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  1. About 2 weeks ago I called a local target and asked if they had got the 25th figures in, as I was sick of wasted trips and searching so much. The person I talked to said yes we have the single packs but not the 5 packs, and I said the 4" ones right? And he said yes. So after weeks of no good fortune, I got in the truck and headed down there. I got to the store and looked all over and, Nothing just new sigma 6. I asked the person in sales and they said that person I talked to already went home for the night and the only gi joe that they had was the new sigma 6's, and a few of the 2.5s.
  2. Valdin

    Gi joe mmorpg

    Actually theres a huge amount of customizing that you can do when making a character for city of heros. I've made a couple cobra/joe toons already. But they will reset the toon to generic if your playing as a popular character/with the name etc. As far as the lands go, in swg, it is sandbox, so they threw in where everything should go and added terrain and citys. Theres I think 9 planets to explore, and they are basically just different climates/areas on earth, which shouldn't be hard to translate to gi joe. We got jungle, city/urban, ice/snow, etc. Water areas would be good too if they could work them right, there hasnt been much as far as water goes in mmos from what ive seen. Halo has very good vehicle based gameplay which could be added. And I think squad play could be good if they could add it, but playing with friends or other players has its advantages too especially with team speak etc. I play world of warcraft now with my gf and our friends in hawaii and we talk to each other through google talk, nightly and have a blast with no problems. I'm just saying that swg has been around for 4-5 years and had lots of good stuff to work with then and they just kept adding as they went, and now 4-5 years later, they should have been abled to add more bells and whistles by now to any game. With the character customization, they should have lots of choices to choose from, and you should be abled to unlock further peices of armor for certain viper/troop sets. Or/also as warcraft goes, as you advance you get better armor loot drops with better stats that you can switch out on your toon.
  3. Sweet, my silver headed destros arrived today, and It was awesome opeing and looking at one. Now I'm kinda nervous about pulling off the heads without breaking them, any advice? It seems the silver head version is a little stiff compared to the regular version.
  4. I agree with mace. The mummy movies were good, but van helsing I could have done without. But my concern is something I've pretty much always been concerned about when any "Licensed title" gets the hollywood treatment. They cant just go with their appropriate costumes/ Battle fatigues and blame it on realism issues and want to reinvent everyone in some horrible fashion or another. And once we have to sit through seeing that, then all the good guys have to like its manditory to kill off all the bad guys in the time frame of 2 hours. How many superhero/comic influenced movies have let a bad guy slip through for a sequal. Shredder got killed twice in tmnt movies, Joker had to fall to his doom at the end of the first batman. I really like the cobra team and wouldn't want to see cobra commander capped at the end of the first movie, and the they bring in someone else to take his place or something. Serpentor wouldn't be a bad call but like I said I like the bad guys too much to have to see them die at the end.
  5. Valdin

