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  1. The whole wave overall looks great; all the characters are pretty good choices. I'll definitely be building the Red Hulk BAF (He looks pretty cool), plus it gives me a reason to buy two of the Black Spider-Man (One to open for the BAF piece and the the other will stay in the box). Black Spidey looks freakin' awesome (Definitely my favorite out of all the figures); he'd be 100% perfect if he was as articulated as the 1st Appearance Spider-Man. As for Silver Savage, I'll at least have someone for my Planet Hulk to fight. Here's my most wanted (From most to least wanted): 1. Black Spider-Man 2. Red Hulk 3. Union Jack 4. Adam Warlock 5. Silver Savage 6. Spiral 7. X-Force Wolverine
  2. didn't i already say that in the HML wave 5 Variant thread? I'm not sure if you did, but I got the idea from seeing a black Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider here, since they both essentially share the same body type.
  3. That Black Spider-Man from the Red Hulk Series is AWESOME!!! I'll be sure to get two. If he was as articulated as 1st Appearance Spider-Man, he'd be perfect. Does anyone else think Hasbro could make a Scarlet Spider variant just by adding a hoody, web shooters, ankle pockets, and a different (Red) paint job?
  4. As for the other 2-packs, I'd like to see: AIM Agent and Hellfire Club Soldier Mr.Hyde and Cobra Kang and Baron Zemo II (Helmut, Classic costume)
  5. My Hobgoblin Tribute Video: Bring Back the Original Hobgoblin! P.S. Bring Back the Original Hobgoblin!
  6. Isn't the Doc Ock from the Sinister Six box set and series 1 of the Spider-Man Classics from a 1999 Spider-Man toy line? I think it was from series 2 and came with the octobot.
  7. Here's the 8 figures I'd display: 1. Face-Off Captain America 2. Iron Man (Toy Biz Series 1) 3. Thor (Giant Man Series) 4. Wasp (Preferrably the red chase figure) 5. Vision 6. Hawkeye 7. Giant Man 8. Quicksilver As for reserves, here's 5: 1. Scarlet Witch 2. Black Widow 3. Hercules 4. Ant-Man 5. Yellow Jacket (If you can't get Giant Man)
  8. 1. Polaris (Classic green costume) 2. Chameleon (Blue business suit w/ interchangable heads and accessories) 3. Ultron (George Perez version) 4. Frankie Raye as Nova w/ a transluscent variant 5. Medusa w/ alternate colored costume variant 6. AIM agent 7. Baron Zemo II (Helmut in his classic costume from when he and the Masters of Evil invaded the Avengers' mansion) w/ an unmasked variant 8. Tony Stark: Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. (In a black business suit)
  9. Here's my ideas for Spider-Man themed Marvel Legends: 1. Chameleon 2. Kraven (Kraven's Last Hunt) 3. Black Cat (Classic costume) 4. Hydro Man (1st appearance) w/ translucent water variant 5. Hammerhead (Blue suit) w/ Green suit variant 6. Black Spider-Man (Todd McFarlane) BAF: 2nd Spider Slayer w/ Jameson's face on the monitor. 1. Captain Universe Spider-Man 2. Doc Ock (Erik Larson, white suit) w/ green suit variant 3. JJJ 4. Morbius (1st appearance) 5. Venom (Mac Gargan) 6. MJ w/ equally packed Gwen Stacy variant BAF: Man-Spider 1. Scarlet Spider w/ equally packed Ben Reilly Spider-Man costume 2. Amazing Bag Man (With removable bag mask) 3. Shocker (1st appearance) 4. Doppelganger 5. Six-armed Spider-Man 6. Electro (New super-posable figure) 7. Jackal (1st appearance) 8. Prowler BAF: Gog 1. Morlun 2. Rose 3. Jack O'Lantern (Classic costume) 4. Venom (Todd McFarlane) 5. Swarm 6. Scarecrow 7. Molten Man 8. Vermin 9. Spider-Man 2099 (W/ Spider-Ham 2099) 10. Silver Spider-Armor (W/ Spider-Ham) BAF: Tri-Sentinel 1. Will O' the Wisp 2. Beetle (Classic costume) 3. Green Goblin (Scaled down Unleashed version) 4. Carrion 5. Kaine 6. Boomerang 7. Speed Demon 8. Tombstone 9. Peter Parker w/ equally packed Ben Reilly variant 10. Spider-Girl (W/ black costume variant) BAF: Giant sized (12 inches) Mysterio *whew!* And that's not even half the characters that need made!
