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  1. I'm a fan of using the very rubber band they come with. Snipping the clear rubber band and then working it around the loose joint until enough extra mass had been added to cause friction and keep the joints from going all willy-nilly everywhere. And once the joints are tight pull the band tight and snip it. Usually the end of the rubber band will get lost in the depths of the joint. This has worked for me for ankle, knee, elbow, ab-crunch, and hip joints.
  2. Last Whataburger I was at was in Pensecola, Fl. Great burgers. Seriously.
  3. Yeah, I have the Mark VI and War Machine MS figures on pre-order - I was just curious if there were any sightings of the Mark IV or possibly other stores with exclusive I - III or V possibly...
  4. I've seen a few of these pop up on E-bay and I checked my local Borders and Waldenbooks (they are affiliated) today to no avail. Has anyone seen one of these or know anything about them? They are going for $45 + on the bay, but I'd rather not pay such an exorbitant amount. Are they just now showing up and are any other stores going to be offering other Marvel Select Mark (Insert Roman Numeral) exclusives? Anyone have any idea?
  5. I've always been partial to the hooded look. No particular reason any more-so than I just prefer the aesthetics of it.
  6. Which, in all fairness, would go fabulous with his new blonde highlights and pink accented belt.
  7. Well, to be fair, when Steve chose to fight against the government he put himself into position completely opposite of his entire fighting career. The backing of the U.S. Armed forces and/or S.H.I.E.L.D. Steve is a natural born leader and master tactician, but there is only so much to be done with a rag-tag group of street level type characters using urban guerrilla warfare. I love Iron Fist, Spider-Man, Luke Cage, Hawkeye(Ronin), etc.. but Tony's team was stronger, better funded, fueled, and backed. Aside from Cable (psionically speaking) and Hercules - the majority A-list big guns were with Iron Man. Given a 1 on 1 urban setting, I would probably give it to Bruce. He works in the shadows, strikes when the time is right, and is more often a solo guy than a team player. And he comes well prepared.
  8. Have to disagree on this one. Tony's thing is his industrial genius and his engineering prowess. Bruce is brilliant, but it has been shown in the comics that he does outsource for many of his higher-tier gadgetry. Harold was employed for a good while in the Batcave to take care of Bruce's mechanical and technological needs. Stark can build the stuff from the ground up. His suit is one of the most advanced pieces of machinery on Earth and beyond. His original suit was put together in a cave with a hand full of parts and pieces. But in the aforementioned fight Batman, himself, states that even with the kryptonite ring there is a finite amount of punches he can throw before he would have broke his hand on Superman's infinitely durable body. He also made sure the fight happened in lead lined tunnels to keep Superman from popping his X-Ray vision, and the close quarters kept it in Batman's arena. And although Superman was under the control of Ivy, Bruce was well aware that Superman's abhorrence of taking a life was the only thing saving him from being flown into outer space and sent spiraling towards Pluto. He also used the knowledge of Superman's close personal friends and wife as bargaining chips to snap Clark out of the mind-control. In other words - he went into Metropolis with the perchance that a rumble with Big Blue may go down. And he brought out all the stops. All the dirty, low, under-handed, one sided stops. Batman doesn't fight fair. He fights to win. Given intimate knowledge of Steve, Bruce could probably formulate a plan to take out the Sentinel of Liberty. They are both master tacticians, extremely accurate, and tough as nails in the fisticuff department. But start throwing them in boxing rings without their respective trademark equipment and edges completely removes the rational from the fighting. It's like putting MacGyver in a room without duct tape, a paper clip, and his Swiss Army Knife.
  9. Now, don't get me wrong. I have and probably always will be drawn to the under-dog or street level type character. They are the far most interesting and more can be done with them, at least in my opinion. Men that can move planets and Gods that can devour entire civilizations takes far more of a catalyst or antagonist to push the story along. And, in all honesty, Batman works better in the capacity of jack-of-all-trades know-it-all, master tactician, and top notch detective. I believe he can help in the defeat of immensely powerful antagonists, but as the brains and guiding the brawn. He prefers the shadows and slight of hand for a reason. My comment about imagination on a story level meant that it's okay to think outside the perceived box. But only if it can be backed up with a quality story to make it work. So, we'll agree on that front. Just agree to disagree on what a quality story may be. @smilepunch@
  10. Because it's the funny books? And people read comics to find that unrealistic element that removes them from the monotony and mundane boredom of reality. Or. Maybe it's just because people like to feel that good will win against all odds - because that is a theme that is often absent in the realistic world around us. The true enemy of imagination is common sense, rationality, and being stuck inside the box of reality. When dealing with fantastic people, places, and elements. Hope for the fantastic. Batman and Galactus seems ridiculous, but less so in winner and more so in the fight. Why WOULD those two fight? Sure. You can pit any two fictional characters together, but I'm less concerned with summing up the parts of their collective strengths, weaknesses, and merits. I'm more concerned with why exactly in the hell the characters and being put in a story together, if it works, and will it entertain the audience? Batman vs Galactus - Why? Snake Eyes vs Darkseid - Huh? Jack Bauer vs Darth Vader - o.0 Of course this is from my owned perception. My four year old son still thinks Obi-Wan, Iron Man, and Deadpool can all hang out and fight a T-Rex. Should I explain to him the blasphemous nature of his play style or encourage it? (That's rhetorical, by the way.)
