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  1. I don't think most brick and mortar stores are supporting GI Joe period. 25th anniv line has been out for how long, and most stores I went to were never stocked. As soon as they did get stock, they sold out and it took forever to restock. I think alot of people started relying on web stores , myself included, to get what we wanted and rely less on the physical stores. It gets really frustrating and a waste of time on the hunt. When I go in stores now, I do see mostly nothing but repaints.
  2. Thank You!! If I am going to be classed as a whiner because I prefer the source material to the changed material, whatever. I am sorry but I will not bow and say good job to something I think is crap. I hated the transformers movie. Everything about it. Bad acting, bad story, bad looking robot alien bugs that should have been in starship troopers 4. The fact that they transform to blend in to our world, but have a war on a fricking freeway. Well hid. For that matter, why transform now? Ok and the allspark, a life giving rubiks cube that makes transformers, they can't be made any other way, so if that goes, cyanara robotkind? Do the autobots and decepticons need to share it to make new robots? LAME. Where was the character build up? Why were we focusing on Shia labouf and his antics? Some of the fight scenes, you couldn't even tell what the heck was happening no matter how many times you rewound it. The flames, and the fact that Bumblebee was not a bug, are minor. I can take changes, but come on. Ok i'll shut up now so I can see the pretty explosions.
  3. That would be the only figure I would want. If it hits clearance, I'll pick it up, but again can't justify 25 bucks for 1 figure that I like but wouldn't kill for.
  4. Valdin

    Battlefield 1942

    Before christmas, gamestop had an ad for this collection of the battlefield games in one collection for $10. I remember seeing that there is a mod to make the game Joe vs Cobra. I'm thinking about doing this, but wanted to know if anyone else played it and liked it, or if it wasn't worth the hassle. I did see 3 screens, but not much else to go on. Thanks.
  5. Pure pass. I don't care how good the new cartoon is.
  6. Valdin

    Mass Device Packs

    True, I think to me the Serpentor figure was a little drab, like he was covered in dust or something. The skeleton, could have been filled by a different figure. To me the cobra commander was odd looking too, maybe a little too bright blue. I guess I like the dark blue original, but could have used this mold. I hate to complain, but seriously. I feel the same way about the Bats, and the snow serpents etc. We need an OverKill figure to lead the BAT army, and some school bus transports to open up and release the masses.
  7. Ray park to me is the only pro to this movie as of now. As for the movie I hope it tanks, and leaves a sour taste. From the figures looking stupid to the cast being non shilant and noting it as comedy sci fi "t and a" movie, that adds another nail in its coffin. The only thing to note from this is the fact that the recent 25th success shows people are interested in the line, and it is not a dead property. Now if Hasbro can only see the difference from a good toy line being profitable without any cartoons or anything tieing into it, to a movie being mistreated by Hollywood bringing it down, then they might take better care of the property, and know fans aren't sheep.
  8. I saw sets 3 and 4 at Target yesterday, and had money on me. But decided against these (for now). I do want to complete the mass device, but am not happy with these. Firstly I hate repaints (with small exceptions). Second, the new figures were nothing to be go nuts over. I was looking at the figures, and got to say quality control went downhill. I am not impressed. Quick Kick looked like a cheapo generic figure that you would find at big lots for a buck especially in the paint job. I liked the snake eyes, but its another snake eyes. Not worth 20 bucks for 1 figure and a build a peice. Anyone else feel gyped by these, or is it just me. I am kinda getting dissapointed with what hasbro is offering now. I can see others are too cause the stores are getting backed up with the repaints in this neck of the woods.
  9. Darth, Thank You for putting this link up. It is a great read, and I totally agree with absolutely everything he said. I liked it so much I had to add a reply. My main gripes about the new movie, are the look, and the fact that Marlon Wayans is in it. I DON"T CARE what he was in that deserves an oscar (yeah right about the oscar)!! I can take updates to costumes. I would prefer the signature costumes mind you. I just hope they don't make a ##$%$#ed decision and turn Zartan into a blue alien thing like they did with Mystique in X-men.
  10. Valdin

    Where is Doc?

