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  1. I think the multipacks plastic is the worse for me. I haven't had any problems with the gi joes getting them out of the package, although at times can be a little difficult depending how they are posed in there. I bought a hellboy multi pack from amazon, and Krauss broke coming out of the package, his leg snapped off at the joint. I have not got a response from amazon or the seller. I did notice the seller has a policy that he is not responsible for broken toys that have been played with after the package has been opened. I glued the leg back on as a temp fix. But it didn't fix the problem. My problem with zartan was I ordered him in a case off of bbts, and his paint on his face is off. I found one in the store that looks better so I bought it, and just wanted to swap heads. Now that I have done that, I don't need 2 of the same zartans (I will get the 5 pack and Hall of fame figures just because). I was thinking about glueing the bubble with the bad zartan back on and taking it back to target. I am still holding out for the real swamp skier to be re-released, maybe with a clear or half clear zartan or something (to make it worth it instead of just getting another repainted figure just for the vehicle). As far as your problem. It looks like you will have to get hasbro to replace your broken figure, as sucky as that sounds and playing the waiting game. I would offer to give you my dud zartans arm in exchange for the broken one so I can take back the one I dont need to target, But I do not know the first thing about taking these guys apart. The old ones you could easily unscrew.
  2. For some reason, I took a second gander at duke, and the Silver Hawks sprang to mind. It's been a long week lol.
  3. I am still liking the Cobra Commander, but now I am liking the duke figure all decked out. Still not liking the troops, and can take or leave the BAT. If price point is around $20, I'll bite. Anything over $25, I will have to hold off on. I mean come on, they are mostly going to be a box of repaints.
  4. To me it's price point. If they were $5 a piece, I would probably pick 6 or so up. Now that the prices have gone up, I am kinda iffy about picking up figures at random, especially repaints. I do prefer the 5 pack idea better. It is better on the wallet and you get 4 troops with 1 officer, instead of stock piling the officers.
  5. Dude, you should be working for hasbro! I would buy that in a heartbeat. We need the vehicle too #US1#
  6. Valdin

    Sharc (Tooth)

    Dude!! How could I forget the SkyStriker!!! I never had it as a kid but always wanted it!
  7. Dude that is a smallville costume not a merc with a mouths costume, darnit lol
  8. Valdin

    Sharc (Tooth)

    Thanks, Bro. Wasn't the despoiler the little flight pod like Serpentors air chariot? I liked that one. Oh well.
  9. I feel the same way. The only thing to make the movies a little bearable was wolverine. Well should I say Logan, when he was in his civvies. They tried to say the comic costumes would look bad in a movie, I beg to differ. The movie costumes were the things that looked bad. Look at Watchmen, you can bet I will be there opening day to see that, and I know it will do extremely well. Do those costumes look ridiculous? Hell No. Right, marvel let them take too many liberties with the property. I grew up with x-men, they are the reason I got into comics in the first place. But now where are they?
  10. Valdin

    Target Sale

    I saw one right before christmas at full price. Now, nothing. Did you know it made the top 10 list in toyfare? priceless.
  11. Valdin

    Mass Device Packs

    I know, right. I am a big fan of rah, and all the comics that have come out, even DDP. I want a definitive serpentor, and a ddp version, same with zartan. To me the ddp version of zartan looked kinda like a scooby doo villain, and the ddp version of serpentor belongs in a nursing home instead of being a Cobra emperor. I do like the new zartan, but the paint on his face is a little off. You want to talk about quality control, I went to toysrus for the 3 packs and had to tear through the whole bin to find a complete set without anything wrong with them. Most figures, especially wild bill had something wrong with them. For example with wild bill most of the figures had his nose all screwed up. How nice is that? Good thing I got a good set, and while they were on sale for 8.99 each. I passed on the destro set since it has 2 repaints. But now they are full price in the front of the store not moving at all.
  12. Valdin


