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  1. I just watched my first IMAX movie yesterday, Kung fu panda, which was soooo cool especially in IMAX. Hells yeah the theater said that Dark Knight would be in IMAX so Im going to check that out. I'd like to see hulk in imax too. They had some pretty cool Dark Knight movie posters up too.
  2. I went to rite-aid with my girlfriend and found a Batman from the Superheros line last night. What I noticed after I bought it was that his mid section is backwards. the trademark stamp is where his stomach is and when you turn him, his six pack stomach is under his back. It looks wierd but is a cool figure and It's not like I can go to a store and swap him for a different one. I tried pulling him apart last night but it wouldnt seperate and it felt like I was messing up his leg joints. I know on the Joe forums they mention about boiling water and putting figures in for a few seconds then you can pull parts apart, not sure if that would work on this to fix this or if I should try something else. Its the Black and grey costumed batman, which when stood next to the DCUC batman they look the same except of the different paint aps, and a slight difference in the cowls over the shoulder size.
  3. I totally agree with you on all counts. 83 Destro was good but could have been better. But I think hasbro is fixing this with the dvd battle packs. THAT destro is one for the record books! I can't wait for these to come out, and to see the other 3!
  4. Hopefully I am wrong, but this looks like the new style of dumbed down animation that I hate. I tried to like the new transformers and the new spiderman, but seriously, I can't stand them. @firedevil@ Again, hopefully I am wrong. We still need to see more than that pic. It looks like the batman costume I grew up with from the comics, but please, don't let this be Batman meets Barney.
  5. Hi, and it's a deal!! I tell you, I can't wait for comic-con. I am definetly picking up Lobo!!
  6. I don't know, when they had an exclusive with Toybiz for the Giantman wave of ML they were pretty well stocked and kept 'em coming out every time the supply dwindled. I'm not saying they'll do a great job or anything but I'm hopeful. its not the point. they let go of the line. i dont think that a store that only carried the line up to the "steel" wave should get exclusives. i got ALL of my dcsh/dcuc figs from target!(toysRus got me clayface & catwoman) toysRus gets the 2-packs(fine) and faithful dcsh/dcuc carrier "target" gets what?!.....SH*T!!!!!!! Exactly, why should a chain that doesn't stock the line to begin with, deserve to carry an exclusive wave. So I wonder will they just get that wave and only that wave, or will they start getting the series mid wave 3 or 4 and keep going depending on how it goes? I went to the Mira Mesa Target tonight and the person working toys said that last week they got a case of wave 2 and already sold out. They did have all of wave 1 left. I think he is a fan cause he knew what I was talking about. Not like the typical huh response I get with Gi joe.
  7. I was thinking about checking there and Sears, I haven't checked them yet.
  8. Everywhere I go here alls I see is wave 1. Its only a couple figures here and there. I went to target last night and asked if they had anything else in the back, she checked and said "whats out is out". I did see on toys r us' web site it had them listed, but not to buy. I haven't even seen wave 2 anywhere. I don't think walmart carries them at all. I might have to take a trip to chula vista or escindido this weekend or next.
  9. Thats what im hoping for. lol
  10. Hi all. Normally I am on the joe boards, but kept looking at how great the first wave of DCUC was and ultimatly had to pick it up this last weekend. I had to go to a couple stores but i found them all. I live in the SD, Ca area. I have been checking out wave 2 in toyfare and online and want this line, but havent seen wave 2 anywhere. I havent even seen much at e-tailers besides the first wave. I am hoping to get the whole wave 2 in a set and it doesn't matter if open or sealled, as long as they are complete. Now with talks of wave 3 coming out, does that mean we are done seeing wave 2 at stores, and ill have to go the ebay route? Does Mattel have a online store like hasbro? Any help is much appreciated.
