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  1. I am liking Copperhead the best out of them all. He looks better this time around. Before it looked like removable helmet, and now to me it looks like it isnt removable. Anyone else notice this? I'll pick up all of this wave if the price stays at $9.99 each.
  2. I would vote for Blowtorch and deep-six for the joes. (and redone roadblock v1 and gung-ho v1) Jinx Frostbite Sci-fi Sgt Slaughter Tripwire All cobra -la. Cobra: Croc Master 1 & 2 Cesspool Crystal Ball Overkill 1 & 2 Roddy Piper Cobra Lampreys Interrogator Ice Viper a better baroness AVAC Zartan v1 Serpentor v1 Devils due Serpentor done right, and his group from devils due. Ok thats just a short list. I want them to make most if not all of the RAH line and then some.
  3. I would buy it either way. Thinking with the sense that the 25th action figure series is kind of doing a reboot back to basics with improvements, and a big hit, I would be surprised if they don't try to do a modern retelling with improved storyline and some omissions or changes. I think it would be a smart idea to bring in new people and kids into the story and start another generation of joe fans. TMNT got a restart and they took out some of the goofy stuff, changed a few characters around and modernized it, and it seemed to have done well. I thought the new cg movie was cool. I did like rocksteady, bebop, and krang from the first time around, and think they could have gotten revamped and lost the idiocy and it would have been fine. A redo of gi joe will probably come especially with the new movie, and the fact that it is doing an origin story and making changes in background storys/events where they see fit for the big screen.
  4. But greed is a little part, granted the line is taking off and now going to be more expensive than star wars. I was in walmart yesterday and noticed that you could buy one of the CORPS 12" figures for $6. 84 cents cheaper than the 4 inch joe figures. Also a 3 pack of the corps figures is $3.98, almost $3 dollars cheaper than a single joe figure. Then again the WWE 3 3/4 line is $6.84 per figure and it is new and I don't think taking off. Hasbro should come out with a statement though to explain why we got a 25% increase to justify themselves so we don't feel so gyped, and not to alienate us. I know I will keep collecting regardless, it might be a little harder though. What I don't get out here is that in SD the stores don't have layaway, which would help. Back in podunk pa wallyworld's had layaway.
  5. It is a good read. It has its good and bad. Some I don't agree with, but for the most it is enjoyable. The character revamps with costume updates is nice. Did anyone read the Storm Shadow mini series (and like it?) I like the new costume, would have liked to have seen more, but it was a little wierd for me. I know I didn't like the next to last issue, don't remember the last one. We do need to have our Gi Joe comic fix going though. I hope we hear something new about when the new comic(s) will come out from the new company yet to be named.
  6. I could go for the repaints, but would like to see dreadnok original vehicles for them to run amuck in. I could see them hijacking or borrowing from other sides and adding the dreadnok flair to them, so thats understandable, and so they have some heavier firepower and armor. Still though they have their trademark with the thundermachine, Zanzibars air skiff and dreadnok cycle. Actually after looking at the pics, yeah the repaints look pretty cool. I would buy them, and since hasbro loves repaints.......Chances are we will get them.
  7. I agree I much prefer the precut filecards as well. I was going to cut out the filecards to the target vehicles but like the packaging too much. Same with the filecards. The artwork is topnotch and I am making a habit of cutting the bubble from the card to keep the card perfect. I do like to have the filecards seperately and don't want to cut the cards up like I used to.
  8. What he said! I'll buy all that I can. As well as the TF classics, i mean Universe! and hopefully a thundercats line would come along too, but mostly all the Gi joe.
  9. He should be Cobra all the way!! His uniforms kick ass either way, but yes who else is going to give snake eyes a run for his money? It is cool when they fight together, but then the odds are against cobra, and we can't have that @wink@ .
  10. If people are going that nuts for the figures, I really can't see these even making it to clearance. For 10 a pop and to get a figure, people would be nutz not to scoop them up. I got a set of 3 already, and want more hiss tanks, maybe some awestrikers. I can't wait for the main release vehicles to come out. What puzzles me is why the main release hiss coming later is 10 more and from all I know its just a different color. I'll buy it for sure for rip-it, but $10 more? Also with the rise of figure prices will the vehicles, 5 packs, and comic sets follow suit as well? Considering that the retailers are raising the prices of the figures and not hasbro, what happens if hasbro does need to up their cut? will it go even more? I keep seeing people say theres alot of the exclusives, but considering they will be by the registers and with a great price point, and the fact that people are paying 3+ times more than store value on ebay now, they will sell out. Heres another question, why can hasbro make enough of these for a nationwide store exclusive release, but not have a uniform release of the waves with more figures being available? Back to the exclusives, if theres 5-7 cases per store, that means 5-7 of each vehicle going to be available, if thats the case, then it really isnt that much. We will see.
