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  1. Your right, I didn't think of it like that. Now with that, for in the future, how does his son Alexander don the mask? Thats probably too far in the future from this timeline (if it will even be in the movie timeline).
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    I like em all. News is News. My 3 main are here, joebattlelines, and hisstank. Joesightings is cool too.
  3. Meh, no thanks. I've already got my mind pretty set that this is a new Joeverse, so I'm not going to go in expecting too much -- and reading a spoiler of the whole movie would be counter-productive to my enjoyment of what homages are in place, and whatnew mythos or changes they make. Thankfully, I've been attuned to that with past superhero movies and shows: the media of comic and movie are far too different. In comics, the publishers' goal is for the reader to come back month after month, year after year. If a villain becomes popular, the publisher has to make certain there's a way for that villain to return periodically. Resolutions are temporary; the status quo of the comic book world is that each resolution needs to set up the next conflict. Also, a franchise builds upon its characters, also to attract and maintain long-time fans. You simply cannot stray too far from the icon, or those fans will balk and turn away from the comic. We've seen this before: Azrael Batman, Heroes Reborn to name some examples that aren't fresh, hot-button topics. The advantage in these long-running characters is that you do not have to introduce them to the reader each and every issue. In movies, the parameters are quite different. The producers have two hours and change to tell a single story, with a beginning, a conflict, and a definite resolution. In this age of planned trilogies, you can have a leeway of some foreshadowing of a future villain in the first installment(s), but even ten years ago, you had to have a resolution. Look at the older generation of DC movies: Chris Reeve's Superman: He saves the day, and Lex goes to jail (caveat: before the popular opinion of revolving-door criminal justice). In Tim Burton's Batman (and later directors of that series): If you were a villain, you were likely going to die by movie's end. Joker? Dead. Penguin? Dead. Two-Face? Dead. Also, the movie's limited time has to introduce the characters in the first reel to a far wider spectrum of audience than have read the comic. Backstories will simplify because of this. Look at how slowly we found out that GI Joe was 'Six Degrees of Snake-Eyes.' It took almost two years to realize that Snake-Eyes was a ninja. We were introduced to the car crash that killed Snakes' family in what, #26? What issue did Cobra Commander finally reveal that it was his brother driving that car, hm? After #100, I'm pretty sure -- over six years later. You don't have that luxury of time in a movie. Anyhow, I went off tangent. It's fun to speculate, but for me, not to have the thing spoiled. And remember, they are currently shooting the film. There is such a thing as 'daily rewrites'. A scene that sounds decent on paper may look completely wrong on film. You also know that "alternate ending" that some films add on DVD? That's often the result of a 'daily rewrite' -- or a test screening that polled poorly. The spoiler can still change. I totally agree. I can live with some changes. The story could still be good, rewrites or not. I am still strongly looking forward to this movie. Snake eyes uniform looks cool, I can't wait to see the rest. Still my beef is that with the hollywood process they will no doubt kill of the enemy at the end. BUT with this it is the Big Main baddies that I will have a problem with them offing. Those are the main and constant enemies. I don't care if the troops get taken out as that is their purpose, they are fodder. I am not too keen on the nanotech melted helmet, but will give it a wait and see aproach, and see what they actually do. I do prefer the helmet as a heritage peice.
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    I think they went out for coffee. Not sure, that is odd, says be back soon, so they know they are down.
  5. I could see that, but I personally think they would need some custom armor with the cobra sigils. However the silver armor isn't actually bad. The leggings have a tendency to be loose and fall off, so I left the little clear mini rubber bands on to keep it on.
  6. I believe so, and considering the mini series with figures are coming out soon would be cool to have. I will try to get the pics up tonite after I get off work around 9 west coast time. I'm thinking with some sculpy and some paint they could look like grizzlys or any kind of bear. I really like them as is.
  7. Hey guys, just wanted to give a heads up for anyone wanting gi joe scale polar bears for dios or what ever. The golden compass figures are on clearance at toysrus, in stores and on line. They have the polar bears from the movie, 2 to choose from for $5 each, and they both have completely removable armor. I think they look cool with out the armor, and are in scale to the gi joes. I was just thinking about the arctic adventures from the cartoons etc. I know I always liked the beast handlers in the gi joe verse like croc masters 1 & 2, and this might be a cool idea to go with for a customizer too. They do come with a snow base to stand them.
