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  1. We can kick around hypotheticals all day long, but it didn't happen. He didn't run into a bus load of children, a nursing home, and a parade of priests. However, being over double the legal limit of alcohol does slow reaction time and impair people into making brash and moronic decisions. And we can say that happened since he was going three times the speed limit. He didn't deserve to die (for the most part, most people don't deserve to), but acting that carelessly it's not shocking or jaw-dropping. The real world has real consequences. It's a shame he acted like such a fool with someone else in tow. If someone wants to throw away their life so carelessly, that's one thing. But don't drag someone along with you when life seems so unimportant.
  2. Apparently YJB and myself have been holed up in the same cave because this is news to me.
  3. I took my son to see GL tonight and I thought it was a really good movie. The CGI was great, the acting was just fine, and the pacing was as good as it's going to get with a two hour limit while still giving a background on Hal, the Corps, and Hal becoming a lantern. I'm sad to see it pulled in so little on opening weekend, but can only hope it obtains legs through word of mouth.
  4. You're not the only one. Iron Man and War Machine are patiently waiting with Thor arriving in the next few weeks.
  5. I can't wait for Dark Souls. It's a pseudo sequel to the acclaimed Demon's Souls, which I loved.
  6. Azazeal is, in fact, the father of Nightcrawler (at least in the comics), but hasn't even been a character for a decade. The same with Darwin and Angel. That was probably my biggest complaint - the use of very new characters. But aside from that, I thought the movie was brilliant. And spoilers.... The Wolverine cameo made me bust out laughing. Too good!
  7. Well, I DO live in Georgia so I will have to look into this.
  8. It will be $124.99 for those attending and $129.99 for those not attending SDCC.
  9. Literally the FIRST official picture of the movie and the nay-saying commences. *facepalm* I believe in Chris Noland. He has yet to let me down since Memento came out 11 years ago. But, I would rather be a fan first and a fanboy second.
  10. I believe it is better saw as Fox pimping out another X-Men movie while they still have the rights. But maybe that's the cynic in me speaking.
  11. Right... elections are every 4 years. The next is 2012. Then 2016. Then 2020. Unless the Smallville world runs differently.
  12. Anybody else notice that Lex was elected president in 2018? Er what? Seems like a sloppy oversight. It wasn't a bad episode, over all, but the first half of Clark STILL trying to figure out how to mix his Kryptonian side, lineage, and past with his human side, past, and family seemed old hat. Ten years of having the same existential problems is a trifle bit boring.
  13. CapnJeffro

    Thor Movie

    If I were a betting man, I would say it was the Cosmic Cube. That was exactly what I said in the theater when they showed the scene. "It's the #$%$ cosmic cube!" And got a lot of awkward looks afterwards...
  14. The closest Walmart looked exactly the way you described yours to a tee. I saw more Shocktroopers tonight in one location than I have seen all total combined.
  15. I would vote for you, but I'm one of those strange fellas who refuses to have a facebook. I like the old fashion way of doing things: telling people trivial parts of my day face-to-face and getting wedding, birthday, party invites in the mail or a phone call. Congratulations on the engagement and best wishes for your future, by the way.
  16. Hmm, thanks Clam. This is only a very recent thing. About a month ago the same time slot was airing the current episodes as I wasn't a week behind in discussion of the show.
  17. So, it seems that the "new" episodes that my DVR records every Friday night at 5:30 is always a week behind from what every one else on here is talking about. This past week I saw the Chateau episode where the Oktober Guard was introduced. Is there another day and time that the new episodes are coming on or is my local Hub channel in a week-late time warp?
  18. The last few weeks I have been playing through Mass Effect 2 and I am very impressed. I never played the first, but there is enough info in the sequel to get me caught up to speed. There is a ton of lore and background information in this expansive world, and supposedly the actions you take in this game (whether a character makes it out alive or not) will have a direct correlation on Mass Effect 3 as long as there is a save file on your system from 2.
  19. Freaking Sony... All that money and you cant even protect your customers... I dont get why it took them so long to let us know that our info has been compromised... Might as well start the massive lawsuit now... To be fair, even the Pentagon has been hacked and it SHOULD be the most secure network around. It sucks that Sony was hacked, but it's an unfortunate side effect of everything going online. I just canceled the card online, and went through and changed out all my passwords on all the other sites I use. What I'm baffled by is people who say they aren't mad at the hackers, just Sony. Wait. What?! It's unfortunate malicious people are out there and do unscrupulous acts such as this, but it's never going to stop. Building a better firewall makes a better hacker. On the plus side I haven't heard any reports of anyone finding large charges on their accounts or cards and I believe that as many people as there are on the network - it would have been heard by now. As far as waiting this long to tell us - according to their site, Sony informed the consumer base of the possible intrusion on private information shortly after they figured it out themselves. But, aside from a now deactivated debit card number, hackers have my first name, zip code, and birthday. All public knowledge. Hopefully, Sony will learn from this and build a better security system. And I don't really see what a lawsuit will do. They were hacked, which was a crime against them, and informed their clientele all the ways to keep from getting burned. It's like blaming the bank when it gets robbed.
  20. When it comes to beer I usually don't like it any lighter than an amber such as Sam Adam's Boston Lager or Newcastle, but I will drink a Bass, Blue Moon, or Harp occasionally. I prefer porters, stouts, oktoberfest, and winter lagers. Lefthand Milk Stout, Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout, Sweet Water Happy ending are some of my favorite beers. (And, to be fair I could keep going - I am a beer snob and have tried an enormous amount of different beer due to Taco Mac's passport/brewniversity club). Whiskey/Bourbon - I stick to Jack Daniels or Gentleman Jack, Crown Royal or Crown Royal Cask 16, and Jameson or Bushmills Irish whiskeys. I prefer them on the rocks with a splash of water or mixed with ginger ale or sprite.
  21. The red ninja version was a great figure. This is an olive green version of said great figure. Like I said, I would have liked a TF Duke or Flint or something of that nature. That way it isn't a brand new figure, but it's still based on something in the original ARAH line.
  22. House is the doctor drama on Fox featuring Hugh Laurie, not a movie. If you've never seen the show then you really should. Very entertaining. And, for that matter, Tron: Legacy was a good movie as well. She was also in The Girl Next Door, Alpha Dog, Turistas, and the short lived show the Black Donnellys (which was a shame, I really enjoyed it.) Of course... this probably still means nothing to you. I just watch a lot of movies.
  23. The main actress featured in the trailer is Olivia Wilde. She is Thirteen from House and most recently was Quoarra in Tron: Legacy.
  24. Well, options are extremely limited when it comes to exclusives. Another ninja, another type of cobra trooper, etc... They aren't going to throw out a brand new character or even an updated version with a popular look (Faceplate Commander or v1 Snake Eyes) as an exclusive. But, a Tiger Force Duke and/or Flint would have been awesome. And slightly more relevant than an olive green colored ninja.
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