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  1. Thats odd, they were the cheapest, now out of retailers, most expensive. I think they are trying to find the median but are overshooting. Hopefully this isnt permanent. I have better luck at target anyways. And considering we got the 5 dollar coupons until october, I'm set with target or toysrus. I wonder if they will raise prices too. This still doesn't fix the distribution problems.
  2. Thats for the Crimson Twins, it is what they are Crimson Guard Commanders. Tomax and Xamot. Those were hard to find. I got mine from toys r us in escondido. They are awesome, hasbro is cranking out some cool stuff!!
  3. I went to the target off convoy last night after work. I punched in the numbers it said in stock, not in aisle, I asked an associate, she went back brought out the box. I thanked her, said I would take the whole box. She was happy with that. I checked out, the cashier rang each one up seperatly, and I used the $5 dollar off coupon. That was so cool!!!! I got no hassle, or anything. Now they are in my car still minty in the box. I like them, they look good, haven't got the chance to open them yet. I just have to make room at home to put them up.
  4. Congratz bro, I will have to look soon myself
  5. Was I reading that wrong that the exclusives are $10, but the general releases will be $20 or is that wrong? Thanks for the heads up guys
  6. Ok I see now, but is it just color variations or is there more to it? I think I like the black hiss better too and I like Rip-It over camo pants there. I'll probably end up buying both and putting the hiss driver in the black hiss. I wonder if these will be mod'ed and I could put rip-it in my crimson hiss tank (which I will have to get out of storage). My DTC hiss tank does fits the 25th cobra trooper.
  7. We're getting different hiss's?
  8. Nothing new to report here in san diego or escindido. Kind of a good thing since I am broke from my big haul I got recently. I can't wait for these and the Cobra night troop 5 pack
  9. Valdin

    Sloth eye

    Lol thank god for visors and helmets
  10. Valdin

    Sloth eye

    lol yeah, just the other way around
  11. Valdin

    GI Joe Toy Sightings

    Last night I hit the motherload!!! I went to the Toys R Us and target at Sports arena, and found the Dreadnok comic pack at target, and I asked them to tell me where else might have them, they both looked and pointed me to escondido. I drove the 30 miles, in traffic and got to my first stop of Toys R Us. I found the red ninja 5 pack, but everything else was same old same old. They had the gi joe 5 pack figures and same figures on single card, as well as the air trooper,CG, and wave 1 cobra troops on card. I asked the employee to check as I would have wasted a trip otherwise (except for the 5 pack I got). I got the last of the red ninja 5 packs, there were no night troop 5 packs. Well the employee did the search and said they did have stock in the back but they would have to look. 5 minutes later they cam out with 3 boxes. 1 box of the comic packs, so I finally got the twins!! The other 2 boxes were single packs. I finally got the Blade destro!! I also scored Rock and roll, Torpedo and Battle armor Cobra commander!! I am thoroughly impressed with all that I got, and must say my faves of that score is Blade destro, Cobra Commander in armor, and Torpedo. I wasnt really impressed with rah torpedo, but this one is simply amazing. I think it is awesome that the water gear has peg holes to put the flippers on and stand him on with all the gear on. I am really liking the 2 peg stands compared to the single peg stands, and would buy 2 peg stands for the rest of the figures. Another thing I really liked was with the twins, they are awesome as well, and the packaging is like the original with the mirror siding on each side. I was thinking oh no another redone SE to go with the ninjas, but he is nicely done. I would have rather had another ninja, but don't mind this SE. I can't wait for more!! I want a BAT v1 5 pack (with either v1 or v2 Overkill or not)!! I just want to army build them they are awesome looking. I also would definetly go for a Cobra trooper 5 pack all with red emblems, and just like in the cobra 5 pack with an accurate officer as well. The target and walmart in escondido didn't have anything, just toys r us FYI
  12. Valdin

    Hasbro Q & A

    I sawe this over at hisstank and posted my questions there. We need to post our questions here too. Heres mine: #1 Will the 25th brand go on hiatus for the movie or not? #2 Will we ever see medium to large vehicles/playsets, and if so when? #3 Can we see better body molds for the 12" line, more buff, and could we see a more accurate Cobra Trooper, as well as some other Cobra troops, like Crimson Guards, and Vipers in the 12" line? #4 Will the joe con set be 25th or RAH molds? #5 What news can we get on more upcoming exclusives like for stores, and conventions like the SDCC?
  13. Valdin