  8. Because, going off the name, it probably will be successful, even if the movie is good or bad. Look at transformers.Thats a big name in toys and is from hasbro. Most people liked the movie and it was successful. There were several complaints, but not much from what I saw. A good name will draw the money regardless if the movie is good or bad . I think Streetfighter and Super Mario Bros did well even though the movies were bad. I'm not sure the numbers on double dragon but I think thats an exception. I would still like to see a good movie made about that, probably would need to be animated. No way live action can pull that off. Again like I said before, SW the Phantom Menace made a ton of money, but I think now if I had to watch it, i'd only want to see the Darth Maul scenes.
  9. This is their unthought out way of making things new user friendly, which fits it with the New and Improved Hollywood timeline, that makes it convenient for them to alter as they feel is needed. But doesn't count for the future which botches future timelines and gives them permission to further botch the timeline to their liking. Look at the timeline in the spiderman movies. gwen stacy was supposed to be first before mj, and green goblin was supposed to kill gwen stacy, but he can't if he is killed in the first movie. So we are getting a new modified timeline even if the costumes will be similar to what we are expecting. The people of hollywood (mostly) have to put their signature on a movie somehow, someway.
  10. "Then when I read the script [i realized] it's 'X-Men.' That's all it is. No one's taking it too serious. [Director] Stephen Sommers is a big kid with a really large erector set." That right there worries me. X-men was good but could have been better, and for a 2 hour movie not much happened. It was a simple movie. It was based on the matrix according to the costume designers etc.So in other words, another movie going to be based on something else other than its own preperty. But also, noones taking it seriously? Not that they are trying to make some kind of tear jerker, but to me if noone will take it at least a little seriously, it might reflect in the overall movie. Most lines of work I know if theres no professionalism or ethics, it shows. Hopefully I am wrong and reading too much into it. I am still hoping this is going to be one hell of a movie, well worth the wait. I want it to be awesome and really put Gi Joe on the map. I know gi joe is on the map now, just for this movie to give the brand positive reinforcment. I know I was really into xmen, the comics were great, like back in the 80s. But the movie for me kind of turned me against the brand. I still like the classics, but thats all. I liked the second movie alot better and the third was up there too. Just look at star wars phantom menace. we waited 20 years for that? Revenge of the sith did kind of redeem the line, even if some parts were just squeezed in to fill the gap and some questions of the timeline etc. Sorry for going off topic. Just trying to make a point.
  11. I am really liking these Crimson Guard Uniforms http://www.cobracares.com/imgs/dcon05/f/pages/066_jpg.htm Thanks again for the links. Also, when I get my tax return I am definetly going to order a helmet or two from the seller on ebay. Those look amazing. The Cobra commander helmet says as seen on g4. I am checking the site but don't see any videos featuring it. I'll have to check youtube when I get off work. I did see one of the skits they did dressed as destro and the baroness.
  12. Very nice work!! As a side note, wasn't polly supposed to be a mccaw, and aren't those big birds anyways? Maybe the RAH version was just to small to begin with.
  13. I never had the chance to pick up the original RAH version, but I picked up a single pack and the two pack fred/ scarface. I actually like these alot. The removable mask isn't bad, it fits good and doesn't look goofy on or off. The colors are good in my book. I think that scarface should have been acknowleged as scarface and not scarred cobra officer, as he is only 1, not a legion of scarred officers. There is a nod, but like I said thats my complaint. In the toyfair I am thinking that is a typo. That came from a top 10 list, and I could be wrong but if that was a varient we would have seen or heard about it, and be trying to get it, putting it on the top 10 list. As that is not the case. I just think the CG is a popular character and the normal figure is in the top 10. As far as a set goes, I don't think any change in color is necessary. Just look at the troops that were in the initial launch. Hasbro tried to make subtle changes with each new issued troop, and that was wrong.
