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  1. Wave numbering is off depending on your souce, but... Wave 8 (Psylocke wave) - 2 Spider-Men, 6 non-Spider-Men Wave 9 (Carnage wave) - 2 Spider-Men (but one's Ben Reilly), 6 non-Spider-Men Wave 10 (Sentry wave) - 2 Spider-Men, 6 non-Spider-Men Wave 11 (rumored Ultron and Ronin wave) - looks like 2 Spider-Men ("SPD" and "S-M") Wave 12 (rumored Shang-Chi and Kang wave) - looks like 2 Spider-Men ("S-M" and "SMan") Not counting Hulk and Iron Man movie-lines, almost 25% of all Super-Hero Squad toys being made are Spider-Man. Wolverine, by contrast, only appears one figure in roughly every other wave despite being fairly well known in his own right. The Fantastic Four, in total, have only had like 8 figures. Before the movie lines, Hulk and Iron Man only had a few figures each. Same for Captain America and Punisher. I think part of what Scorpio Kyle is trying to say isn't that Marvel shouldn't focus on iconic characters, but that the Spider-Man figures outnumber all the other iconic characters by a huge amount (like 5 to 1 for characters like Wolverine, Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider, Thing, Punisher, and about 3 to 1 for characters like Hulk and Iron Man who just got movie lines of their own)
  2. No, there's lots of complaints, just not really on this board. Main complaints: - Distribution (Toys R Us exclusives like Sand Pit showing up in Walmarts, disappearing, then back in Toys R Us, current waves are always impossible while Wave 1 and 2 figures are still plentiful) - production screw-ups (last minute switches of Venom, Kraven being scrapped but nobody knowing about it) - paint jobs (both intentionally bad ones like Mr. Fantastic's polka dot hair, and unintentional ones resulting in stray marks, paint lines that are too thick, obviously running off from where they were supposed to be painted, etc) - exclusives being packed with stuff nobody really wants (having to buy things like Spider-Man's Battle Truck or the Bank Heist Playset to get them exclusives) - having to buy characters they don't want to get ones they do want (particularly when it's in a 4-pack) - repaints (Wall-crawling Spidey in black, red, chrome, most of the movie Spideys being re-released with black lines instead of silver to make it "comic accurate", having to buy the $10 mega-packs to get new versiosn of Cyclops and Mr. Fantastic and shiny re-paints of Sentinel and Galactus) - character selection (I know, I know, that's one of the "perks" this line has according to some of you, but there of the 150 figures released so far, 20 are Spider-Man, 7 are Iron Man, 4 versions of the Human Torch, 5 or 6 Wolverines... and the current trend is that each wave of 8 figures, in 4 2-packs, has 2 Spider-Men, 1 Wolverine, 1 of either Hulk, Captain America or Hulk meaning you need to pay $24-$30 to get 4 new characters) - spacing between release dates (8 2-packs released just before Christmas with 2 new 4-packs, then nothing until February with 2 mega packs, then in April four 4-packs and 4 2-packs, possibly more since we're not totally sure of release dates before they hit, followed by 7 Hulk 2-packs, a multi-pack and 8 more 2-packs all due before June.) Those are just the main complaints I've heard from fans and collectors. From the non-fans, I always hear the standard "they're too cute," "they're for kids" and that stuff.
  3. Re: DC cartoon: yeah, stuff like Batman TAS was great, popular, groundbreaking, etc, etc. but DC has almost all of their animated library out. They have almost all of the Superfriends/Powers set out, the old Superman, Batman, Aquaman cartoons... I can only think of a few things off hand that they don't have out, like the few episodes of Hawkman/Green Lantern/Teen Titans they had produced. Marvel is forced to sit on a goldmine of properties because their rights are tied up, while DC has already pumped out most of what they've got, recognized most of the money they're going to get out of DVD sales of those properties, and is now waiting for The Batman and Legion to wrap up. Plus, Marvel's animated properties have all got strong film property ties that would equal instant marketing and sales if available day and date of the movie's release. Money beats quality, and Marvel is not sitting on them because DC's stuff was just that much better. And if you've got those Spider-Man single story DVDs, then don't feel buyers remorse, put them on Amazon's used DVD market or on eBay where fans are willing to pay oodles and oodles for what few episodes there are.
  4. Because the rights are tied up LOL. Same with X-Men. Same with the 90's Fantastic Four going out of print. Same with Hulk, Silver Surfer, Avengers United and Iron Man. I'm 65% certain Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends got lumped with the same bundle of rights. In the end, after some transfers and take-overs, Disney landed rights to many of Marvel's animated properties, and now sits on them. Wow... that was easy. Usually these questions make me long-winded.