    Thats funny cause I was thinking the same thing. I was going to say something, but thought better of it. We need the Sarge!! On that note, I would also like to see a deep sea diver Deep Six but fully poseable. With the suit to be removable (optional, but definetly poseable). Also wheres our S.N.A.K.E. armor?
  11. From what we know of hasbro is they like to try to hide or deny things in the q & a's. then a month or 2 down the pike, we see what they denied about to hit shelves. The one way I could see Matt Trakker as a test is in the stores or (online for that matter), that the figures wouldn't be selling. Yes there are completists, but outside of having to buy a case for a set etc, most people would avoid this if they didnt like it. Even as a somewhat completist, and if I was just collecting gi joe, I could skip this, like if cops came into the brand I could skip those too if I chose, but I like them and was really looking forward to the matt trakker figure. I just got my case yesterday in the mail, and am happy with the Matt Trakker figure especially (pilot scarlet not so much). I have to say I hate Zartans new mini clown vehicle. Matt's vehicle was ok, but like everyones already said, its all about the real vehicles and masks. I would love to see a MASK spin off line and would pay for the bigger vehicles. I have to say the MASK filecard was awesome and could see mask fitting into the Joe world (not on a permanent basis mind you). Spytroops comes to mind as a semi first test, and Hasbro said that went really well.
  12. Valdin

    Where is Doc?

    News update: Doc arrived in the mail yesterday!!! I am very happy about that. Everyone else get yours? I hope we hear news of a new mail away soon. They have been touting the doc mail away as a big success.
  13. Valdin

    Where is Doc?

    After 5 fax attempts, they finally recieved 2 of them today. Doc will be in the mail today!!! Finally. Only 9 months later. lol
  14. Valdin

    Where is Doc?

    Ok now I am getting really pissed. I am looking this over and according to the cashed check, I sent this out in march, and the check was cashed in may. That is 6 months. I have recently sent them 3 faxed copies of the check , first from kinkos, then second and third from work. 3 different machines each time. They never said to do a cover letter or mark attn to anyone, but after every time I tell them I sent the fax, they say they never received it. Now most recently they want an attn to mary, which I will send off soon. Anyone else getting yanked around like this?
  15. Yeah, I am about done myself. I am sick of the repaints, and thats all I am seeing clogging the stores right now. I haven't went hunting for awhile now. Ordering online seems the only way to get ahead anyway for the good stuff.
  16. Valdin

    Where is Doc?

    Right. I had been saving alot of flag points for the longest time. Then when hasbro decides to say they will not be having a use for flag points now, I figured, what a waste and threw them out thinking they would do something new. Well nothing is new and they went back on what they said. I feel gipped. Why no new flag points or anything? I didn't like the sticker system for this considering they were cornering us into buying the comic packs which were chock full of repaints. I hope they get their crap together for the next mail away (if there is one).
  17. Valdin

    Where is Doc?

    http://hasbro.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/hasbro....25sJnBfcGFnZT0x the email address is above
  18. Valdin

    Where is Doc?

    Also, upon checking with the fulfillment center, they show no record of receiving a request at the name and address you provided. In order for us to research this further, we need a copy of the cashed check (front and back). Please also advise if the order was to be sent in a different name or to address. You may update this incident with any additional information. We apologize for the problems you have encountered with the mail in promotion. Please fax 401-431-8082 or forward all applicable information to us so that we can assist you. Please send it to: Hasbro, Inc. Consumer Affairs P.O. Box 200 Pawtucket, RI 02862-0200 Attn: K. Landoch I hope this helps, I will get the email address and post it too
  19. Valdin

    Where is Doc?

