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  1. This is no disrespect at all, but I seriously have no idea what you are trying to say. Not getting worked up over a toy line not being carried at a local chain isn't the same as not calling the authorities if your neighbor is being robbed. Scenario A (GI Joe) cannot be changed by us the consumers. We can piss, moan, belly ache, curse, and speculate to our heart's content, but it will not change whether a multi-billion dollar corporation decides to keep a toy line or not. GI Joe is a fraction of a fraction of a percentage to Walmart when it comes to income earned and probably dropping them is no different that deciding if they should carry a new type of candy bar or gum. Scenario B (Neighbor's house) can be directly affected with a phone call. End of story. Don't really feel the need to continue. GI Joe will be around next year. Just like it is this year when people on these very forums that the end was nigh almost one year ago. And I'd be willing to bet we will see the same hysteria again come 2012. But then again, I realize this is a discussion forum and ends up negating my entire point.
  2. Oh, and just to point out the redundancy in the doom and gloom mentality. Last year minus a few weeks this post was going around. It's a cyclical thing.
  3. Not all that surprising as he was part of wave 7 of the Legacy figures, which was the AOTC wave and also the final wave of that particular packaging style. It always seems that when the cardback changes, the final wave of the discontinued style becomes extremely scarce. I found mine on a fluke at a local Kohl's, of all places.
  4. You do realize that the "majority" is a total of 5 people that have voted (as of me posting this.) I mean, it's pretty split with 2 people having them, 2 not, and 1 having some of both. Not really sure what that sums up. Of course I've also heard that 90% of statistics are made up on the spot, but I digress... Doom and gloom needed? Nah. Grown adults discussing silly topics? Yeah, but that's sort of par for the course in our collection of hobbies. Of course we are getting to the point when the aisles will be flooded with Captain America, Thor, Green Lantern, Transformers 3, Cars 2, etc... related toy lines. And as for the generic e-mail you got from Walmart, X, it sounds like the general vanilla answer customer services gives. "We care about you and care about the fact that you care. We will be sure to pass the buck to another department so they can shoot you a line too." I mean, let's be honest with ourselves. Toy collecting is a niche hobby at best and if the kids stop caring then we (the adult aficionados) don't have a snow balls chance of keeping any line going. And toys are such a tiny drop in the corporate bucket that it's insignificant to the company at large and is kept for impulse buys for the kiddos while mom and dad are buying groceries, electronics, clothes, booze, and smokes. @smilepunch@
  5. I'm still scratching my head on the unresolved Assajj Ventress and Savage Oppress story lines especially with a season finale which doesn't tie into it in any way shape or form.
  6. Have to disagree. The bomber jacket is an iconic part of v2 Hawk's look and making it the exclusive would be cutting their own throat. Generally speaking, the exclusive items are extra heads (Beachhead), accessories like binoculars, bombs, punch daggers, nunchuks, etc... Neat little extras, but nothing necessary or pertinent to the character design.
  7. I think this will be General Hawk - as the preview shown back during the 12 Days of Sideshow had him in his bomber jacket. This isn't his original Col. Hawk because he doesn't have the right shoulder harnesses, his sleeves are rolled up, and he doesn't have blonde hair. Now, why they thought it would be a good idea to show the preview without his bomber jacket or helmet is beyond me.
  8. Sideshow is good about making separate heads for helmeted and non helmeted, so if they did it - there would be two completely separate head sculpts. As for figures to be made - I want to see a Crimson Guardsmen, Wild Weasel, and an Alley Viper. Not a lot of Joes I would splurge that much for, but I would definitely snatch up a Shockwave, Tunnel Rat, and Falcon. And, like I said, a V1 (but I wouldn't hate a V3 or V4) Snake Eyes.
  9. I completely agree. I know that the blue on the hooded Cobra Commander was much darker than blue on the helmeted Commander, but a compromise color of blue and a more expensive (say in the neighborhood of $150) Commander with both hood and helmet as well as gun, snake staff, cape, sword, etc... would be awesome. Give me the ability to make what ever version I desire. Oh, and re-reading the description the reason it is only getting 500 pieces made is because they gave the run number on the exclusive with switch out portraits (heads). Of course the exclusive will also be a bit more expensive, always is, and the regular edition with just the helmet will have a larger production run. I'm actually wondering why Sideshow has made 4 different version of the basic Cobra Trooper, but hasn't slightly tweaked both Cobra Commander and Snake Eyes to give us V1 of both (helmet and commando version respectively). As I would jump on a Commando Snake Eyes in a heartbeat.
  10. Well, we know a good bit of product coming out this year. You have Iron Man Mark V, Iron Man Mark VI, Spider-Man, Thor, Tracker Predator, Indiana Jones, Battlesuit Jill Valentine, Ghost Rider, and we know that Hot Toys has the rights to Sucker Punch, POTC: On Stranger Tides, and Captain America so I assume you can expect figures from all of those as well. We're also still waiting to see products from the Burton Batman movies and Chris Reeves Superman. I would love to see another Ezio from Assassin's Creed - preferably in the Altair armor with the beard from the end of AC:2. But, as is, there are quite a few figures coming out this year I want and with their average cost I'm okay with no new news. As I'm still wanting to get the Berserker and Falconer Predator, but can't drop $400 right now.
  11. Don't take this as me defending the price or the edition size by any means, but here's the rub - this is a Premium Format figure. Which means that it isn't just another 1:6 scale Sideshow toy. These run from around 14" (Dr. Doom sitting in his throne) and over 30" (Thor). They do these for Marvel, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Predator, etc... and now GI Joe. These are big, pricey statues (but mixed media with cloth and such) and run anywhere from $300 - upwards of $800 (the Biker Scout on a speeder bike.) So, it isn't another figure that fits in with their normal 1:6 action figure line. And I'm not sure why the front page says this is 12" - it won't be. This is the first GI Joe (or Cobra if you will) in their Premium Format statue line. And one of the cheapest as far as this format goes.