  5. No, you're thinking of the other X-Men fill-in-the-gaps series that was out a long time ago (X-Men Hidden Years). This takes place before they were cancelled/turned to reprints, and theoretically slides right into pre-existing stories instead of trying to fill in some gap. If Marvel were to try and give a stricter more accurate story, editorially it would be a nightmare. Take, for instance, take the recent Black Widow/Scarlet Witch/Marvel Girl story. The Scarlet Witch was a full fledged member of the Avengers when a still villainous Black Widow attacked them. It was some time after her battle with the Avengers that she was re-programed and worked with SHIELD. If you put too fine a point on it, then continuity wise she attacked Iron Man, came to the US, became a good girl sometime between X-Men 4 or 5 or whenever SW left the Brotherhood and Avengers 15-16 (I forget which, I think it was 16) when SW joined the Avengers, assisted SHIELD in recruiting SW, failed, went back to being a bad girl and then both of them forgot the other one when they met in Avengers. And of course, with appearances of Man-Thing and now Machine Man coming up, this all takes place sometime after around Avengers Annual 7/Avengers 167 because Machine Man didn't officially come into the modern day Marvel Universe until that time. Of course, if you point this out, you're labeled a continuity nerd and burned at the stake by Marvel, but whatever. Marvel's next cross-over Secret Hour: A War In Time Is Not Absolute can fix all that. I think the trick is to either enjoy the First Class stories as they are without too much thought of how they fit in, or just pretend they're an alternate reality until the OHOTMU men and women can figure out a good way to make it work.
  6. que? Morph? Villian? Was that Age of Apocalypse Morph or Exiles Morph? If we're talkin X-Men Animated Series Morph I think perhaps someone needs to go sit at the kiddie table. The fact that everybody loves the animated Morph continues to astound me. Does nobody realize that he was created on that show simply to be killed off? Fox was sending a message to all the fans saying "don't worry, we're not gonna pull any punches on this show!" Then all the kiddies cried and all the Tipper Gore wannabe mommies wrote angry letters and lo and behold: Morph is back. I mean c'mon! The writers of that show didn't even have the stones to kill Dark Phoenix and stay true to the comics. If you wanna do Exiles Morph than I'm all for it. Otherwise don't waste my time. As for real villians: Dude, who remembers X-Men Animated stuff any more? I say that tongue in cheek, but Morph was based on Changeling, who started as a villain in Factor 3 and then after Prof. X "died", it was revealed that Changeling was pretending to be Professor X. And Morph on the cartoon of a decade and a half ago wasn't brought back because of Tipper gore wannabe mommies, but as Story Editor for X-Men the Animated Series Eric Lewald explains, because of his surprise popularity. http://forums.toonzone.net/showthread.php?t=200466 Or, of course, he could have been referring to the fact that Exiles Morph is, in fact, possessed by the villainous Proteus and fought the Exiles who then decided that the only way to stop him was through brainwashing/mind trickery. But I'm sure you knew all of that before you went off on that poor guy. Having said that, he could just as well have been referring to the fact that animated Morph worked for Sinister for what... 2 episodes of the cartoon back in 1993?
  7. I'm glad the Iron Man movie collection isn't as movie as the Spider-Man movie collections were... Titanium Man, Crimson Dynamo, War Machine, some classic armors... much better than 3 Venom repaints, all those Spideys... I'd like more villains PERIOD. Sinister would be good, and I'm glad we're rumored to be getting a Red Skull, but I'd like to see a Thunderbolts wave, maybe a Silver Samurai, Dormammu, Boomerang, Thanos... guys that aren't typically the first ones you'd see in a line. Uhm... Mystique? I'd also like to see some wacky waves... like they could put the entire Nextwave team in a single wave... or the Defenders that aren't out yet (Val, Nighthawk, Hellcat, Moondragon... maybe even the later ones like Cloud, Overmind and Manslaughter), or maybe the rest of the Spider-Man world (MJ, Gwen, May, Spider-Girl, the other Spider-Women) But I could go on.
  8. You're right Electro, we should all be as well in-sourced and well-informed as you. I will take the lead. I spoke to a guy who owns a store who says that he talked to a guy that works for Hasbro and he said that Superhero Squad is going away. If Hasbro keeps making them however, just know it's impossible for any of the steps on this chain to be wrong... Hasbro will have done a secret 180 and changed their entire marketing plans, including planned releases that had already been revealed months before. I know that your "source's" failed predictions have already been discussed ad nauseum, but just because the information you proudly passed on from a source several levels removed didn't work out, does not mean that corporate dictate at Hasbro has shifted. Also doesn't mean you should berate the other guy for not "keeping up with the news"
  9. The Spidey Bank Heist fig had a hand for grabbing the webbing, the Doc Ock Bank Heist fig had re-colored jackt and if I remember which is which, he has a shirt painted on instead of the bare chest. The vehicle figures are mirror images of each other (the arms are flipped basically) but are otherwise new. The two I have havea more "classic" blue than the movie figures, but that could just be a manufacturing thing and not a conscious effort to make them different than the movie figures.
