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  1. Sorry to bring up auch an old topic I just wanted to know if there are only 3 Marvel icons waves? did Hasblow kill this line?
  2. yup these new OT statues are not based on any excisting animated show but rather inspired by the Clone Wars animated "look". Gentle Giant has said that if all goes as planned they will alternate between OT and PT waves in the future. I addition look for a new LOTR series of statues with the same animated look soon.
  3. These are amazing I can't beleive they are doing OT characters in the animated style! more to spend on...
  4. J-Gon

    My new Site

    Hey all!, I have a new blog/star wars news site that specializes on higher end star wars collectibles. I update news regularly and I'm looking for others who share my star wars passion! hope to see you there and feel free to leave comments! My webpage MODS if this is innapropiate please delete and/or lock this. thank you.
  5. WOW. I went ahead and did the math on just how much it cost to put your setup together. if my calculations are correct it cost you; a s**tload of clones + a s**tload of vehicles = a s**tload of money @smilepunch@
  6. overall the Target one looks better IMO. I don't like the candy stripes though...
  7. a fellow local eh? I hit the one off of palm.
  8. I didn't go to walmart looking for star wars figures, I was there to buy milk for my kid. I just happen to go to the toy section, plus I hate walmart-why would I want to go to another one?
  9. I went to Wal-mart this morning (a place a rarely go to ) and after reading posts about full cases of Vaders and pegwarmers I thought I would at the very least see those hanging around but when I got to the star wars section it was completely wiped out. There was nothing there but bare pegs and "as advertised" danglers hanging on for dear life. Is anybody else seeing this or did some uber scalper hit this wal-mart?
  10. no not cancelled but rather "on the back burner" till next year.
  11. hhmm.... a few come to mind, Bucktooth X-wing pilot Luke this years christmas Vader figure any post AOTC action feature figures any "silver anniversary" figures
  12. I buy my son and daughter stuff all the time, in fact my wife is begging me to stop onthe count of all the galactic heroes that have seemed to have invaded our house.
  13. no... the various bacteria from this time would infect the entire past and kill all life on Earth.... which would explain why there are no Dinosaurs today... OMG! MIKE DISCOVERS TIME TRAVEL AT SOME TIME IN THE FUTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that reminds me of that simpsons episode with the time treveling toaster where Homer sneezes on the dinosaur and they all drop dead lol.
  14. I don't know how old you are but I would have kicked his ass took the figures I wanted from his cart and stomped on all the rest! sorrry that's the dark side talking, but I would have said "hey, there goes Elvis!" and as soon as he turned around I woudl have pirated his cart
  15. Well I dropped by my local Borders today and purchased my Luke Saber and man is it ever sweet! it is just as loud if not louder and clearer sounding than the Anakin saber. The hilt is a tiny bit bigger because it requires six AA batteries but you can hardly tell and it glows BRIGHT green! Holding both Anakin and Luke's lit Sabers together is awesome, such a geek dream come true! behold my geekiness! lol ooooooooooohhhh............ aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh............
  16. The main loophole I find in the whole "a Jedi is great if he comes back from the dead" idea, is that all the main Movie Jedi achieved it leading me to believe that is was not that difficult to do. Qui-gon did it, Obi-wan did it, Yoda did it, Exar Kun did it and in time I'm sure Luke will be able to do it to in order to guide Jaina and Jaycen throught the force after he is gone.
  17. all the info about Obi-wan taping into the dark side, where did you see/read this? Obi-wan was tempted to join the dark side by Dooku, and would have nothing to do with it, even with his masters name bieng thrown in front of him, so I find it hard to believe that he would tap into the dark side at all to win a fight.
  18. I have a preorder for the Mace FX and MR emailed me not too long ago to tell me that the Mace FX was due Oct/Nov. There is no Yoda FX saber.
