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  1. Yeah those are nice. I've wanted to see what they would look like out of the box, since I haven't seen too much on them. Most stuff now has the see through plastic to check the items out. I'm in my early thirties and got some of the 12" figures as hand me downs from my dad. Is that how the original packaging really was? Definetly worth picking up, thanks for the pics!!
  2. Darthjoe, that is your opinion and I am entitled to mine. I for one do enjoy good movies and do not pick them apart like some Overly Obsessive Fanboy. I like transformers g1 g2 but not much further from there. I know what I like, and as stated don't mind change. If I did I wouldn't be enjoying the new comics from devils due, or the figures since they aren't O-ring, Please! Its the problem that people let directors/hollywood walk all over a property and change it as seen fit as these sheep will watch anything and give hollywood a profit. I am not demanding perfection as you claim, but I don't want them to screw this up. Maybe I am picky, but as an american I think I have the right to be. With so many choices in the world and so many people trying to make a mark by putting a signature on something, no wonder people just go with the changes as if its nothing. I've always liked marvel, and do't follow the comics and enjoyed most of the movies thats my opinion. I don't have to like a movie because you say, and that I need to be more open minded, if I don't like it I don't like it. I thought the fantastic four movies were great (although I would have liked to have seen galactus at the end of second). I liked the first 2 burton batman movies as well as the 60's movie, and thought the new movie was terrific. I didn't like the costume changes in xmen, thats minor to the whole movies, the first had its moments but if you think about it nothing really developed, and the story was just there, the second was better, i liked the development with wolverine but again, where did it go? it was a minor story compared to how much better it could have been. The third was best but still had room for improvement. We could have seen so much more but didn't. Superman 2 had a great story, had action, comedy, and a great super hero/villain fight. Whats wrong with asking for that? The fights now a days in movies aren't as good as they could be, they last between 10-seconds to 2 minutes tops. Also there are so many super/regular villains out there. The villain in x2 was good, but we have a super hero team fighting people and a PERSON, crazy but still just a person, there were no Supervillains pulling the reins in second movie. Considering the powers of the heros/villains I would like to see some superfights, wolverine vs lady deathstrike fight was good, but short and not super.Theres been plenty of good movies out, and plenty of let downs. I want gi joe to succeed more than anything, and I want it to be enjoyable as much as the next guy, I can take change but unneeded change is still unnecessary, no matter how you look at it. So your saying its fine if snake eyes talks, leads the team so he is in the spotlight, and was born anywhere else but the us, to make it universally friendly? <another worse case scenario>
  3. Ok, i'd rather have energon cubes, instead of some all powerful allspark rubiks cube, but thats just me. Yes they are pretty much the same thing, but isn't the allspark some one of a kind ancient relic from cybertron instead of a refillable fuel source? Oh thats right its the life giver, (since transformers don't mate) and its a cheap way to make a cop out on something they didn't want to get into. "Daddy where do transformers come from?........" My second point, if they wanted to defend humanity, why go on the roadways and fight right into a town and rip it up? Thats not transformers, its rampage. That defeats the purpose of robots in disguise. I do admit transformers is a tough concept/cookie to translate to movie form especially with the size transfers and to alter that really would have been stretching it. I do understand that they are aliens, but who says aliens should look as bizarre as they were presented in the movie. The fact that when they did transform and everylittle microbit in them moved that broke it for me. It shows they use realism as an excuse to their advantage, but when they want to go way off its saupposed to be fine. The fact that micheal bay was so arrogant as to say that he was changing it because he wanted to and added flames because he wanted to and that optimus prime had lips to talk instead of his face plateshould be fine. They are robots and dont need lips. I thought optimus looked like a poorly animated toaster that way. I didn't see any lips on the robots in star wars and they came off as beilevable, hell they even had puppets. But the point I was getting at is the changes made for hardcore fans could be bad and depending on the fan could kill the line, or make it famous in a bad way. I'm glad you like the movie and want to defend it. I hope Gi joe is a huge success and done right, looks right, and has a great story and many sequals/ spinoffs down the line. But I am looking at the way I see transformers the movie as bad and a bad success, and am thinking worst case scenarios of what could happen to gi joe if transformers becomes the template for future properties.