  12. Picked up one of these through BBTS and it arrived today. This is an absolutely amazing figure and I was blown away by the detail in each individual clip (both sidearm and rifle), grenades, crossbow, etc. I had recently gotten rid of all my 1:18 and 1:12 scale figures while solely focusing on 1:6 and felt a void in the Joe department. I have several Sideshow Star Wars figures as well as a couple of Hot Toys Iron Man II toys, but being a life long fan of Joes I wanted to throw them in the mix too and Mr. Sneeden did not disappoint as my initial venture into 1:6 Joes. Kudos to Sideshow.
  13. I liked how Clayface completely demolished the entire team and Batman shows up to bring him down in under a minute, that gave me a good chuckle. Otherwise, I really like the show and continue to be impressed by it every week. The update to Black Mantra and his squadron of goons was a definite step in the right direction. So far this show has made both Black Manta and Sports Master look cool. Kudos!
  14. I think the ultimate reasoning, at least for the heroes, is that if they are able to take one life and find some way to justify it - then when does it end? No killing. Period. Turns into no killing unless absolutely necessary, and assuredly absolutely necessary will begin to have a very vague outline. And, of course, we can all come up with contrived reasons that any given hero would take a life (recently Grant Morrison did it with Batman *ugh*), but the great thing with writing fiction is that the good guys SHOULD always have a device, power, or means to get around the struggle (even if a deus ex machina is needed). In the end, I prefer the old school heroes that don't take the easy way out. They stand 100% behind their moral and ethical code. And find ways to stop the maniacs time and time again. It is, unfortunately, a more modern writing style however to have the different villains do heavy damage to innocent people first before they can be stopped. Which brings my biggest complaint against modern comics. They aren't about heroic individuals that do the right thing because it's, well, the right thing to do. And they aren't written to be role models towards children any longer. Modern comics are meant to entertain a much older audience that is jaded and dull to violence, blood shed, and other perversions.
  15. Well almost 24 hours into AC: BH multiplayer and I've picked up most of the trophies. I just need the Abstergo Employee of the Month (all bonuses at least once), Strong Closer (take the lead 10 seconds before end), the one needing all co-op bonuses in one session of manhunt, and, of course, reaching lvl 50. And apparently the new DLC will be coming out soon. I have new trophies popping up for the Da Vinci Disappearance.
  16. A platinum trophy is given when all other trophies (achievements) are acquired. In other words I'm an anal completest and like to complete all trophies on games, but some games don't make you get the multi-player trophies. But, to be honest, sometimes I don't understand the ranking system on some of the trophies on PS3 games. Beating a random game on any difficult is a silver, but hunting down 100 random hidden objects is a bronze? Bwha?
  17. Bought Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood a bit over a week ago and finished up all the single player trophies last night. A really fun game and definitely improved on AC: 2 - except that it was much shorter. Started the multiplayer last night and it's a lot of fun. Just wish I didn't need all of the trophies to get a platinum.
  18. Also keep in mind that TRU is generally the highest prices of any of the big box retailers. I know Star Wars figures usually run a couple of dollars higher there than Target or Wal-Mart and same for many other lines as well. Of course this probably means they will still be in the neighborhood of $15, but this can't be too surprising seeing as the DCU Classic figures have been running close to that price point for quite some time. And DCUC is probably the closest current thing on the market to the return of 6" Marvel figures.
  19. I agree. Palpatine is more conniving and subtle about his actions. That's why Palpatine lasted as long as he did and became the Emperor in the first place, he was double dealing and playing all the angles. The Son is very powerful, but also without any real plan in mind.
  20. Ever since 40 Year Old Virgin, people think that unopened toys are a gold mine. I get that quite a bit from people who know that I collect action figures.
  21. Indeed they did. I just saw it roughly 15 minutes ago at Target. So, that would mean that Ares and Marvel Boy are the only Dark Avengers that aren't in 1:18th scale (I forgot about those two when thinking of the roster.)
  22. I've ordered quite a bit from both CSC and BBTS, but CSC seems to be a bit cheaper and ships out much sooner. That is BBTS biggest complaint, in my book, the sheer fact that when you pay for something it takes 2 - 3 days sometimes for it to go from the warehouse to being shipped.
  23. I forget where I saw it exactly, but I did see one site post pictures from a Shocker Toys booth. Good news. Wave 2 is through customs (that didn't take long... only a few years... right?) and ready to be shipped to your door by 2015! Also, they are apparently doing Anime type characters (although, for the life of me, I can't seem to find the site I saw those on). And the listing of the next few waves from another site: Indie Spotlight series 3: The Phantom, Zorro, Grendel, Fist of Justice and Nira-X Indie Spotlight Golden Age Series 1: Dan Garret's Blue Beetle, The Arrow, Black Terror, Daredevil and The Heap Indie Spotlight Two Packs: Two Packs Series 1 and 2: Captain Action & Zen and Lazerman & Classic Madman
  24. It's not cynicism, but rather pragmatism. You do, however, have to keep in mind that you are looking at prices on something that has been exclusive to TRU for years now. I do suspect, unfortunately, these will probably stay priced close to their DCI counterparts in the $13 - $15 price range. And we will probably deal with the same spotty distribution and over saturation depending on store, wave, area, and alignment of the planets.
  25. This Stalker is based on the art from Resolute.
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