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  1. Sorry, not impressed. Nothing tops wes cravens "nightmare on elm street". I might see it, but kinda doubtful. These new remakes of old horror movies are not moving me the way the classics did. I do admit I did like the new texas chainsaw massacre, but thats about it. Maybe I just don't get things nowadays.
  2. I'm going to go with MASK, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Mortal Kombat, Alien vs Predator, Ghostbusters, Robocop, Cinema of Fear, Hellboy and terminator. Those would be crossover ideas. If I was shooting for ideas for toy lines in the scale and articulation of GI joe, then I would add Thundercats, World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings, WWE, TNA, SilverHawks, TigerSharks, Harry Potter, and AVATAR. I would also jump at the chance to collect star wars again if it had that articulation incorporated into it. I know some of these lines already have a 4" scale, but I think the lines could be improved.
  3. Valdin

    ROC vs 25th

    I agree about hama, I think he saw "movie check" and is just going along for the ride on it all. What happened to pride? As far as the sci-fi aspect of Gi Joe, I thought it had a nice blend with the military. It didn't get out of hand (until the end). Color me crazy, but I did liked the laser guns, the defiant and Cobra La (battleforce 2000 not so much). Now with the movie, the sci fi did go too over the top. I would take cobra la over snake mask cobra commander, and all the snake armored troops of the movie. Of course, Cobra needs its blue suited troops, face plated vipers, BATS, and crimson guards. For gi joe resolute, I mostly like it. I didn't like that they offed Major Bludd and storm shadow. It is good that this is more for the collector, but I think main characters should be off limits to kill, lessers are fine for example Heavy Duty *cough cough*. I am not sure I like where they are going with zartan. The rest is great!! As far as hasbro goes, they saw movie check, with lots of toy sales, and sold out too. Arrow you are right that hasbro pushes what they want. I did talk to some people at the gi joe booth at comic con, and was more or less told that they would make the product that they wanted to see and would omit the things they didn't like. Proof in point, was zartans swamp skier. I really don't think they have taken anything we have said into account for any of the 25th line. It was an easy out for them to take preexisting molds and slightly tool things and throw it out there for us. We saw repaints aplenty. The RAH line, had heart and it went the distance. The 25th line wasn't being backed or pushed much by hasbro. They have gotten too comfortable with constantly trying to reinvent the brand over and over and figured that that is how to do business. Since the 25th line was out, I really think they weren't understanding it was a success and wanted to end it and were looking for anyway to do it. It was old hat, and the world needs new fresh product to compete with pokemon. Heaven forbid that classics are what I crave and many others do as well. Look at how well MOTU classics are doing. I really wasn't up for paying $30 a figure every month, but now, I have all the figures and am glad I got them. I would like hasbro to put out more 25th figures, vehicles and step up to bases. Also I would like to see VVV and spytroops characters be made, like Overkill and croc master II. There was a firefly figure in the joe con pictures that does look like a nod to spytroops barrel roll who was dressed as firefly. Kyver, the firefly from the comics pack was cool, I agree, but I think I like the Hall of fame Firefly a little better, but he would be better with the right color scheme. I always thought the original fireflys arms were a tad bit too thin.
