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  1. I'm looking for a Thug as well.... But.... The Thug will be re-released with MM Series 4, If you are Patient enough.... But as the Joker says, "Patience is a Virtue, but who ever wanted to be Virtuous?"
  2. Wave 3 is.... 1x DK Batman, 2x Joker, 1x Begins Batman. So, apparently DK Batmans are showing up in stores again? I hope so, because I am STILL looking for a DK batman and a few Thugs.
  3. Pooda, A, I ussually don't buy online, except when ABSOLOUTELY nessessary, B, In my area at least, the F4 BAF's just never showed up just like the 360's. They just never came in. And C, I don't particularly care about them, it just seemed a perfect example. Except the 360's, as I have been trying to track down a Venom... That 'Use It.' thing just seemed a bit.. well, harsh. I know I'm an idiot approx. 47.8% of the time, but that just seemed....well... I don't want anyone hit the wrong way, if you know what I'm saying. BACK ON TOPIC......... I'd hate to be the bearer of bad news... but originally Mattel originally stated that there would be 6 figure plus Chases. SERIES 1-Chase, Unmasked Batman 1-DK Batman 2-JOKER 3-Thug SERIES 2-Chase, Fear Toxin Batman 4-Begins Batman 5-Scarecrow SERIES 3-Chase,????? -Re Releases SERIES 4-Chase, Unburned Harvey Dent? 6?-Harvey Two-Face? If Series 4 is Dent, then that would make the 6 figures that were originally mentioned, unless Mattel has announced that there would be more than 6, and chases. And apparently, Pooda is right, more people HAVE at least 1 MM than those that don't have any. At least from what I have seen. The biggest issue is that Jokers are still near-impossible to find for the most part, as they are 1 per case. Hopefully when Series 3 comes out, having twice the amount shipped should help. I am looking forward to series 3 because, as I keep mentioning I never grabbed a DK Batman... But I am also hoping for an all new line up for series 4.
  4. Anybody know when Wave 3 will start shipping? Or someone who has a Thug to trade? EDIT: Wave 3 will be, as many have mentioned 1x DK Batman 2x Joker 1x Begins Batman
  5. Yeah, I'm looking for a DK Batman as well. That and a Thug. I would say that Mattel has 'Dropped The Ball' in Distribution, because the actual MM figures are awesome, only problem is nobody can find 'em. And ussually the Distibution Ball-Dropping is Hasbro's game....... None of my shops have gotten the BAF fantastic four figures yet.....
  6. I've got MM Joker, Scarecrow, and 2 Carded Begins Batman...As well as my Custom 12" Harvey 'Two-Face' Dent. That's about it....
  7. If you still hav'nt got one, I just found one and will hopefully be picking it up tommorow. I am trying to trade for a Thug or DK Batman.... Still.
  8. Well, as I have mentioned before..... I find Target to be the easiest to find MM's at. Heres the easiest/most gas efficient way, for me at least, to get the MM's. First, go to YellowPages.com, http://www.yellowpages.com/ and then get your 3-5 closest Target stores Phone #'s. Then you call, ask for the Toy Dept. and say, "Hi, I'm looking for the Movie Masters Action Figures. I have a DPCI #." and they will say "Hold on...... Okay, whats the number?" and you give them the number, which for MM's is **087-06-0977**. They can also search for the closest stores that have them. This is how I found my Joker, Scarecrow, and The 2 Begins Batmans that I'm trying to trade. Toys 'R' Us still is completely out of stock, and Wal*Mart sells out extremely quickly, so I have never seen them there, AND Wal*Mart also has no DPCI system, so calling to find them is also more challenging. Like I said, with the system/technique I described above, I've found ALL of series 2. So if you try it, I'm pretty confident you'll get yourself a Joker as well.
  9. Nice! At least you did'nt have to mail-away a severed arm, like somebody else did. Try Targets. Call your nearest one with the DPCI# 087-06-0977, it'll save gas, and they can also search other close stores. Yodaman, if you can find another, you can throw it on ebay too.... I don't know, just a suggestion... Man, that trick works great for me, most of the time. Does anybody know if Mattel is still shipping Wave 1? I'm still trying to find DK Batman, and a Thug....
