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  1. The 4 pack thats on clearance at Kmart? He's referencing the new Clone Wars battle pack with the Fordo looking Arc as well as the blue and red Arc troopers wearing the 1.5 armor (Phase II with fins on the helmet.)
  2. Marshals and TJ Maxx as well have 25th Joes. I've seen the Destro/Shockwave, Rock n Roll/Deep Six, and Iron Grenadier/Viper comic packs. As well as the Vamp, Firebat, Armadillo vs Air Chariot, and Sharc.
  3. I'm honestly waiting after this season to end and see a TV-spot next summer for a brand new CW show: Metropolis! And all the actors/characters stick around... I've been watching Smallville since Season 1 and I have enjoyed it, but they are definitely throwing around names just to do it at a certain point. They went from home grown villains and the recognizable supporting cast to pulling out Doomsday, General Zod (and Major Zod..?), Checkmate, Brainiac, Bizarro, etc.. etc.. etc...
  4. I have a five year old son. And he knows the Original Trilogy as well as the Prequels. And he watch the Clone Wars series every week. He's on a big Boba Fett kick currently, but generally sticks to armored type character. They are, after all, the coolest aesthetically.
  5. He also has retooled forearms and the retractable blades (he uses in the fight with Obi on Kamino) are attached and most likely irremovable.
  6. i also found Wave 2 of the Vintage Collection at two of my local Wal-Marts in Georgia. And I am only Grievous and Boba Fett shy from having all 12 foil cards to boot.
  7. I'm for the comic design all the way. The movie adaptation is a close second, however.
  8. I'm an old-timer. Of sorts. My eighth anniversary is coming up in a little under a month. I originally found this site when G.I. Joe was re-released back in the first of the decade. From there I got into He-Man 200X, Marvel Legends, back into Star Wars... and realized my Peter Pan complex was permanent. I've never been much of a Chatty-Cathy as my post count surely shows, and I mostly read and lurk. I do like to occasionally chime in when the time is right. My only regret is not interjecting more often and actually becoming someone that is known. Suppose I can do that over the next eight years.
  9. While I can't say for absolute certain, I'd go with: after 2 years and 15 waves of this not happening - it would be doubtful at best. I assume you mean in the aspect of re releasing a C n C character in a wave of new figures? This wouldn't work for collectors that are completionists because they would end up with the same C n C character twice. Your best bet is using all the online aspects at your disposable. Trading with others or checking on e-bay for the piece only.
  10. I'd call it a live action FernGully, personally.
  11. Heh. Preaching to the choir. As of this post you have exactly 4,000 more than me. And just shy of two months on sign-up dates. I'm all about quality and not quantity. Unfortunately I haven't had enough quality quantity to quantify much. Or. Something?
  12. disrespectful Disrespectful of what? Fictional characters? Bats? I need some elaboration here. Mmm. Me too. Sure, I can be rude, crude, and socially unacceptable, but I wasn't even trying this time.
  13. ?!? What does he go for ?.. A quick search in ye ol' e-bay sold list and it seems the comic Deadpool with Wolverine goes for roughly $35 - $56.
  14. Really? Out of curiosity - why? I, personally, love the series. A lot of nice Easter eggs and team-ups for fans.
  15. I didn't say there weren't vehicles in the Marvel U. I posed the question of: which ones were iconic enough to warrant a toy? And I'm fairly certain the Heli-carrier and Galactus' ship would be better fit in the category of playset. That's like calling the U.S.S. Flagg a vehicle.
  16. I collect Deadpool, Deadpool Merc with a Mouth, and I've been picking up the Prelude to DPC. They are fun books that don't take themselves seriously. He's an extremely powerful (he's regen'd from a hand before and I'm fairly certain thanks to Thanos he won't ever die - otherwise he'd get to be with his main squeeze Death) character who constantly gets his @$$ handed to him from cover to cover in between quirky comebacks and off the wall retorts. And he's bat #$%^ crazy. As long as the stories stay humorous and occasional pertinent in the 616 - make mine Marvel.
  17. ROTFLMAO! Good one! And especially when it comes to DC, I agree totally! Honestly, that's my biggest issue with a lot of television, movies, and most forms of modern entertainment. Entertaining? Sure. But, they build up these conflicts and then have to whip something of of Odin's beard to wrap it all up neat and tidy. Personally - my favorite books out there right now are anything with Deadpool in it. He constantly gets his tail handed to him from cover to cover and the books don't try to be anything more than fun. But. To stay on topic. I honestly would go with Namor in a straight up fisticuffs battle. Aqauaman always seemed to be a brawler on the low-end of the power scale. I've never been too keen on either characters, though, and just know them from cross-overs and appearances in other books.
  18. I just chalk it all up to deus ex machina and stare at the pretty pictures.
  19. To sum it up? Yep. It's also why I stopped reading any Spider-Man books. His greatest villain came back. His Aunt who was thought to be dead for years came back. Then they revealed his identity. Only to back peddle and get rid of that story. Plus wipe out him being a teacher and married. And Harry is back as well. *sigh* But problem is: just any many people want their beloved characters to stay stagnant and static as others want to see them change. Can't please all the people all the time and all that. But, more-so than anything, my biggest problem with Marvel was the Secret Invasion. With the Skrulls being integrated in the Marvel U they had a great opportunity to retcon a lot of mistakes and mess-ups over the course of 30+ years of history. Yet, they don't.
  20. I don't see vehicles/playsets ever coming out. Aside from something like the race car in the IM2 line. But what vehicles are truly iconic enough to warrant a hunk o' plastic? Quinjet, Punisher Van, Fantasticar? Nothing nearly as noteworthy as the Batmobile (and the other Bat-vehicles - and that's about it even for DC.) Vehicles have always been a staple in the Star Wars and GI Joe lines - they go hand in hand. But vehicles and superheroes aren't really synonymous. And playsets haven't done well for well over a decade.
  21. They've already gotten rid of Spidey's identity being public knowledge with a deal with the devil (Mephisto.) Spider-Man had his identity wiped from everyone's memory - including his New Avengers teammates (but he re-told them) and had Aunt May no longer on her death bed. But it cost him his wife and, apparently, his ability to teach. It was just a slick way to get Peter back to his single web-slingin' days whilst snapping pics for the Bugle. Not the greatest story telling, mind you, but it's what happened.
  22. No one would know. I don't have any personal relationships through TNI and, let's be honest, my post count after 8 years is matched by some people in 2 months. So. I guess. If I didn't post anything for at least 1 year then go ahead and consider me 6-feet under.
  23. That was a big issue for me. A lot was kept from the audience to keep you from being able to solve the mystery yourself. Pertinent information was purposely withheld and then revealed to the audience in well-timed flashbacks.
  24. Well, they've explained Nick Fury's slow aging with the Infinity Formula. A Once a year dose since the 40's has drastically slowed his aging process. But, you're right. As more time passes some of the origin stories seem more and more out of place and bizarre. Frank Castle as a Vietnam Vet is another that comes to mind. I'd really rather not have a re-boot, though. If you think about a lot of the stories in their full context - it won't work - so don't.
  25. Unfortunately, the hinge piece keeps the rubber band from being completely hidden, but I've had to use the clear bands on a few hips and it's barely noticeable as it loops over the tiny hinge piece. And, usually, I try to display the particular hip away from the front of the display.
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