  4. Valdin

    ROC vs 25th

    Julianne Moore was perfect for scarlett to me in the ballad of Gi Joe video! Yeah I was not impressed with any of the ROC Scarlett figures. She just doesn't stand out to me. In her defense, (for some odd reason) at least she doesn't look like gorilla face Princess Leia lol . As far as the 25th anniv line goes, I have collected everything I have found and could get my hands on. I got singles, doubles, and some troops I bought 3 or 4 of like the BATS. I would still be buying them if they were out, and wish they would have taken it up a notch to release more like vehicles like oh say the SkyStriker and the Terrordrome. They heard us asking time and time again but chose to ignore it. At this point in the game, I don't want to hear anything about it costing them too much to make especially after all the toys they are pushing for ROC. ROC has a movie to push it, the 25th line didn't need it. I have been looking more at the Joe Con pics, and there are some vehicles I might pick up after all. I am kinda digging the maquarrie style art of the hiss tank. If that damn generic joe symbol is plastered on anything I get I am going to sand it off, or if its a sticker its going to get trashed. I still will avoid all the movie figures, but will pick up the rest that should be picked up like charbroil and any other 25th that gets released. Those huge alien beasts, I would pick up in a heartbeat! I do like the mini playsets but don't like that we have to get movie figures with them. I am also debating the past and present lines, I will have to see more of them when they are released. Finally we will be getting SNAKE armor rereleased. Time to dig the paints out again. Everything does not need to be painted black Hasbro!! That was what made snake eyes unique. As far as the grey camo on the suits go, I don't like it. I prefer the plain green uniforms the original 13 wore, and I like the old circle marking camo compared to the new stuff, thats just my preferance. By the way, welcome to the forums Kyver. Thanks for writing back.
  5. Storm shadow "Yeah, this does feel alot like phantom menace doesn't it?" Snake Eyes "................" Storm Shadow "Ok, your right, its worse, I didn't think it was possible either"
  6. Those figures look awesome. Would be nice if they were available for purchase, but i'm sure now they will just be on ebay. That was a cool parachute drop!!
  7. Yeah, he was also Wash on Firefly, and he appeared on Dollhouse recently. Anyone else who would rather see a movie with this cast than the cast of RoC? I think I would. Rollins as Duke! Sweet... I definatly would. I would camp for tickets to see a midnight showing of it. I dug the music too, so would be all over a soundtrack.
  8. Valdin

    ROC vs 25th

    As a point of reference, when star wars figures were relaunched in 95, they were a big seller, and the line took off, not long after we saw vehicles galore, 12" figures, etc. Now transformers came out and there have been lots of toys made for both movies, and they continue to sell well. GI Joe has had many incarnations, and has been hit or miss. Gi Joe, to me, has returned in a big way. I have enjoyed the relaunch with the toysrus exclusives, to the launch of venom vs valor, spy troops and especially the 25th line. (sigma 6 was cool, but I would have liked a more mego/famous covers/signature series approach with more authentic costumes). The 25th line has been very popular, constantly selling out online and at stores. From my understanding, Hasbro just wanted to do the initial 5 packs as a tribute, and leave it at that. Hasbro has always skirted around questions in the q&a sessions. To me it seems like the people behind the 25th line never wanted to go out on a limb for the line. It took forever to even get vehicles which started out to be the smallest vehicles hasbro has ever produced for the line. The 12" (hasbro) line looks like it was just spare parts thrown together more than anything. When it came time to do larger vehicles, we got 2 planes, which have been redone and repainted time and again. We kept asking for terrordromes, skystrikers, whales etc, and have always been shot down. What we hear is it would cost too much, we might get burned on it etc etc. No thoughts of online exclusives or anything, even though the figures kept selling well. Now we have the movie out, and all the thoughts of "we will get burned" have went out the window. Toysrus, in my neighborhood, has a huge display with mounds and mounds of figures, vehicles of all sizes, and the huge PIT base. It is everywhere. There is no sight of 25th anywhere, not even in the clearance aisle. ROC toys have went all out and are everywhere. When I look at all the product for ROC, it looks like there is twice as many toys as compared to when a star wars movie was released. Also, all the ROC toys look to be new molds with few repaints thrown in here and there. I am still and will always be a GiJoe RAH fan first and foremost. We have been told there has been lots of homages thrown in here and there to please older fans, but I am not seeing much. My beef is "why has so much needed to be changed for the line to survive and thrive, and why couldn't there been more to please older fans?" Was it mismanagment of the line, did they just not care, or are older fans like me just not enough and need to be thrown to the curb to make room for new fans to take my place?." I understand everything needs to change and adapt to survive the trials of time, but I personally don't like the direction of the new movie and toys. All of that aside, How do you like the new ROC line? Does it fit in with your 25th or other line figures? Is it the better or worse line to you? Where does it fit in for you?