  11. Remember the genuis's in hollywood wanted to get the Rock to play Duke Nuken in a live action movie.
  12. Jinx. lol. I can go with that. Kind of would have rather had a regular figure but its cool. I wonder what the distribution numbers will be. The production run of exclusives has been pretty low with the cons. They should up the numbers a little since GI Joe is popular again. As far as the character it will be, I will go for any version of any character as long as it is not a live action movie version.
  13. Hopefully neither of those. I hate the mighty muggs they look stupid to me and not worth collecting. Maybe it will be legends scale or sigma. If its any of the adventure team they had protos at the fair, I will be a happy man come comic con. I also think it would be cool if they did a lego scaled or mini mate Gi Joe figure for the con. I remember seeing some awesome custom lego figures years ago that looked like store quality that I would have bought in a heartbeat. Not sure if now I would want to start collecting Lego Gi Joes or minimates if they did come out. I kinda wanted to get the Batman legos but decided to keep my collecting from getting out of hand again and limit myself. Speaking of the con, shouldn't we be seeing stuff from Sideshow soon? The Star Wars line gets an exclusive, they should do one for the Joe line too.
  14. I agree with the post down the line about getting suited crimson twins. I'm sure hasbro will make those eventually. I like the new crimson twins and the uniforms, and hope to see the Crimson Guard Commander outfits from not too long ago, as well as some cool battle armor. Also since we are supposed to be getting a joe SDCC exclusive as well, who could it be? Maybe Long Range, Lt Stone, Agent Faces, Kamikura or Big Lob.
  15. He got the belly from eatting all the bbq. That stuff is addictive, but not good for diets. This wave looks cool as all heck. My question though is wasn't the BAT supposed to have battle damaged bits? It doesn't look like they are in the carded figure unless hidden. Also all the lastest pics haven't had any of the damaged bits in tow anywhere. Just curious.
  16. Very cool. I like it all!!
  17. Those movies to me sucked except spiderman (even though it had the green ranger as the villain) and Daredevil, for the most I like them. Oh please take the spandex argument and bury it. I am sick of the people that bow to hollywood, bringing spandex into the argument. I would have liked to see something more closely resembling the comic costumes. I can take updates, like what devils due did, those were awesome. But when you take too much liberty with the costumes, there should be a line drawn. For the RAH line, there were how many versions of the main characters in different costumes to last and keep the line going. We are seeing proof of this with the countless Snake Eyes and Cobra Commander figures coming out. There was plenty of choices to choose from. Your right just give them all batcapes and we got a blockbuster on our hands !! Hmm, well not all propertys that stayed true flopped and are "campy" Iron man and Speed Racer look good, and I will gladly see them. Hellboy was great, and I never read the comics. I can't wait for the sequal!! This makes me wonder,X-men did good, but would it have made more and kept going if it was closer to the jim lee costumes, as he did set the bar. Or would it have done worse. Not quite. The baroness herself has stated this is a movie with T & A, explosions, and not much acting involved Again with the spandex. Ay yi yi. We are entitled to our opinions, as you are with your spandex laden ones. We've made our points countless times. Read the forums they are in there, not hard to find.
  18. Maybe they are the same person. You never see them together in the same room. In the movie I would rather it be roadblock and I wouldnt mind at all if he didnt rhyme all the time. Roadblock has been best as the big man in the cartoons/comics. To me the figures never got the buff factor right IMO, well until sigma 6. That was so cool to see heavy duty that big with such a huge gun. The original RAH figure kinda reminded me of Lamont from sanford and son more than anything with a baseball cap. Lamont didn't seem like a good fit for gi joe to me. Heavy duty has come a long way since he first came out. I doubt in the movie that he will like classical music. As far as the 25th goes, I think we are going on having 3 Roadblock figures to 0 heavy duties if you include the entertainment pack. Sometimes I don't think the guys at hasbro even know what they are doing with certain things. Maybe Roadblock this time around was better for repaints sake. If RB and HD are related, thats cool with me. Hasbro could have them work together, but havent yet, who knows....