    Gi joe mmorpg

    http://www.joesightings.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=6010 states a gi joe mmoprg would make a great game. I have been playing mmo's since Star wars galaxies first came out, and after the nge,I jumped ship to world of warcraft and have been happy there ever since. I also like the city of heros/villians to play as well. World of warcraft (the last time i checked) has 8.5 million subscribers playing now. Just imagine the possibilities of a Gi joe mmorpg. For starters most mmo's let you play on both sides of the coin. In warcraft you can play the alliance OR the Horde ( I play both). In star wars you can play a rebel, an Imperial or just simply be in the world coexisting and enjoying the fun. So with this said, I would love to play an mmo where I could be a cobra, a joe, a dreadnok, a spy, or even perhaps work for the MARS program and develop weapons as a bystander or to join in the fun. Imagine all the landscapes in games and in mmo's they are 10 times better. Also think about running around in a Tank or a Skystriker and going into battle to do pvp against another group and knowing its not just some dumb npc that has a set ai, your actually playing against someone else, a living breathing, thoughts in motion, person. You could have guilds which would be mini malitias/ or could be considered a cobra/joe base of operations where other factions could be trying to take over. Having a Terrordrome as a guildhall would be so much fun to me. Also working up, doing missions or battle could move you up through the ranks and earn you perks like new uniform options, weapons, vehicles, or even npc troops you could control and bring into battle. For me, in star wars some of the highlights were going to see points of interest that were most memorable in the movies, and seeing characters out and about from the universe and interacting with them, or doing missions for them to be in their good grace to further unlock jabbas palace and the emperors retreat. Another possibility which has been in the mmorpgs is the chance to be a creature handler. So having a croc like croc master, or any breed of dog/wolf/Eagle for the animal handlers of Gi Joe like Mutt, Law, Snake eyes, or spirit could be a possibility. Its funny cause I was just thinking to myself wouldnt the Gi joe universe be a great place to be in and interact with others and see the landscapes. I know in star wars when you did quests you could get faction points to get stormtrooper armor. Who wouldn't want to do the same to get viper armor or any other set of armor for that matter? As for me count me in. I would jump ship for an awesome gi joe mmorpg any day. Its time us Joe fans got a good game to play and could take part in that would be as massive as the joe verse.
  6. Thanks guys for all the input. I did the exacto on the new figures lastnight, and am really liking the end results of the card. ( I should have done that YEARS ago lol!!) I am still floored at how good the new figures look. I looked in wallyworld, in the hardware dept but didnt find the clear case Toilet monkey was talking about, but that was 1 walmart. Ill check sears tonight to see what they have and see if I can find the pages for the 5 packs filecards and for sleeves to put the cards in for a binder. I'm in san diego, so lots of places I can look, and if need I can look online for Items. When I was at walmart lastnight, the spot that the gijoes was in was now filled with those generic hero corps figures, like 6 pegs full, and no pegs for the gijoes. They condensed the pegs for sigma 6, and looked like they were setting up a new mod. Still no sign of the 5 packs in stores besides toysrus where I got the cobra pack. Haven't been back there in a couple weeks. Im glad I got 2 of the 5 packs from the comic con,and even happier, that I got 1 signed by Sgt slaughter!! I got to talk to him and he said he likes the new figures, and they(hasbro) just sent him the same 5 pack in the mail. I'm kinda hoping the Joecon next year is a little closer to home ( i hate flying). I would have loved to go to the Joecon this year to see Rowdy Roddy Pipper, and hopefully meet you guys, you are a great lot!!
  7. well, Ill give it a try, thank you very much guys!! What should I do about the old filecards? Does anyone have any good ideas on protective sheets like baseball card sheets that I could use to put them in a binder, or have any better ideas thats not a shoebox lol Thanks in advance.
  8. If all it is are the colors, I think it might be safe to say, this might be a popular figure for people, as well as green paint to go with it
  9. I was actually thinking that, because I did hear that before, but wasn't sure if it would mess up the card. Thats why I was a little hesitant about doing that and wanted to see if it works or someone has a better idea. Thanks for the input, I appreciate it!!
  10. Ok, I got a question here. Before I didn't care and just clipped the file card and the rest wasn't really that important. But now looking at the cards, I like these every much and want to know the best way to seperate the card from the bubble without messing up the card. I want to save the cards mint in a folder, while displaying the figures on a bookshelf, or my desk. Also another question, I want to put the file cards I do have in a binder, kinda like baseball cards with the clear sleeves. Does anyone have any good ideas or alternatives to holding file cards besides in a shoebox which was what I was doing. Also, lastly, I was in wallyworld the other day looking for the new figures, which I finally found!! Woohoo!! (They must have just put them up because I got all the new ones, and there were only 2 se left afterwards) So after I got the figures I was still looking around and found a clear matchbox case for holding vehicles, and thought it would be good if it was a little longer to hold the figures and weapons if transporting/moving/storing. Does anyone have any good idea for holding the figures seperatly with thier weapons somehow? Or is that a bad idea and someone has a better idea? Thanks for the input and help. I appreciate it.
  11. Plain and simple, they tried reinventing something that didn't need reinventing. Look at how well the tribute 25th line is doing, it shows that if its not broke don't try to fix it.I did like the sigma six line, but I think it was more of filler line to keep the name going. Unfortunatly they don't think 2 Joe lines can run at the same time. Some of the stuff wasn't bad, but it was far from perfect. I thought that the figures were a nice touch when compared to the last 12" rah run they had. I wasn't too keen on the anime style at first but it did grow on me. The cartoon wasn't bad either, considering the 2 movie dvds we had to go on with before that. Since it is ending I think my final figures to get will be the adventure team (especially Storm shadow w/ tiger).
  12. Kinda reminds you of the gorilla faced leah they did when they brought back the star wars line, first go's are growing pains. Firefly does look awesome, I think they could make(or we could customize) a good stormshadow with fireflys head. I'm still kinda scratching my head on zartans face. (was hoping to get the mini vehicles with serpy and zartan). I was liking the new serpentor until you guys brought up some good points, gold on gold isnt that great. That was pretty funny about serpentors package, Im at work in a call center and saw that and almost busted out laughing. Kudos guys!!
  13. Valdin