  11. I can't really see Brendan shaving his head. He has had the same hairstyle most of his career if not all. He would look wierd anyway, and honestly who out there would look good with Gung-hos chest tattoo and pull it off, most people I think of I would laugh at. Don't you think it odd that they did do the main cast already with decent people, but mostly lesser actors/actress', and now these are characters that won't see alot of screen time (could be wrong) and they are getting bigger names for the roles. Brendan Frasier and Dwaye Johnson, mostly are main characters in movies. Also why not get Eric Banna to play shipwreck, or Thomas Hayden Church or Paul Rudd.I'd actually prefer less known actors for the roles, that way the movie is still about the characters and not just another movie with said big actors in it. Starsky and Hutch as an example to me was just another ben stiller/owen wilson flick.
  12. Holy Crap thats beyond belief! I know what you mean, but when it comes to bigger Joe stuff like vehicles/playsets, TRU will probably have a better set up and more room for that stuff unlike wallyworld and target. With the 25th, gotta hit em all considering they are always sold out, especially here in san diego. Back home in pa, I had the pick of the crops which was nice. but no more. I wouldn't go back for anything, except family.
  13. Valdin


    Although I LOVE that they're using the old molds and touching them up (because I can display them with RAH figures, which is what I intend to do. I like the 25th figures but they're kind of on their own in my display), I agree with you on this point. The cartoon often showed an enlarged version of the SHARC that characters would sit in, even side by side. I'd love to have that as a "Command SHARC" - it would compliment the original nicely. Ditto on the HISS, while we're at it. Make it the same shape, but with a bigger cockpit that lowers like the HISS II and include a detailed interior. That'd be my Command HISS. I'm not complaining about the Grand Slam. I'll just use Duke's jetpack I guess. I would have loved a Deep Six too but they need to take their time and do that right. I would go with the comic version, and have his deep sea diving suit as an accessory that he can wear, kind of like the old SNAKE Armor. As far as Crankcase goes, I wish he didn't have a beard. It's so unmilitary. I mean, it's fine with guys like Rock and Roll and Breaker but don't give beards to those who didn't have them originally. That Grunt is a big let down for me too. I totally agree with ALL of that. Command ships would definetly be something I would buy. I think with the concept hiss that 2 troops/drivers were sitting side by side too and it had a lowering cockpit, which would be cool. Deepsix, exactly, you would have thought that the big dive suit could have been removable, and he would have a cool uniform underneath. Then he can join the fight. Who can fight in that big gear? Snake armor is a must too!! With grunt, wasn't that supposed to be the joes generic infantry? I know on his filecard it gave an individual name, which counters the thought of it being generic infantry. He was kind of an enigma. Gi joe should have generic infantry to fight with the joes. Especially considering how many troop sub sets there are in cobra. Speaking of which I can't wait for pics of the firefly vs greenshirts 5 pack. Still with the five packs, it should be like the Cobra Night forces, that are 4 troops and a unit commander. I would have bought more ninja packs and other packs if it didnt have that 1 oddball not needed in the group.
  14. Well I think TRU had the figs for $6 like target, and thats where I found the last wave etc. They are not bad, compared to Kb with their prices. Theres no KB close and I don't think I have been to one since the 25th series came out.As far as TRU goes I don't like how they have the figs on the end on the silver aisle add on hangers, and that most stores just have minimal space for the figures and 2 packs. I think its 2 pegs for each, and the fact that distribution hasn't gotten better as was promised doesn't help. I am kinda hesitant when it comes to pilots on single cards, as we know theres lines out there that will release the pilot on card then down the road put out his vehicle with another figure of the same pilot. When and if Hasbro comes out with the Dragonfly, will it come with another Wild bill same version or a different version, or someone else that won't be right for the vehicle? I'm sorry but to me the Hiss should come with the hiss driver, Deep six should come with the sharc, frostbite should come with snowcat, and so on and so forth. It irkes me a little to have the same figure twice, that is a solitary character, not troop, and not have needed a second, especially repaints (good if one breaks I guess). Recently in toyfare I saw an ad for stormshadow v1 afa 90, and is being sold for $6k. Did anyone else see this? That's crazy if you ask me.
  15. I got mine, and am happy with the figures especially, then the hiss and the "night specter" aka 20th version of the sharc ( I was looking through lees toy review at the vehicle guide, and can't believe how many redos there were of the same vehicle lol). Now I really like the awe striker, but my problem is with the stickers, with where they want you to put them they will fall off in a week after putting them on, like on the bars especially. Any tricks or ideas to better work these? Thanks!!
  16. That is awesome, I'd gladly take both reported versions of wave 9 in a heart beat. I can't wait to see Barbeque. I think I will be happy to have BBQ, Blowtorch, and V1 Deepsix. As long as hasbro keeps making them, I say keep em coming!