  9. It is all fail to me. I went to target and toysrus last night. Both stores were fully stocked, hardly looked like anything was touched. Even with the sales price, and after pouring over them, looking for something to buy, wanting to buy something, I walked away from it all. I didn't buy anything. They did have everything in stock, I had free range of it all. GI Joe always made me feel patriotic, and happy to be an american. Seeing that god damned generic symbol plastered on everything and no american flag in sight. It's not the same. To me it signifies that they are trying to tell me that its better not to be proud to be an american. Thats my thoughts on it, and I won't buy into it. As a side note I read the SD comic con gi joe movie comic, that was a origin story more or less for Helix, and I didn't like that either. So I won't be picking her up either. I know after badmouthing the movie and where the toy line is going, I am trying to come to terms with it, and find a way to like it because it is "Gi Joe!!" Even after meeting Ray Park at the comic con (which he is and always will be awesome!!), I still don't want to see it. At one point I was at the theater, and the gi joe trailer came on, and my girlfriend, who isnt into gi joe at all, said she might like to see it. Well, now that it is out, she has changed her mind (even though we have theater gift certificates.)
  10. Thats a very nice mod to ripcord! Good Job! Now to do that with all the movie ripcord figures too lol.
  11. Now that is a beautiful figure. Now I wish I was attended the joe con lol. But unfortunatly am broke from the SDCC. Is there any other way to get this, or just off of ebay afterwards? Thanks in advance!
  12. I am going and am looking forward to it. I am not happy with this movie, and will not see anything joe related there. I am sure it will be a juggernaut like transformers has been. but for me, now I want no part of either of them. Have fun this year bro!!
  13. These are looking so awesome, they even brought a tear to my eye. I can't wait. I am so dieing to see them all decked out with accesories and the missing helmets. As far as the movie stuff goes, I think i threw up a little in my mouth. Shipwreck looks decent. I think all the accessories are hasbros way of trying to justify raising the prices. For a new movie, it sure is funny seeing so many things redone like the vehicles. Why no love for the skystriker STILL? Also, looks like hasbro is resurrecting sigma 6 with those battlers, the storm shadow doesn't look half bad, just needs a trim on the jacket thing. As for those roller vehicles, they look like happy meal toys.
  14. Toys are not serious, they're for fun. Thats what I thought. It's just the people that get pissy if you say something bad about the movie that irk me.
  15. Out here in san diego, most of the time you can see that wave in stores, not often you don't. In fact at some places they get wave 1 back in from time to time at the targets. Most of the figures in the ASA set are nice. I would have liked a more green and accurate serpentor, other than that he still is a nice figure. I can't wait for the last one to hit stores, and while I'm on it this paycheck I will pick up the set with quick kick in it. I actually like this idea for the sets, I hope they make more after this assortment is done, as long as the repaints are at a minimum unless they are army builders.