  10. Thats what I was trying to say. That looks a WHOLE lot better than I would expect anything from the 5" series. And it looks fairly close to the concept art floating around. And, yes, it does look a lot like Aaron Eckhart. That's what threw me off. I'd probably get that one, if I can find it when it comes out. Just think, if the 5" is that good.... Imagine if they DID make a MM's Harvey 'Two-Face'. I'd be awesome. But we really do need 1 good place to talk of everything.... but... well, I don't know. But MAN that is Really good for a 5 incher...
  11. Supposedly Mattel will reveal Wave 3 on Sat, as many have mentioned. They are making a 5" Harvey 'Two-Face', so I am pretty confident that they will make a MM's Harvey 'Two-Face'. But I could be wrong...I've done that many times before. It would be crazy for them not too, considering how much these things are selling for on 'The Bay'. If they do, he'll be awesome, if they don't, they should. Apparently, only Sat will tell.....
  12. Hi, all. I am tying to trade some MM's. Sorry if this is not the proper place for this, but I saw some others with the same type Threads. I have 2 MM Begins Batmans to trade, but I won't give up the second unless I can trade the first for a DK Batman, if that makes sense. I am looking for, as I mentioned, DK Batman, and a Thug. If anyone is willing to part with either, let me know. Thanks.
  13. EDIT: Well, I had to make a new Thread to replace this one, so that I could be emailed to know when I had responses. But now I know that I can't delete Threads. And also I look like an Idiot. So, could somebody please delete this tread? Thanks...Sorry.
  14. I have an extra DK batman and interested in trading for a batman begins... let me know? my email is jesuscsulb@yahoo.com thanks I Emailed a few days ago. So far no response. I'm Searching for a DK Batman, and a Thug, is Mattel still shipping them? For the stuck wrist joints, leave Batman in a Freezer for a few hours then slowly twist the joint. If you are careful enough, it will break free and be fine. If you twist it too much before putting it in the freezer, the joint will be to weak, and only Snap when you try to turn it. So, if you are careful enough, you should be fine. I know from experience...unfortunatly... I've been finding a bunch of MM's at targets, suprisingly. Just call your local locations, with the DCPI# (087-06-0977 , I've memorized it) and say that you are looking for the "Movie Masters Action figures, I have the DPCI #." and it should go fine. I've found about 6 figures that way. Wal*Mart, as far as I know, has no code, so it has been a real pain, but they still hav'nt got any since the "Recall".
  15. Really? THATS the 5 incher? MAN. Thats a HELL of a better job than what they did to Joker, and Harvey 'Two-Face' is a whole lot more gruesome. If that is the 5 inch, than I can't wait for them to show the MM Harvey. If they did a thug, I have no doubt that eventually they will do a Two Face. Especially with how fast all the MM's are selling. He'd come with the Coin as evidence, and a Varient could be a Non-Mutilated Harvey Dent. There'll be one "And...I'm a man of my word. HA-HA!...."
  16. The only new MM's that have been shown so far is Harvey 'Two-Face' Dent. He looks pretty good, but he is not entierly movie accurate. Theres a pic on the TNI homepage.
  17. Horay! Some responces! I have 1 Begins Batman, MOC, MIP, MIB, however you want to say it, that I am willing to trade for either a DK Batman, or a Thug. Provided my picture posts right, heres a pic...
  18. I just got back from picking up my MM's. I got Joker, Scarecrow and 2 Begins Batmans. Weird thing is, the Joker is in Wave 2 packaging, but he has a Wave 1 paint job. I am willing to trade my extra Begins Batman, if anyone is interested.
  19. I read about a MM's Two-Face. I'd love Mattel to do it, as long as they would'nt tone it down or something. They could have the Coin as the "crime scene evidence". I cant imagine them doing a 5" toned down Two Face, considering what they did to the Joker figure in that series...... Mattel could even do a "Harvey Dent" un burned Chase. EDIT: They showed Harvey 'Two-Face' Dent at SDCC. They've got a pic on the TNI homepage. He looks pretty good, but he is clearly not entirely accurate...
