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  1. Sweet, I did the survey, was fun. Thank you for that. I think expanded universe figures are a good idea myself and would buy them up in a heartbeat. There should be more questions for cobra-la, and devils due characters.
  2. Valdin

    Random thoughts

    I'm not much for micro machines or matchbox cars or whatever, but I did really like the action fleet line for star wars with several spin off properties. They started with the mini character heads that turned into mini playsets, but then moved to smaller forms of the regular vehicles and playsets (planets etc) with small figures. I would think it would be cool if they did a run of the gi joe vehicles like that with bases as well like the terrordrome. This would be cool to set up dioramas etc and work out battle scenes etc, and be good for people with limited space. Another thing I was thinking about is the style of articulation is very cool and 4" figure base is a very good size for figures. I think my gi joe figures look pretty darn cool next to my marvel figures and they have about the same articulation. That brought me to thinking what else would I like to see in the 4" Joe articulation range, not nessicarliy as in cross over ideas but just for the sake of it. I have seen the 4 " predator/alien figures and want to pick those up. I did have some smaller figures not sure if they were 4" or not but they were of robocop and the terminator skeleton. They were a little cheap but and had less articulation. I would definetly go buy those if they had kind of a metal finish (especially the terminator figure) and the joe articulation. Also 2 other lines came to mind. Thundercats, and M.A.S.K. with the transforming vehicles. I had both lines as a kid but thought thundercats were too big, and mask was good but a little small. In the 4" scale they would be more detailed and poseable. As far as this point goes, I would sooo pick up a set of dc 4" figures if they ever came out. I know theres the animated figures but im not much for that style of figure, and I like the bigger figures, but like I said would prefer them in the 4" scale. I know there is the microman figures of batman and am thinking about picking those up but can't find them anywhere, and am hoping to see more of a variety of heros and villains. With the Gi Joe dvd+figure packs we saw recently will those be listed in the dvd section with release dates, or in the figure aisle with no info? If it has the dvd with it hopefully places like best buy would get them so as more of a chance for us to pick them up. But I'm sure they will just end up in the toy dept. I can't wait for those. I still would like to see something gijoe as far as a 9" line more based 25th tribute kind of mego/famous covers/signature series with removable helmets, awesome weapons and changeable uniforms (like we had with the old 12" hall of fame figures) but more appropriate with the Joes/Cobra. Like buying 1 destro that would be based on v1 then getting the blade destro uniform with gold helmet. Then if he gets a costume change down the road, save on figures and just get the new uniform. Also another example would be the Crimson Twins in standard v1 outfits, just get them thier arbco businessmen suits or battle armor for combat. I would be so all over this line if it ever came out. When it comes to the 9" lines though they are hit or miss, the star trek line did well, and sigma six went well, (if those adventure teams ever came out that were discontinued, I'd but them they looked awesome). but the signature series of marvel didn't go anywhere, but the famous covers line and mego both lasted for awhile. Hopefully we will get some good sideshow news on the 12"ers soon! I like the star wars figures they are doing but have so many of the hasbro 12" ones that were done, that I don't really need those. I have most of the Gijoe RAH figures but for the most wasn't really impressed with all of them, there were some good ones dont get me wrong. I even went as far as getting in some customizing that went pretty well, but if we get some decent ones from sideshow, I think I'll get those. I got a hundred dollar gift card from the comic con last year and hope to start my collection off right by using that. I was going to use it on the star wars line but don't want to get stated in that. Once I start, if they are cool enough, Its hard to stop after that.
  3. Valdin


    That would be awesome!! He could have been an exclusive last year since the sarge was there, signing autographs. That would be a nice touch this year, and hopefully Sarge would come back again this year. I wish Rowdy Roddy Piper would come and there would be a 2 pack exclusive. I wouldn't mind a Fridge exclusive for that matter, but doubt they would do it since kids wouldn't know who he was. They better plan ahead whatever they do, since they tested the waters last year with exclusives and only made 1000 Gold destros and 1000 RRP's ( for the joe con) and sold out of both. Gold destro sold out first day, and last I heard they are going for $200 each.
  4. Valdin