    Sloth eye

    Last night I got a load of gi joe stuff from Escondido, and thought Ace looked normal from certain views, then in other it looks like his right eye is kinda saggy like sloths from the goonies movie. I thought nothing of it until I looked at the filecard for larry hama on the last page of this months toyfare mag, on the last page. Then lastly I noticed the card art for Lt. Torpedo , had a little sloth eye going too, but the figure is fine. Has anyone else noticed this or am I alone on this?
  14. Thanks for the help DPrime. I didnt get fancy with these so here they are. http://s294.photobucket.com/albums/mm120/P...nt=DSC01236.jpg http://s294.photobucket.com/albums/mm120/P...¤t=DSC01235.jpg http://s294.photobucket.com/albums/mm120/P...¤t=DSC01237.jpg http://s294.photobucket.com/albums/mm120/P...¤t=DSC01238.jpg http://s294.photobucket.com/albums/mm120/P...¤t=DSC01239.jpg http://s294.photobucket.com/albums/mm120/P...¤t=DSC01240.jpg http://s294.photobucket.com/albums/mm120/P...¤t=DSC01241.jpg Let me know what you think. I can take more if needed. Thanks again DPRIME!!
  15. All I can say is Wow!! That is a nice peice of work. If hasbro made these, I would hope it would be a 5 pack to troop build these bad boys!!
  16. Speaking of Transformers Classics, I can't wait for those. They look awesome. I still need to get caught up with cliffjumper and mirage. Powerglide, I couldn't place at first but when I did I was shocked. Thats the main one I want, and he transforms into something that looks like a rattler, like the custom that was just made. I might have to get 2 so I can custom paint 1. As far as the spending for the 25th line, if I could find em I'd be buying them lol. As it mostly is just figures now, they are not breaking the bank. When the vehicles/playsets hit, and the video game(s), thats a different story.
  17. I can't even think of the last time was that I was impressed with a movie toy line. Most good figures and toys made are not movie toys. With the concept of transformers and the over the top transformations it was too much for the toys and they had to make regular transformers, and then another line that was more action figures that were better detail but they didn't transform. I hope the kids like the GI joe movie as much as the adults will hopefully like it if its a good movie. I am sure there will be alot of toys out there that are gimmicky and just eye candy for the kids. If the movie goes well and the toys sell well, then great. I don't think they will sell nearly as good as the 25th line is doing now. I haven't seen anything else that sold this well before. When I was a kid in scotland, TMNT came out and sold out, but soon enough product came out to meet demand, same thing with the relaunch of star wars. Gi Joe continues to sell out in stores and online. The stores and online have not been abled to keep up with demand. Hasbro would be foolish to put the 25th line on hiatus even if it was to bring out the same style of figures in movie form. I for one would continue to buy up the classic 25th line for as long as they make it, before and after the movie and for as long as I can find it. I am hoping the movie figures are decent, and if they are I will buy them too, but I don't think they will sell half as well as the 25th line is doing.
  18. Well it seems to me that hasbro can only do one or the other on most properties. I thought I did hear that they were going to do the same thing and put 25th on hiatus to go crazy with movie stuff. If they do that. I'll wait for the 25th to come back. I've never been a fan of movie toys or video games, as they are both just pushed out for quick sales. How often have we seen quality stuff come out compared to crap? Movies come and go for the most and rarely last past the cinema is done with the movie. Half the time when a movie is out of the theatre we see the toys go on clearance, unless it is popular, which is rare. Hopefully the figures are decent, but like I said I doubt I will pick something up just to have a cast members likeness molded in plastic. I am still pissed that the transformers classics went on hiatus for the movie. As stated before the 25th line was just supposed to be a 10 figure anniversary set, but with popularity it grew. My thinking for now is that they are just buying time until the movie comes out. I still don't think they are putting full efforts into the 25th line otherwise we would see new vehicles and playsets. The figures keep getting pumped out (in low number it seems) but they are not a big risk. They have to be thinking themselves pretty lucky to already have a ton of product that came out before that they are just improving on, and as hasbro is good at they like reusing molds and repainting things. It is going to have to be something for them to be creative and reinvent/upgrade the vehicles to be compatible with the taller figures, and to give them a 25th anniversary flair. Notice the exclusives are non height restrictive vehicles so they can just reuse and repaint them? I think we will just keep seeing figures get pumped out, (with the possibility of a few vehicles) until the movie comes out then they will pump movie product out, then after the smoke clears and it is a success, they might put some deidcation into giving us what we want. Thats my 2 cents.
  19. I'm definetly liking the Snowserpent!!
  20. I like the art, but I think I'd personally go for seeing a cgi style like Final Fantasy The spirits within, Beowolf or the Warcraft cinematics. That would have to be movies though. As far as cartoons go I did like the sigma 6 cartoons, and do like the teen titans, batman, tmnt, etc, but am not digging the new transformers cartoon or the new spider-man cartoon. I do kinda miss the old style cartoons like gi joe,thundercats and the transformers animated movie.
  21. Valdin


    double check, I was on reading the forums and whats going on, I had no problems. It said they did an slight upgrade
  22. Valdin


    Hisstank is back online, with some nice news updates. Dr mindbender will make an appearance in the movie!
  23. It was a sad day at the walmart in kearney mesa. I went and saw two of the ace/wild weasel comic 2 packs, and a wave 1 2 pack. The problem was that both 2 packs had the wild weasels swapped out and in one was a legions cobra commander minus the helmet, and the other had scarface in place. I'm sure the stickers were gone two. The only thing right was the comic and the lazy eye ace figures. I can understand the 5 packs with the flip lid, but when you have 2 cards with the pic of the figures next to it, and the pics obviously don't match, and there had to have been the 2 returns like that which is sad. If it was done at once with both by the same person, thats just pathetic.
  24. Lmao, thats a good one tom. I got stuck working a double lastnight, so thats why I didn't get the pics up. I will try tonite
  25. I do like the red shadows, Action Force ideas done in rah. All the rest of the ideas sound cool too. I think the action force is a good idea, but chances of it happening are probably slim. I like what they did with Joe canuck and custom made some characters as well.
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