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  1. To be fair, the initial designs for Classified were all based on the video game that came out around the same time. There was speculation that the line was only made to supplement he Sbake Eyes movie figures, but due to Covid pushing the film back a year, the Snake Eyes movie toys didn't come out at the same time as Classifieds. Perhaps Hasbro wasn't expecting the line to do so well and didn't have anything planned beyond the figures we receive. Because of that and fan feedback, thr newer figures are based on classics rather than the video game.
  2. This is also a pass for me. While I understand that the main draw of this line is due to Shartimus Prime's name attached to the tpyline, the figure themselves do not do much for me.
  3. Haggar is finally back in s video game and suprisingly, they made him play a bit differently Zangief, who is actually based off of Haggar
  4. That would be nice, I just wish they werent so damn expensive! I went to the hobby link site and the figure requires no assembly. To think I kept buyin those MMX model kits. I would rather have this.
  5. I also find it strange that they are doin Shinkenger since it is too heavily based on japanese culture. I think they are goin to alter the basic story a lot but in the jp orig. each of the rangers are descendents of japanese samurais.
  6. The last us series I have seen is Dino Thunder. They have brought Rita in the american adaptation of magiranger The original japanese actress played a completely different char in the series, so they made her into a reformed Rita in the US ver I think she died in real life after doing that series
  7. Just to inform you, they have their testers find everything and collect it to make sure it works. Im sure those testers are just as annoyed with it as we all are about it. Its rare these days where they dont have someone do something to make sure it works correctly. Hell back in the PS1 days and pretty much even still today, they have testers run against every wall for collision and fall and die in every area of the game to make sure you actually die and not just fall forever. But I am getting very tired of this generation of games ideas of fun. Yeah I hate that we lost cheat codes/hidden and unlocks(for the most part) and I dont mind the inclusion of achievements/trophies nowadays since it extends the life of the games (as long as the achievements/trophies are remotely fun that is) but it seems its this generation of game developers that take the annoying and easy way out and just have you collect pointless crap spread throughout the levels for a pointless task. I mean achievements/trophies dont really do anything for you except make you feel like you accomplished something/bragging rights/finalized a game. But in actuality, you didnt really gain anything. Now some game designers are awesome and give purpose to collecting things like give you abilities, unlock cool stuff attached to the achievement, etc. Those I can dig, but the pointless collecting is so damn tedious and just downright redundant. I ve even had a few games that had me collect multiple things for nothing!! not even story driven items! It makes me glad that nintendo didnt go on the achievement/trophy bandwagon... otherwise it would never end with their games. My cousin is a tester for namco I think the change in gaming is because of how more popular US/canadian game developers than they were before. Achievements were introduced by xbox.
  8. Strange Shinkenger is being brought to the states since the PR series is usually a year behind Super sentai. By the time Shinenger hits, PR will be 2-3? series behind SS
  9. Godot

    DCUC Wave 17

    I am still suprised how the 4hmn is the only sculptors out there that can do consistent faces. I mean Wonder Woman looks like the one from wave 4, Indigo Atom looks like the Atom from wave 5, and the Hal Jordan figs looks like the one from wave 3. Even Luthor looks similar to the Gotham 5 pack and the old DCSH fig despite few differences I realized that Wonder Woman's hair is the same piece as the one from wave 4, so WW and Atom might be retooled heads. Even so, the Hal Jordan figs have new head sculpts, as well as those various Superman figs (blue, red, mullet, and Eradicator HS) that looks alike despite having new heads.
  10. I am not suprised that they used the Desparo/Lobo body for Bane since it is a perfect fit though I remember a few ppl saying that body is too big for Bane. LOL Very good eye, sir. I hadn't noticed that yet. Thanks. A few years ago, I bought an extra Despardo so that I can make a custom Bane out of it; I studied the body to see if it is a good choice and it was. However, I never gotten a round to it and now I am glad I ddin't.
  11. I am not suprised that they used the Desparo/Lobo body for Bane since it is a perfect fit though I remember a few ppl saying that body is too big for Bane. LOL
  12. So, you'll exclude any figure/character not seen in America?? Do you know how long a list that will leave you???With all the Japanese, UK and other regional exclusives that were released. How would they not be effective?? Despite their size, their strengths and firepower was measured on the same scale as the other TF's. So, even if they were half the size, they could still be as strong or stronger. I think they should be not be excluded esp how Hasbro doesn't exclude them - a few of the japanese only figs were released in the states in other forms like the PVC Overlord becomming Gigatron and Dezaras becomming Desaras and Victory Saber for the cancelled Robot Heroes line. Even Stepper who was renamed as Ricochet was reissued in the US
  13. Friggin small figures... Toy companies are just trying to save money. And here i was hoping id finally get a decent Gouken figure... You didn't get the one SOTA made? THe even made 2 variants. Actually there was 3 variants, the third was more rare than the others based on the manga version. I think Dilios a SF4 version. As for Gouken figs, there are like 4 if I am not mistaken Regular Battle cry(was this the beaten up ver?) Ghost of Gouken Apprentence Gouken
  14. You know I think why I overlook the faults of the SOTA sculpts is because I was glad I even got them in the first place. I mean having a good 6 in line of figures with amazing accessories will probably never happen again. Yes we have some pretty good articulated ones from NECA(lets be honest tho, their face sculpts are pretty much horrible for most of the figs in their line), but we had a FULL line of characters both popular and not so popular with the SOTA line. Im pretty sure NECA will never do any kind of underdog character in their line, if they even continue it to begin with. So I take the good with the bad and just love what I got. a good 30+ characters spanning all over the SF universe despite some inaccuracies. To each their own, but I wish they did a better job on their sculpting since some of them weren't that good. If the Jazwares figures do well, hopefully, we get a full line up and possibily a 6 inch line up; they seem to stick with it for the Sonic figures
  15. I remember that too, Im such a die hard street fighter fan, I made sure to buy every wave that came out and the occasional unique variant. Their figs were spectacular except for a few things that looked off but were easy enough to overlook. They started slacking once revolution hit though so its kind of just as well that they quit the street fighter game, no pun intended. Agreed though the few things that were off were not hard to overlook. I mean, key figs such as the female SF2 chars, Ryu, and Ken were off. It was good that they redid Ryu and Ken, but suckz that they used the 7 inch body for them. I know ryu and even chunners was a bit off, and for the first series it was excusable and I overlooked it. I mean they had some seriously awesome extra accessories and extra hands and heads that no other figure company ever did with street fighter. All we had were pretty static figures from Resaurus and horrible gi joe repaints. I thought kens heads were pretty decent, especially since one focused on the class sf2 short hair and ones focused on alphas ponytailed versions. The ponytailed face looked off but again its overlooked for me. I mean look at the rest of the first wave with a superior looking sagat, sodom and m.bison. Those were and still are some of my top fav sf figures. I never tried this but since the figures have interchangable heads, you probably couldve switched revolutions ryu/ken heads with their original series 1 and 2 bodies. I dont know how that would look as revolutions was leaning more toward anime versions but in theory it could work. I thought the ponytail ver was better since the sf2 one was way off from the source material they based it off of; it was based on the udon SSF2 revival art. They even painted the sideburns as oppose to sculpting it. I wouldn't be shocked if the short hair was intended for the ponytail head. The monster looking guys were good, but since my favorite sf2 characters are the shotos, I was not pleased that they sucked ass. I want a definitive Ryu and Ken. As for the revolution figs, the heads do not fit the smaller bodies. However, Jin's customized Sota Ryu with the statue Ryu's head looks awsome.
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