    Random thoughts

    I think if Gi Joe is this popular now, and when vehicles come down the road, that I think it would rock to see concept art vehicles like the hiss tank with lowering canopy. Thats one of the main ones I saw that I definetly want to see. I haven't seen much else concept wise. They did 3 vehicles full scale in star wars like that, and had the action fleet series that came with mini concept vehicles. What I don't understand is that when star wars came about as a redone line in 95 they amped up production, and it wasn't long before we saw vehicles and the figures in bigger quantitys. My beef is I think Gi joe is taking off strong but they are not getting the recognition they deserve. Month after month of going into the stores and seeing empty pegs. I could be wrong but I think these are selling better than sw was when it was redone at first, either that or stores are holding off on ordering so much so they don't get stuck with peg warmers. These arent warming pegs at least for that long for where and what I'm seeing. Online stores are selling out, so wtf? I went to a toysrus in carlsbad yesterday and saw remaining sigma 6 on shelves but the 25thers werent good enough and on a metal extension setup close to the endcap. There was a couple figures and 2 packs, but not much. When are the stores going to amp up the ordering (or hasbro amp up the production which i'm not sure they are doing either) take this line seriously and give it some legs. it already has wings cause they are flying off the shelves. I am sick of seeing empty (minimal) pegs at stores. This line does seem like a line to go toe to toe with star wars. If they kept going and made all the figures, expanded characters and all then started to release mostly more redone mains (like sw is doing now) would you buy into it? I might, but that is why I stopped with star wars, I had all the characters I needed and didn't need to keep collecting for collectings sake. But I think when it happens with gi joe, I'll make extra room. I love what they are doing now, and just can't wait to see more as it comes out. I won't buy mighty mugg versions of gi joe if it comes to that.
  5. Valdin

    Random thoughts

    I know what you mean, truly. I like the cross overs in doses. I wouldn't want them to be a permanent part of the line. I was just thinking out loud of the possibilities like to have a random snowcat that could turn into an autobot or starscream being abled to fit a cobra troop in the cockpit and take on a skystriker. Or 1 out of a hundred terrordromes turns into a decepticon to battle the joes. Like an episode of the cartoons it has a begining and end, with a unique story, then once that episode is over the normal joe vs cobra episodes would resume with no mentions of giant robots. It could be like a mini movie.
  6. I like where your going with that. I seriously would like a devils due 5 pack with Wraith, Alexander, DD v1 Stormshadow, and DD acurate versions of Zartan and Serpentor. A dreadnok 5 pack with road pig, zarana, zanya, zandar, and either thrasher, zanzibar, or monkey wrench. What about a green shirt 5 pack, and a 5 pack with some of the original guys like tripwire, short fuze, zap, steeler, etc. I would like to see general reys troops that were cobra in disguise!! We need to save the drivers for the vehicles. An arctic 5 pack would be cool, with snow serpent 1 and 2, some gi joe arctic troops or mains in arctic gear, and what about something new with an arctic B.A.T. ( we have a space bat so why not?) A Marine 5 pack could be cool with EELS1 and/or 2, hydro vypers,maybe undertow and deep six!! OMG theres so much that could be done!! Also I am all for the army builder 5 packsm, like we could have BATS v2 with Overkill v1. I like the BAT v1 and 2 figures as well as the BAAT, but the rest were kind of wierd.
  7. Cool!! I'll have to order them today. So glad it's payday. The discount will help too. Thanks so much for that. I saw them yesterday in stock and looked today and can't believe they are still in stock!! I hope I don't jinx myself with that lol
  8. I've had mine on a shelve by the window since I got him, and he is between green and skin colored. He is not a bad figure (could have been worse). I can't wait to see the new one coming out down the road based on v1. Just something to pass down is that when the marvel superhero showdown figures went on clearance, I picked up most of the line. I am still missing a few but they go really nicely with the 25th figures. But my point is there was a Wolverine (Logan) figure that came out with a motorcycle that I bought. The motorcycle is awesome, I have Zartan displayed on it and they look good together. I should paint it to be more suited for him but I haven't gotten around to it yet.
  9. Valdin