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    Random thoughts

    I actually liked that. I couldn't believe it when I saw it in stores. I picked it up right away. It wasn't accurate but cool none the less. I didn't see hear anything after that. I do know they did a repaint shortly after. I guess it didn't do as well as thought, or was just a small test that wasn't supposed to go anywhere. Like I said before, I know it would be near impossible, but actually scaled vehicles that turned into transformers would be cool. I would buy smaller scale like the star wars which I think to hasbro would more reasonable, but if the test didn't do that good, I guess we won't see either choices. Personally Over those I could go for a action fleet scaled set of vehicles. I did do some research, and back in the 90s galoob was bought out by hasbro, which I didn't know. I do see other companies make smaller vehicles to go with movies, like the golden compass had some vehicles and I forget what else. I do think that hasbro might have tried to bring back the star wars line a little while ago. Might not have went over well, or is just on hiatus.
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    Random thoughts

    http://i.toynewsi.com/g/index.php?mode=vie...00&start=80 http://i.toynewsi.com/g/index.php?mode=vie...00&start=80 http://www.figurerealm.com/viewcustomfigure.php?FID=6633 This was what I was talking about with the full sized gijoe/cobra vehicle transformers. The second I am sure is like the star wars transformers size, but was just a reference to what I was talking about. Hope this helps. In future I will try to add references as not to confuse. Sorry about that.
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    Random thoughts

    I know, but I wanted a spot to put my thoughts, and get feedback, and have talks with people about GI Joe, and thought this is a great place to do that. I like the people here, and value everyones opinions and criticisms. I've never got into blogging before, and don't think anyone would want to read what I had to say. Hopefully here, people like what I am writing, and we can share our thoughts, and if they don't then I am open to hear what they have to say. Like the title says, this is my random thoughts and ideas on the subject of gi joe, and anyone else who wants to put in random thoughts, ideas, debates or whatever are more than welcome to do so.
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    Random thoughts

    Is gi joe getting the shaft in the toy world and to the fans? Think about it. When gi joe came out back in the 80s it was something new and cool and it grew and lasted for quite awhile, back then we saw giant playsets, vehicles, and lots and lots of figures. Star wars came back out in 95, was hard to get for the first little bit, then we saw it grow and turn into something great. Now with gijoe, after the lines that came, did well then made way for new lines, we have a awesome gi joe line that sells out constantly. But where is the support? After being out for almost a year we still see more new figures that keep selling out. I like what I'm seeing so far, but I WANT MORE, and not to have to hunt 20 stores to still come home empty handed. I love the fact that they keep selling out, but is it a supply issue, or the fact that the stores are skeptic about the line, just think underordering is ok or what? I mean I could be wrong and they are just underordering so it looks better than it is, but that can't be right if they are selling out online too. So now we are starting to get exclusives too at three different stores, which is cool, but I don't think the stores are giving their full support. What the heck is going on at the stores? Toysrus had the 25th line to a little speck by the end the last time i checked and it was like that at 2 different stores. There are a bunch of the other military lines clogging up shelf space, and sitting there collecting dust. Some of the other things there are cool, and I might pick up, but there is so much junk there too. There are areas that are empty with room that they could stock up, but its just not happening. I am liking the pic of snake eyes from the movie that came out, and that gives me hope for the movie. I also look forward to the future of the gi joe line if it ever gets legs to take off like it should. The other more recent joes werent flying off the shelves at this rate and were getting a cartoon series, dvds, and vehicles etc. Now that hasbro is seeing that they got the chemistry right are they turning a blind eye to the possibilities, or just letting this happen without jumping on the opportunities. Could hasbro just be seeing and thinking this line will lose steam sooner than later and WANT it to taper off so the movie products can come out and take over like the transformers lines, where they put all else on hold while the movie toys took over, and did well until now. I don't want to see the 25th line go on haitus for the movie. Like I said, I want more, am liking what I am seeing to come, but dammit we need more now. I want to see more figures and eventually vehicles in the stores in good spots. What can they do to fix this? Before the only thing I had back home, in the small town in pennsylvania, to worry about was when the simpsons line came out, my small walmart store never got the line. I thought something was wrong and wrote to walmart online, and got a respose from the local store saying tough luck, we are not going to carry that line. The small walmart, (since it was the only store there taking over) eventually turned into a super walmart, and then they still didn't want to carry the line. I am thankful that the stores are carrying the gi joe lines. I am however discouraged that writing the company gets you nowhere fast, and don't know what to do or who to write to get hasbro and the stores to wake up to this line. I know living in a big city doesn't help with hunting down figures, and the more popular characters are going to be next to impossible to find. I've been lucky so far. But seriously, come on, a line still going strong for this long, and still can't find the toys in stores. Considering todays market when so much comes and goes so quickly, and it is rare for a line not to end up going on clearance making way for the next thing. This line in my eyes is doing great, but it could be doing alot more. I think it deserves more respect than it is getting. I appreciate all the great work the guys are doing to bring us this line, and the efforts being put forth to improve and gives us more, but, Hasbro is probably amping up for the movie with people dedicated to that line, and missing out to give us more on this line.