  10. I got a chance to see the other Venom when I picked up the new Venom/Sandman and Spidey/Vulture two packs. Looks very small compared to the others... mayhap that's why they pulled him? To get a big hulking Venom? Also of note, in the little checklist booklet they included in the two packs was a page of Super Hero Squad danglers... basically a handful of Spidey SHS figures with a little clip on top to attach to backpacks or whatever. Same sculpts looked like, just with a silly backpack clip.
  11. Ok, I think I get what you're saying, but isn't the one that Marvelous News here posted pictures of way back when exactly what we got? I trashed my box so I don't remember if this http://i.marvelousnews.com/g/index.php?mod...800&start=0 is what they showed on the back or not but if you've got a link to a pic I'd appreciate it. All I know is that I have 3 different confirmed Venoms: A Black with Grey spidey-lines, an all black tongue and an all navy blue-ish (but I can't remember which was from the Sandpit, the Puma 2-pack and the Wave 1). Someone on Wikipedia, I think, put down that the single packed Venom (that was supposed to go to stores owned by the Big Lots franchise) was a variant/different paint job. When I look at the differences in the single pack (http://i.marvelousnews.com/g/index.php?mode=album&album=Hasbro%2FSHS%2FSingles) and the released, I'm not entirely sure if it's a lighting effect or an actual different paint job. And the differences in Spideys just seemed arbitrary to me. Most of the Spidey's have silver web piping, some have black. Some have a dark blue-ish color blue, others have a more "classic" blue. But the combinations seem a little random. The majority of figures all seem to be Navy/Silver, but then the two vehicle figures for instance seem to be Blue/Silver, and I think it's the Collector's pack one that's Blue/Black (which I'm guessing is what we'd call the comic version.) Looking them over again, I'd have to say that since the darkness of the blue comes and goes, the only thing that makes a movie figure "movie" is the silver webbing. Then again, I'm always the guy that doesn't notice the differences until someone else points them out to me, so maybe the movie figures have a "tell" that someone can help me out with? Not that it really matters in the grand scheme whether the next set have silver or black piping or classic blue versus navy blue, but it'd satisfy my curiousity.
  12. yeah but how many of those are movie versions also,clevernamehere, learn to use some damn punctuation New Gob: Venom/Puma did get released. Same wave as Mysterio and Black Cat. I've got them sitting on my shelf (Venom is just a re-do of the first Venom though.) Joe: You talking about my admittedly run-on sentance, or the list of potential new SHS figures? The list was garbled because I copy/pasted from a checklist, saw the cell frames in the text box and thought they would come out like that when I hit post. Apparently it didn't. Whatever. Also... WTF's the difference between movie SHS Spidey and non-movie SHS Spidey? Silver webbing versus black webbing? Slightly raised versus not so slightly? I don't think Hasbro is really making a conscious effort to distinguish Movie and non-Movie.
  13. LOL, you're just the poster child for internet forum arguments aren't you? When someone gives you a point by point refutation, you try the "I've got better things to do than defend my arguments (with pointy insinuation that the person who pointed out your argument's flaws doesn't have anything better)" trick. Ok, long story short: stop trying to insult the SS collectors for buying a "kids" line. Newsflash: SHS is for ages 3 and up. Marvel Legends is for 4 and up. Don't tell me you've never seen a kid a third your age in the toy aisle buying a ML. We keep trying to show you the silliness of your argument, and you keep insulting whoever points it out to you. I'm hesitant to say that a more mature individual wouldn't do as much anonymous internet name calling as you, but I'm trying not to go there. I'm afraid, however, going there is the only way to point this out to you. S'okay, like I said, I come in peace, just wanted to point out what was wrong with your hit-and-run "attacktix". And there was no Mysterio bash. You're trying to find a fight where there is none. There was me explaining that you as a possibly reasonable gentleman, can not get away with slamming one guy for using a Star Wars character name as is internet name when you use Mysterio. By saying that his nickname makes him immature, you're apparently insinuating that Star Wars is more immature than Spider-Man, or maybe just that his particular character choice makes him more immature. I'm not sure which and it doesn't matter because it doesn't bare weight. I'm not going to respond to your Mysterio defense because I've got better things to do (get the joke?) but suffice it to say one story in 40 years, featuring a character that many people laugh at, and that wasn't all that good but that you enjoy (Kevin Smith's DD) is not proof in any way that your selection of fishbowl is any less immature than JarJar's selection of a Star Wars character that many people didn't like. You chose Mysterio because of some weird attraction to the character... you have no idea why he chose Jar Jar. For all you know it was a joke you're not in on. So back on topic: Who else prefers Minimates to SHS, or vice versa?