  16. I for one, am really getting sick of these "yes men", saying that anyone that opposes the new movie are whining. So since your supporting the line, by supporting this new movie, what are you shooting rainbows out of your butt? This whining rhetoric is NOT acceptable, it is stereotypical, and degrading. As far as the movie figures go, I'm sorry were you born yesterday? Anyone in their right mind KNOWS that ANY (most) movie figures suck. These are no exception. They may be using the 25th mold but thats pretty much the main thing they have going for them, as it has been noted alot of people will use them for custom fodder. Spring loaded weapons? What a joke. I have been collecting figures for quite awhile, and these do not impress. Oh but thats my judgement on the movie clouding my judgement. My bad. Um, for your argument, hasbro actually has no problems doing repaints, and then doing tiny tweeks and calling it the hall of heroes line. I think most fans would want something better and new and can take change, but half the people have differing tastes. My tastes are half against the movie and once august is here, I will have more to go on and decide then. If you want different characters, and think Joe is getting stale, there are other properties out there. Also for the argument, Gi Joe has been around for around 45 years altogether and does NOT need this movie to keep it alive. I think the 25th line is renewing interest into the line, but the movie will take from it. Then resolute will also add to it again. Who knows, time will tell if the movie will bring the kiddies in. Did you just come by my house last week offering me a bible? Tell me more about jesus please. Why do i keep hearing patriotic music in the background everytime I read that paragraph? This movie again, will not kill the line. The 25th line has made sure of that and possibly the resolute cartoon. With transformers, there was a classics line that sold before the movie, then when they exhausted all the movie characters, the classics line made a return. It was already said that if the TF movie did good or bad, the classics line would come back. The same will go with the Joe movie. BTW if the movie does tank, RAH will not be deemed a failure and burst into flames. And from the ashes we will not get a Extreme take 2, sigma 6 take 2 or a new spin off for that matter. Oh also, please don't teach me that lesson again of buying more in spite of me, or I will have to buy more 25th in spite of you. Oh wait, I'm not afraid of change so that doesn't apply to me thank god. Blah Blah Blah, I've already made my point. Do you listen to yourself? This, america, is why you should vote for me for president. Again with the patriotic music. If you don't support the movie, you don't support america, and that in turn means you support the terrorists. Do you really want to support the terrorists? Then buy more!! I do have a lick of business sense, and know Gi Joe will never die. This movie however will probably fade away i'm sure (anyone remember the americanized movie Godzilla?). I am sure after the movie, none of the fan sites will shut down. Toys, cartoons, and comics will still be made. Conventions will still be held, and the Joe con is safe. Life will move on.
  17. Sorry another movie I will have to unfortunatly skip (I did see the first one on cinemax hd for free and shuddered at its awefulness). For the new preview, that wasn't ravage or a dinobot, it was the fish from the simpsons. As far as the transforming debate goes, I am not uber picky about it, but from the first movie why did every iddy biddy little bit have to transform at once? It looked stupid. I guess they had to give them that funky alien look so they could have every little bit unnessacarily transform at once. That was horrible overkill in my book. And for the record I did try to like the first movie, but my sanity pulled me back and told me I have good taste, and That was not anywhere near in good taste, sorry.
  18. [uh.......................um..................the 25th Anniversary GIJOE line is NOT a "screaming success", given that it takes up, what........ 4-6 pegs at most on any given major retailers shelves? There's plenty of other toy lines that can legitimately claim to be far more successful than GIJOE right now. I think for as much as they have been selling and doing well at the stores, (at least most places I've looked) they are doing extremely well. And for a figure line that has caught the attention of other brands to go 3 3/4 as well tells you something. Yes we see repaints now clogging the shelves at some places, but in my neck of the woods figures are very scarce. At most times for the past year and a half the pegs i've seen were empty and I have had to resort to ordering online, which they tend to sell out as well. For a figure to start off at $5 then actually double to $10, 1 and a half years later, seems like it is doing well to me. I know oil had a slight play in that, but not enough to double the in store price like it did. If it did more toys would have went up alot more too.