  4. I have been a fan of gijoe all my life. I am also a fan of Transformers g1, most sci-fi, and formerly of x-men. The x-men movies were ok to good, but too many changes caused me to step away, especially the fact that the changes went over to the comics/other media. I personally don't like the costume changes and the fact that they decided to go matrix-y with out compromising bringing the comic costumes to life minus the spandex aspect. The excuse of realism for a property based from a comic/cartoon is idiotic. Iron-man and Superman seem to be doing pretty well, and Spiderman isn't bad either (now midget venom and green goblin are another story). I am not saying I don't like change. I don't mind change especially if it is done tastefully without taking from the original preestablished characters/product. I for one like the improved character costume designs of the joe verse, especially Storm Shadow, Zartan, Zandar, and Serpentor. They stories and character development are good although I don't like some off the killing off of characters, like Dr Mindbender and others. The changes they did in design were for the most subtle like for Zartan. He looks close to v1 which is most memorable. Look at the changes to the Joes/Cobra when they brought about the gijoe vs cobra figure 2 packs. Destro looked horrible not even remotely familiar besides the silver mask but it was all goofy looking now. Personally I didn't like the Transformer movie due to character redesigning and the altering of the motive of robots in disguise for a reason to blend in while protecting the world, instead of the whole they came to earth for something, now they WANT to fight and dont care when or how and turn into vehicles to look bad-a$$ed and to cause havok. I cringe to think this movie did good and that the figures are selling good. My point is, the same producer from transformers is pushing for Gi joe to have the same changes they deem fit since they worked in transformers to go on gi joe, and they will think they have free range to make changes as needed. For instance now that Cobra is supposedly headed by a scottish arms dealer instead of cobra commander. <worst case scenario> My fear is that lightening will hit twice, and they will ruin another great property, the toys would sell well, but it would be based on crappy design changes they made, then the changes would move over as in with the comics and a new cartoon. (Like they are doing with transformers).We wouldn't see anymore of the great 25th anniv figures we want to see, and that line would be converted over to nothing but movie stuff (ie the fact that transformers classics are on hold while they sell nothing but movie junk). Gi joe would be forever changed into something we would cringe at the thought of. What do you all think? Am I alone in thinking that the idea of a botched movie whether if it does good or bad could kill the line/soul of the line? Gi Joe I know will always be, but how is the question. Remember when the he-man movie came out? The line didn't go much further after that if I recall correctly.
  5. Well as far as articulation went, when the line first appeared they did a straight armed version of the figures that was fixed later. Then, and NOW..... When I was a the comic con, Tazzman and I got to talk to the designers who stated the articulation is a big focus, and they are in the stages of working out better articulation like (John-Lead designers example) that they want to make the wrists more posable so you can have your figure holding the gun correctly and pose him/her so that they are looking down through the scope. I did mention about I want to see vehicles, in which he replied these figures so far are not made to fit into vehicles but with high quality in mind as a start, they will look into the vehicles and make the neccesary changes down the line. I agree they should have had the whole picture looked at first since vehicles were a big part of the arah line. But I do believe from talking to them that they do have a good game plan going on and want to take care to keep this line going with neccesary changes going through as needed. I am a huge gi joe fan and will collect the toys as long as there is a line, as well as the comics/cartoons/movies. I am glad there is a line to buy now, and at the quality that it is. These guys there said about how surprised at how well the line is doing and that it took off. They did listen with care about feedback, and sound like they want to take good care of it, since they are fans themselves. I'm sure they will ask for more feedback/do more polls etc, and we can do our feedback then as well as with the q & a's that they let us be part in. I look forward to the future of the line and will always be a Joe fan I can't wait for the vehicles and am hoping to see a rattler w/ wild weasel, sharc with deep six, and whale w/ cutter all done right As far as screw ups go I don't see anything wrong with the line thus far and do see minor things that could be reincluded down the line like the small print list of accessories down the side. and maybe with the silver logo on the cobra troop, they should have labeled that as a air trooped and included it with a glider and done the red symbol right on the trooper. But I know for me with this line, I get that giddy feeling of a kid at christmas when I see news/the toys on shelfs for me to buy Btw I love the new comic, and think they are doing an excellent job with it, I also have most of the original marvel comics which i read cover to cover. I am proud to be a Gi Joe fan, and an American. I was kinda iffy about the Cobra battle pack number 2, but when I saw the high res pics, I like all the figures, and can't wait to pick that up, and hope they do more battle packs Thats my 2 cents.