  14. There's also the SHS wallpaper showing Professor X along with the new Gambit, Iceman and the Sentinel and Astonishing Cyke that are coming out later. And there's the Shadowcat shown in pics of one of those major comic cons (San Diego was it?) And the Spider-Woman/Hulk, Doc Ock/Spidey figures would seem to confirm the guy who said he has walmart skus showing: Hulk II Spider Woman Deadpool Punisher II Captain America II Cable Daredevil II SpiderMan XVII? (W/DD II) Wolverine IV (W/Pyslocke) SpiderMan XVIII? (W/Venom IV) Venom IV? Ghost Rider II Ghost Rider Motorcycle Psylocke Spider-Man XIX (w/Doc Ock II) Doc Ock II (w/Spider-Man XVIII)
  15. I just re-read that and I take it back. I'm trying not to buy into this re-characterization of arguments, putting words in people's mouths, using straw men, and all the other tactics I'm seeing already. I was trying to point out that you keep calling SS a kids line, that it's a waste because it's a kids line and got defensive when Rebel suggested joked how SS is for girly men while ML is for manly men, who stay home on Fridays. When I started to reply, I was a little fired up because you don't seem to read what everyone is trying to explain and you start trying to discount every else's reply with slams like "immature" and "hypocrisy" when the same terms can be applied to the stuff you're saying.
  16. Hey man, you posted a huge rant about a guy who says SS isn't a waste of money because the people who buy them, want them and then insulting him, calling him immature because his name is Jarjar (ironic since yours is Mysterio) and now you're accusing others of "judgmental hypocrisy"? The thrust of your argument, I believe, was that SS was for kids and not like manly Marvel Legends. Your entire argument against Jarjar consisted of you mis-stating his opinion (he said that SS appealed to adults as well as kids, you wrote back implying that he was saying "their main creation was for adult consumers"), then telling him to look at the toys and if he didn't agree with you he was delusional. You also went on a tirade about how Hasbro using previously established toy formats and lines like Platinum, Attacktix, the Galactic Heroes (even though these divisions are run by entirely different departments in their toy division) style to put out Marvel licensed characters is somehow related to what you perceive as a lack of focus on the ML line you like which doesn't really make a lot of sense. It's not like if Hasbro limited SS to one wave a year they'd improve the sculpts of ML or make larger buid-a-figures or put FA Storm in the next wave or whatever your perceived lack of focus is. And you keep missing what the SS people are saying: You think SS is a waste of time and money. We think it's only a waste of time and money if you're buying them and not enjoying them. I think they're well worth my 5 bucks a two-pack. A lot of other fans agree, thus we buy them. Enough of us are buying them to encourage Hasbro to make more, so they must be providing some sort of return on investment for Hasbro (thus making it worth their time and money.) You don't like them, so don't buy them. Since you're not buying them, how are they in any way a waste? I'm not trying to argue, just trying to point out some of the flaws in your reasoning and hoping to straighten out some of the argument that's already going on. Now show us you're mature (since you think Jarjar is so immature) and stop being defensive, stop taking Rebel's sarcastic fictional Friday night as a personal attack (which you respond to by being defensive, then trying to insult him personally... it was just a humous, sarcastic dig at how ironic it is that some toy collectors are claiming other toy collectors are somehow inferior for buying toys "aimed at kids"), stop calling people immature and delusional for not agreeing with you, and stop trying to convince people who are buying these toys that they're a waste (because we're not listening to you, we think it's a great value for our money.) Peace man?
  17. Although searching for that Toyfare info led me to http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v97/Mast.../IronManSHS.jpg this info http://forums.comicbookresources.com/showt...d.php?p=5977608 about the new Iron Man wave. Well, 5 new Iron Men out of a wave of 8 figures isn't TOO bad I suppose. Crimson Dynamo, Titanium Man and an official War Machine (not just a repaint but old school 90's War Machine) are pretty good catches I'd say. With the Iron Man, Ultimate Iron Man and Fin Fang Foom Iron Man, we're going to be up to 8, meaning more Iron Men than Wolverines, but that's cool... "this is really Happy Hogan in Iron Man Armor... this is really Pepper Pots in Iron Man Armor..."
