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  1. I found two of the yellow Stalkers from the 25th GI Joe line first came out. Bought them for $5 each. I sold them for.... a whole lot more.
  2. Always been a big fan of this C.S. Lewis Quote and it sums up my feelings fairly well. But, I do agree that I will often times look around my home (single dad in a two-bedroom apartment) at all the movie posters, signed comic posters, statues, toys, etc... does seem to be odd decor for a 31-year old grown up's apartment. But, I've never been "grown-up" in the classical sense. I'm constantly guessed as being in my early-20s. My dress style, music taste, and hobbies are hardly placing me in the proper age bracket. If not for my ID and knowing my birthday, I wouldn't feel an older than I did 10-years ago. Neither physically or mentally. I do find that I spend more money on these little plastic people more often than I should and I occasionally recoup some money on e-bay, but all-in-all collecting toys or comics, playing video games, watching cartoons and movies has never affected me or my life. But, then again, I also seem to be mostly surrounded by a much younger group of friends and seem to never date anyone less than 10 years younger than me. It's not intentional. It just seems to happen.
  3. Yes, I do the same thing. We live in a sound-bite, bullet-point age. If people can't get their point across quickly, I can't spare the time to care. It's a message board. Where the entire media is either written word or, mostly, asinine pictures. I'm more inclined to skip a three line paragraph as opposed to a longer and, most likely, more thought out post. I'm more likely going to skip a post that is poorly thrown together with horrible misspellings, improper grammar, and any lack of paragraph spacing. I have the time to spare otherwise I wouldn't be blowing time on a website about hobbies and the superfluous aspects of my life I blow money on. But I digress... As far as the sub goes. I cherry pick. Not out of monetary constraints, but out of not wanting certain characters. I won't be buying the DC sub the same reason I only kept the MOTU sub for one year - at the year's end I found the majority of the characters I had obtained I didn't care about. Sure, it could be different with the DC license, but I doubt it. They are far more characters under DC's belt and an even greater number of costume variants, which just means less of a chance I get something I truly want.
  4. I mean, he's recognizable as the character he is supposed to be portraying. I can't really ask for much more. But, to keep in line with the usual comments of initial pictures of a movie slated for almost two years from now: It sux! Calling it now, this movie will blow hard. They are destroying my childhood. I hate Synder, Nolan, etc... Okay, now that we got that out of the way.
  5. How about a female Superman? Yeah, I know what you're thinking: "But, Capn, if he's a she then she couldn't be a SuperMAN." And to that I say shaddup. Make Kal-El into a chick and then her love interest can be Lane Lois.
  6. When it comes to E-bay I always let it ride no matter what price someone is offering. Which, by the way, they are only doing because they are trying to low-ball you with a price high enough to seem profitable, but low enough to make a profit by buying the lot and breaking it up and reselling the pieces individually.
  7. I know this is the DC forum, but zounds, the size of Thor is massive. He's on par with the 7 inch scale Marvel Select figure and dwarfs both the Toy Biz and Hasbro Legends Thors. Wonder if the rest of the reboot will follow suit. And, looking at Swamp Thing, making the figures gigantic was a multi-company endeavor for the con exclusives.
  8. The next movie is Avengers in May next year with Thor 2 and Iron Man 3 supposedly coming out in 2013.
  9. I have no idea what you mean. A few years ago the SDCC exclusive was a movie Destro and the fanboys pissed and moaned because it wasn't an item worthy of an exclusive and stayed in stock on site for quite some time. And the last two years well wanted items have become exclusives. And... fanboys pissed and moaned because there wasn't enough of a con exclusive to go around. Maybe you're on to something... But, to be fair, a laggy site did not diminish the quantity of stock. A vast majority were still going to leave empty handed whether the site moved lightning fast or slow as molasses.
  10. Been playing Bulletstorm on the PS3 for the last week. And, usually, I'm not a FPS kind of fella, but this one has been fun. I'm mostly finished with the single player trophies (just sucked it up and played on Very Hard the first time through) and am thinking about setting my sites on the Multiplayer aspect. Anybody playing or played this game and have any idea of the difficulty on the multiplayer aspect? 3 trophies in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood multiplayer kept me from a platinum. Wondering if this will be any different?
  11. Don't forget the Avengers trailer after the credits. Amazing movie, and I have nothing bad to say about it. This was a home run.
  12. The problem with 1 figure a month, plus a sub exclusive figure, is only 13 figures a year. That's great for MOTU which didn't have 70+ years worth of stories, characters, costumes, and variations to pull from.
  13. Probably just like the MOTU sub. If enough people subscribe then every month a figure (which if MOTU is an indication you won't know the entire line up when you sign up) a figure will be shipped to you for X amount of money. Once you subscribe you will be on board for every month's figure whether you want it or not and, again I reiterate, there is a slim-to-none chance of knowing the entire lineup when you sign up.
  14. It was just released that Sideshow and Hot Toys are going either further into collaboration and SDCC will show a DX version of Bespin Luke from Episode V. I expect to become very broke if Sideshow is going to do Star Wars...
  15. I agree and CNC had a few more back in stock last week, but for $330 and I just couldn't come to pull the trigger on that price. Especially since Thor just came in and I know Commander Bly (Sideshow) and Spider-Man (Hot Toys) are both coming in next month. Love these guys, but at this price point I have to try and space them out a little better.
  16. CapnJeffro