  19. Not quite, I still hate the transformers movie, and I know half the places I look they are trying to get rid of the crap left over, even the 2 dvd collectors edition of the movie. If people were so rabid about it, we wouldn't have so much crap left over. I for one, am not liking these costumes at all. The vehicles had me turned against them until they just said about a 2 seater sharc, and a giant Cougar vehicle. Also the locales sound pretty cool, but with both of those things, the characters hold the most water, and with outfits like that, and the fact that they are not making a gi joe movie but a movie that wants to be matrix, x-men, and now part batman, that really kills me. dude..watch your toes! transformers merch sold out so fast....and they mass shipped the stuff the second time. if u pay attention, trans movie stuff is still selling after about a year since the movie came out. the pics that are seen could be ANYTHING! you guys havent even seen a trailer and are already calling the movie trash. those still shots could be one of many looks for the characters. i think if anything, the movies going to have too many characters and not enough time. Dude, my toes are fine, no need to watch them. I don't give a rats ass if the stuff sold when the movie was out. I am saying now the crap is clogging the aisles when we could be seeing decent figures. Also, I am in a bigger city where theres a bigger population, and the stuff isn't moving now so what does that tell you?. Also every time I go to wally world I keep seeing the 2 disc movie set and it is on clearance on the bottom shelf. How often do we see movies on clearance at walmart, besides in the 2 for 10 bin. Also how smart was it to make the transformers so over the top that with so much transforming goin on, it would be impossible for it to translate to toys? They had to have a transforming figures line, and then a robot mode that showed off the ridiculousness of the robots. The movie may have unfortunatly did well in the box office, but will always be crap to me. I am hoping that this movie will be better but my faith in hollywood is going out fast. I am entitled to my opinion. I know I am an old fart that can't have everything, and that we are the minority but I can hope.
  20. I mostly agree, but was thinking, theres the black shoulder padded CC from devils due I wouldnt mind seeing, probably could customize one using the upcoming SS from the comic 2 pack, and then the Winter Uniform CC from the cartoon movie with either removable face plate or no, doesnt matter much. Could probably custom make one from the upcoming snake eyes. Then Lastly a vac metalized face plated CC would be my finale of the CC run, hopefully in a comic 2 pack with vac metalized Viper with improved hands and non removable goggles (what the hell were they thinking with the goggles?!? it serves no purpose really.) Ok this is optional but a CC with cape and/or flamethrower. My favorite has to be the Battle Armor which we got so Im happy with that.
  21. I have to agree with you all on this. Since RAH I had the figure but was never a fan, I much prefer roadblock. I kinda liked Heavy Duty in Sigma Six, he was big and bad assed, with that huge gun, but your right with most recent times, it should have been roadblock especially in the movie.
  22. Thats exactly what I had in mind!! Exactly, I was stoked about PDD but this makes me want to run for the hills. At this point if the minds in hasbro have lost steam and are drawing straws, I can safely finish happy with what I got, stop there, (except for the vehicles of course), and tell them to bring on the neon. Stick a fork in me i'm done. I don'r need this nor want it, except to customize.
  23. Not quite, I still hate the transformers movie, and I know half the places I look they are trying to get rid of the crap left over, even the 2 dvd collectors edition of the movie. If people were so rabid about it, we wouldn't have so much crap left over. I for one, am not liking these costumes at all. The vehicles had me turned against them until they just said about a 2 seater sharc, and a giant Cougar vehicle. Also the locales sound pretty cool, but with both of those things, the characters hold the most water, and with outfits like that, and the fact that they are not making a gi joe movie but a movie that wants to be matrix, x-men, and now part batman, that really kills me.
  24. Well I guess we could take a cue from Dr Evil and make a mini clone, and call him Mini Boa @brainy@ @moon@ #party#
  25. Wow, those are very good!! Most impressive. I like em all!
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