  18. Classic Doc Ock was a rumor I'd heard coming out of the games Hasbro put up on the SSH website featuring a classic Doc Ock. They also showed the new Sentinel design in a wallpaper and Fin Fang Foom in a puzzle game, so I thought Doc Ock was going to be a reasonable future addition but I don't read Toyfare so thanks for the heads up. I'd still prefer a classic Green Goblin however. Then maybe some Thunderbolts who are sorely unrepresented in just about every toy line (I think Zemo has a ML...) I agree that the placement as kids toys is unusual since they're like the only 2-3 year old appropriate toys in the Spidey/Action Figure section at most places, but I'm willing to write that off as merchandisers trying to tie toys together by character/organization/company and not by age or something. I think Hasbro puts them out in a format that's ok for kids that age, making them a style that's not horribly offensive to parents while unique and "stylized" to collectors, and chooses a nice mix of "name" characters like Spidey, Hulk, Wolverine and Captain America with characters for the collector market (Ultimates, Black Panther, Ant Man, older X-Men characters like Gambit, Rogue, Pyro) and appropriate repaints/retooling (US Agent, FA Daredevil, Dark Phoenix, Johnny Storm, Fuzzy Beast... as opposed to the DC approach where you end up with digital tiger stripe camo Batman and Superman with Kryptonite repellant orange day glow tights) that appeal to the more hardcore collector. I can also see your point about what else poeple are getting. With ML, minimates, SSH, 5 inch, Marvel Select and whatever else, there's a format for everyone and most of those either try to be true to comic (Marvel Select), true to movie (5 inch), true-ish to whatever (ML), true to the style of the figure (MM), and true to the style of cute (SSH)
  19. This argument is going to get heated I'm sure. I'm a superhero squad kind of guy. 1) I don't have a checklist/release order for the Minimates but by my count in the past year we've gotten almost 60 different characters (not counting Emma Frost and Fin Fang Foom, etc, who aren't out yet but are announced) with variations and re-paints bringing the total of different figures to almost 110. Yeah, 17 of them are Spidey though. I think this year's assortments will be different and hopefully we won't get 15 Iron Mans when the movie comes (although each with different armor... could be cool actually). Even if next year we only got 80 figures, if we could keep up that 50% new figure percentage imagine the Marvel U some of us hard core collectors would have. Minimates, from what I've seen, only tend to put out about 24 figures a year (like 3 or 4 waves a year give or take, plus chases), and when you take out the obligatory extra Spider-Men and Wolverines, it ends up a little disappointing to me. Look at the Ghost Rider Wave as a good example. Roxanne? Caretaker? Yeah, it's a sweet bonus for Ghost Rider afficionados because those characters will probably never get another shot (although I think Caretaker got a GR movie figure too) at action figuredom but I think the majority of collectors looked at that wave as a waste. With that in mind, the upcoming MM waves with Havok, Polaris, Ultron, Vision, and Ms. Marvel have a lot of SSH fans drooling. By the same token, the only MM Namor and Dr. Strange I know of are in the Defenders pack that you have to get through the online exclusive channels. Rogue was wave 10. You still don't have a Gambit. Hawkeye is coming in wave 20. You still don't have a Wasp. Your only Black Panther is a zombie (although the only Nick Fury SSH has is Ultimate.) You don't have a Scorpion or a Lizard. In MM's defense, I'm still waiting for a classic Green Goblin, Kingpin and Leader. 20 waves (counting the upcoming waves which I don't know if they're out or not), times 7 figures a wave (counting chases) equals 140 characters. Add in the exclusives, mail-aways, convention specials and you're probably up to 160 MMs over 5 years. That's actually pretty impressive and I'm not knocking that. It's seriously impressive to me that the line has managed such a large body of figures as diverse as they have. Now, that having been said, in one year SSH has put out 6 waves of 4 2-packs (although 5 and 6 came out together earlier this month), 4 waves of 3 2-packs (for Spider-Man), 4 of the Mega Pack 2-packs, the playset and the two vehicles, one 8-pack with repaints, 3 5-packs (which had a mix of new and re-painted figures in each) for a total of over 100 figures. I didn't factor in the 2 new mega packs that were recently shown, the 2 new 4-packs, or the next two rumored waves (Deadpool, Spider-Woman, Cable, Psylocke, Ghost Rider with Bike, plus all the obligatory Spideys and re-sculpts) because that's cheating a little. Now, if next year, MM does another 4 waves (I don't think anything has been announced though), with 7 figures per wave, you're looking at another 28 figures, not counting exclusives. If SSH does the 2 mega packs they've shown, the 2 new 4 packs they've shown, the last 3 Spidey 2packs, the 2 new waves that are rumored according to Walmart SKUs, you're looking at another 34 figures (although like 5 figures total from the 2 4 packs are just re-paints/slight modifications, and the new Sentinel is just a slight modification bringing the total down to 28 new figures) and that is just with what's both known and shown, and what's been rumored (although I'd trust the Walmart SKUs that previously turned out to be true more than I'd trust the rumor of one guy who said that he heard from his comic store that a dealer said the line was cancelled) And that's just with what info is out on SSH. If they just do 6 waves