    Random thoughts

    I really liked that custom that was done last year that was a cobra hiss scale transformer. I would give anything to invest in gi joe/cobra vehicles that could actually transform into scale robots, Even the star wars vehicle would kick ass if they were scaled righ with the figures and could transform into robots. The classics line is awesome because they are trying to incorporate more correct scale to the characters and they are mostly the same size as they should be. I just can't wait to see more characters like the rest of the dinobots (not those damned minis), Insecticons, Soundwave, and Shockwave. Ok I am not impressed with the line up of 12" figures coming, and the last ones released a year or 2 ago were so so. Now I do like the Mego lines, famous covers, and signature series of marvel/star trek etc figures that came out. I know we just got off the sigma six line and it was good, but what if they reintroduced a 9" line that is a 25th tribute, kind of an ultimate classic line with cloth costumes die cast weapons (an if) with awesome poseability. Even as an added bonus,(something I would like) removable masks and changeable costumes, I would buy into it, not sure about you guys. Just think about all the popular characters that you could just invest in a new uniform pack like snake eyes, stormshadow, Cobra Commander, and the Crimson Twins. Ok heres another I Idea, Spy troops was a great concept with great figures. I thought it was great, Why not erxpand into vehicles like M.A.S.K back in the day. Hidden urban camoflauge/concealment. It could work with all of the teams, Joe, Cobra, Destro, and especially The Dreadnoks. Like back in the cartoons when Zarana used disguises to infiltrate the joes, then a side scenario is she gets caught makes a get away runs into interference, then converts the vehicle into an armored weapons machine, clears the way and gets away. Or When destro brought his army into play. What if He was controlling an army of cobra vehicles and while the Commander is unsuspecting, they all convert to MARRSvehicles etc. I would like to see some playsets come into play, like dr mindbenders lab, and to see the VTOL vehicle redone. My last point is it looks like the build a figure concept is popular and going into different brands. Why not incorporate it into the joe mythos. Even though Gi Joe doesnt need an extra gimmick now, but wouldnt it be cool to have snake armor parts ready to put together from several figures in a wave, or what about some of the bigger characters from the comics/cartoons? Theres some cool big characters/robots/aliens/monsters etc that could be nice additions. What about having a bigger better Nemesis Enforcer, and/or Golobulus?
  10. Valdin


    Heres some thoughts. What about since they don't seem to be worried about being accurate as to have the figures with their mini vehicles, why not if they made the chameleon swamp skier as an exclusive mini vehicle. Also since Roddy Rowdy Piper was a hit, why not do a 25th version as an exclusive this year. I know some people don't like wrestling, but he is a new character added to the roster so why not. I was reading the Joe Canuck newsletter and liked the characters they made up like black ice, snow bank, etc, why not if hasbro did a mashup and added a new character, they seem to like reusing old peices so why not. I would like to see a complete devils due serpentor thats comic booc acurate as an exclusive. The one thats already out isnt acurate and could have been better. How about some of the gilders from years ago? I would like to see a new CLAWS glider, maybe a mini playset like the check point. Vypra would be nice to see or maybe some character from cobra la. I would really like to see a 25th croc master 2 pack, but thats me. What do you all think? Another Idea would be a 12" figure set 25 style, nicely done, not like the 12" line coming back out that looks like scrap they threw together. Instead of what it could have looked like. I would like to see a cobra trooper 25th acurate. Both of the troopers they have done dont look anwhere near what they should look like. (If the sideshow figures look good, I think I'll have to get some shelve room ready!!)
  11. Valdin


