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  1. Good characters that should fall under the movie masters sub-set. I would be really annoyed if they pulled a Batman stunt like they have done with Wave 17 and Green Lantern. Keep it under the subset and I am fine with them, I particularly want Comm Gordon and the Ghul family. Fall under the MM subset, there is no MM subset. What are you flipping talking about subset. I hope you mean the DCUC subline. So what do you want in the DCUC line, all Superman, please, the line wouldn't last 6 months. I guarantee you that 1/2 of this list will be in the DCUC line.
  2. Okay as stated many time in many forums, to all, the GLC series was not picked up for the third wave from retailers, simple and that is why the name brand starts with DCU, DCUniverse so wave 17 has as much right being in the DCUC series as does wave 18. I didn't want wave 18 at least the remaining SP characters but thought it would be cool to own and have in my collection.
  3. Well, I want them all and I'm betting we will get Huntress/variant next year and Poison Ivy next year with lots more Batman characters because of the movie. I as well want Hawk and Dove, both modern versions and yeah we would need Mento to complete the DP and I think we will see Mento before the Chief. Shining Knight is my all time favorite character after Batman and I will not stop until he gets made.
  4. From a post on RTM, so take it with a big grain of salt, but this is the rumor for the 'rest' of 2011. And there you go, wave 20 sounds true and should be this; Wave 20 Superman-BL Superman w/whited out eyes Saint Walker Firestorm/BL Firestorm or Deathstorm as he is called who is leading the BL's right now. Larfleeze Guardian/ here you go, Ganthet hopefully or maybe a two pack similar to the three pack in GLCC 2. Arisia, about time Nekron If this whole list is true then I'm all for it, 2011 looks to be a good year!!
  5. Okay, I don't usually say anything but if you believe this wave is going to hang around on the pegs longer than 2 months, well maybe Atom, you are not thinking about the business of this line. I would have professionally left out Atom and put in BL Superman w/whited out eyes. Every Mom, Pop or casual collector/buyer will recognize all the DC characters in this wave except maybe Atom, different uniform or not. This wave is going to sell and sell, period! Of course unless you live in an area of the US where superheroes in your stores don't usually sell out then yeah, same with this line. I am a DC Comics fanatic. I have right now 45 issues I subscribe to each month and have been reading DC Comics since age 12 and yep I have quite a few comics, lol. I love the DCUC and I have bought every figure in their classic or modern uniforms. Bottom line, this is a part of DC's unique history!! The Blackest Night storyline is a part of DC's unique history as is the same with DC's Crisis on Infinite Earths. A few of Earth's Greatest heroes being selected to be lanterns of the spectrum was a story to me. I was going to have to pay a customizer $40-$100 a figure to have this same selection made so thanks Mattel for saving me some money!
  6. you're 44??? I'm 43 and i LOVE the new wave 1 Figures plus the old ones like SUPERMAN, DARKSEID, BRAINIAC, LEX LUTHER. STEEL, SUPERGIRL & DOOMSDAY... can't wait to pick up the old classic FIRESTORM, HAL JORDAN, NIGHTWING AQUAMAN & ESPECIALLY GORILLA GRODD!!! (YES!!!) yeah, DC is back, been a while, but they are going to dominate the toy aisles, @pow@ yep 44 going on 24, it feels great to be a DC fanatic, yeah we older guys got to stick together, I think I found a new message board to hang out in
  7. I third that!! I am 44 and I feel like a kid again. I haven't felt this kind of high since Super Powers in the 80s!! I am looking forward to all figures in this line!! DC is back and the storm is brewing and soon the tornado will hit with wave 2 and then the hurricane will surge with wave 3, damn I feel good!! @firedevil@
  8. Here you go guys, they all look great, enjoy, http://www.dcuc.info/features/dcuc-wave-2-in-package-photos/
  9. man, now after seeing these pics, I wish they would have given Grundy an open hand and yeah see, now we need a bigger Darkseid, Mongul and Doomsday and yeah I don't give up
  10. 7ft 7in, 771 lbs, I would say he is just about right
  11. Here's the link below and man, Make Mine Mattel!! http://www.dcuc.info/features/hal-jordan-v...parison-photos/
  12. no, they look like comic book characters, which is why they are flying off the shelves, fans have missed real DC characters and have waited since Super Powers and not to make this a ML/DCUC flame, what is so realistic looking about MLs, especially with all those unneeded cuts in the sculpt and what is with those long flat feet, the big reason I stopped collecting MLs, sorry I just don't see what you are upset about
  13. I say we will get a brighter colored red, blue and yellow costumed Superman with the "S" shield on the back of the cape
  14. jase, how do you use the tornado as a stand instead of an attachment to the right fist, I tried this and couldn't get Reddy to stay on the tornado, thanks
  15. next time try the freezer for about 5 mins, this will usually loosen that joint up and also saves the paint when rotating or turning the joint, it has saved me on numerous DC Directs and Marvel Legends and here recently DCSH Catwoman
