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  1. I must admit I will miss this show. It was great at first but then it slowly succumbed over the past couple of years to the political correctness of the other Berlanti shows. Melissa Benoist is a great actress (IMO) and was always wonderful in the role. She has been the best part of the show for a while now. Hopefully she will move on to bigger and better things where she can shine and show her true talent.
  2. Everything you say makes perfect sense and I sure hope it happens. But I doubt it will, precisely because it is what makes the most sense......
  3. Calling Picard a "huge" success seems a bit much to me. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the show and think it is much better than most people seem to, but "huge success"... ? Lets see what season 2 brings.... As for Discovery....it is the shining example for what Star Trek can be but isn't. Look at Picard; a good, possibly great show, then look at Discovery....a dumpster fire. Discovery supposedly takes place about 100+ years before Picard correct? Yet the technology on Discovery often looks equal to or more advanced than Picard. Let's not even start on what they did to the Klingons... Star Trek has always been a franchise as much about characters as story or special effects. We cared about Kirk and Spock, Picard and Data, Sisko and Janeway, etc. Who do we care about on Discovery? The lead character is annoying and not believable. The only characters I cared about on Discovery were Captain Pike and "Number One" and they weren't really part of the main show. I did find the character of Saru interesting, hopefully they don't mess him up. Bottom line....Star Trek is in less trouble than it was, primarily because of the success of Picard, but if the franchise is relying on Discovery for the long term...... that could be major trouble IMO
  4. I absolutely love this show! Love Gina Carano and Pedro Pascal and of course "the Child". The Mandalorian represents "classic" Star Wars to me. It is so much better than the new movies....again IMO.... Thank goodness for Jon Favreau .Can't wait for the second season.
  5. Congratulations on finding her! I went to two Targets yesterday and found empty pegs at one and not even pegs at the other.
  6. I wasn't aware that this show was going to the CW full-time next season. This worries me because Supergirl started to go downhill after it went to the CW. I find this show to be well written and acted and very entertaining it would be a shame if it went the way of "Flash" and "Supergirl", etc. Hopefully Geoff Johns can keep it on the good course it's on now.
  7. lazrod

    GI Joe Toy Sightings

    So apparently Amazon found some Snake Eyes figures somewhere and they are currently available at MSRP (19.99) with free shipping. If anybody needs/wants a Snake Eyes hurry over to Amazon.
  8. Honestly I feel sorry for this young lady. I don't know much about her, but she seems like a fairly good actress and person. Wonder if she fully understands what a dumpster fire she's walking into. As for the Arrowverse; IMO its on its last legs. Flash is unwatchable these days and Supergirl is only somewhat better. Never really gotten into Black Lightning. Having said that; I agree with Mako about Stargirl. I've enjoyed the show so far and find the use of the Justice Society as a breathe of fresh air. Something different and imaginative. Crossing my fingers that they don't ruin it like they did Flash and Supergirl.
  9. Leave it to Disney to milk a successful product for all its worth.... Oh well. I'll probably check out the novel too.
  10. Thanks JayC for posting that HasbroPulse video. It gives me hope that Hasbro is actually putting effort into the rebirth of GI-Joe. I was able to get a Roadblock and a Duke online and they are great figures. The sculpting, paint, articulation, basically across the board. It seems they are all in as far as actually creating the figures go, which is; after all the most important part. Now to the distribution....I have yet to see any figures at retail. I haven't even seen empty pegs where they would normally be. The Pandemic seems to be the reason i hear most often but the Pandemic hasn't prevented Hasbro from keeping stores stocked with Star Wars and Marvel legends figures. McFarlane also has their DC figures (and Fortnite) on shelves and pegs. Trying not to complain...too much...lol but these are great figures and I would like to be able to purchase them without having to pay through the nose to scalpers online......
  11. lazrod