  20. Well, I hav'nt been around here for a while, just lurking, because my computer kept forbidding me from logging in.... But, today I've got, 2 Begins Batman, 1 Scarecrow, and 1 FINALLY Joker. I'm gonna pick them up tomorrow, but I was wondering if anyone had any others they were willing to trade for Begins Batman? I prefer the DK suit, and I need a bunch of Goons, 1 for a body for Scarecrow, 1 for a Stephen Colbert custom, and a bunch for bending to the whim of the Joker. I was wondering if, should all go right, anyone wanted to trade for my Begins Batman(s). I will not trade away my Scarecrow, and Certainly not Joker. But i'll trade a Begins Batman for a DK suit one. Man, now I'm really regreting not grabing a DK one when I had the chance... if only I would have known there was gonna be a "Recall"...Well, live and learn... Does anybody know if Mattel will be re-releasing Series 1? Oh, and does the MM Batman (either one) fit into the Bat Mobile Tumbler?
  21. I can't see the eBay auction. I tried the number, and it did'nt work. Is it the Batman Joker 2 pack? I can see them doing something like that. Well, I have to say, I now can understand what everyone was talking about when they were saying that they were really starting to hate the figures because they are impossible to find... I am just about there at this point... I am getting really sick of being jerked around while trying to hunt down one of those elusive creatures. My target now has the pegs out for the MM's (I think) they say "BATMAN DK ultamate figure asst. 9.99" and there were no figures on the pegs, it was NEXT to the Regular figures, and there was a grey dot sticker on the tab at the end of the peg that I suspect means that it is pulled. I am pretty sure it was for MM's, but I am not sure. Like I said I am getting pretty sick of this, And there is no way I can get one from eBay, or anywhere off of the inter-webz for that matter.
  22. Me to.... I'm still checking stores.... I've seen Batman and a couple Goons at different Wal*Marts, but I have never found a Joker, If they are changing the packaging to the 5" DK's pacaging it's going to make the Original MM's packaged Joker worth a whole lot more, so If you manage to find one in the original 3D packaging, I'd suggest not opening it, at least if you don't have an extra. Mattel is really being weird with these MM's.... First they are hard to find, now they are "recalled" then they are changing the packaging.... what next?
  23. Well.... I found out what's been holding the MM's up. Basically, I still hav'nt found me a Joker, and all MM's are sold out at every store around here, you know, Batman, and the Goon. So, I keep calling stores and asking, and some say, "Sorry, we don't have any, and even if we get some in, they will be pulled, because I'm seeing here that that set has been recalled. And you'll find that everywhere, other Wal*Marts, Target, anywhere" so I ask why... And they say "I don't know, it just says that they are recalled. But they're not 'Recalled-Recalled' They are Just being pulled from the shelfs." So I call the other Wal*Mart, and they say "Sorry, we still hav'nt gotten any in" So I ask "Have they been recalled or anything, because I've heard that at another store." and they say, "No the havn't been recalled, not at all. We just hav'nt gotten another shippment yet" As someone mentioned (Sorry, forgot the name) I suspect it is for Lead Based paint testing..... On another note... Someone ELSE (Sorry, once again forgot the name...) Said it was because of a packaging change, and today I stumbled across something here on the inter-webz.... http://www.reelmovienews.com/wp-content/up..._toy_fair_3.jpg Let me know if the link does not work.... Yes, that is the MM goon, in the packaging of a DK figure. That's what's been holding them up. So, I suppose this means they should be returning to shelfs soon..... I don't know.
  24. To be..... Well, there their for..... Um... Yeah. Thats what they are for. Being masks that don't go with anything. The Joker Card is pretty neat, and can be displayed with him, the Goon masks are their for every MOC'er/Completeist to buy 5 or however many different varient masks there are with him. And to be oversized/undersized masks that don't do anything. I called Wal*Mart, and they are waiting for a shippent of 20 figures, but of course they have no clue when they will get in. Congrats for anyone who found Joker or Chase Maskless Batman, they are definently not easy. Unless you are very lucky.
  25. Here we go... I got 3 pics, and now i've gotta try to upload 'em. Yes, he is a repaint/reuse of Toybiz's ML Wave 1 Hulk, but with a new head. He is actually pretty nice, especially compared to the regular hulk figures. he is pretty much in scale, as shown in the second pic. The Rail, unfortunatly does NOT come with him, just one I had from an older hulk. If you're only gonna grab one Hulk, go for this one. He fits in pretty well with the 6" scale figures, and he is pretty accurate. He only has 20 POA's, but he is still alright. The street date is June 6th, but my Target started early. They are a bit pricy, at about $12.90, but if you have a good Hulk accessory, and are only gonna grab one, than he is definently worth it.
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