  19. Obi-Wan got out dualed by Maul and got his A$$ handed to him two times by Count Dooku. Obi-Wan was not even close to the most powerful Jedi. I don't even think that's a subject of debate. At least for me. If we were talking raw power, Mace, Yoda, Qui-Gon, Anakin, Luke and others come to mind before Obi-Wan. I would say his Obi-Wan's greatness lies with the overall impact he's had on the Star Wars universe. Not on his power or how wise he was. Raw power? Qui-gon? I doubt it. Qui-gon was a great Jedi no doubt but he was not powerful in terms of lightsaber skill. He was a passive fighter, as evident in his meditations mid fight with Maul, he never overpowered Maul like Obi-wan did. Look at the duel in Episode I- last time I checked Obi-wan won that fight did he not? and he didn't just beat him, he freakin cut Maul in half! I don't believe Luke was not that powerful at that point in time. George has said in many DVD interview that Luke was fighting in an age of old Jedi way past their prime (Obi-wan and Yoda) and half man half machine sith lords (Vader) and could not have been better than Jedi in the golden age of the republic. Just imagine a fight between an ROTJ Luke and episode I era Obi-wan, see the difference? Luke could not have kept up with Obi-wan not a ROTJ Luke. Mace is such an enigma, there is so much we don't know about him. If anybody can give us a quick education on Mace then by all means share. Mace was second only second to Yoda for crying out loud! a senior member of the Jedi Council, a legendary Jedi even to Count Dooku, Legendary warrior and general in the Clone Wars (see clone wars volume I DVD) the Jedi who almost single handedly (had it not been for Anakin) took out a Sith lord the likes of which no one had seen for millenia, I believe Mace would be an excellent candidate for Novels or comics to shed a light on Mace's past, his training, his masters and how exacty he came to have such a unique colored lightsaber (at least in the films) But I would like to believe that Mace might be one of these great Jedi. It's also interesting to note that before episode I a lot of people thought that Mace was the Jedi that would have something to do with the fall of the republic! rememeber? where did that notion stem from?
  20. For those interested, I got a call from Border's today to tell me that my Master replicas Luke Skywalker FX saber was in! I have not gone to get it yet but I thought I would give a heads up to all those who were planning to get this saber. Good luck.
  21. Good! I love the wide array of answers everybody has given which are very valid. Keep em coming!
  22. An I couldn't agree more. The question isn't "Who's your favorite jedi?" it's "Who's the greatest Jedi?" People need to put their personal bias's away and answer this truthfully. Obi Wan is probably my favorite as well, but he's not the best by any means. If you actually listen to master Yoda’s lines (in every film he appears in), and understand them, he makes a point of stating that the force is all that matters (as do all the jedi really; The force is all that matters). Physical skills can only get you so far, but they are insignificant to the power of the force. The force was strongest in Anakin Skywalker (but he lost that to the dark side and plus he never reached his full light side capabilities) but he's obviously counted out for obvious reasons (LOL), Master Yoda and (we now know) Qui Gon Jinn (being he is the first to become one with the force; even Yoda….if not told by Qui Gon how to do so, most likely wouldn’t have achieved that) hence they are top notch. exellent and intereting points. I don't agree about being able to communicate from the beyond as bieng the measure of how great a Jedi is, Using that logic counts out many great Jedi that achieved tremendous feats using the Force but then because they did not communicate after they died they are no longer great? Plus, consider this, If a Jedi is true to the Force and learns how to use the Force through a lifetime of training don't they all join the Force once deseased? it would only be a matter of bieng able to channel oneself back to the physical plane as Qui-gon and Obi-wan did.
  23. I could not disagree more. I don't think it would have mattered who trained Anakin. Anakin was pre-set to take a certain path in life according to the prophecy and Yoda and the Council knew before Obi-wan took Anakin as an apprentice that Anakin's future was cloudy and uncertain. Even Obi-wan had serious reservations about training Anakin but it was Qui-gon's dying wish that he be trained and Obi-wan bieng the Jedi and man that he was, kept his promise. If anything Obi-wan did a great job training Anakin and keeping him on the path of the light side as long as he did, Anakin at many points during the Clone wars and even before then had many encounters with the dark side of the Force in the form of Anakin's emotions getting the better of him but his training brought him back, more specificly, Obi-wan's training.
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