  11. Yes, absolutely. It is not haughty NOR high horse. You simply just know better. My apologies for confusing the two. Oh, I'm not offended because you are calling it low class. It is your phrasing and constant talk (this and other topics) of your high class learning and knowledge. How it is like talking to ants. How you shall speak slowly and simplistically as possible for others to understand. I'm just confused as to why you come to a board where others talk about like minded hobbies, but it seems much of what you say is done with an air of superiority and the unwaivering resolve of no one else being right in their thoughts as well. He has spoken. So let it be written.
  12. You like to freely toss out how ignorant and drooling the followers of modern comics are. Such a haughty and high-horse mentality when it comes to an enjoyable hobby. I am not bereft of taste, but I'm also not here to try and convince you of this. Just because I didn't start reading comics till the late 80's and early 90's doesn't mean I haven't read up on the vast collective of the 4-color funny books. And it would be quite presumptuous to assume such. You see it as high class or white trash. With no middle ground. Such a black and white mentality makes it hard to look outside of one's own narcissism. Obviously we must have some commonalities. We are on the same board dealing with the same hobby that the majority of grown adults don't partake in. Instead of fast food or gourmet - why not in terms of beer? There are is a vast amount of different types of beer. All are tasty and everyone has a right to their choice. Does a stout drinker have a more refined palate than someone who enjoys a lager or a cider? I wouldn't say so. It's merely a difference in taste - not a lack there of.
  13. Whatever happened to liking something just because it entertained me? I don't need sizable credentials or merit-able backups just to like a funny book. And a lot of insults being thrust about - shoving people into categories of drooling fanboys and people with poor taste in comics. I didn't start reading comics till the late 80's and early 90's purely due to my age. Maybe I missed the 'hay-day' of true comic books, and I'm just a clueless slack-jawed yokel that doesn't know any better. Or maybe I have my own opinion and wits about me and I like what I like. Hobbies are supposed to entertain, enthrall, and remove one from the monotonous stress of daily life and the boring 'real world.' I don't need to assert my comic-knowledge-peen. If a book catches my attention and holds it - it's a good book. If it entertains me and keeps me reading - it's a good book. I don't pound a stake through the heart of comics after a certain year - the industry is still going and it's still doing the same thing it has for the better part of twenty years. It still entertains me. The back-handed insults (whether intentional or not) sting ever-so-slightly. If you don't enjoy something - that's fine. Just don't ask for it to be over with because in your *aherm* humble opinion it is trash. And don't look down upon others who enjoy the arts and stories that comes from the creative minds of people you don't like. I, for one, have always liked Liefeld's art (to make a simple example.) It doesn't make me uneducated, a slack-jawed fanboy, or anyone of poor taste. It purely means I like it.
  14. I have two within a very close proximity of me and they haven't had the Spidey/Cap/Iron Man/Wolverine, etc... shirts in quite some time. They have as of late, however, started carrying a new slew of Marvel type characters. There are Green Goblin, Kingpin, Doctor Octopus, and Blob shirts available. There may be another villain, but I cannot remember for the life of me.
  15. I'm merely looking at exactly what I'm getting. $28.70 gets me a MOTUC character. $29.99 + Tax gets me a MOTUC character and a DCUC character. No point in splitting up what they cost individually when they are only sold together. Same deal as Star Wars, GI Joe, or other lines that offer comic 2-packs or something of the ilk. If I don't want one figure, but I do the other I'm still paying for both and the cost is the same. Either way. The 2-packs are a better deal. Which was my point all along. And beyond being a better deal I reiterate the fact that I can pick them up and a brick-and-mortar establishment.
