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    GREEDY M'er F'er

    So this is justified that we leave some for the rest, but more chances than not we will be leaving more for the scalpers. If I want to pick up more for me or friends that is my call and I will pick up what I want. The fact that they are hard to get at this point makes me want to pick up more to look out for friends and keep them from the scalpers. Also it is good to see that the line is doing so well, so passing on something that is this popular isn't right. I see nothing wrong with army building either. I don't, but I would like to know that if I wanted to I could. The fact that the toy companies should realize it, would be just to make alot more for the collectors to build and the collectors to collect. Look at star wars, they have pretty much storm troopers as their main troop building character. Look how many waves there are of them out there and different versions etc. If there are so many to work with in the joe verse why limit us? I would like to see wave upon wave of troop builders in the joe figure sections. My main point is though that if we just pass on a figure and miss an opportunity to have that or multiples, for ourselves or friends or both, that either that gives more chance for a scalper or for the store to see that they are not selling and more chance to clearance them and make room for the next cheapo figure brand to come along. I want to see this line and any other great gijoe line down the road flourish. (I know this line is doing great and we dont have to worry about it going under). Just keep the line going, and if you can't find the figures, we can look out for each other.
  2. Valdin

    My findings

    Will do @sonar@ , as I hope you guys will look out for me too. I'm still hunting wave 2.
  3. I think the blend of proportioning and detail went well with these new figures and I like that they are taller by a small margin. Stand them side by side and the 25th wins hands down. Not taking away anything from rah, since it is the originator. Like It's been said there are some minor issues that can and probably will be fixed. My minor beef is that some of them could use more muscle tone like firefly, he looks great otherwise, but a little too thin for my liking.
  4. Valdin

    My findings

    Dude, anything you want me to look for, just let me know. Like I said they had 3 cases when I went, and that clairmount mesa blvd walmart has been the only place i've had luck in finding them especially after I get off work at 8pm. So of the night shift people that work there, theres an old guy thats a grump, and then a lady that just says no sorry call the morning manager tomorrow. But like I said I lucked into finding a brunette that works there, I don't think she works toys but was very helpful. I wish I would have gotten her name to remember it for when I do go in. More good news, I went to the target off the 8 last night I think its at the mission valley mall, but when I went in they had the cobra legion 5 pack. There was 3, and I picked 1 up, so there was 2 more left when I went home. Good luck hunting guys and thanks very much!!
  5. It makes me think of that episode of tales from the crypt with the mortician making the casket too small, and the cadaver was too big so he chopped his feet of the make him fit lol. ANYWAY, if they were to do a do over and make the figures smaller, I probably would buy the new ones IF I knew hasbro had a new finalized game plan and they were sticking to it and not going to do another do over (but whos going to admit that up front). I do like the taller figures as long as they make NEW vehicles to go with them, and not finding an easy way out by retooling the seats. I wouldn't buy the figures if they were smaller than RAH, and doubt I would buy the figures if they were any taller than the 25th. I wouldn't mind buying some 25th anniversary 12" figures if they could do them right with justice like the new line. I do like the size of the 25th anniversary figures, and it does have alot of potential. I like the new detail and web belts/harness' and having removable mini weapons. I must say though that I think some of the arms seem to be a bit small in areas, not all but some. I'm not saying they need to be all buff like when star wars figures came back out in 95, but need to be a little thicker esp for the brawlers. I think Firefly and some others could use some muscle tone period. But thats my opinion.
  6. Adult collectors as well as parents are going to be asking the employees about the characters their looking for. So the signs can't determine who is in fact hounding the employees. Remember as a kid asking your parents or grand parents or "santa" to get that certain figure? I remember it will. Also if you can't find the figure your looking for, your parents were looking out for you to make you happy, I'm sure that hasn't changed now with kids. I think the right equation for this is going to be 40% kids/parents 30% adult collectors and 30% scalpers or something close to that.
  7. I like this new line alot. and think there are few flaws, some that were there from the beginning like being abled to hold/pose weapons. The posing is much better now and the fact that you can twist their wrists helps too. Zartan however should have a sickbag as an accessory and something to fix his lazyeye. After that he is awesome. I kinda had my doubts about firefly using same body mold as beach head, but after getting him off the card last night, he is not a let down, and I think he will be highly sought after like the original.
  8. Nuff said,I agree. Now the question I have is if they are taking the low road by reproducing the old vehicles and not make new vehicles to accomodate the new figures, will they shrink down the figures to the 3 3/4th rate with slight height differences to fit the vehicles and make the new figures out now null and void, or will they make new vehicles to go with the new figures since they are in talking about making them retooled to sit better. The target exclusives probably will have the retooled waists and/or the vehicles released with this (to test the market) won't need to be reworked for the figures to fit since the seating doesn't have limited seating/height requirements.
  9. I do like the closed fists on shipwreck and cc. maybe for cc he should have a pointing finger for the retreat lol since he never fought anyone. I think the brawlers should have a closed fist but also have 1 changable hand to a holding "kung fu grip" hand since you don't need 2 fists to fight. If they are easy to swap out, why not? they give is extra stuff like knives and itty bitty binoculars and phones etc. it wouldnt hurt anything.
  10. I doubt they will be clearanced this soon but could be wrong, I have seen weirder things. If they are selling well they shouldn't be anywhere near being clearanced, but I think someone probably put a clearance sticker on one from something else and then the cashier just switched it in the system. I've run across somethings with clearance stickers on them like the new wave of marvel 12" icons at target which rang up as $19.99 which is the right price, but then I found a 9" signature series sandman exclusive on clearance for $5.98 from $15. The odd thing is I never saw the sandman in stock on the shelves before that at regular price, and I am in there regularly looking for the new gi joe items.
  11. Valdin