  6. http://www.iesb.net/index.php?option=com_e...mp;article=3178 Gi joe will no longer be in brussels and back in the states. Now heres hoping thy get the story and characters right!!
  7. As far as saving the cards/file cards goes, I bought a binder from target to put the pocket sheet protectors in as well as some photo page refills to put in binder. I put them in alternating order, now my problem is those were the only photo sheets they had, and they are too big for the binder and for most binders they had there even the photo albums themselves. The photo pages were for 3x5 photos, so i thought they would fit but they are swimming on there just like the figure cards are swimming in the sheet protectors. I was thinking about putting bags and boards in as well for the cards but I want to be abled to see both sides of the card in the album. Anyone have any better ideas or suggestions? Much appreciated. Thanks!!
  8. Im very impressed!! Very good job bro
  9. My only problem with this is that I would have liked something a little more defining for deep six instead of repainted diver body they are using, and the fact that he does deep diving, should be a bigger suit with bigger helmet. I liked both versions of deep six in original RAH line. Also I want to see a better pic of barrel roll with air assault, I thought that was a great figure in spytroops, with convertible glider and the armor. Now again this just looks like another repaint of duke w/ jetpack, not a bad one, but still a repaint. I would have liked to see the spy armor from the spytroops line. Ill still def pick these up though!!
  10. well i was going to copy and paste it, but when i looked it just said www.mastercollector.com . When on the site wait for the gijoe tab up top, click it, then scroll down to see the news. I hope that helps.
  11. Hey all, Over at mastercollector.com, they have pics up of a 3 pack of sigma style figures that will be a tru exculsive. Characters include Deep Six, Barrel Roll and Back Blast. It is for land sea and air. It looks good, but this is just a sneak peek. I can't wait to see more pics before I decide to buy or not.
  12. Valdin


    Okay, so I'm seeing that Cobra is getting a second 5 pack but nothing said about a second gi joe one, and wheres a bone for the dreadnoks? I was thinking about the fact that they are doing the the repaint thing to make 2nd cobra box, so what could they do for gi joe? Like possibly a stalker with jetpack, a redone (corrected )flint, grunt, some more green shirts like maybe breaker, zap, flash etc, and finish it off with Hawk. Then theres the dreadnoks, my five list for them since they deserve a 5 pack would be Ripper, Torch, Gnawgahyde, Road Pig, and monkey wrench. ( i know these wouldn't be repaints but they need a 1st five before they get into the repaints, which they dont need repaints for anyway. I definetly want to see Zandar and Zarana, but want to see them on cards for the most. What do you guys think? Bonus question: Gi joe has a theme song, and Cobra had a theme at begining of movie, did the dreadnoks have a theme song to be put in the insignia box in the case?
  13. @notworthy@ I totally agree with you!! @notworthy@
  14. I was reading the q & a's and noticed they said they rushed out the first wave of single packs, so since they realized that they should have put gloves on flint, should they offer replacement gloved hands, or totally do a corrected flint? and would you buy it?
  15. Hasbro: Our first goal with the 2007 25th Anniversary line was to bring the most important GI Joe and Cobra characters out into the market. Now that we have accomplished that, we can start looking at gearing them up I'm hoping this means, they will bring in v1 serpentor on air chariot and v1 zartan on swamp skier #Granade# . Also I will definetly picking up the dd serp and zartan in hopes that they will do more dd characters like storm shadow and wraith.
