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  1. I hear where you are coming from. I think from the story they want to do a series in the timeframe of tos, but not as the characters from that show/movies, but new characters, which could be good or bad depending on how its done. I would love to see a series about the different species like that, mostly Klingon, vulcan, and andorians. Maybe a show on starfleet academy, or The federation, where we could see things on a broader scale of what was going on, maybe space wars etc. Something fresh. Theres lots to choose from, lots of lore.
  2. True. As long as the klingons look like klingons, I'll be happy. I do like the new BSG, but truth be told am a little more partial to the original cylons. The new ones were a little off to me like those yellow battle droids from phantom menace.
  3. http://www.trektoday.com/news/170908_06.shtml Bryan Fuller is ready to work on another Star Trek series and would like to see the franchise back on television. As reported by MTV, Fuller, who wrote for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager, feels that the time is right for the return of a Star Trek series to television. "I would love to do another 'Star Trek' series," said Fuller. "One where you could go back to the spirit and color of the original 'Star Trek,' because somehow, it got cold over the years. I love 'Next Generation,' but it's a little cooler and calmer tha
  4. I would be so all over 4" Star Trek figures especially with decent sized vehicles/playsets. Thinking with the star wars vehicles as far as scale goes. I would love to have some of the ships like the bird of prey, and of course the different Enterprises. That size works so well, and actually I was looking at the older galoob figures and thinking on picking those up. 4 inch figures like the new gi joe with the nice detail and articulation would be awesome!! That seems like a trend going. I look forward to the hellboy 4" line as well as the Marvel line. If they do make a star trek 4" line I wo
  5. Valdin

    Ace Custom

    I have to admit, I kinda cringe when I see the ace from the comic pack especially in the head. The new one coming looks alot better. This is so much better than the comic pack version and I would have much liked to have seen this one in the stores first!! Kudos bro!! Looks like the hall of fame 12"er, very nice!!
  6. Wow superbly done!!! I was thinking that when I got mine that he seemed a little bulky. I like all the changes done. Good Job!!!
  7. This guy needs to take over the reigns of the new transformers movie, I would watch his movie many times over! Hopefully he could keep shia ladouche out of it
  8. True, maybe they were trying to keep it simple with the cobra logo, which is an error on their part. But I guess maybe they are thinking that not alot of people read the comics and know that he was Destro's agent, so they just decided to dumb it down and just give him the cobra logo to keep on the short and simple. We know how hasbro likes to cut corners where they can. I still don't like the body cast clothing they are doing now with the 12" line compared to the cloth costumes from before. I would glady pay extra to have the figures look right with proper build. clothing, and armor. The fig
  9. That looks awesome and sounds promising. I think it would rock to make a playset of the original PIT. These items would fit the bill perfectly!
  10. Am I the only fan of Wraith here? I am a fan of Gi Joe and have been for 25+ years. I've enjoyed the comics, cartoons, movie (gasp), and all the toys. I have read the original marvel run, and read the devils due comics. The Devils Due weren't the best, but had their moments. I can't say I liked them offing characters like they did. The DD run, however, did a nice job of modernizing some characters that needed it, adding a couple new characters, and filled a void while there was nothing new to watch. They had some really cool designs on costumes that I liked, and Wraith was one of them. I will
  11. I agree with what all I have seen so far from everyone. I would like to see a shorter darker no sweater kick ass Firefly v1. I know he got voted in the top 10, but he also needs to have bigger arms. Deep- six -even though we just saw it, It would have been better for him to have been more articulated and for the dive armor to open up with a figure inside, kinda like SNAKE armor. Seriously, Deep dive armor shouldn't go into a tiny SHARC anyway, just my opinion. I think thats why the reg figure of deep six will be piloting the SHARC. Not liking the arm bands, on certain figures. Never lik
  12. If you don't buy them, then someone else will. More for the people who want them and more for me .
  13. Actually, I think the sets are perfect the way they are. Yes I am sure we will see scrap iron, and fixed major bludd on card. I really like these sets most. I was hoping they would do something like this. Also I hope they put the main characters in climate gear like this too. I think snake eyes in parka was awesome, and hope for more. The only thing I did find as odd, it might be a screw up in the pic on BBTS website, but whats a croc handler doing in the desert set? If theres water in the desert where the fight is, but if not, were going to have a toasty critter.
  14. Yes that will be nice, hopefully they get distribution down by the time these come out, and we see them. I love the comic packs (except the first wave), and now wave 3 is on the pegs moving slow, I am patiently waiting for wave 4. I hardly see the single cards on pegs anywhere. Some places got alot too, and I thought they would be pegwarmers, but have been proven wrong. As far as the exclusives go, I haven't had any problems finding exclusives. The 3 vehicle set from target I got from an employee from the back early, then after that I saw them maybe once or twice. Gi Joe is turning into a top
  15. Thanks for clearing all that up for me bro!
  16. I was at target last night and couldn't resist. That tumbler looks too cool. Also they got the 2 packs in as well. I wouldn't have gotten them if they didn't have the Joker figure. Question, whats with his hunch? They are not bad, not 25 by a long mile, but I did a side by side with a CC, and they look about the same height. Since I had some of the 5 dollar off coupons, I figured what the hell and got the bruce wayne 2 pack as well. The scarecrow figures IMO looks aweful, and I don't get needing to put a different colored batman in each 2 pack, and in the playsets. I'll have to check the plays
  17. A bit off topic, but I have to ask, why does everyone complain about Zartan being green? Turn on the room's lights and he become normally coloured. What's the problem? I don't see how this is off topic as I could have swore that this was a topic about what we didn't learn about at joe con, and from what I remember v1 zartan was supposed to be in the next 1 or 2 waves. I am stating that I hope they fix the problem with zartan, so when v1 does come out, he should get top marks unlike the first one we got in 25th form. Every zartan I saw when that wave hit had the green face, and after ho
  18. My turn @firedevil@ COMIC PACKS - July Destro/IG – I will probably pick this up especially for a sticker for a mail away doc, or hopefully we will hear about a new mailer soon. I will pick it up for the grenadier mostly. Falcon/Nemesis – Falcon looks ok, he isn't all that bad, could be better or worse. As far as nemesis enforcer goes, I am really liking the wax proto they did, the colors are a little light on the carded figure, they could be darker for my liking. If we get anything near as cool as the golobulus, I will be happy. We also need vypra, and CC in winter parka. Tripwire/CC
  19. A bit off topic, but I have to ask, why does everyone complain about Zartan being green? Turn on the room's lights and he become normally coloured. What's the problem? I don't see how this is off topic as I could have swore that this was a topic about what we didn't learn about at joe con, and from what I remember v1 zartan was supposed to be in the next 1 or 2 waves. I am stating that I hope they fix the problem with zartan, so when v1 does come out, he should get top marks unlike the first one we got in 25th form. Every zartan I saw when that wave hit had the green face, and after ho
  20. Wasn't V1 zartan supposed to be upcoming too? I hope he comes with swamp skier. How did the new zartan make the hall of fame list? He looks like a scooby doo villain, especially with the green face. Croc master was a little of a let down at first, but he is growing on me. I hope they do a v2 version as well. (at least the crocs mouth opens unlike the rah one)
  21. Valdin