    My findings

    Last night I decided to go out and look at the walmart on clairmount mesa blvd on the way home from work. Of course the pegs were empty, but I wasn't done yet, I saw that they were unloading the trucks and they had the toy pallets out, and on top was an open box for gijoe figures, opened but nothing removed yet. No one was around (as usual) so I decided to investigate, and it was wave 3!! First off there were 3 boxes all together, and secondly, I couldn't believe how small the boxes are. No wonder they are selling out like crazy. I went to electronics to see if I could get assistance with the figures so noone would come back and have a fit. Low and behold I found a fellow fan that worked there that was walking by and said that she has been hunting them for her sons, and would very much like to open the boxes so we could see. Fresh out of the boxes, all of the zartans had green faces which was a little odd looking, next I was checking him out and happened to notice that on all three of them that they had, he has what looks like a lazy eye. He still looked cool so I got the whole wave, and checked out. I got home and cut the bubbles off the cards. The file cards don't seem as impressive as the old ones, but it was very nice seeing the old style back again. The stalkers that were there were the lighter green which I preffered to the yellow green I guess that is coming out later. Next was shipwreck. He does have that popeye look to him for some odd reason, and I can tell you that the paint on his head wasn't all that great. There was paint on his hat and less on his hair. Those are my ONLY gripes. I am so happy that I found them, and it renewed my hope for going to the stores. I did check to see if lightening would hit twice but target still had nothing. Oh 1 last thing. After about 10 minutes of being out of his bubble zartan lost the sickly green on his face and looked normal which I must say did look pretty cool for an updated figure. The problem I had was there wasn't any instructions on how to make the color change happen. Its been so long ago the original I think was sunlight, and this must be the oposite since it was in the dark box and was green without light, and since there are other figures that came out that took ice water for the color change to happen. The zartan I did have back when I was younger got stolen from a so called friend before I moved back from scotland, as my dad was being restationed to fla in the navy. So Its been too long to remember, and I haven't been abled to have the v1 replaced in my collection. If I remember it right didn't he turn kinda purple like in the cartoon? I think I like the old purple/dark blue better, but the new version probably will grow on me.
  12. I ordered the case at BBTS for Wave 5 but I wasn't super excited about it as it should retail at $25 and they jacked it up to $35. Remember, they already get a profit at $25 so they are being a little scummy about it. This is why I get pissed at HasbroToyShop, TRU, Target and Wally World. I would gladly buy it from their website at regular price if they would only put it on there. In fact if Hasbro would put it on their website they would A) Make a bigger profit as I am sure they get their own stuff for cost, I would in turn buy MORE as I paid $105 for 3 cases at BBTS as opposed to 4 for $100 at HTS as HTS gets less profit through my current method of BBTS and C) If these were readily available none of us fans would be so ticked off and frustrated with Hasbro. Please the fan base = more sales, typically. My current method has been to pre-order and if I find them in the store before then I cancel the pre-orders. BTW, before anyone jumps on that statement I do so knowing that BBTS is still selling them with no issue (and ends up out of stock on the item in most cases). As such I feel at least a little better about being jacked on an extra $30. If BBTS didn't jack up the cost I wouldn't be cancelling pre-orders. And the 8 case isn't much of a deal BTW. You are adding an extra Crimson Guard but also getting an extra Hooded CC from a previous wave. the BBTS wants to get rid of. this is costing you $12 for the 2 extra figures. Not much of deal for buying 2 extra. And if you already have a few CCs and just wanted an extra CG you basically bought one for that $12. Sorry to be a downer, I'm just in a mood b/c like many of us here I want to buy these fantastic figures Hasbro is creating and simply can't b/c they make them unavailable the forcing me to overpay for my fix I know what you mean. I know against retail its not a deal but I was comparing the 8 pack to the 5 pack. The 8 pack for preorder is $48, which comes to 6 a figure, where the 5 pack came to $35 which comes to $7 a figure. Its not a big deal but considering they're the only store real or online that has them listed for sale and not out of stock. I agree if I find them in stores I will get them. But as of now I am sick of hunting with no luck yet. I totally agree I don't like overpaying either. In other instances if I saw the figures at tru for $1 more that wallyworld or else where i'd wait. But, given how great these are and how they are flying off the shelves, I'll pick them up in a heartbeat. I was so happy when I went to walmart and found the first wave, all 5 with the extra se and ss. I bought them up without question or a second look. I went back 2 days later because I would like to have 1 set open and 1 sealed and there was nothing there not even the pegs and they weren't moved.
  13. I just ordered wave 2,3, and 5 as well as the cobra legion 5 pack today. I know I won't hear anything for a long time. But it beats going into the stores every other day "bugging" the employees that don't want to be bothered, or calling around talking to the same people at the stores saying the 8" figures are them and they have them. I was on hold for 30 minutes today while this dim twit went who knows where but not to look for the figures. So i think from now on, to avoid the headaches of the stores and the scalpers and the chance to avoid the fact the employees dont care about whats returned in the stores and that people can switch out the figures in the 5 packs, Im going with the online stores. I doubt the target exclusives will be available online through their website. So I think thats all i'll have to worry about. I know I was abled the find the classics skywarp/ultra magnus 2 pack easily at the sports arena target and it even went on clearance. ( I never understood why hasbro didn't take the effort to make ultra magnus figure look like ultra magnus instead of a cheap optimus prime repaint) I guess its a silly argument since skywarp is just a repaint of starscream. I did see the reg wave 5 on bbts is available as a case or set. I ordered the case so I get 2 crimson guards ( and it was a good value too).
  14. What about a 2 pack compromise, of billy and dr venom. If not, Dr venom seems to be the big vote, so why rock the boat. Dr venom gets my vote. Another Idea could be a Sgt Slaughter/Roddy Piper 2 pack. Piper is going for up to $60 if not more now on ebay, and sold out at the con. Piper should get an actual armor set. The kilt is cool, but combat/training/uniform armor makes more sense to me now.
  15. I think society as a whole wants thing to be easier nowadays, and it would be more appealing to newcomers/kids etc. Star wars vehicles for the most comes in kit form, but are getting more in a preassembled display box now. Maybe they like having them set up in a display box to be more appealling. I never looked at a "some assembly required" box and thought bad about it. It was more a pain in the butt to open the preassembled box and undo the metal strings etc. Personally I much prefer making the kits, cause you get a model with stickers to put on, then you get to use it for your figures and display or play with. I must admit I do like the prepainted decals already on instead of stickers if the stickers are just going to dry up and fall off. I only had a few with that problem, and if you put the stickers on wrong, at an angle,got a bend in it,or wanted to move it, trying to restick them wasn't something I could do.
  16. It looks good to me too, but a larger pic would help
  17. He is an excellent choice. I don't know how to add pics here but I can send link with his pics http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1410687/ Here's a guy who was in Dodgball with him, that looks like a shoe in for flint Kevin Porter http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1049174/ Now I do like the choice if Jamal Duff, I was checking out pics and saw this guy: Morris Chestnut Tell me what you think Morris Chestnut http://www.imdb.com/gallery/ss/0297162/hpd...7162&seq=13 http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0004820/
  18. I still think Bobby Lashley from wwe would make a good Roadblock. I could definetly see Jessica biel as lady jaye. What about Christian Bale as Flint? And I still can't think of someone who would make a good Gung-Ho.
  19. Valdin