    I did get an emailed response stating that they didn't show me in their records as having put in an order!! So i'm good enough for them to cash the check, but for them not to follow through and say who are you again is ridiculous. I sent another email with more info and went to the bank to get a copy of the cashed check so I can fax it to them if needed. I am going to be soo pissed if they try to say sorry were out of stock. Is anyone else still not getting theirs? You need to contact them right away.
  20. Valdin

    Where is Doc?

    Right. I'm just peeved that they are not informing me of anything. Thats not good business. I am glad they cashed the check, but it's very frustrating checking the mail everyday to see nothing. I am glad they are honoring all orders sent in on time, which to me should have been a given anyway. I think my next day off, I'll send an email or call to see if I can get an answer. I'll let you know what I make out.
  21. If they do them right, I would pick them up for sure. I was just thinking on this more. I was looking forward to the indiana jones figures too, but didn't pick them up due to the articulation and halfway decent detail. Thats just my opinion. To me the indiana jones face sculpt doesn't scream harrison ford, but oscar the grouch especially in the eyes. The marvel 3 3/4 inchers are doing justice to that line (mostly, but what I don't like can be skipped due to the preexisting toybiz line, like the human torch as one example). I am holding out for Deadpool, Sabretooth, Omega Red, and Cable figures as well as the original x-force characters.) I got my fingers crossed. With LOTR, I think if hasbro does go through with anything at all they will wait for the hobbit to come out. I doubt they will go all out at first like they did with Indiana Jones (hopefully they will.)
  22. Considering I just got a 50" plasma not too long ago, I am really looking forward to watching the extended marathon movies. (so much better than the original lord of the rings cartoon/live action movie from way back when lol). [i do still like the hobbit from back then]. I've gotten a renewed LOTR interest too as of recently. I got the cd radio drama set of 9 cds I listen to on the drive to and from work, and have been playing lord of the rings online as of late. I already have the hobbit on cassettes and know that was good so I had to jump on the lord of rings set, especially considering the price.I've only been playing the trial to see how LOTRO is, and my girlfriend and I were abled to find the collectors edition through amazon.com for fairly cheap. Also I just saw there is an expansion coming out the same time around wows expansion. I haven't heard much about it (mines of moria) but can't wait to get it. I dug out my lotr figure collection and set them up, and am still amazed at the detail that went into them, but am a little sad that my cave trolls lifelike skin on his face is starting to peel alittle and is looking odd. But again back to the movies, I am anticipating watching the movies again, not sure if it will be all at once ( I would like it to be of course), but I am waiting until I've listened to the whole radio drama first. It's nice listening to it like that, but it is missing the epicness of the movies, especially the balrog scene. The movies were totally awesome. I can't wait for the hobbit. I am glad that they decided to do it in two parts.
  23. Valdin

    Where is Doc?

    My check was cashed I believe early august if not sooner, and I still have not recieved my Doc in the mail yet. I know they normally have that 6-8 week shipping, but this is about going 9-10 weeks. Anyone else having this problem? I am going to look to either call them or email them about this to find out something as they should have let me know if there were any problems.
  24. Exactly. After replying to this topic, I had to dig out my old lotr figures, and most are impressive. I like the detail, but still believe the 3 3/4"-4" idea would be better and as long as the articulation is better. I wouldn't even really mind if they were very close in looks (but should be a little different).
  25. My wallet would kill me, but I would definetly collect these. I collected both the 6" inch figures and the 12"ers. If the figures had the gi joe articulation and detail, that would be great. Also if the humans would be 4", the hobbits 3.5", and the wraiths a little taller, I think that scale would be best (imo). I am not a big fan of movie figures as to me it seems that the sculpters pay most attention to actor/actress likeness'. I would like to see the figures as a hybrid of the movie characters and of the fantasy concept art. I also think it would be great at this scale, so we can have the playsets, vehicles/mounts (the flying birds), and the larger beasts like the ents, trolls, and especially the balrog. I would also like to see book characters not in the movies like Tom Bombadil.
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