    I just had a few questions about the sdcc this year. I was just wondering when we would hear some kind of info on hopefully a couple gi joe exclusives this year. Are there any rumors, and/or what would you like to see? If hasbro realizes what a hot property gi joe is now, hopefully they will amp up the amount of them this year. But I don't think they do because I still can't find any figures/ comic 2-packs (besides wave1 )/ or any of the 5 packs/exclusives. I am almost tempted to go online as some places are more reasonable (and in stock:) ) Maybe at the sdcc they will showcase the movie figures. My problem is I hate what hasbro is doing with transformers. I hated the movie, they have nothing but movie figures clogging the shelves. I just wish they would get their collective heads out of their keisters, they could have gone full blown with the movie like they did but why in the heck did they put the rest of the lines on haitus. The only line of Transformers I look forward to is the classics line (although the alternators line looks damn impressive ) It is a huge company, they could have kept other lines on the shelves while the movie stuff was out. Look at all the spiderman stuff they put out. Such a huge block they took up, but seriously how many different spiderman figures do we need? (kind of same thing I thought with batman, who needed a banana yellow batman figure? but they did sell lol) Ok heres my last question (sorry this got longer than I thought it would) Will we have to go through the same ticket dance this year to get into the hasbrotoyshop booth like last year? That peeved me so bad last year. I got there on time, I had preregistered, and the line took about 2 hours to get in, and thats all I wanted was the silver/gold destros, thats all I cared about. The other stuff there was icing. But I got there and they were telling us where to go to get tickets to get in because it was a fire hazard to have so many at one place at one time. Maybe they should have it at 2-3 locales there to break it up, I won't miss any of the scalper stores missing there lol. Ok thats my rant, I feel better now.
  12. I went out last night to the target in Mira Mesa, SD, and saw a boatload of series 1 comic book 2 packs (3 pegs full more or less) and next to them were pegs for the single packs with Hooded CobraCommander in front and to my surprise wave 5 hidden behind them. There was 1 snowjob, 1 Crimson Guard, and several black snake eyes, and several Flash figures. No destros though darnit. I picked up 1 of each, and of course at the register they were not entered in so they had to call back for the numbers. Also to anyone interested there were a couple shipwrecks with anchor tat. I don't remember seeing any of the 5 packs on clearance or full price. I will continue my search tonight for the gold noggin' destro. when are the vehicles supposed to be coming out? Also, my worries is that we won't see future waves of the comic 2 packs considering the first wave was more or less just goofy repaints and are filling the pegs. I bought my share. Those future waves do look awesome and I can't wait to get them. We finally get a Devils Due Storm Shadow albiet shirtless so will have to make some mods. Is anyone else thinking of the fact that we went from 2 packs back to single packs and now are getting 2 packs again with the single packs lol. I'm not complaining I just thought it odd. And I do like the idea with the comic book repros.
  13. This funny thing keeps popping in my head. Gi joe needs as much comedy relief as oh say Star Wars episode 1 PHANTOM MENACE. In other words i'd rather pass on comic relief thank you very much. I keep seeing the comparison of Jar Jar Binks with marlon wayans, and it doesn't look good. Yeah the movie made a lot of money, but now it is my least liked of the Star Wars movie, the only thing likeable to me was Darth Maul and his Fight Scenes. Personally I don't want to see Jar Jar Wayans in any form in the new Gi Joe movie. I know there are countless other movies that got killed with unneeded comic relief but the top on my list was Phantom Menace
  14. This is also a very, very good point! Again, changes for change's sake? I agree agree with CLAM on everything but the X-Men, because I can see why blue and yellow spandex may not work on camera. Are spandex and leather the only choices we have for costumes on screen? I hated the xmen costumes and that they wanted to look matrixy, xmen is not matrix and they are not bikers. They did something different with Supermans costume so it wasnt spandex but it worked. I can handle tweaking but come on what they did was ridiculous. Also if sales of figures means anything the comic figures always sold well but the movie figures went on clearance and eventually to dollar stores.
  15. I think Ray Park is an awesome choice is Snake Eyes. That being said, we shouldn't see his face, maybe a small backdrop story but other than that no face. I am getting excited about the casting and story and the hopes that this will remain true to its origin, whether it be comic/cartoon/or filecard. My hopes that the characters come off right, especially Cobra. I know most movies based on cartoons/comics end up having most of the bad guys killed at the end, not leaving much for sequals except new characters. Why do they have to have the main villain in the first movie and then kill him off at the end? (Batman/ Spiderman/ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/ etc) I would like to see the villains get away somehow, but thats me. Theres plenty of troop fodder in cobra that could get wiped out, but not the main guys. The other problem I have is Marlon Wayans being cast in this movie. He dosen't fit. He is not even remotely amusing. I think if people think he will be associated with this movie then its got to be bad, or a bad comedy gone wrong, not to be taken seriously. I wanted to see this movie until I heard he will be apart of it. Now, its going to have to be something pretty damned special to make me want to change my mind. My faith in hollywood is gone, and seriously hollywood shouldn't be allowed to touch this. I want someone to come along and change my feelings towards hollywood and get it right, but for now that isn't going to happen. I get sick of seeing the liberties taken with movies anymore. Why can't someone make a movie true to the property without 1 thing being changed and it be made to kick ass? You wanted my opinion you got it. Also: a Real American Hero is what its all about. Yo Joe!!!!!! #US1#
  16. Valdin