    GI Joe Toy Sightings

    In any case, it's better than nothing. I'm just sick of running my butt off to every store in Central Arkansas and coming up empty handed. I was able to get Roadblock today from Amazon after ordering it on May 19th and having it be delayed twice. At least the box was safe and sound. The figure looks really nice. Not sure it was worth the wait, but I got it below retail so .... I have Duke on order from Amazon but they have already told me they don't know when it will ship. Snake Eyes and Destro appear to be the hardest to get figures. Maybe too hard to get given all the issues we are all dealing with these days.....
  12. I actually still have most of these figures somewhere...lol. But let me see if I've got this straight; these are essentially the same figures from the "80's with the articulation and detail of the time? Because if that's the case then they are an easy pass for me. I love nostalgia but that's why I still have the originals.
  13. Very impressive. The articulation and sculpting look amazing. Sure hope this will also be the regular release, minus the extra stuff. Now my question is, if Hasbro can produce a Snake Eyes like this, why not produce an equally articulated Luke Skywalker? The one they produced recently was good but with this articulation it would be an instant classic. Can't wait to see Storm Shadow.
  14. It makes me laugh (and shake my head) when Disney and Kathleen Kennedy constantly claim they aren't using any materials from the extended Universe or "legacy" as they refer to it these days in the new movies. Virtually the entire new Trilogy is a rip-off of the Dark Empire comics storyline and some of the books. They just changed some names; "Ben" Skywalker becomes "Ben" Solo, for example.
  15. I haven't seen any of the McFarlane line on store shelves where I live in South Florida yet, but I was able to get the Superman on the Wal-Mart website. I was torn whether or not to get any of these figures, but the Superman figure is really growing on me. Didn't expect to like it at all and to be honest at this point I love it. The sculpting, paint and general feel of the figure suggest a much more expensive item. The face sculpt in particular is one of my favorite Superman portraits ever. Also the raised and sculpted "S" shield on the chest really looks great. If it had a cloth cape it might challenge the NECA Superman; again IMO. Now lets be clear; I'm not saying it is the best Superman figure I have ever seen or owned. The NECA Superman is still the best Superman figure on the market at that scale by far (IMO); however, the McFarlane Superman is giving the Essentials Superman a serious challenge for #2 in my opinion.
  16. Disney has done some questionable stuff when it comes to their handling of the Star Wars license, but it would be downright crazy to sever ties with Hasbro. Hasbro has done fantastic work with both the Star Wars and Marvel licenses. I think most people would agree that Marvel Legends and the Star Wars Black series are about as good as it gets in that field. If this happens I'm glad I have pretty much all the Star Wars/Marvel figures I want. Besides if Mattel takes over the licenses the value of the current Marvel Legends and SW Black figures will go through the roof....lol.
  17. So I've seen the first two episodes of Star Trek: Picard and I have to say I agree with JayC. I'm not saying this is the best Trek show I've ever seen but it sure is the best I've seen in the last 20 years or so....give or take a few years. At least I'm enjoying it so far .
  18. I agree Darth. I used to love going to stores to "hunt" but with "free shipping" like you get with Amazon Prime it's just too convenient to shop online. My time is precious to me and I don't want to waste it going to multiple WalMarts only to find the local scalpers/collectors have already cleaned them out. Some have posted that they have had bad experiences shopping online, but; for the most part, I have had very good experiences shopping from Amazon and even Ebay. Also I have found that if I'm a little patient, Amazon discounts figures pretty quickly. So add it all up; convenience, saving time and money and it makes for an unbeatable combination.
  19. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I agree with just about everything posted here. @JayC I live in South Florida and we never seem to get product on time. As a matter of fact we usually get stuff after everybody else already has it. Our local WalMarts and Targets are very poorly stocked. They carry the products but they are often 3 or even 4 waves behind, particularly when it comes to Marvel Legends. They tend to be somewhat more up to date when it comes to Star Wars, but the abundance of scalpers and collectors clean out the pegs quickly.
  20. While I agree that the DC Direct JLA Series 1 Superman is probably the best classic Superman I've seen; the new "DC Essentials" Superman is also an awesome figure with tons of articulation and a superb head sculpt. Also the DC Essentials Superman is much more readily available and probably a lot cheaper.
  21. I like the look a lot. Nice "explanation" too, actually seems somewhat believable. Truth be told though I'm pretty sure they did it just to keep the fan boys from trying to sink the show. But, bottom line is it looks good.
  22. I've been a Dr. Who fan since I first saw Tom Baker playing the role and fighting the Daleks way back in the '80's. He was my favorite Doctor until David Tennant came along. So far I'm loving Jodie Whittaker in the role. She actually reminds me a bit of Tom Baker's style of playing the Doctor. Sadly I've never been able to collect much in the way of figures or such. I do have a "sonic screwdriver", although I guess any "Whovian" has to have one. Here's hoping the new iteration of the Doctor continues her great start.
  23. The "commercial" is hilarious and very faithful to the 80's ones. The figures look amazing, BUT....I don't generally buy 12-inch figures and I can't justify (to myself) spending that amount of money on a toy. If Mezco were to produce these figure in their uber expensive 6-inch line, I might have to reconsider but for me these are a pass.
  24. The first wave should be out next week I believe. Superman and Brainiac are due out in Aug I think. Thanks! Been looking forward to these for a while now
  25. So do you know when these are actually supposed to be out? I've had a couple on pre-order from BBTS for months.
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