  16. well officially no Flash has been announced yet so he will go with my 12 so respect to that, here's my 12; 1)modern Booster Gold 2)BAF Despero 3)BAF Mongul 4)BAF Killowog 5)modern Green Arrow 6)modern Black Lightning 7)Wally West Flash 8)modern Wonder Woman 9)modern GL John Stewart 10)modern GL Guy Gardner 11)modern GL Kyle Raynor 12)Martian Manhunter
  17. well if these are the remainders of 08 then Robin should have been in a wave with Batman 2 that includes Charaxes BeastBoy could have been with Nightwing and Slade, both teen titans who have fought many times with Slade, where as Robin just started his battles with Slade and robin as said above would have made more sense to be in the wave with Batman 2 and Charaxes because for one thing, Charaxes, who is the old Killer Moth before selling his soul to Neron, made his comic debut in Robin as Charaxes and again if this is the lineups of figures for 08, how can you have SHAZAM without Black Adam, this may have been our only chance to get Black Adam along with SHAZAM
  18. heh, you and me both and I bought 8 on ebay
  19. I was completely clueless on what or who the Charleston characters are. Can anyone shed some light for me? hi, those characters would be; The Question, Captain Atom and Blue Beetle, some people think that list includes Captain Marvel, aka' "SHAZAM" but it does not, SHAZAM was a Fawcett Comics character
  20. not as lame as mysterio @smilepunch@ I KNEW someone would say that!!! Mysterio has a rather large fanbase, Kevin Smith made him top string, Aquaman is known as being a joke! So no, I'd argue differently. you know, being a member of the Justice League of America, a founding member at that, is never a joke, how many comics titles has Mysterio had, been in for that matter, I bet you don't own one Aquaman comic, well I own hundreds, you talk about one of my favorites, you are going to get it right back @PContest@ Because I don't like him…it means I know nothing about him? No, I don't own a single Aquaman comic book…and I'm not ashamed to say such. I know enough to not waste my money, Aquaman is not my cup of tea!!! Plus besides, I know more then I would like to even admit about Aquaman. If you have a ridiculously opinionated and immature problem with that, it's not my problem. Face it, you're trying to defend a character that can barely hold his own title - it's been canceled and re-launched god only knows how many times!!! I cannot tell you just how many times I've seen Aquaman listed as someone's least favorite Superhero, I'd argue it's nearly unanimous that he's considered one of the lamest in history. Whether you chose to acknowledge this or not is up to you, but it is fact - not opinion! Aquman is not beloved, he's got a cult following…at best! And yes, for a comic book history lesson…anything Mysterio has appeared in is inarguably more popular just by default alone as he's a Spider-Man character and only common sense will tell that Spider-Man is more popular then Aquaman. As for his outside Spider-Verse appearances, like that of his Daredevil Kevin Smith Arc…it's vastly considered to be one of the finest Daredevil stories in modern time, if not ever! Yes, I cannot deny that Mysterio was looked at as second tier, but the DD storyline brought him to a whole new conscious level. Truth be told, the only thing that's ever given Aquaman any true attention is JLA…and in which case it's more him standing on the shoulders of bigger, better, and more iconic characters like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman then it's ever been him garnering his own true adoration. Then finally, actually Mysterio did actually have a mini-series…but what do you expect? Villains don't warrant the same kind of solo pull, when the Joker can't hold his own series…do you think Mysterio not being about to is really that big a point? I rest my case
  21. not as lame as mysterio @smilepunch@ I KNEW someone would say that!!! Mysterio has a rather large fanbase, Kevin Smith made him top string, Aquaman is known as being a joke! So no, I'd argue differently. you know, being a member of the Justice League of America, a founding member at that, is never a joke, how many comics titles has Mysterio had, been in for that matter, I bet you don't own one Aquaman comic, well I own hundreds, you talk about one of my favorites, you are going to get it right back @PContest@
  22. you are right and that is why in 08 there will only be DC Classics
  23. now see this is why I don't think it is Grodd, I believe marketing wise they would have wanted a Flash figure in the wave with Grodd
  24. well, glad you are the minority in this case and regardless if you want it to stop or not, it won't and if Rex can get a BAF then Plas should be able to, also and why wouldn't Grundy warrant a BAF, he is 7' 6" tall. Grodd, maybe not. I mean Mattel has said it and 4HM have said it, this line is for the collectors. I want my bigger figures in the correct scale and the BAF is the best way to get that scale For those of you that have a problem with DCCU going the BAF route, it's real simple, go buy DCDirect's out of scale, 9 POA, artist themed waves that have no BAFs in their waves. The 4HM themselves have stated this is a collector' line & they will be concentrating on giving us DCU fans 6'' scaled, comic accurate, classic , non artist themed wave figures! I really doubt they're gonna throw in a BAF we won't like & with each wave containing just 5 figs, even if you don't like a couple of their choices, you can always buy the wave for the BAF & sell/trade the ones you don't like. you tell him thanos, I knew someone would have my back
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