    For me I prefer getting the cases from bigbadtoystore because they actually sell the figures single or waves. If Hasbro did that, then I probably would buy from them. As far as the individual figures at stores I draw the line at 7 a figure, unless I got to have it. Especially considering all the lovely repaints hasbro is rolling out. I have to say I am getting rather annoyed with hasbros sneakiness as of late. Putting wild weasel in a comic pack, then released with the rattler, and releasing Tripwire in a comic pack, then single carded with a peice to mass device. Not cool.
  13. Valdin

    Mass Device Packs

    Thank You, much appreciated. Do you have any reccomendations on how I can heat it up to melt the glue? I'm guessing boiling. yes/no? Thank You.
  14. Valdin

    Sharc (Tooth)

    But you gotta admit they are nice designs. I think we can give hasbro a slide on those. I will gladly buy the stinger and the arctic hiss when they come out. I think it is nice that they are being inventive with vehicles to come up with the arctic hiss. I can't wait to see what they "make" next. I am still holding out for a concept art hiss with drop down canopy. With the SHARC if it was just a redo with no improvements, I would have passed. I still hope to see the cobra WOLF, snowcat, destro despoiler, Terrordrome, non movie night raven, tomahawk, HAVOK, Hydrofoil, and of course the whale.
  15. Valdin

    Sharc (Tooth)

    True it would be better with somemore retooling to perfect it, like what they did with most everything else of just lowering the cockpit a little, so they can sit upright. Thats where the poseable legs would come in too. From the design art its kinda neat the way they are on the belly looking up and piloting that way, but in reality that would cause neck strain (I would think). To add if you were doing that you wouldnt want to be looking down at the monitor half the time your piloting either. On a side note here, I do have to say I have had less headache ordering gi joe figure cases online to save on hunting, and to insure I got the whole set in one go. The only dissapointment with that was when I got (the recent) zartan, his face paint is a little off. It looks like it goes at an angle at the top like the figure was moved while being painted. That was the figure I was dieing for, and I am so glad I got him. I would have bought a replacment in store, but haven't seen it anywhere. At least I got one. The 2002 MOTU figures are awesome, and I got most of them. I think they are great! Castle Greyskull was great for the original and the new line!. I would have never thought to get the new classics line until I saw Skeletor, and Merman. They sold me. When the 2002 line came out they did a mcdonalds happy meal line, and the figures were smaller. Thats why I thought, the motu line would be cool to see in Joe scale. I would probably buy both scales.
  16. you know, after reading more and seeing the comments on the pics, I had to relook at the pics when I got home from work. Yes Duke does look silly, and to me he looks like Deer Hunter Duke in that get up. Then I looked at the scarab, I have to still admit, i'm not impressed. But after second glance, it didn't look like a cobra vehicle. Since the release of Matt Tracker, I have to say stick some vemon stickers on it, and it would look close to the Jack Hammer from MASK. It needs a pop up rear turret though to finish it off.
  17. I'm not a fan of the mighty muggs in general mostly due to them being a basic body painted up. They look ok, but nothing jumped out at me to make me want to buy any until I saw this one. If he does come out. I will snag him up and put him on my desk at work. This I command!!
  18. I for one do not want to see ripcord in a buddy buddy movie where he joins the team. Also I got really discouraged when I read in the article that they took a little bit of old, a little bit of new, and added their own spin, put it in a pot and voila they got a movie everyone will love. I'm sorry in my world that becomes bastard boy chained to the cellar wall. Now where's the movie I want to see?
  19. Hi all, first time poster here. I am not looking to make any enemies but feel strongly about this and wanted to voice my opinion. I have never liked any of the X-men movie costumes, first and foremost. Mystique looked ridiculous to me as well as sabretooth in those rags (more or less). None of the other super hero's had to wear a black leather costume( although Gi joe is the next victim), so why the x-men? I am surprised that Professor Xavier didn't have to wear one lol. To me the fact that they didn't even try to use anything from the comics was disrespectful to the property. I understand costumes mostly change over time, but most characters have signature costumes that are their trademark. Iceman, was a iced over human body. Colossus was a Steel skinned russian with a red and yellow costume. Spandex debaters need not reply, spandex is bad enough and there are plenty of other fabrics that can be used in its place. I hope Bryan Synger stays away from superhero movies from now on. He tried to change supermans costume and make it an alien symbiote for crying out loud. But the fact of the matter is what he did has set the standard for the x-men movie world. As far as this movie goes, it looks like it is going to be uber!! I can't wait to see it. It is going to have 2 of my favorite characters Gambit and Deadpool (third and fourth are cable and wolverine). I want to see gambit and deadpool in their comic styled costumes at some point for god sakes, it is a signature!! I don't mind seeing gambit in civvies for an origin, but come on. Also Deadpool has one costume, has never had a different one. From the pics and teaser I've seen ( it is going to be awesome for ryan reynolds to play deadpool, he totally fits the part!!) i've only seen ryan reynolds in a tank top. I need more!!!! Please tell me I am not alone.
  20. Valdin

