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  1. It was never a movie. It was a director fronting his own money and trying to show what he could do with the Mortal Kombat franchise putting a more grounded and "real-world" spin on it. Nguyen posted the link to the first webisode
  2. It wasn't even truly like he was making a homophobic slur. He called the ref a fa***t out of frustration and it has as much meaning as calling someone a bi**h, douche bag, or any other slang swear slur. If it hadn't been accidentally caught by a a microphone it would be a non issue. This is the same kind of asinine stink that came up from the Vince Vaughn's line in the trailer of The Dilemma where he calls something "gay" and the trailer was pulled.
  3. your kidding right? You may not like the kid or his music (since his demographic is 12 year old girls), but there is no denying he can actually sing. And he has a career making a #$% ton of money from doing what he does. I don't like his music what-so-ever, but I can respect the kid for having talent and living his dream. If I could sing worth a damn I'd sell out in a heartbeat to whichever label wanted me to sing whatever song they want to whomever might listen.
  4. About 3 weeks later and I achieved my platinum trophy in this tough #$%^ing game. It was actually a lot of fun once I learned the mechanics of it, and even though the game becomes (technically) progressively more difficult with each replay - in actuality it wasn't that bad at all. If anyone likes a damn good challenge and not just whisk through a game - I recommend this one.
  5. At least someone will. @smilepunch@ I hope the Darth Maul is fully articulated as he should be.
  6. This seems to be another case of a Shocker Toys type situation. A year ago they didn't have any actual figures, vehicles, or playsets ready just mockups. Fast forward a year and... nothing. I suppose give them till SDCC and if nothing is said or shown by then I wouldn't hold my breathe. Not that I currently am now, mind you. I had completely forgotten about them until this thread.
  7. Well, in Georgia I know that the Ellijay and Canton Walmarts have dropped the line, but found the newest wave (Lowlight 'n company) at the Walmart in Jasper. The Walmart that is smack-dab in between the other two. I haven't ventured out as much as I once did, mostly due to the fact that new GI Joes and Star Wars figures are like searching for the Holy Grail currently.
  8. I never try to fall into that trap. Just because a movie is getting a ton of Oscar nominations and getting three thumbs up and 6 stars - doesn't necessarily mean I will like it. And the same for movies like Sucker Punch and probably hundreds of other movies and television shows - critics destroy it, but I loved the hell out of it!
  9. Count me in as one of those guys that has watched it from Day 1 till current. It hasn't always been golden, but I've enjoyed it and sad to see it go.
  10. It's not a bad movie, but you have to understand that it IS a niche movie. We, the average goer on TNI, are the people a movie like that shoots for: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and scantily clad girls kicking ass. It's a shame it didn't make more money, but won't kill Synder's career. It just may, however, hinder him from putting out any more brainchildren in the form of the silver screen anytime soon.
  11. I rented this movie on Sunday and I was blown away by how well made it was. Wahlberg, Bale, and Adams were all phenomenal along with the rest of the cast. And, I'm not going to lie, Amy Adams in her slightly trashy gettups and smutty mouth was hotter than all of the Sucker Punch girls put together. Hubba hubba! @firedevil@
  12. I did read, but it doesn't make sense to make wish-lists. Well, if this is the case then there are literally hundreds of threads over the course of the years that don't make sense. I mean, it doesn't make sense that I spend hard earned money on giant lumps of plastic either, but I digress. As for my wishlist... er... I don't know 99% of the people mentioned in this thread thus far. I am definitely out of my element when it comes to the rainbow Corps.
  13. I actually enjoy seeing some of my favorite DC story arcs in animated format. That is part of the draw for me. New story content is fine, but as it currently is I have enjoyed all of the stories. Even All Star Superman, I enjoyed that one too.
  14. I found myself thinking the exact same thing. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the hell out of the season, but every story arc always left a few questions or loose ends that were never brought back up or fleshed out. From the previews of the season I was assuming there would be more Savage Oppress, Clone Commandos (really, 1 scene?...), and the Arc Troopers - but I should have learned my lesson by now when it comes to Lucas and misleading.
  15. I agree, once I learned that heavy armor was only good for aesthetics and light armor with dodge works out much better I started pushing through the game much quicker. And I was especially surprised to see how easy the archdemons (final boss fight of each archstone) were. I'm now on my second play through with the 40% increase in difficulty and about halfway through again. Good thing I only need to beat it 4 times to achieve a platinum. @smilepunch@
  16. Ive heard so many things that deter me about this game, the immensely hard difficulty, the die and go back to your body to die and lose everything, the thing that killed you is still hovering over your body when you come back, other people can join your game at any time and kill you, etc etc... nothing that i heard of with that game ever attracted me to that game. Its quite a quandary to me how most people love the hell out of it. I hate hate hate really really hard frustrating games. Dont get me wrong, I love a challenge, but most of the time when I game, I go for a relaxed enjoying experience where I get a nice story or some fun frantic action. Nothing to the point of hulk smash rage because ive died the umpteenth time on the same friggin guy and lose all my stash. There is a sort of sequel coming out in a year or so called Dark Souls, which from what little ive heard is very much like the original. I was turned off from Demon's Souls because of no true co-op play... Hopefully the sequel will have that... I'm currently, slowly and painstakingly, trudging my way through it. It's more of an ego thing at this point. I don't want a game's trophy to say 1%. But, seriously, hardest game I have ever played so far (on first play through). And I usually replay most games through hard/insane/etc...
  17. I just recently started up Demon's Soul and damn it is one tough game. At any point if you die you start at the beginning of the level and every enemy respawns. If you get back to your body you can retrieve all your lost souls (currency), but if not you lose it all. And with 5 boards and multiple parts and bosses to each, but no linear reasoning for which levels to do (besides lack of equipment to proceed.) I've probably lost over 50k + in the game currency, and can't remember being this frustrated in a game in a long time. But, for some reason I keep turning it back on and playing it. Any one else play and/or beat this one?
  18. Last two weeks have both showcased two really great new episodes. I liked the twins and bringing back Zartan and giving him his classic look and abilities was a neat little twist. And Wild Bill! Who kept his very distinctive look. Still good stuff coming out.
  19. These will be sold at TRU and other specialty retailers. Cool! Actually get to see these in hand before purchases. Now, I'm curious as to what other licenses they will get a hold of.
  20. These are produced by a company that goes by the name Round Two and seem to be coming out in the fourth quarter of this year. I caught wind of these when they went up for pre-order on BigBadToyStore. Now, Arrow, your predictions for Thor and Iron Man makes sense (due to the movies), but Red Skull and Dr. Doom? I don't know much about the older figures, but he does both hero and villain disguises?
  21. Has anybody seen these yet? And apparently the Marvel line-up will each have a piece of a Hawkeye costume, a build a costume of sorts. These are too cool, in my humble opinion, and I will be definitely adding them to my 1:6 collection.
  22. Good! I really have enjoyed every one of these episodes and was wondering if/when it was returning. This is fantastic news.
  23. Sideshow has up the full picture gallery and he is, indeed, the v2 Hawk with bomber jacket. The exclusive is a switch out head wearing overseas cap. So, in effect, you could more or less have a v1 Hawk, v2 Hawk, or General Tomahawk (minus the sunglasses.)
  24. Didn't you just describe 99% of the internet?
  25. I bet it's a... hmm.... 6 foot long TRU Display Naboo Fighter.
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