    Random thoughts

    Cool! My ex-wife who I was with for 10 years didn't care or mind that I collected. I had a great job, we had all we needed, a roof over our heads working cars, a 3 bedroom trailer bought and paid for with land. As long as she had her animals, which she had a lot including a horse, 3 dogs 3 cats etc etc. I had 2 ferrets which was alls I wanted. I have to admit I did go a little haywire with the toys and bought everything under the sun that I wanted, it got so bad that the 3rd bedroom which was going to be the kids room, and the shed became overflowing with toys. Well, the kids never happened, a
  22. The limited articulation is what is keeping me from snagging these up, from the looks of it theres no elbow joints or knee joints. Am I wrong? I do really want to pick up one of the vehicles for cobra. Maybe raptor would look cool in the camo tumbler, Or copperhead. Hell the transforming vehicle could be a starter to use for the future coming Matt Tracker figure. I hope we get a full fledged MASK line. Hopefully if theres a good full fledged DC and Marvel line with good articulation, I will pick them up. Personally I like all the dc figures that are bigger, and would think it cool if the sma
  23. Ok I boiled him up pretty good last night, and realize a razor would have been best. I fixed him although he has a few scrapes now (since alls I had small enough was a screw driver)and needs to be glued back together. Alls I can say it could have been alot worse, and if I see a flaw like that again on a figure in a store, I'll just leave it on the shelf. Thanks for the help guys!!
  24. For all the money they are chargeing for ticket admition these days I'm hopeing IMAX will be the standard theator of the future. & for all you guys who said your catching matinees then God bless! your lucky because super hot movies like this NEVER EVER get shown during matinee hours. So its gonna cost me $10 a pop each & every time I got to see this honey of a flim. That would be nice, the only theatre here with IMAX in sand eonly has 1 screen, and its $14.50 a ticket. But OMG sooo worth it!! I'm not sure what matinee prices are, if they offer them for Imax, I'll have to ch
  25. Thanks for the correction, I was hoping they were different. What do I need a razor for with the boil method? I'm not a customizer, and normally don't do this, seriously.
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