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    Random thoughts

    I know that we've had several different versions of cobra commander, and I like them all, have them all. Now just out of curiosity, how cool would it been to have a cobra commander with more head size accuracy, and for the faceplate to be chrome, like destros mask. I would deffinetly like to see that as well as a chrome faceplated viper. I just got to thinking that after seeing the awesome full size mask replicas on ebay.
  19. Sweet, that one is awesome. I am definetly thinking about getting one or a variety of them. God I wish I could get them all!! Unfortunalty I don't have a lot of cash for the higher ones, and girlfriend kind of gives me the look when I show her them. I'm thining about saving for a higher one down the road. You will have to let me know what you think of the one you ordered and post pics. I was at work yesterday just looking at all the pics in the media of cobracares.com from the conventions. That was so amazing. Are you in with the cobracares troop? How do you like being in the 501? That imperial outfit looks awesome. Did you custom make it or no?
  20. Those helmets are awesome, ill keep looking on there for the other helmets to come on. Thanks again. Those pics for cobra cares are awesome as well. Hopefully I can join, I'm not sure if they come around here though. Where do they hold the dragon con or does it move around?
  21. Wow, I am totally blown away by all this, all that is simply amazing, and I can't wait to get some of this stuff. Thank you for all the advice tom, and I know where your coming from with doing it right. My problem is I need to loose some weight so they will look better. Thank You all for the posts and links. My problem is that I've always bought store bought costumes, and hate them, they look so tacky. I love halloween and am really getting into the comic con, and would love to go to other cons. I see so many draculas and zombies cause I'm sure they are easiest for halloween, and want to do something different. What better way than to don a cobra uniform. I would really like to get some star wars armor too someday. Thanks again for the links, I am looking into it all with great awe!
  22. Whatever happened to Dr. Venom? I haven't been abled to follow the marvel comic until later in its run,and tried to get back issues but not a lot of luck. That cd rom with the entire run would be awesome and well worth whatever price tag they put on it.
  23. http://www.speedytoys.com/shop/item.asp?itemid=1575 I have been a fan of Gi Joe Since it came out. I have always liked the characters, the uniforms, the battle armor and the vehicles. Since GiJoe has been out, I have never seen anyone get into costume back home in Pennsylvania, or where I am now in San Diego Ca. Since I have been here in Ca I have gone to the comic con, this year will be my third. Every year I see people in all kinds of awesome costumes, especially the Star Wars troops. I even thought about trying to join the 501st but didn't think I had the time or heart to join. GiJoe has always been my favorite. Has anyone here got into costume or know anyone who has? I don't know if it is popular enough to have its own Costumed Batallion. If there was one I think it would be cool to join. Since I have been out here I've wanted to make a good costume for either halloween or the comic con or both. It seems that more people dress up for the con than halloween though. Not sure if I'm going to the wrong areas for halloween, I'm still pretty new here. Anyway I kept thinking about trying to make a Zartan Costume, and found a bunch of possible items for it, but haven't found the whole set for my liking. This year I am thinking more of a Troop, like a Cobra Viper. I am looking around for the outfit peices, but am stuck on the faceplate. The link above looks like there would be some good ideas for the helmet itself, but I'm still not sure what to do about the faceplate. I looked all over the net for any kind of ideas and came up with nothing. Do you guys have any ideas on what I could use or should I can the whole Idea? I am thinking on trying to get something that would be comfortable and cool looking and not going to kill me with the heat cause it does get hot out here. Sometimes I wonder how those guys do that at the con considering thats got to be some heavy armor they are wearing, and with the helmets on, wow. Any ideas or anything would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!!
  24. Was there supposed to be an interview hidden in there or was it just his bio? I'm dieing for more news here.
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