  19. Thats great, good for you! I am buying and supporting what I like as far as the toys go, and possibly a video game. I will always support the Joe brand when possible. I can take change and look forward to the future of Gi Joe, I am not dissing that, Just this movie. I hope thats not too big a rain cloud. TESTIFY
  20. A-Freakin-MEN!!!! Thanks for posting this. The 'core' fanbase is waaaaaaaaaaay lower than the 'mass' audience draw. The movie has to be able to reach out past those of us who frequent the boards.......and I'm thinking that this movie is going to accomplish that in spades #US1# Which also illustrates how far outside of the public eye GIJOE really is. The assumption is the brand plays to its "strengths" when its campy, but that is not how aficionados of GIJOE see it. This why I have said, for a long time, that GIJOE is a very difficult property to bring to the big screen. The filmmakers are literally damned if they do or don't. One more thought here: the folks polled above are probably not kids. There's a potentially huge audience sitting right there, in the under-14 set. Now, I know my youngest step-son (13 yrs old) isn't a accurate yardstick to measure any of this by, all by his lonesome.........BUT....... He was not aware of the trailer until I showed him, and once he saw it, his excitement level ramped up considerably--more so than Transformers, which he knew about. He was telling me, in turn, about the reactions of his 14 friends to viewing the trailer and it was all positive. His exact words to me were: " Nobody thought GIJOE was this cool". Now, that's just 15 kids talking, so who knows what impact the movie will really have. Additionally, those 'true fans' dumping sh** all over whatever we've received thus far isn't helping matter either. While a vast majority of *fans* like pissing in the pool, they should show some restraint..........there's other people swimming in it @smilepunch@ Let the bowing commence. I just love arguments like this. Not to sh** in your cheerios, but fans no matter how core or not, do not want inferiour product. Also I am sorry but I am sick of people on their clouds steroetyping fan boys. Am I pond scum that needs to be swept under the carpet and shut up, because I don't know any better, and my opinion is trivial to the real picture? "Don't look at the fan boy and he won't see you" Now I am a monster in the closet due to my tastes. Thank You! From my perspective, after seeing the ad I kinda want to see the movie. I have been holding out. I've wanted Gi Joe to make it to the big screen, but there were too many productive freedoms still taken. In a sense, they still made it G.I.J.O.E in product but are calling it Gi Joe to apease the masses. The preview looked ok, but I did cringe a bit. The all black costumed team idea is horrible, but that is what the studios are pushing and hoping will be their ace in the hole. On a final note, the small core fan base, was big enough to make the 25th anniversary line a screaming success compared to most other toy lines, regardless of scalpers. If fans werent as picky about character and costume and just wanted to support gi joe for the name to keep it going regardless of the mythos then Sigma 6 and other sub brands would have done better than they did. From what I have seen of the movie toys I am not impressed, and do not look forward to seeing all the ripcords warming the pegs when I go into seeing the figures, just like the Shia Lebouf figures from the Indy line.
  21. http://cgi.ebay.com/CUSTOM-GI-joe-loose-lo...1QQcmdZViewItem Ummm, No.
  22. http://cgi.ebay.com/G-I-Joe-25th-Custom-19...1QQcmdZViewItem Oh yeah!!
  23. http://cgi.ebay.com/Custom-MOC-G-I-Joe-BAT...1QQcmdZViewItem this didnt make me go wtf, but it did make me go hmmmmm. I like the filecard etc.
  24. This just in: the gi joe tag line will be removed as it was a ruse. The real name of the movie has been revealed to be : Team america world police: the sequal. At the end of the movie, We will see cobra commander remove his mask to reveal that he is Kim Jong Il. Also red white and blue will be added to the super suits via cgi. Need proof? They are americans fighting terrorism across the world. A world monument gets destroyed. The super suits are actually being manipulated via strings to make them look like they are doing things not humanly possible. Now that that has been established I could see this movie. I promise I will never die. I hope the pearl harbor/micheal bay sucks song is in this one too!! @firedevil@ BTW I do see the resemblance in the super suits to Wraith. How quiant. Maybe thats a plot line, and cobra steals the suits for their own and they fight in thier original garb. Brilliant!! But there can be only 1 wraith. What gives?
  25. This just in: the gi joe tag line will be removed as it was a ruse. The real name of the movie has been revealed to be : Team america world police: the sequal. At the end of the movie, We will see cobra commander remove his mask to reveal that he is Kim Jong Il. Also red white and blue will be added to the super suits via cgi. Need proof? They are americans fighting terrorism across the world. A world monument gets destroyed. The super suits are actually being manipulated via strings to make them look like they are doing things not humanly possible. Now that that has been established I could see this movie. I promise I will never die. I hope the micheal bay sucks song is in this one too!! @firedevil@ BTW I do see the resemblance in the super suits to Wraith. How quiant. Maybe thats a plot line, and cobra steals the suits for their own and they fight in thier original garb. Brilliant!! But there can be only 1 wraith. What gives?
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