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  1. Holy Schnikies!! Color me impressed!! You are my new hero. I am totally not worthy. I think that is as perfect as perfect gets. As far as the wwe figures go, they are a tad small for my liking compared to the 25th. Might be good for customizing, not sure. If hasbro ever gets their heads out of their keisters and makes a Sgt Slaughter figure, he will tower over the wwe figures, and for my liking he is a big guy but don't think he should be bigger than Kane. That was one mistake I am noticing is that the wwe figures seem the same height no matter who it is. The figures I got were kane, shawn micheals and randy orton. I can't stand the yelling face of batista and kennedy or I would have picked them up too. But back as far as Big Boa goes he must have had a big helmet for his body, Im not complaing though, that looks perfect on the 25th frame.
  2. Sweet!! Congratz bro!! I have been looking all over here in SD will have to make a toy run tomorrow since i'm off and the other half will be at work. Can't wait for the pics !!
  3. Lol I didnt't know about the styrofoam, my dad put mine together. Yes I remember the evil pump, no matter where you put it it always came back. The box art does show it skimming the surface on the original. I just remember it from the cartoon and them sneaking into the underwater cobra base. I do know when I got the cobra repainted version, I wanted to throw it against the wall cause it was such a pain to put together. You shouldn't feel old at all. My girlfriend likes me being a kid at heart. Your only as old as you feel.
  4. Then the SHARC master flex system it is for me, my abs need it too lol. For a simple retool it would be kind of what they did with the hiss and lowering the seat. Back support would be needed for sure so a little more modding would be needed. This makes me want to go out and buy another Night specter to fix it myself. I'll have to look around tomorrow on my day off. Thinking about how they had it when it first came out, to think about riding around in a vehicle with your neck at that angle the whole time, would make me stiff in no time. I just checked yojoe.com and it said the sharc was supposed to be a submersible high speed reconnisiance vehicle. I can't see it as that but ok.
  5. A 2 seater would be nice for sure. Also its cool to have 2 divers in tow on the undercarriage but for it to be more believable and for the power, you would think it would be bigger. A hybrid snowspeeder/sharc would be a cool deal too as far as design goes. Another thing is Deep Six is a deep sea diver which you would think the SHARC if it is his vehicle should be deep sea compatible as well so that also means it should be bigger to withstand the pressure. That little hinged canopy window seems like fishtank glass.
  6. I'll be glad to check this out when I get home, darn work is blocking the pictures from coming through.
  7. Yeah, since my parents gave away my whale to someone, and my hydrofoil got stolen, I've hoped hasbro would put them back out so I could get them again, am still waiting for an upgraded WHALE, and I did see the repaited hydrofoil at toys R us, and I'm sorry but can't stand repaints. I want the red hydrofoil with those bad assed stickers on it. Hopefully we get both. I don't know what hasbro's problem is. They turn down the terrordrome, when thats mostly what I see people requesting. If they are scared to sit on it make it an online exclusive or TRU exclusive, they have plenty of room. If people are willing to pay $100-$250 for a figure, then I'm sure bigger vehicles/playsets wouldn't be out of the question. With all the ebay high prices, I wonder if this is getting big and there are a lot of fans, or a split of fans and people just out to make money.
  8. I have liked the sharc from the begining, especially packed in with Deep-Six. To me he was a very cool figure even though you could only move his arms. The sharc just seemed like a cool different design for sea and air. I guess most of my favorite vehicles were sea based as my family is Navy all the way. The Whale was my very first vehicle and I was so happy with that, and then the Cobra Hydrofoil was so awesome as well. I think if hasbro retools the Sharc to either be a little bigger as DPrime says for a command vehicle (with a bigger cockpit for a driver to sit up) prefferably compared to say a simple retool with a lower cockpit, then I would be happy. I only owned the original white sharc, and recently discovered all the dang repaints they did of this. I wasn't stateside for a while so I missed 3-4 years worth of what was going on. I just recently got the night specter mostly for the figure and have to say the white version was is still my favorite of all the repaints (minus the custom job posted on hisstank of tigershark colors of blue and grey which kicked ass). So heres a poll for all so you can voice your opinion.
  9. Sweet, thanks very much!! If they are anything like this custom figure, then I'm impressed already!!
  10. I really liked this!! Great Job!! I know that I like Raptor, he may have been a bit goofy especially with the filecard, but overall He was cool. I especially liked the odd characters like Croc Master esp croc master 2, crystal ball, big boa, and Cesspool. I know I'm probably the minority, but still want to see those in the line. even if they are mail ins, online exclusives or whatever. Again very nice work!!
  11. Nothing here left of the exclusives from what I saw in the SD cali area. I did see one awestriker in the toy dept a couple days ago but am sure its gone by now. I haven't checked poway, escondido, or anywhere else (yet).
  12. Hopefully a retooled one at that. Those exclusives (here anyway) flew like hotcakes. I don't see any here. Slipstream would be nice with the conquest. I also hate getting wrong drivers with vehicles. Now thinking if and when we get a Cobra Rattler, will we get a rereleased Wild weasel, or one with slight mods on it, or perhaps a v2-5 version, or last of all a different character altogether. The Firebat needs AVAC, and the conquest needs Slipstream.
  13. Hopefully these will be retooled and worth it. I actually like the sharc. I am sure I will buy them either way. Wasn't the sharc confirmed as a preorder but along side the firebat? Hopefully that is true too and it comes with AVAC figure. I still want a retooled terrordrome even though they shot that down in the q & a. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for all three vehicles
  14. yeah. I live in San Diego, and was lucky enough to get all the figures from the other waves. Every now and then I see some of wave 4 but just the joes. I wasn't really wanting to pick them up since I already got them in the 5 packs, and considering nothings different about them, except that now they are on card.