    If theres any other mini vehicles you would like to see, feel free to add them. There are soo many to choose from, I just added the 2 from the figures coming out that listed on card that previously came with vehicles the first time around. Another fave of mine was air assault that came with barrel roll from spy troops, it was 2 vehicle in one. I always did like the gliders that they had, as well as the trouble bubble etc.
  14. The filecard is totally revealled. Sounds kinda interesting, glad he is tied in with Destro. I am hoping he will be in the 25 anniversary formart. Ok so now weve seen the file art, when do we get to see the finished product? Are they going to be doing to hasbrotoyshop.com sale afterwards as well since they did that with destro? I want to see the figure itself before i pass judgment.
  15. I think they look awesome, and keep getting better and better, Im just hoping for an air chariot and Chameleon Swamp Skier to top it off( but am not going to hold my breathe for them).
  16. Like I said before, I would like to get a revamped Sharc w/ Deepsix. The dreadnoks and crimson twins are a must. And for a little fun kinda like the comic packs and star wars has their revolution line. I think it would be awesome if they came out with 2 packs 1 figure a known gijoe, and the second figure, would be the devils due version. For instance a repaint of the joe stormshadow with the black mask and white outfit, like on the cover of gioje americas elite #25, with the second version being the first appearance of storm shadow in devils due, which shouldnt be hard, they could use the new fireflys head because it looks like the one in the comic. I would also like to see something like a wraith 2 pack, one version all bad assed and then the second a clear version. My top ten list well, theres soo many I think I'll do 10 for each Cobra: 1 Nemesis Enforcer, 2 Overkill, 3 Golobulus, 4 Batv1, 5 Vypra, 6 Crimson Twins, 7 Cesspool, 8 Iron Grenadiar, 9 Cobre Eels 10 Croc Master II and as an add bonus S.N.A.K.E. armor redone Gi Joe: 1 Barbecue, 2 Spirit, 3 deep six, 4 Doc, 5 Sci-fi, 6 Mutt & Junkyard 7, Charbroil, 8 jinx, 9 Barrel Roll (spy troop with Air Assault), 10 Blowtorch and another added bonus A watch tower/ security check point with army builder joe soldier
  17. Valdin


    When I was at the comic con last week I talked to the lead designer of the new line john, who didn't have alot to say about vehicles coming yet, as they are just focusing on figures right now. I believe the figures there were final product. I for one liked the pack in vehicles from the 80s and since they aren't going to be released with the figures, I just thought I'd start by saying I would pay extra to have small vehicle packs on the side. The Cobra Throne and zartans motorcycle were bonus items i thought would be neat to have (or customize). Thanks for your thoughts and input.
  18. Yeah, all of those sound awesome!!! I was and still am a big fan of nemesis enforcer, and from reading some other posts, we are not alone. I would definetly buy a 5 pack of cobra la.
  19. Thats a good I idea, and since the are doing a Cobra stinger driver, why not redo the cobra stinger vehicle. I would like to see a redone SHARC with deep six, that was a childhood fave of mine. Also off the subject, wouldn't it be awesome for some totally new playsets, like a new Terrordrome, and the PIT. What about the gas station for the dreadnoks, that could be a hideout/base in disguise or a new base for the dreadnoks based on devils due comics
  20. the representative from Hasbro said he thinks the 25th anniv. figures have too wide of hips to fit in vehicle cockpits. With the vehicles I have thats not the case, they fit just fine. My question is when the vehicles do in fact start coming, which ones would you like to see first, ans should they use the same mold as before, modernize/retool (slightly) the older vehicles, or introduce new vehicles from newer military vehicles.
  21. In keeping the 25th anniversary excitment going, I just wanted to ask which figures you want to see next that we haven't seen out or coming soon. Also as a side note which expanded universe characters would you like to see introduced in the line. I can't wait to see Overkill v1, Cesspool, and BAT v1. and/or v2( for starters) I wouldn't mind seeing Devils due Storm Shadow released as well as Phoenix Guard
  22. Whew, this is nutz. The suspense. My credit card was billed, but on account says not shipped, and it was scheduled to be shipped yesterday 7/31. Last time I ordered it shipped a day after it said it would. Not sure about credit card being billed.
  23. Awesome, I cant wait to get mine in the mail then, I got the cobra 5 pack, but am waiting on the 2 silvers from the toyshop.com My girlfriend even took a liking to the 5 pack and didnt want me to open it, I told her not to worry, because I want to pick up another one.
  24. I was just curious as I want to change the heads on the destros too, but I dont want to break them in the process, how do you remove the heads? are they on a ball joint, or do we need to unscrew anything? thanks so much
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