of 4 2-packs like last year (assuming they don't do 5 waves of Iron Man, Hulk and Punisher movie packs), we're already at 48 figures, almost twice as many as MM. 2) likenesses. Yeah, Galactus is super cute. Yeah, everyone is a little stylized. Yeah, we still don't have a classic Doc Ock and yeah, we have two too many New Goblins. I don't care though, because in MY eyes, they look truer to the comic characters I love than the oddly one-shape fits all mini-mates. Ok, my Thing mini-mate has a brow on his head, my Doom has a helmet-head, but all in all, they all look a little too similar for my tastes while I've got Phoenix with her power signature flaring, Silver Surfer cruising on his board, Sandman ready to punch with his sand fists. BOTH types figures have a different style than their comic counterparts, but I personally like the more animated universe take of SSH than the one body fits all MM (if I remember correctly, MM Juggernaut and Black Cat are basically the same size, compare to SSH Juggs and Black Cat.) The MMs remind me of the people that put those little animated block-style superhero icons in their signature. 3) Articulation. Articulation on SSH sucks, I'll admit. I see lots of figures with joints that should move, but dont, places where I'd like to see articulation, figures in weird poses and it's a bit silly that if you want Spidey crouching, you have to buy a different figure than Spidey punching and Spidey jumping. Conversely, the Minimates that I have may be more poseable, but after a few weeks of picking my Minimates up everytime the slightest shake knocked them over, I let them stay laying down. My SSH are all still standing in perpetual battle with the forces of evil. My Ultimate Iron Man stands like I think Ultimate Iron Man should... while a minimate Ultimate Iron Man would stand like... any minimate. My Hulk looks like he's ready to smash (then cuddle) while my minimate Hulk looks like... any minimate. On a semi-related note, with the new mega pack Apocalypse and Giantman, dig those new crazy shoulder joints! I think in a few more waves, hopefully by the time we get a classic Giant Man or Goliath, the giant figures will be fully poseable. 4) Variants. With SSH, I have been able to track down every variant just shopping the pegs, and going to Toys R Us like twice. The variants are made as widely available as the non-variants (although I wish I had some confirmation about the possible Venom single-pack variant. The Sand Pit Showdown Venom is definitely a variant from the 2 released via 2-packs, but I've never seen the Venom single pack in pics) while MM has Diamond exclusive variants, online only sets, convention exclusive variations, variations packed in with regular figures. It's a mess and I'm sure it's only a matter of time before SSH gets it's share, but until then, I'm proud (ok, proud isn't the word) to know I've got every SSH released and didn't need to put too much effort into it. 5) Distribution. I have seen MMs in Target and Toys R Us a long time ago, and now I see them in FYE but otherwise, I'm stuck paying the over-priced online distributors. At least Hasbro gives a chance to buy almost everything from their site (and with coupon codes! Free shipping! 20% off!) 6) Easy to get into. Almost every SSH is still available. You can still order as far back as series 1 on Hasbro's website (although I think the FF for some reason never made it there). Sites like Entertainment Earth have the rest. In one year with minimum hunting I've got a complete set (which is weird because I'm not normally a completist). With 17 waves of minimates, some harder to find than others, most unavailable except through ebay, dealing with mixed-lot auctions and trying to get rid of dupes, premium priced variants and exclusives the only real way I can see of getting a complete set is either using a time machine to go back several years to start collecting them as they come out or spending a huge chunk on eBay. I know this argument is only really valid for right now because if SSH continues at this pace, 6 waves of 4 2-packs a year, a handful of 3 2-pack waves, some mega packs, then by this time next year the only way for a newcomer to hop in is through ebay and time machines, but I'm happy because I jumped on early. 7) Acessories. I think I lost my Carnage acessories actually. I have a really long Spider-man web. I've heard horror stories about losing the accessories. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to be able to take the billy clubs out of DD's hands, but I'm ok wiht them. Same for Mole Man's staff, Cap's shield. I also know that in most cases, the staff would get lost, one of the billy clubs would get lost during a move, etc. If, IF SSH made accessories, I think they'd probably have to stop with the 3+ age limit, which might limit some of the sales, and thus hurt the figures. Plus, I hate how the MMs all have the same hand so they can all use the acessories. It comes down to a choice... would you rather have the interchangeable boring claw hand, or the useless individually sculpted one? Are you ok with Spidey permanently holding on to a web, or would you prefer Spidey permenantly holding his hand open like he's a robot? 