  16. Here's the kicker, if the movie sucks to us but does well at the box office and the kiddies like the new crap they put out, and the line gets changed for the masses and they make a cartoon based on the movie specs. So what we knew and loved gets put on the back burner so the masses collect what is wrong " the new changed revision" of a hollywood whacko. (which is how I see what happened to the transformers, and hopefully will not happen to gi joe) I am definetly looking forward to thundercats now that I heard that it will be cg. I think chances of someone making a good gi joe movie that everyone will like are so slim that it isn't even funny. Personally, I like Mark Walberg as an actor, but don't think he is right for gi joe. I think that if they can get the big characters in the movie, that they should be no names (possibly up and coming but not yet), that way the movie doesn't become about the big name actor and not the property. Imagine seeing a Gijoe movie poster with Gi Joe in small Letters and STARRING MARK WALBERG in huge letters. Makes me cringe just thinking about it
  17. Valdin

    25th Zartan

    Yeah, just something about the new version doesn't fit quite well with me, Its the whole package for me, the new costume, his face, and the fact that he doesn't come with the Chameleon swamp bike. Also its not the same art from before on the card due to the changes
  18. Well I was impressionable when I got into gijoe back then and thought it was awesome to see sgt slaughter, someone flesh and blood, tied to the line. As far as someone now, I would think Bill Goldberg could join on anyside. Also before Sylvester Stallone was supposed to join the line, that would have been nice to see, I'm not sure about now, but why not. I did like it when The Fridge was a part of GI joe and think adding sports figures or any kind of role model wouldn't hurt, it certainly didn't kill the line. What about Ben Roethlesberger? I'll try to come up with some more to contribute as it is a good idea. I was also thinking Mark Hamill, but not so sure. Anybody but Topher Grace.
  19. Valdin

    Gi joe mmorpg

    First off, a mmorpg is a great idea, and it is not to be thought of as a final fantasy rpg. The rpg aspect means that you role play your character in the game, not that your a fairie trolloping around. And secondly you dont go knocking door to door for quests, as someone stated earlier. If alls the game was vacuum salesmen/women work, I don't think it would be that great and i don't think 8.5 + million people would be playing world of warcraft. And if mmo's were that bad then I wonder why there are so many now and so many more in development. And just because one sucks doesnt mean they all will, you just have to find the right one to play, which if/when it came out would be gi joe for me. When it comes to mmo games, don't knock it until you tried it. Theres a good sci-fi/military game in works in beta called Tabula Rasa that isn't bad, it is in beta and I got a key to try it for free until it comes out which is very cool. The swg aspect I was talking about that would translate great to gijoe was the way it was setup initially, as a Massive online community that needed one another to work to help out and advance. You could have your crafters/merchants that can go out and mine resources to make weapons/ vehicles/ and armor to sell to the community, and you could have medics/doctors to heal wounded, and/or give buffs to improve stats for battle. They could have set battlefields to gather your groups in and do battle. Not just play some squad based game by yourself commanding your team, but actually working with other people together for a common goal. There should be pvp with bases and vehicles which is pretty much what you guys were talking about before. As far as your characters go, you CAN"T have 20 guys dressed as destro or snake eyes running around. Each character should be unique and character made. If they choose the joe side they should have something like a tattoo or insignia saying gi joe on their armor or clothes and same done for cobra. I like the idea of being abled to earn armor or to play as a cobra troop, or viper, or grunt and working your way up the ranks. But you CAN"T play as a preexisting character period. They would be npcs that you could talk to/work with. When swg came out everyone wanted to be a jedi, but it was nowhere to be found at the start. When it did come out,you had to WORK for it to get there which didn't happen overnight and you had to find out how to go through the process which kinda made it interesting and greatful that you earned everystep you took ( but then there were too many whiners that wanted it to be a starting profession, which they made it that way, which ruined it big time). I could see Gijoe as a mmorpg/shooter/squad game with some sniping action and the works, which could be good on console and pc. And for the people that don't want to pay monthly they could come out with console games to play ( hopefully). For sniper and better play mechanics, it should have an option to choose between third person and first person, especially for sniping out enemies. I know a good game I played years ago that felt closest to Gi joe in my books was command and conquer Renegade. To me there are sooo many more options/activity/fan interaction than in a standard game, and trust me it is worth every penny. I do like 1st person shooters and squad based games as much as the next guy, but I get more out of a game that isnt just another routine deathmatch and knowing that im interacting with people/community than a limited npc. Also in swg they did have unarmed combat/polearmtype fighting which worked out pretty cool for the guys who want to do martial arts which was always fun. Theres also a Matrix online game with lots of martial arts in it, so it can be done. Back to the characters, (on cobra anyway), theres plenty of soldiers/choices to make your character or get armor to play as like heat vipers, laser vipers, annhialators etc, and I think it wouldn't be bad to get clothes/armor resmebling your favorite toon like getting a sailor uniform like shipwreck, or flints beret that you could wear,but characters should be unique, and not clones of existing characters plain and simple.
