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  1. No doubt that is what they were doing. As you pointed out LordVenger they didn't just snap their fingers Thanos-style and suddenly we had plenty of all of these figures. It is encouraging to see that they are listening and responding to the customers legitimate complaints.
  2. To whom it may concern, I was just able to purchaser Beachhead. Don't know how, just happened. Give it a try guys what have you got to lose? I was frustrated at work and went to the website and hit the "add to cart button" and miracle of miracles it worked!. Not promising anything, but it worked for me just now. Give it a try and Good Luck guys!
  3. I was on the site at 9am sharp. It NEVER allowed me to get anything no matter what figure I tried. Gave the same error over and over again. The site is still saying Beachhead is still available. Target is a disgrace.
  4. Target gets G.I. Joe exclusives and they are nearly impossible to get. Amazon gets a G.I. Joe exclusive and its easy to get......hmmmmm Am I missing something here?
  5. It amazes me what people are willing to do for something as relatively insignificant as a trading card. I agree with JayC that this tactic of "Scarcity Marketing" is a big part of the problem, however I also agree with Mako that you have to have a screw or two loose to pull a gun on another human being over such trivial matters. The way I see it is the combination of this somewhat shady marketing technique and so many people on the edge out there makes for an explosive situation full of potential for violence. Its a truly bewildering and sad situation, especially for what should be a relatively harmless, fun hobby of collecting toys. I guess the real issue is how can we ratchet down the level of stress and tension in our society so that people aren't so willing to potentially kill for a hobby........
  6. Hasbro doesn't do this with Transformer's either. I see Transformers figures everywhere in plentiful quantities
  7. Like I've said before, Hasbro is killing this line. Whether its being done intentionally or not doesn't matter, if Hasbro continues to handle the G.I. Joe line this way it will die. I have pretty much given up on this line as far as collecting it goes. IF I find a figure I want online and the price is reasonable I will get it but I won't go out of my way to do so. When I say online I mean Amazon or BBTS or a similar reputable seller, NOT scalpers. Hasbro's strategy with this line is mystifying to me. They don't do this with Star Wars or Marvel Legends yet they continue to do so with GI Joe. Fortunately there are plenty of great figure lines out there like Star Wars Black series, McFarlane DC figures and of course Marvel Legends, who needs the aggravation that Hasbro is putting all of us through? Not me that's for sure.
  8. These figures look great. Lay Jaye's face is a bit interesting but not a deal breaker. The deal breaker is availability, or lack thereof..... I have these two on pre-order from Amazon but that's no guarantee since Amazon cancelled my Zartan order yesterday saying they couldn't ship the item in question. This after it was scheduled to arrive yesterday.
  9. Rarely have I seen a company try so hard to kill off a toy line like Hasbro is doing with the G.I. Joe Classified series. They make them next to impossible to get and ship them out to retailers that just don't give a damn about the customers. Having said that; it is only fair to point out that the figures they produce are impressive. They (Hasbro) seems to care enough to produce a good, sometimes great product. Yet why do they not seem to care if we buy them? What am I missing? Hasbro doesn't do this with their other lines. I have zero issues finding or purchasing Star Wars or Marvel Legends figures. What is the issue with the Classified line?
  10. Agreed. Like Superman and Lois but the sons...they look like major brats right now. As for being nervous about the show, Mako, unfortunately I agree about that too. It appears (fingers-crossed) that they will be allowing Superman to be Superman BUT I'm concerned about all the potential emo drama with the sons, particularly the one with the long hair (Jordan). Did you notice the scene where Lois nags Clark about missing a "therapy session" with Jordan. Telling Clark he should apologize even though he missed the session because he was saving the world...smh. It is stuff like that that concerns me. I'm really hoping that we won't be seeing a weekly theme of what a "bad father" Clark is because he is Superman and saving the world all the time. Having said all this, I did like the show, I think it shows a LOT of promise....it is Superman after all, just hoping it stays that way.....
  11. I'm very glad I was able to get a Black series Cara Dune early on. They were already quite expensive on eBay or even Amazon before all this went down. Now....who knows? The Cara Dune figure is one of my favorites. I think Hasbro did a great job capturing the likeness of the actress and just the general quality of the figure.
  12. I have to agree. I also was first introduced to Dr. Who by watching Tom Baker and I still think he was the best at portraying the character. Now IMO Jodie Whitaker reminds me a bit of the manic way that Tom Baker portrayed the Doctor. Not saying she's as good at it, just saying her portrayal reminds me more of him than anybody else except perhaps Tennant at his best.
