well. I mean if money were no option and all... but that's a year and then some when comparing the price and my monthly/yearly toy/collectibles budget.

  10. Finally finished Ghostbusters. It's a great game! really loved it all the way through and hope for a full fledged sequel at some point. It felt not only continued but very naturally flowing from the first two movies.


    Now... I don't play wow w/o the wife (to limit the addiction effect) , and I just can't get into mass effect. What should I play next? I'm very tempted to download Allen wake for 30$ and start playing now. or maybe deadspace, although i was like synch and couldn't get anywhere in the demo. Batman Arkam Aslym comes to mind as well. Mmmm... or I could be productive... nah.


    Batman:AA is a fun game, but it is VERY short. When it came out in 2009 I played it on my XBox 360 and when I bought my PS3 at the Wal-Mart Black Friday sale in '09 I got B: AA for the PS3 and just recently decided to play it again. I was able to achieve a platinum on the game in under a week and I didn't play at all on Friday or Saturday.

  11. this is excellent news and i gotta say i like the jungle BAT .I just freakn love this line.Do you guys think the jungle CC will have the clear face? I really like the chrome face plate.You know if that will be the CC they are intending to release.


    *Also off topic* but why is everyone thinking hasbro will drop the POC line? I thought the line was doing well and in my area the figures are selling.Does Hasbro just drop products that are doing well ? Or is it just unhappy fans hoping it to fail. I really enjoy this line and while I don't think i'm a true joe fan I do hope that it has a good long run.They are just great toys!!


    Unfortunately, it's just the general doom and gloom that most Joe fans have come to accept when it comes to new product. We have been on an emotional (that's a bit tongue and cheek, just so ya know) roller coaster since the initial rebirth of Joedom back in early 2002 with JvC. We have gone between feast and famine and, although, Joe never really has ever dropped off the map aside from 94 - 97, there have been huge lull periods.


    Currently, a lot of people feel POC may be going belly up due to nothing currently is following on the heels of POC Wave 4 (Low-Light and company.) In this day and age of the digital media, most of us tech savvy collectors are well informed for a year plus of product as cons, leaks, and random products from China pop up on the 'bay. Aside from this newest rumor that more POC is coming - that's it until possibly something being shown at Toy Fair in February. (Well, technically we've seen Joe Con exclusives sculpts - but that doesn't count)


    But, here's the rub. Even if something is shown at Toy Fair, that product usually isn't something that will be on the shelves till early in Quarter 3 (read Julyish). So, recapping all the negativity comes from no product being shown which either means no more POC or a huge hiatus. Of course both options could be completely wrong and Hasbro could have found a way to keep all their current new offerings in complete secrecy.

  12. I don't know Red and never knew he had a thing for Kitty, what is up with that??


    Red - the pet name of his for Jeanie (Jean Grey). When he first was crushing on Marvel Girl, she was still a youngin' (at least in comparison.) And Mrs. Pryde was Wolvie's sidekick before Jubilee was ever dreamed up.

  13. Why are they surprised Wolverine has a thing for teenage girls? He hung out with Jubilee how many years? Shoulda tipped them off then.



    It was almost like Twilight, makes you wonder how a 200 year old man could have anything in common with a teen girl other than..........


    Don't forget he had a thing for Red first, and then Kitty, and then Jubilee. Gets around for a 130 something year old guy.

  14. yeah the ones they showed last night was the orgins of darth maul. the ones they had screenings for about a month ago



    ?? What origions that wasn't about Darth Maul


    He means Savage Oppress. Early December I saw the pre-screening of the Night Sisters Trilogy put together as a movie. The Darth Maul thing isn't too surprising since he did pop up half cyborg in a Star Wars Tales story.


    The Qui Gon is baffling - since the end of Episode III had Obi-Wan learning that he could speak to his dead master. And now they are going to do it during the Clone Wars time period. Of course I gave up long ago when it comes to continuity and Star Wars and just enjoy it for the story.

  15. Everyone holds the comic to a higher standard than the cartoon (and the plot was better), but the comic had many more characters/vehicles/toys that showed up and went away in an issue than the original cartoon.


    Well, yes, and Larry Hama said in interviews that his hands were tied with restrictions and forced to use certain characters deemed by Hasbro even when he didn't want to - such as Serpentor. GI Joe was always a toy franchise first and any property (be it cartoon, comic, movie, etc) will ultimately reflect that.


    And, I didn't mean single Joes were in and out of a single episode, but rather season arcs were centered around the current figure assortments. The original 13 were heavily featured within the first year. Then you moved on to Duke, Gung-Ho, and company. Later it rolled into Flint and Lady Jaye and later into General Hawk and Beachhead.

  16. why i loved the joes of the 80s and TF was it always had new members of the team join up and had them go on missions. this is just the same 6 ppl in a truck runing from the joes and cobra.


    Well, to be quite honest, most of the cartoons of the 80's were glorified commercials for the companys' toy lines. So many Joes were brought in and out to fit in with whatever new figures were fresh on the pegs and to allow kids to pick up their favorite Joes on the show. Also, the same reason certain Joes got upgrades and refreshes way more often than others with only a single incarnation.


    The old 80's cartoon was mostly a bunch of 30-min 'pew-pew' laser gun battles with a horribly contrived world domination plot that conveniently thwarted in the short time frame. Occasionally we would get multi-parters. Everything seems better with rose-colored nostalgia glasses. But, obviously, not everyone will like the show.

  17. 1. Catwoman

    2. Steel

    3. Jonah Hex


    Wait this a list for the Best three movies ever made....Sorry, wrong list!

    @loll@ I still haven't seen Jonah Hex. I'm waiting for Net-flix to have it on instant view.


    I'll admit that I saw Jonah Hex and I enjoyed it. It wasn't a fantastic piece of motion picture cinema, but it kept me entertained. The only comic movies I've out-right hated so far were Catwoman and Elektra.


    But my top 3?


    1) Spider-Man 2 still embodies the best superhero movie out there for me.

    2) The Dark Knight was fantastic all around. With a superb cast, script, and director.

    3) 300 as far as faithful interpretations go. And I really like Zach Synder's particular style.


    But, I also like the Fantastic Four movies, I thought Ghost Rider looked good in costume, and I enjoyed Superman Returns. So. My opinion may be slightly skewed. :rolleyes:

  18. Just curious if anyone is getting excited about Dead Space 2 yet?


    I've noticed IGN has a bunch of stuff up about it, and the demo is available for download on Xbox Live.


    Yes! I didn't play the original till a few months ago, but I was blown away. Definitely cannot wait to play it. And I really enjoyed the Demo.

  19. In Noland I trust as he has yet to disappoint me with his movies. So far he has captivated audiences with two fantastic interpretations of Batman and I don't see why he won't deliver with the third. A lot of people questioned Liam as Ras and Heath and the Joker, but both nailed the characters through brilliant scripts.


    And Anne Hathaway is amazingly hot. One of my Top 5 in Hollywood hand down. Also, after Tom Hardy's role in Inception I really enjoy him as an actor.

  20. I'll be adding a new Hot Toys piece to my collection within the next week or so. cornerstorecomics.com has the Iron Man Mark IV in stock and it should be heading my way fairly soon.

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