    Wave 5 Found

    I'm still hunting, but it seems that most stores don't have pegs for the figures now. Also as usual the employees are not any help. I have this wave on order from bigbadtoystore but hopefully I find it in stores to save some green.
  17. GiJoe (Better articulated) Deep Six in deep sea dive suit, With cartoon acurate SHARC Cobra Devils Due Storm Shadow Also on want list is a 25th anniversary retooled accessory Cobra S.N.A.K.E. Armor with detachable rock camo to put on its back!!!!!
  18. Valdin

    SoCal Dreadnoks

    Whens the next meet bro?
  19. Wow, those are pretty sweet!! Kudos bro!
  20. Valdin


    Ok, no sweat bro. I like those troopers and the red ninjas too, I think as far as the red ninjas, I'll probably get the 5 pack of ninjas for myself even though theres another snake eyes in with them. I wish they would come out with a five pack of cobra troops thats just straight troops, and not night force, but they insist on adding extra useless repaints. Nothing against night force. I'll probably get that 5 pack too, but I just want some straight up cobra troops in a 5 pack.
  21. Valdin


    I finally got my whole set of wave 1-3. I was thinking about getting a set of mint and open, but as moneys a little tight I just got a set to open. I found wave 2 at the target at mission valley mall. I got all 4 figures and when I left there was only a lady jaye left on the pegs when I went to leave. (I called before I went there and asked the sales rep if they had any Gi Joe figures, he asks " Is there any particular figure your looking for?" I answered Serpentor, or Beachhead. When he came back he said sorry we only have cobra emperor, Ranger, dreadnok, and covert operations!) So I rushed over and picked them up. I am still looking out for The so-cal Noks and anyone else looking.
  22. Valdin

    Wave 6

    Wave 6 is available for preorder on bigbadtoystores website. Bonus: in the preorder there is also a Beachhead, as well as serpentor. Like wave 5 if we wait a couple days they will probably have the wave 6 by itself.
  23. Personally, I would prefer to see vehicles/playsets amped up with detail/features like the 25th anniv figures. As long as they stay true to the originals I'll be happy, like with a Blue Cobra Rattler. I'd like to see an updated version of the S.N.A.K.E armor, and the Terrordrome. Also If they are bringing back v1s of Zartan and Serpentor, we need to see updates on the chameleon swamp skier as well as the Air chariot. Hell, for that matter there was nothing wrong with the orginals, so I'd be glad with original or improved, but they are musts either way. Also I would like to see an updated original SHARC thats white, and can seat figures right, like in the original cartoon.
  24. Im still missing wave 2 as well, still hunting. About the 5 packs though, don't you think hasbro is shooting themselves in the foot with these? They announced that the 5 pack figures will be released on card later, so with that, carded figure collectors (which means most are, at the rate they are flying off the shelfs), will wonder why pick up the 5 packs when they will get nice shiny cards etc and possibly fixes( or not) later, so why not pass on the 5 packs OR wait until they are on clearance to get them? I bought them cause I like the packaging, but had I heard that they are coming on cards before i bought them i would have hesitated, and possibly passed or waited for clearance. I like the red ninja set minus the snake eyes. I dont know why they included him in that, but if I find out the different red ninjas will be on card too ill wait for them on card to avoid a 100th clone snake eyes i dont need.
  25. Valdin

    GREEDY M'er F'er

    Like I said I don't army build but think it would be cool to have maybe 10 or so of the troops ONLY if I knew there was a good supply and that it wouldn't hurt friends. Since these are so scarce I would only buy more than 2 if I knew my friends needed them. As it is since they cut back overtime where I work, I am only buying 1 of each and since I've been collecting i've only bought 1 of each of what ever I bought. If I saw a clearance of troops for gi joe I would buy them up. Gi joe was the only thing I ever would have wanted to build a slight army to. Cobra is about the armies and troops and bats. Since the devs say they want to have troop builders in each wave, why not try to get a few extra when supply meets the demand.
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