8) Age. This is going to be controversial but I think being aimed at 3+ is a great bonus. Parents and casual shoppers looking for something, anything, to give their kids ("oh look, it's a spider-man for 6 bucks and he comes with a friend to fight with!") means increased sales (aka, a more healthy outlook and more reason to make them) and less incentive to make the collectible/uber rare figures. There are probably as many yellow DDs from the collector packs as there are DD's from the DD and Elektra packs. The impetus for repainting wasn't to get completists to buy the 8-pack, if it was they would have only done a few repaints and filled 5 slots with strict re-releases instead of 2 new "characters" a retooling (Johnny Storm), some solid repaints (Grey Hulk, Dark Phoenix, FA Daredevil). They put it out, and still have it available, because they knew the family market would buy an 8-pack instant collection of characters to play with. I had a bit of an argument with someone over customizing the other day. I asked if anyone was fluent with customing SSHs, figuring htere was a minimate-like sub-group out there. I was told how SSH was for kids. Sorry, they're made big and chunky and put in the toy store at an age appropriate level (solid pieces for small hands who put things in mouths) BUT Hasbro knows that kids aren't the market. They're not putting out Ultimate Giant Man banking on 3 year old kids knowing him from Ultimates, or aiming for the 12-14 year old kid who may have seen Ultimate Avengers on Cartoon Network because those kids have "outgrown" the toys. They're putting out Ultimate Giant Man and Ultimate Nick Fury for the adults who are buying them because they enjoy. Puma was put out for the fans. If they wanted someone kids might recognize they would have gone with Elektro or classic Doc Ock. Ghost Rider and Punisher weren't put out for the 3 year olds, or kids who watched the movie (once again, because kids watching those movies have "outgrown" these types of toys.) Gambit and Rogue in their 90's costumes aren't aimed at "kids" because with the exception of Rogue's movie appearances, these two haven't been "sellers" since the 90's X-Men animated series and the kids who watched that are probably all now in their 20s. The Spidey 3 tie-in was a push by Marvel Marketting because Hasbro is smart enough to know the people watching Spidey are outside the minimum age range for the toys. Hasbro is smart enough to know putting out Spidey after Spidey was simply economic gold because Spidey is recognizable. Slapping Spidey 3 on the package and giving us some movie-related villain costumes was just to sell Marvel Marketting on the wave after wave. The same logic goes for the Star Wars line! All those obscure robots from the movies are made to appeal to the adult collector with more than a passing interest in the line. Yeah, parents buy them for kids who have no idea what an R5B30 is, hell, I don't even know what one is, but they could just as easily put out a few more Han Solos. The age thing bothers me because the people who use it as an argument don't seem to appreciate that 10 years ago (actually, still in some part to this day) the general public thinks "comic books? Toys? Those are for kids!" (queue the obligatory reference to mature audience comics and the attempt to tell me that thanks to Ghost World, Hellboy, Road to Perdition, History of Violence, the upcoming Wanted and Watchmen, modern America now respects "the graphic novel" as the next great storytelling medium.) We probably won't see SSH zombies anytime soon, but I'm ok with that if I can get even 30 new SSH characters (plus obviously more re-sculpts, re-toolings and re-releases) this year. 9) Swag. Ok, so MM Spidey has a piece of plastic webbing. My Spidey has 3 cars and a bank playset. Yeah, the bank playset isn't as cool as an X-Mansion or Stark Tower with Sentry ship, and I'd rather have a Quinjet or Blackbird than the Spidey-Jeep, but they're still fun little backdrops. It's like the 90's Toybiz stuff... for every Blackbird we had an X-Men bathtub tower with water-squirting feature. Having a shelf of Spidey characters acting out a daring rooftop battle near the local bank just LOOKS so much more fun than having some MMs doing the generic endless wave of heroes versus wave of villains. And Wolverine on his bike is just cool. 10) Customisation. Minimates has it beat, but I think it's because it's rather formulaic. Find a likeness of a costume on one of the generic bodies, then paint a likeness of a face on one of a few dozen helmet/hair/head combo variants, while SSH is dealing with being relatively new (thus less time to cultivate a customizer's culture) and with being a difficult mod. A casual customizer is still going to have to put in some decent work with sculpting, shaving and painting to do anything other than simple repaints because by and large, the characters don't look like each other. Also, the parts aren't as swappable as say Marvel Legends. Ironically, I think that in the long run, given the variety of sculpts (including Star Wars and Transformers bodies) available, if Hasbro can keep chugging along then SSH customization might overshadow MM customization. And THAT is why I see the good parts of Minimates, but I prefer SSH. MM Pros: Customisation, some great characters that don't have an SSH counterpart, more "mature" sets like Zombies, articulation, accessories, not aimed at "kids", lack of "cuteness." SSH Pros: Relative availability of characters including variants, even early figures still available straight from manufacturer and online retailers without nasty "collectors" markup, some great characters that don't have MM counterparts, different sculpts, speed and quantity of releases, vehicles and playsets, more large scale figures cheaper, no lost acessories, availability of characters that probably shouldn't be aimed at "kids", lack of robot claw hands. And to me, the SSH pros outweigh the MM pros. For those that like MM though, they probably think the MM pros outweigh the SSH pros.
  20. I picked up the last pack of each one in Latham's Target. Still waiting to see Giant Man/Iron Man and Apocalypse/Beast in the wild though.