  13. Do we know when the 6" deluxe Mandalorian figure will be available? It really looks great.
  14. I must admit I will miss this show. It was great at first but then it slowly succumbed over the past couple of years to the political correctness of the other Berlanti shows. Melissa Benoist is a great actress (IMO) and was always wonderful in the role. She has been the best part of the show for a while now. Hopefully she will move on to bigger and better things where she can shine and show her true talent.
  15. Everything you say makes perfect sense and I sure hope it happens. But I doubt it will, precisely because it is what makes the most sense......
  16. Calling Picard a "huge" success seems a bit much to me. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the show and think it is much better than most people seem to, but "huge success"... ? Lets see what season 2 brings.... As for Discovery....it is the shining example for what Star Trek can be but isn't. Look at Picard; a good, possibly great show, then look at Discovery....a dumpster fire. Discovery supposedly takes place about 100+ years before Picard correct? Yet the technology on Discovery often looks equal to or more advanced than Picard. Let's not even start on what they did to the Klingons... Star Trek has always been a franchise as much about characters as story or special effects. We cared about Kirk and Spock, Picard and Data, Sisko and Janeway, etc. Who do we care about on Discovery? The lead character is annoying and not believable. The only characters I cared about on Discovery were Captain Pike and "Number One" and they weren't really part of the main show. I did find the character of Saru interesting, hopefully they don't mess him up. Bottom line....Star Trek is in less trouble than it was, primarily because of the success of Picard, but if the franchise is relying on Discovery for the long term...... that could be major trouble IMO
  17. I absolutely love this show! Love Gina Carano and Pedro Pascal and of course "the Child". The Mandalorian represents "classic" Star Wars to me. It is so much better than the new movies....again IMO.... Thank goodness for Jon Favreau .Can't wait for the second season.
  18. Congratulations on finding her! I went to two Targets yesterday and found empty pegs at one and not even pegs at the other.
  19. I wasn't aware that this show was going to the CW full-time next season. This worries me because Supergirl started to go downhill after it went to the CW. I find this show to be well written and acted and very entertaining it would be a shame if it went the way of "Flash" and "Supergirl", etc. Hopefully Geoff Johns can keep it on the good course it's on now.
  20. So apparently Amazon found some Snake Eyes figures somewhere and they are currently available at MSRP (19.99) with free shipping. If anybody needs/wants a Snake Eyes hurry over to Amazon.
  21. Honestly I feel sorry for this young lady. I don't know much about her, but she seems like a fairly good actress and person. Wonder if she fully understands what a dumpster fire she's walking into. As for the Arrowverse; IMO its on its last legs. Flash is unwatchable these days and Supergirl is only somewhat better. Never really gotten into Black Lightning. Having said that; I agree with Mako about Stargirl. I've enjoyed the show so far and find the use of the Justice Society as a breathe of fresh air. Something different and imaginative. Crossing my fingers that they don't ruin it like they did Flash and Supergirl.
  22. Leave it to Disney to milk a successful product for all its worth.... Oh well. I'll probably check out the novel too.
  23. Thanks JayC for posting that HasbroPulse video. It gives me hope that Hasbro is actually putting effort into the rebirth of GI-Joe. I was able to get a Roadblock and a Duke online and they are great figures. The sculpting, paint, articulation, basically across the board. It seems they are all in as far as actually creating the figures go, which is; after all the most important part. Now to the distribution....I have yet to see any figures at retail. I haven't even seen empty pegs where they would normally be. The Pandemic seems to be the reason i hear most often but the Pandemic hasn't prevented Hasbro from keeping stores stocked with Star Wars and Marvel legends figures. McFarlane also has their DC figures (and Fortnite) on shelves and pegs. Trying not to complain...too much...lol but these are great figures and I would like to be able to purchase them without having to pay through the nose to scalpers online......
  24. In any case, it's better than nothing. I'm just sick of running my butt off to every store in Central Arkansas and coming up empty handed. I was able to get Roadblock today from Amazon after ordering it on May 19th and having it be delayed twice. At least the box was safe and sound. The figure looks really nice. Not sure it was worth the wait, but I got it below retail so .... I have Duke on order from Amazon but they have already told me they don't know when it will ship. Snake Eyes and Destro appear to be the hardest to get figures. Maybe too hard to get given all the issues we are all dealing with these days.....
  25. I actually still have most of these figures somewhere...lol. But let me see if I've got this straight; these are essentially the same figures from the "80's with the articulation and detail of the time? Because if that's the case then they are an easy pass for me. I love nostalgia but that's why I still have the originals.
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