    Series 2 OUT NOW

    I stopped in toysrus out here last week and there were no pegs for gi joe there either. A small corner for the 8 inch line and the 5 packs, with a small metal side bar holding the comic 3 packs. It looks like the generic military figures/vehicles taking up most of the aisle.
  20. I was just checking out your website, and alls I can say is wow!! I am extremely impressed with all the customs you made!!
  21. Do you have the website where we will be abled to buy the dvd?
  22. Valdin

    Series 2 OUT NOW

    I know I always hate passing on things. I always tell myself, it's ok they will be there later. But these are Gi joe, and flying off the shelfs. Bad thing out here in san diego from what i've seen is there is no layaway.
  23. Valdin

    Series 2 OUT NOW

    I actually lucked into getting the cobra (1st) 5 pack at toysrus which im finding more now. The gijoe 5 pack, i picked up 2 at the comic con, to which I got one signed by sgt slaughter. Im starting to see more of the 5 packs. The first series I lucked into finding all at once at the clairmont walmart in san diego. I haven't seen any single packs otherwise just nothing but empty pegs. I am starting my after work looking around for series 2 now. I am just thinking about ordering online possibly. I just moved here to the big city on the west coast last year from a small town on the east coast in pennsylvania, where I could easily pick up any of the gi joes with ease. Im adjusting, but it is more thrilling to hunt, but very discouraging if I don't find the figures. It's Gi Joe though, It is soooo worth it, and I am just still can't wait to see some news on vehicles!!
  24. Will there be any way for us non attendees to purchase the video. I think it would be cool to check out.
  25. Bravo, very well said!! #US1# Yo Joe!!
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