  16. No, I meant a $1.29 to be precise. Every month I am charged $28.70 ($20 + $8.70 S/H) for an individual MOTU Classics character. The 2-packs cost $29.99. $29.99 - $28.70 = $1.29. Okay, and if you want to factor in tax add a few more dollars. So. One MOTU Classics figure for $28.70 or one MOTU Classics figure plus a DCU Classics figure for around $32. So, again. My point stands. Why do people want them? They are on a physical shelf at a brick-and-mortar store. They aren't selling out in under five minutes. AND they come with a DC character.
  17. Well, people who didn't have a chance to get He-Man or Skeletor can now find them at retail and aside from the lack of accessories and some paint diffeences - they get them for about the same as on the Matty site. But not only do they get them for basically the same price (off-set by a buck or so), but they also get a DC figure as well.
  18. CapnJeffro

    Gray Hair?

    I'll be 30 in around 2 weeks and I still have a full head of thick, bright red hair. I have a recent picture up on my profile. I have seen the occasional gray (and blonde sometimes) in my beard or hair. But it is few and far between.
  19. Hey, BL. Which TRU did you find the DC vs MOTU packs at? I may be taking a trip soon...
  20. Younger isn't a bad thing. In all honesty, Cap would truly be in his mid-20's at best at the end of WWII.
  21. I, for one, have never understood that mentality either. And I've heard it a lot from other collectors on different lines. Especially on larger priced items that Star Wars has been releasing as of the last two years. When I buy an item I hold on to the receipt and if it drops down in price within 90 - ish days (Wal-Mart is super lenient on this and will go around 120, while TRU will just give you store credit on the 91st day) I rebuy the toy and return it at the original price-point. Mayn collectors clamor that we should show support and buy everything at full value to prove we are behind the line. I'm here to buy what I like at the cheapest price-point available. I would rather enjoy what I have than shell out a ton of cash for the possibility of the future. I've always been a big proponent of speaking with my wallet and I'm finding that a lot of the DC Direct, Marvel Select, Sideshow Toys, Hot Toys, etc... lines don't seem as pricey as they once did when comparing to the brick-and-mortar prices of the usual retail items I have been buying. For the price of 3 DCUC figures I have picked up Batman, Superman, and a few other 1:6 scale DC Direct figures. And they look much nicer displayed. The recent (well, within the last 5 years or so) phenomenon of Build a figures, Collect n Connect, and Build a Droid gimmicks have only fueled the collector (and kid) driven mindset of gotta have them all! I think a lot of the larger figures are awesome, but still refuse to buy figures I don't want.
  22. I think the big gap between opinions on this board (I, of course, could be WAY off) is it seems their is a camp of people who think comics ended in 1979 and others who are more familiar with the 80's and moving forward. This, by no means, is an attack on anyone's opinion, but merely an observation. I started reading comics in either 89 or 90 (I was 9 or 10 respectively) and the last 30 years is what I know best. Obviously, I do know comics before hand and I'm knowledgeable on the Golden and Silver Age, but they are seen in the same light as movies, TV, toylines, etc that came before then - precursors to my childhood. Point being - I don't think the comics that I read are written by hacks or drooling fanboys. Sure, I haven't agreed with everything and sometimes am very unhappy at the conclusion of certain stories. But, that's the same for any avenue of entertainment I enjoy. People don't think like me and won't write like me. The way I have always looked at it (in dealing with comics, novels, TV, movies, etc...) is: did it entertain me and did I enjoy it? If yes - then it was A-okay in my book.
  23. I checked my local (ish..) TRU today at Town Center and there was no signs of the Re-released 2-packs or DCUC vs MOTUC 2-packs. There were, however, many of the All-Star TRU exclusive Batman.
  24. Mostly likely? A preemptive strike. Put a heavy dent on the first wave of Iron Man 2 product at retail and get a leg up on their competition. And, most likely, to allow peg space for when the newer product drops some time in the future. We still don't have a Whiplash, Black Widow, etc on the shelves yet. Plus. Do you want a GI Joe: ROC fiasco again? Three initial waves warming every shelf because a metric ton of it was released at a high price-point and wasn't gone by the time the new stuff came out.
  25. Just picked up the comic appearance War Machine for my son earlier and (of course) I played around with it a bit myself. These are very well made figures. The sculpting and paint are both top notch and after the lack luster Marvel Universe figures - I think Hasbro really out did themselves. And the $6.99 price tag isn't so bad either.
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