  17. Lol I was going to say the same thing about commisioner gordon. I'm liking the pics and poses. I can't wait for these. Will bill looks cool with hair and the removable hat. I didn't care for the bald look from the JVC line. Considering they raised the prices on the single packs, I wonder if they are going to raise the prices on the 5 packs and comic 2 packs as well. I was hoping to army build a little with the troops, like the vipers and bats, but not at 7 a pop.
  18. That is a goos idea with stone cold as gung ho. I know they have been pushing the (i beleive) Loisianna "creole" accent and background in the comics and the toon movies. SO I wonder if they will push that in the movie. I know I prefer his voice/ not really an accent in the original cartoon. Now I don't really care for the Rock playing shipwreck. Remember they also wanted him to play Duke Nuken which would have been horrible. I personally would prefer no name actors to take on the role so they would have a better chance to grow on us, or if it is a big name someone who could pull it off right. Maybe Jesse ventura could be a good gung ho, he was bad assed in predator. I definetly don't see Brendan Fraser playing Gung Ho.
  19. Everything looks sooo cool. I am just a little bummed that the trouble bubble looks to be packed with the ram. I was hoping to get a few of the trouble bubbles and televipers myself. The devs have outdone them selves this time. The vamp has got to be a new favorite for me. I cant wait to see what they do with the cobra stinger and others!!
  20. Wow. When RAH was out did they raise the prices like this due to popularity? I know when Star wars came back out in 95 the figures were $5 each. Recently I sold all my star wars and marvel figures, and was going to pick up a star wars figure for old times sake at TRU but I put it back when I saw it was like 7 or 8 bucks.
  21. I will definetly be picking up the night watch, but these, I'm sorry to say I'll pass on. If I find a Crimson set on clearance down the road, I'll pick it up, but I'm not paying full for these. Why couldn't they make something more unique with them? I don't like that we have to get a repainted SE or CC in the packs. I like the characters, but to me they are getting like the cheap prizes found in cereal boxes. I am not really liking how grunt turned out either. If he was better and on card I might have got a couple but I'm not paying $15 for a new figure and 2 figures I already have. (besides this line in general is making me broke as it is lol).
  22. Valdin


    For as big as hasbro is, if its a name they have found plenty of ways around things. Notice that instead of Flash, we have SGT Flash, and LT Torpedo etc? I noticed some of the transformers the put decepticon or autobot in front of the name. If its something else I'd like to know what. They are toys based on ficticious characters, so we don't have to worry about loyalties to actors or people etc. I think hasbro is just going down the line from popular to least, and if they can make a character with old parts, minor adjustments, they are in. When I talked to some of the developers at SDCC last year it seemed like they wanted to rewrite it their way with all the cool bits and leave out the crap. But what I saw as a kid is what I want to see now, nothing left out. If they can make improvements where needed, fine. But don't fix what isn't broken.
  23. Valdin


    Yep, you can tell they are not following the rules lol. I was thinking about what someone else said about putting Toredo in the drivers seat of the night specter and giving Dukes jetpack to grandslam to finish him out. The problem is I think from the background art that these really were intended more for air, they are over the land doing battle not in the sea. Personally I would like to see a new SHARC with deep six that is totally redone from the ground up, like they did before instead of relying on the old molds and just touching them up here and there. I did look at Yojoe.com to see what v1 Crankcases figure looked like and to tell the truth I haven't seen many figures of the new design that I don't like. Crankcase may have been a throw together of parts, but they look right. His figure looks good. The one I don't like is the custom done of Zarana shown at SDCC, for her she needs to have her own unique look, a throw together of parts for her won't work for me. Mainly in the face, I don't like that they just repainted scarlets head. Also, something about the exclusives I noticed was the figure with the Hiss, his filecard just lists him as Cobra driver. Not specific to any vehicle, which is a first in my books for the figures. BTW anyone in SoCal looking for these, I found my set at the Target on convoy in the back room. Not sure how manys left (if any) though. I got the 3 pack set lastnight after work. The side of the box listed 924 of 5384, and there was a small T 4/13 on the side hardly even noticeable.
  24. well we could go the scalper route, buy the figures and some cheap ass imposter figures, swap them out and get a refund lol. But we don't want to stoop to their levels, and I like the figures and the card to pass on the cards. Scalpers probably have to take some blame on that too due to the swaps costing the stores.
  25. Considering that they are going for about $30 a piece on ebay now(after shipping from what I last saw). It looks like there is a demand, and considering everyones still on the 25th craze, who knows from here. I think they will sell as its the first vehicles for this line, they include 25th anniv figures, and the price point. $10 bucks is a steal for customizers, collectors and kids. I am happy with mine and at that price point I might get another hiss or 2. I still do plan on getting the main release vehicles including the black hiss especially for the figures.
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