  15. Valdin


    Dude, thats just wrong, but its too funny too!!
  16. I'm pretty much caught up on the waves except the new one. I already have a cobra 5 pack and didnt really need wave 4, but after I saw destro in pack, I had to get it. Now the only one I want that I'm missing is wave 4 storm shadow on card.
  17. Yeah, I liked the cloth peices as well. The molded clothes looks cheap. As far as this wave goes, I'll probably pick up flint, and leave the rest. Considering we are getting a bulky Bazooka 25th figure, then a skinny with toothpick arms 12" version, it doesn't add up for me. The last one I am happy with. Dusty isn't accurate to me either. I like the RAH not this throw together they made, same with the cobra trooper. The head mold looks good, but the rest is thrown together. I want to see more RAH/ 25th accurate 12" line. I'll hold out to see how the sideshow figures will look. I still can't believe they are more than the Star Wars 12" line they have. Hopefully it is due to bad a$$ed accessories and over all detail. I'm sure they will be worth it!
  18. Storm Shadow looks cool with the street gear. He needs the v1 costume with mask though. Cobra characters need the insignias on them. Gi Joe characters should have the american flag or something somewhere on their costumes. The Joes need color to their costumes. I don't particularly like the costumes since they are all uniform. Gi Joe has not really been uniform after the original 13 with the green fatigues. They don't need to be. I don't care for the gray camo on flint I mean Hawk, or Cover Girl. Green or brown traditional camo might have been more appropriate. I am sure that for the most this is hollywoods comprimise and recipe for success that most might like besides us naysayers. Personally, I for one have been an x-men fan for 20 some years, but after the movies, now I have lost total interest in them. That's my feeling and opinion. The old comics and figures were great and thats where my biggest investment went for me. I even started collecting the legends figures after I already had more figures of the same characters that I didn't know what to do with. I started to get into the movies but it felt totally wrong still. Before I moved out here to ca, I went through all my stuff and sold all my marvel collection and most of my star wars items and am happy not to have them. I still have some legends here and there but my liking isn't nearly the same as it used to be. I still have my big collection of Gi Joe which I am more a fan of than anything and don't want this movie to kill it for me. Maybe I should stay away from the movie even though they say it will be true for the fans and good enough to bring new fans. Hopefull they will redeem themselves. Now I had a question. What kind of explanation are they going to come up with for snake eyes body armor. It looks ok but makes me think of something like godilla. A man in a rubber suit. We know they shoot for realism for anything comic based anymore. I can see that the rubber on the other guys armor could be seen as bullet proof material or something, but snake eyes is from head to waist in rubber which couldn't be interpretted as anything but rubber. I know this is supposed to be futuristic. What do you think?
  19. WWW.hisstank.com has pics still up for anyone still looking.
  20. Sorry, but I'm not impressed with this. Another showing that Hollywierd is taking too many liberties with titles. Matrix was a good movie, but dammit why did Brian Singer have to think that the X-men should look like that instead of who they are supposed to be. Same here. Thankfully this gives me a reason not to pick up the figures!! Storm Shadow looks good but I would have preferred a v1 or something close. Where are the cobra insignias on baroness and storm shadow. I have to admit that it took some time to get into sigma six but it eventually happened since it is still GI joe in another form. To me, sigma six was good (for the most) and is better than this crap. With this showing any timeline is flat out thrown out of the window. If this is what they have to offer I am scared to see the other characters in costume especially Destro. I bet we shoot right into iron grenadier Destro instead of v1 destro. They should have had more of a original 13 look with the green and then I wouldn't have minded some suits but these make me cringe. I could have swore that the director said they wouldnt change the costumes much. Well that was a frickin lie I knew from the start. Dammit why do they have to make a movie like this!!
  21. As far was the civilians go, I don't see Hasbro going out on a limb to do that. I did however see a compromise at wallyworld yesterday. The speed racer 2 packs for 10 bucks, look like normal people enough. Granted theres no women from what I saw, or policemen/firemen, but its something. They looked ok sizewise and articulation wise. The good thing is they don't look as crappy as alot of other things out there. BTW A-team I would buy in a heartbeat. I think they are supposed to be making a movie right now, so lets keep our fingers crossed. This is just my quick 2 cents, I'll think of good things to see gijoe wise shortly and post.
  22. But the good thing about this movie is Micheal Bay isn't involved, and noone has flames painted on them yet lol!! Scarlet could use a little color. She does looks good otherwise.
  23. I think he is talking about the helmets on ebay, not you. I think you should put pics up on your costume because I really want to see it. Also, If commander in chief has pics of what he listed, I think he should post pics or links as well. Much appreciated!!
  24. I was in walmart today, and saw the wave 4 destro on card. It looks bad ass, but pretty much is the same thing from the 5 pack, and I have to tell you, I had a hard time deciding if I wanted it that bad to pay $7 bucks for after tax. Basically it is for the card. I still want the wave 4 storm shadow on card as well, but hope to find him for $6 someplace. I did place my order through BBTS for the latest wave, and think I got it in on time. I hate the fact that the prices went up like that, and might have to squash dreams of army buidling and be selective with the figures I get. I did buy the destro BTW. I won't stop collecting, and will try to get all the figures I can and still try to army build if I can, just not in the mass I was hoping for. Hopefully I can find most of the stuff at target so I can still get the 5 bucks off.
  25. That looks pretty sweet bro!! You will most definetly need to post pics when it is complete!!
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