  21. it is true there are realy many spideys for this line. knowing hasbro they will release a pack where the villains are repainted all in one. like the sinister 6 in that way. or the sinister 12 @loll@ I won't even get into the 20 (21?) currently planned or released Spider-Men that I listed in another post regarding the Superhero Squad, but I think the only repaint villain pack coming up is the 5 pack listed on entertainment earth with Spider-Man, Black Chrome Spidey, Sandman, New Goblin (2 Green Goblins, 2, now 3 New Goblins if you count this prospective repaint, but no classic comic Green Goblin or Hobgoblin?) and Venom. Having said that, I'd buy a Collector's Pack Wave 3 (Wave Two is the possible one that was accidentally used in Amazon listings for the first Collectors pack and included Iceman, Silver Surfer, Professor X, Juggernaut and the rest) with a modified Sinister Six and the requisite new Spider-Man/Repaint. As for my wishlist: Young Avengers, Runaways, Squadron Supreme (Classic and Modern, but preferably Classic) and Alpha Flight gift sets. - Luke Cage (Classic and Modern) and Iron Fist - Vintage WWII Captain America and Bucky - Winter Soldier and 616 Nick Fury - Nighthawk and Valkyrie - Hellcat and Hellstorm - Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver - Longshot and Dazzler - Morbius and 90's Blaze - Blade and Satana (Although Satana is just kind of eh... I was trying to think of another Marvel horror character with recent appeal) - Megapack Onslaught with Franklin Richards or a Magneto/Joseph repaint/new head - Megapack Giantman (616) with Yellowjacket - Thanos and Starfox - Nebula and Adam Warlock - Gamorra and Pip - Moondragon and Quasar (Vaughn or Vell) - Ultron and Wonder Man (classic, 90's, or ionic) - Ms. Marvel and Wonder Man (see list above) - Megapack Uatu and Mr. Fantastic w/Ultimate Nullifier (taking liberty with the story a little) - Abomination and Mr. Fixit Hulk - Absorbing Man and World War Hulk - Havok and Polaris (seconding the motion!) - Two Gun Kid and Western Ghost Rider (yeah, like they'd ever make that) - 70's Ghost Rider and Cycle - Black Knight and Aragorn - Arana and... I dunno... Arachne or someone. - Arcade with a Murderworld playset and pinball bubbles you can trap the other characters in - X-23 and probably any other New X-Man - Tiger Shark and Stingray (or Namora, Namorita, Nagala, Llyra... an Atlantis palyset would be awesome but it's unlikely) - Arnim Zola and Baron Zemo (or are Nazi genetisists too much for SSQ?) - Citizen V and Songbird - Atlas megapack with Songbird repaint (as Screaming Mimi) - Captain Mar-Vell and Captain Marvel (Genis) - Rick Jones and Leader - She-Hulk and Doc Samson - Firestar and Justice - Night Thrasher and Jubilee - Nova and Ronan - Diamondback and Asp, Black Mamba or another Captain America - Falcon and Demolition Man - Aunt May and Mary Jane and Peter Parker (pick 2) - Balder and Heimdel - Hogun and Odin - Beta Ray Bill and Thunderstrike/Eric Masterson Thor - Medusa and Gorgon - Black Bolt and Triton - Megapack Lockjaw and Crystal - Megapack Devil Dinosaur and Moonboy I can go on. Most won't be made. Ever. I don't even think people would want to customize some of these.
  22. I'd be more concerned with the number of Spider-Men. Here's the list I've come up with so far Spider-Man (Collector Pack Variant) Spider-Man I (W/Green Gob.) Spider-Man II (W/New Gob.) Spider-Man III (w/Doc Ock) Spider-Man IV (w/Venom) Spider-Man V (W/Rhino) Spider-Man VI (w/Sandman) Spider-Man VII (w/Lizard) Spider-Man VIII (w/Scorpion) Spider-Man IX (Bank Heist Figure) Spider-Man X (w/Black Cat) Spider-Man XI (w/Mysterio) Spider-Man XII (w/Battle Truck) Spider-Man XIII (w/Spider Racer) Spider-Man XIV (w/Kraven) Spider-Man XVI (w/Vulture) SpiderMan XVII? (W/DD II) SpiderMan XVIII? (W/Venom IV) Spider-Man XIX (w/Doc Ock II) Based on stuff from Marvelousnews, Entertainment Earth, etc. The only Spider-Man repaint I've listed is the Collector's Edition (bringing the total to 20) but there's a Spider-Man 5 pack listed on Entertainment Earth with Spider-Man, Venom, New Goblin, Sandman and "black chrome Spider-Man," which I don't know if either Black Chrome or the other Spidey in the set is a repaint, new sculpt or whatever. Sorry for the formatting but I started a spreadsheet for my collection and tried copying just the cells that were important.
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