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  1. Hey guys! I really liked the character design that ddp did and would like to see their (modernish) variations of Zandar, Serpentor, Zartan (a full chameleon would be nice as a bonus) and storm shadow. I agree about golobulous and metal-head. as far as updates I would like to see croc master II from VVV to 25th. For vehicles and drivers I love the SHARC and Deep Six, I would love to see a revamped version or bigger more accurate version. I think an out of that giant suit version of deep six would be cool too. maybe a more poseable suit and something you could open like a mech suit. sorry i am not on more
  2. I would love to get this set, but that is too high a price tag for me. I was looking forward to it too. If it was cheaper, I would go for it.
  3. I wasn't too impressed either. I think tmnt as minimates would be awesome, especially with classics and new.
  4. I would be so down for those except the prequal figures. No 5 below in cali. They have 3 figures listed on their site, darth vader, anakin (aotc), and sandtrooper.
  5. OMG if that isn't the truth. Zartan is my fave followed by classic storm shadow. I have to say I really like the ddp versions as well and would have to add serpentor in third place.
  6. I chose the terrordrome. I would gladly get all of the above depending on how they are released. I would want classic styling none of that rise of cobra deco crap. I would also love to see the original gi joe base as featured in the cartoon. As far as vehicles go, I would love to see the killer whale reissued. It looks like they added it in the new movie promo, so here's to hoping. With the PITT i would like to see a more comic accurate toy. I thought the rise of cobra pitt was an eyesore and would never add that to my collection.
  7. I had to pick it up myself. Was hard to find. I remember little about the series myself as well. You hit the nail on the head on everything. I kept hearing good things about operation dragonfire and that it was the wrap up to the movie. I had to re-watch the movie before getting the dvd set and i still like it. I actually forgot how good it and the story was. Wasn't perfect but what is. In the dic series, it did seem to have some bad voice acting and was rather dumbed down. I felt a little let down by operation dragonfire, but the shows after that seemed pretty decent. I like the characters and that some of the original voice actors reprised their old roles. I am so glad I picked up the set as it does feel nostalgic. I like that Cobra Commander was still voiced by Chris Latta and he donned his battle armor. (not a fan of the snake man thing). I also like the gold domed Destro and the vehicles. I kinda see how it is more like toy commercials than anything. I am a little disappointed that the old joes and vehicles weren't incorporated with the new as now it feels more like gi joe the next generation instead of a continuation.
  8. Not a fan. There's so many other good choices out there already. I like updates but they don't need to be so drastic. Battle Armor CC would be better. (I guess I should be thankful that it's not an all black costume like in the movies).
  9. I totally agree with you! It was an awesome sight. I was thinking the same thing.
  10. I'd put my money on Slice. Not only are we getting Dice but that version of Surefire we're getting was originally packaged with him. The filecard he came with describes Surefire as his bitter enemy. That would be pretty sweet actually. I almost forgot about him. He was an awesome figure. That would be a welcome addition as well.
  11. Some looks ok. Some look meh. But over all its on the classic style cards. I'll take this over the ROC crap any day.
  12. Omg. Nooooo!!!! Dammit! Why this asshat? So now we got another reimagining! So they will all be wearing black leather, there will be no story and he is going to ruin another property.
  13. Hey all. Long time no see. I am sold on the whole thing. Mostly to how awesome big boa looks. I am collecting the motu figures and love the subscription idea. I am all in for this. I just wonder how much the pricing will be. I don't think they announced the mystery figure yet right? Or did I miss it. Heres a bonus question. Who do you speculate the bonus figure is? My hopes are either: Raptor, Miles Mayhem, OverKill, Overlord, Rocky Balboa, Fridge Perry, or Voltar
  14. I would love to get a set of 25th cobra-la figures with a new Nemesis Enforcer too. Not sure about modern, or POC. It would be a good 5 or 6 pack.
  15. Hi guys I personally was a toyfare addict, loved the articles pictures and humor. It will be missed. I was sad when I read the news. We do have the net, but toyfare had more too. If they did go online, trust me, I would follow even if it were pay. I had actually just gotten a new subscription for a christmas present.
  16. Bucky O'hare sounds cool as well as a new Toxic Avengers line. I have never heard of battle Trolls. I would do anything for a new M.A.S.K. line and a silver hawks line. I can't wait to hear more news about the new Thundercats line and hope they actually make an effort to make them decent. What is ROM? I haven't heard of that one either. I think a new TMNT movie is in the works, so I am sure the turtles are not dead. Not by a long shot.
  17. I would buy them up in a heartbeat, as long as they look decent. Even if they weren't i'd probably buy them just cause they are mask. I am a big Star trek fan and would have bought the new star trek figures if they looked better, but as it turned out they looked aweful, like not a lot of thought or design went into them and they were made just to cash in more from the movie. I was pretty impressed with the new Matt Trakker figure and would hope the new figures and vehicles were in the 4" range to allow for more detail and articulation. I am sure if no movie, they would test the market with smaller vehicles and move up depending on success or not. The new Gi Joe movie vehicle Steel Crusher looks alot like an updated JackHammer. Theres even a website that supplies stickers to make it look more like the Jack Hammer. If they are working on a new movie hopefully not alot is changed or "modernized", and even if it is modernized I hope they had good changes made.
  18. Yeah, I loved that line. It was awesome. You got the figure and puppet bug mount with it that you could pretend they were flying. I had a lot as a kid and would love for the line to be revived.
  19. Valdin

    A-Team toys

    I agree, I was soo ready to pick these up until i actually saw them in the store. then i just put it back and walked away. I will definetly pick up the van. It does sound perfect for a dreadnok van. Whats funny is before the news for the movie came out, I kept seeing a real A-team style van going around here in san diego. Haven't seen it lately, but it was awesome.
  20. pure awesome. just shrink me down so I can move in there, and I'll be happy.
  21. thanks! they are on clearance here at san Diego too. mostly peg warmers. I did find snake eyes in trench coat, ice viper ( first time I saw him, his card art to me looked cooler, but was worth picking up), and cobra commander. CC looks like he has a removable faceplate but I guess not. I like the figures with the hoods, but snakes eyes hood gets in the way to put his sword on his back. I kinda wish the hood was removable and you could put a hood up on the figures too.
  22. gratz my friend how are you? long time no hear. take care
  23. I totally agree. With the q & a's hasbro has always responded with nickel and dime answers about how much it costs to make figures and molds, so they wouldn't be abled to make certain figures or vehicles. So when we get a new movie, they spared no expense to make all new molds for many figures, vehicles, and accessories. The fact that the movie would be a hit or a bomb didn't matter, they put out soo many movie products. Alot more than what was allowed for the 25th anniversary product, which was continually selling out where ever you went. Now what else makes me realize where these hasbro clowns have their heads is with the fact that they have stated that even if the movie had not come out, they wanted to take gi joe in a different direction. I think Resolute looks and is great and look forward to more of that product and some of the new POC items that is not a movie tie in. But truthfully this feels like an alienation since alls hasbro knows what to do is constantly reinvent itself. Look at that fact that in the 80s, gi joe RAH stuck around for 12+ years. I don't think that if it made its start now that it would have as much success.
  24. Hey all I was at borders last week and got some nice items. I found the "Ultimate Guide to GiJoe 1982-1994" on sale for $6 which is turning out to be an awesome read as well as a guide, and also in this months issue of lee's toy review is a spotlight on Gi Joe 25th anniv with a figure guide. Yo Joe!
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