    Sharc (Tooth)

    On my recent outing, I decided to hunt the scarce SHARC. I wasn't going to at first, but after reading several reviews, my mind was quickly changed. I have to say I am so glad I did pick it up (went through 6 stores, this must be popular!!) After my joy of adding the stickers, the nostalgia hit me. It was great!! The new and improved deep six was perfect (well could have used a little mobility in the legs and neck to look like the art on the box, but otherwise perfect). After all the repaints and the bummer news on the movie, my spirits got lifted a little with this. Now I can't wait for the Cobra Water moccasin!! Also as a side note I have to say the new he-man classics figures have gotten me excited to be a collector as well. I got he-man and beastman for my birthday. I can't wait for skeletor, and the rest. They are a little pricey but worth it. I think this line would be cool in the joe scale, as well. just my opinion.
  21. Valdin

    Mass Device Packs

    Ok I broke down and bought the arise serpentor arise pack, as well as the air chariot vehicle pack. I have decided I do want to finish the mass device and will have to wait til next paycheck to get the quick kick pack but I will get it. The best of looks awesome, I can't wait to get that one. Now is there any way to remove the head peice and shoulder snakes holding the cape in place with out cutting them? Like flying Fyggs boiling method or something? Also, the wierd thing is my air chariot pack didn't have a cape for serpentor. Did I not look everywhere or what? Lastly my dusty didn't come with the webgear, so I think I will contact customer service about that. It's worth a shot anyway. Thanks guys.
  22. She reminds me of Diana from V, wearing an x-men movie costume, with a cobra symbol bling bling necklace.
  23. Anyone notice on the signing the registration for news on the movie site, that it says august. I could have swore it was set for may.
  24. Personally, I want to see Golobulus (like the customs with the poseable snake body, not the nonposeable v1 body) Pythona Cobra Commander with mask falling off with snake face underneath Cesspool More Dreadnoks!!! more characters with removable helmets like airtight and barbecue "poseable" SNAKE armor not like the unposeable Deep six a "poseable" Deep six in deep dive armor Spy troops Barrel roll with glider Spy troops Zarana (from the movie) Big Boa More accurate Devils Due Storm Shadow first appearance and from mini series More accurate serpentors from devils due, and cartoon Techno vipers SGT Slaughter @grumpy@ I would seriously like a better swamp skier for zartan Sci-fi Poseable pets (they want to raise the prices, show me something) Weather environment main toons, I love the hot and cold net exclusives, and would like to see Cobra Commander, destro, and some joes in winter gear, and either hot or underwater gear. BAT 2 BAAT Overkill Crystal Ball Ice Viper Voltar Frostbite and SnowCat Slaughters Renegades Overlord Ghost bear Electric eel I know theres alot more, and half of these probably weren't in the cartoon. I guess this is just a wish list. I know
  25. Valdin

    Mass Device Packs

    Ok so I went back to the store and found 1 box left, the arise serpentor arise pack. I had a gift certificate i got for xmas, so I used it on that. Dusty looks a little missing without his webgear. Now with the serpentors. I like the color scheme to the first serpentor, and think his colors are more RAH, and this one in the box set fits the devils due colors. I swapped helmets. But couldn't swap the capes, or the headpeice, they are attached and from the looks of it, and can't be removed or they might break. any reccomendations? Which looks better on the air chariot? Thanks BTW the skeleton is cool, but would have been better with some articulation.
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