  10. I would get rid of Red King and Skaar. At least they could make the Mcguiness Hulk a red variant (And if Hasbro doesn't, then the many talented customizers could).
  11. Bad Guys: 1. Chameleon 2. Kraven the Hunter (From Kraven's Last Hunt) 3. Hammerhead 4. Doppelganger 5. 1st Appearance Hydro-Man 6. Vermin 7. Beetle (Classic costume) 8. Jackal Heroes: 1. Captain Universe Spider-Man 2. six-armed Spider-Man 3. Spider-Girl w/ unmasked variant 4. Amazing Bag-Man 5. JJJ 6. MJ (Based on John Romita Sr. art) w/ equally packed Gwen Stacy variant 7. Terry Dodson Black Cat w/ classic costume variant 8. Silver Sable
  12. Here's my version of "Bring on the Bad Guys 2" (Sorry, email problems): 1.) Chameleon (Business suit and interchangeable heads and accessories) 2.) Ultron (George Perez) 3.) Sebastian Shaw 4.) Baron Zemo II (Helmut in his classic costume) 5.) Enchantress 6.) Mr.Hyde BAF: Mephisto
  13. The Chameleon has been on my top ten list of Marvel Legends/Spider-Man Classics figures I'd like to see get made for years, now. Personally, I'd like to see him in a business suit with interchangeable JJJ, Capt.Stacy, Peter Parker, etc. heads & accessories.
  14. I'd like to see a Dr.Doom as the Sorcerer Supreme Hasbro could reuse parts from the Ronan BAF Dr.Doom and the Toy Biz Dr.Strange. It'd make for a cool custom or Exclusive to Wal*Mart.
  15. If I could only choose 1, I'd choose Green Goblin unmasked. I waited for years to get a ML classic Green Goblin (Which I also have), and Toy Biz surpassed my expectations by making an unmasked chase figure. He's simply my fave not only because he's from the famous ASM #39-40, but because he's, quite simply put, an all around awesome figure. Nuff Said.
  16. My top (Random except for Chameleon) 5 are: 1.) Chameleon (See my signature for details) 2.) Ultron (Perez) 3.) 6-inch Phoenix/Dark Phoenix Icons figure 4.) Polaris (Green, FA) 5.) AIM Agents BAF: Lockjaw
  17. I was just thinking about how awesome it'd be to get him w/ a trench coat. That'd be awesome.
  18. My Onslaught is notorious for falling. He's never stood for longer than an 30 min.-1hour on his own. His upper torso is too heavy for his legs to support. I have to have him propped up against something in order for him to stand.
  19. Here's my top 7: 1.) Black Bolt (I'll get the chase if I see it, but I'm not as excited about it as Punisher's chase) 2.) Tigra 3.) Punisher (Including the awesome chase figure) 4.) Daredevil (Including the chase figure, which I like better than the yellow version) 5.) Nova 6.) Holocaust BAF 7.) AXM Beast
  20. Green Goblin Unmasked for the win! Then Destroyer followed by Red Wasp.
  21. Since Hasbro's running a little low on much needed villains, I'd like another "Bring On the Bad Guys" series. 1.) Ultron ("Secret Wars"/Perez version) 2.) The Chameleon (W/ interchangeable Parker, Jameson, Robertson, and Capt. Stacey head/accessories) 3.) Enchantress 4.) Sebastion Shaw 5.) "Cosmic Cube" Red Skull (Green jump suit version from Tales of Suspense #80 & 81) 6.) Baron (Helmut) Zemo II (Classic costume from when he and Masters of Evil invade Avenger's mansion) 7.) Crimson Dynamo 8.) Mister Hyde (Look from Amazing Spider-Man # 232) BAF: Mephisto, Thanos, Stilt Man, or Titanium Man.
  22. My favorites are Series 6, 7, 13 (Onslaught), and 15 (MODOK).
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