    Starting MU

    The Disney Store also carries Marvel Select figures at $25 a pop, which is about $5 than the online stores but cheaper in the long run without shipping. This is where I found the MS Deadpool. And then I reveled in the irony of buying a Deadpool figure in a Disney store,
  17. $500 for two exclusive HT figures isn't all that bad - seeing as the individual Gray Iron Man Mark IV is going for $350 + by itself on the after market now. But, I know I could care less about the Batdemon half of the pack (which is probably why it is going for so little). I hope the Batman Begins isn't much more than $250, but I am assured it will sell out quickly.
  18. Nothing? He was in Thor, King Arthur (2004), the Other Guys, the Book of Eli, Cirque de Freak: The Vampire's Assistant, and HBO's Rome just to name a few of the bigger projects he's been in. As well as being a part of the upcoming Three Musketeers movie. He's a great actor and I am curious to see his version of Firefly.
  19. Yeah, I like the idea of the Fortress too. May be why both Dooku and Grievous got one in the Clone Wars series.
  20. I really want one of these too. Does anyone know if Hot Toys exclusive will go on the sideshow website or somewhere like BBTS and CSC?
  21. Currently, TF:DOtM has pulled in $162 million domestically in it's first week, which puts it $80 million behind the Hangover 2, which is the highest grossing movie of the year so far and in it's sixth week. Don't believe I would call that too shabby so far.
  22. According to Rotten Tomatoes it has a 37% from the critics. And a 90% from the audience. At least I don't feel so awkwardly alone in really liking this flick.
  23. Apparently we saw a completely different movie. Heh. Ah, well, this is why it will be nigh impossible to knock any of these types of properties out of the park. We sit completely on opposite ends of the opinion spectrum.
  24. Maybe I'm just a little too easy to please. Or maybe I don't need to see an Oscar Award winning production when it comes to Asgardians, mutants, Green clad space police, or giant $%^#ing alien robots who kick ass and take names. I thought the third movie was fantastic and it had everything I wanted in a summer blockbuster. Action, #$%^ blowing up, an attractive actress to ogle, and just enough plot to get me from #$%^ blowing up in one action packed scene to #$%^ blowing up in the next action packed scene. The only problem with fanboy properties is people will never be happy. Ever. TF3 was worth the price of admission and I'd go see it again.
  25. Just finished watching TF3:DOtM. And daaaaaamn! that's a summer movie.

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