  20. You know they are going to change it alot for REALISM, and to sell their new and improved visions to kiddies. The fact that transformers did well and the figures are selling tells people that they might NEED to change it so they can sell it and try to mimic the successful sales of transformers figures. But if transformers was so great and thought out so well then why do they have to comeout with a transforming figure and a icon (more movie realistic) figure? besides for more money, but because they over did it. When the transformers transform, every little peice of them moves in some fashion, and my question is why??? because it had to be done? I dont think so!! And last time I checked the transformers I grew up with didnt roller blade down the highway because it would look cool or because it had to be done for a movie, but apparently the actual designer thought it would look cool, and he is very into car design soooo. I think they need to get people that are interested in the project that were fans, and not just people that just see it as a paycheck/ way to express themselves through visions of something they see as needed to be changed when it doesn't. If the new line says anything it says if it aint broke don't f*&@ with it
  21. The problem I see from my point of view is that in hollywood they cant do anything anymore that isnt over the top. Any normal story that was a good story made years ago, couldnt be made now due to it not being big/bad/bold enough with explosions every 2 seconds and everything has to be about the END of the world if the team doesnt fix it. GI Joe is supposed to be a behind the scenes military group that takes care of threats not the full scale military, otherwise our villains wouldnt be cobra, they would be other countries. They are a highly trained special mission force, and are more or less tried to be hush hush, not going out in the public having battles and tearring up cities roadways etc. I kind of interpretted that as a navy seal time going in doing special missions. That is one of the reasons I hated the new transformers movie and micheal bay, they arrived on earth and are trying to blend in and defend earth, not go out and blow the crap out of everything and have war on earth while trying to defend against the possible end of the earth. For it to be a blockbuster it would have to be a total war/ epic movie with the special effects, which could be a "part" of it, but not what its all about. If its anything like transformers, I will not watch it period
  22. This is what worries me about anything good. If it sells really well off the start wallmart will try to flood the market with them like they always do, then it would be forever until we got to see the next wave, unless they keep selling well which is what we all are hoping for. Im sorry but ive seen some good lines come and go due to walmart needing to flood their shelves thinking anything could be runaway hits, when in actuality they just need their space to grow gradually. Just look at their strategy for spiderman 3 and those are flooded on the shelves taking up so much wall space ( at least here anyway) I am hoping that they do get enough for the time that wave 2-3 come out as Firefly and the rest must be mine, they look so awesome. Also I am hoping this line is a runaway hit that speaks for itself, only time will tell. Thats my 2 cents
  23. Yeah, I've actually done that. But I called walmart and noone answered in the toy dept, so they transferred me to sporting goods. Well I was going by there and they put me on hold to go look, and I was abled to walk in and look around myself, WHILE still on hold looking around, and noone was around so I went to sporting goods, noone was there either. I finally found someone walking and I asked him if he was from sporting goods, He said yeah, and I asked did you find them and why I was still on hold. He just said no I didn't find them and I guess he wondered off somewhere else but it sure as hell wasnt the toy dept, and he didn't even apologize for wasting my time and not looking and keeping me on hold for that amount of time, I checked my phone and it was 15 minutes +. What a waste of space!!
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