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  1. THAT IS NOT FUNNY! Ok... it's pretty funny.
  2. Well, I just had my sentinel BAF stolen. I went to a friends house to pick him up, we were gonna see a flick last night. I had my Sentinel with me because I had taken it to show my cousin. He is thinking about getting into figure collecting and I figured if I showed him what can be done these days, it would sway him towards collecting. My friend wasn't ready so I decide to hit Burger King for some chow while he finishes up. The line at the drive through was really long so I figured I'd just go in and get my grub. I wasn't in there for more than 5 minutes at the most. I come out and notice my car window has been forced down. I know it was rolled up when I went in because it was snowing here a bit. Low and behold, the Sentinel that I had put behind my seat in an effort to hie it was nowhere to be found. I was so pissed. I thought of calling the cops, but what good would that do. If I had a pic of the guy that did it, it would be easier. I asked the BK guy if they had tapes from the cameras out front and he told me the cameras were just for show. Just a deterrent. So here I sit, still pissed. I skipped the movie, I didn't even eat my food. And what is worst of all, I am out a Sentinel. I though of rebuilding, but I can't find the figs needed. I have two parts , left arm and lower torso. So I guess my Xmen can have a Sentinel that they already busted up. What is the world coming to when people steal your crap right outta your car. These are probably the same people that when a hot BAF hits, they go to the store, cut the BAF pieces out of the package and leave the rest. Basards! Oh well, thanks for listening.
  3. The way I see it, the Hulk would win. The Hulk gets stronger as he gets angrier, therefore, in theory, the Hulk has a limitless supply of strength as long as Supes keep trying to pound on him. Supes could just toss him into the sun, but apparently, Superman isn't too bright, or he would have done so with the aformentioned Doomsday.
  4. Here in Norton, VA, the local Walmart has deleted the 25th stuff from the system since it was so hard to get in. Seems to me that if I was Walmar and I sold out of a particular item everytime it came in, I would want to get it whenever I could...oh well.
  5. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Yeah, it was my last ten bucks and a toss up between toys or food...toys won...again. Curse you addiction... curse you to the darkest depths of a Big Lots Bargain Bin. Hehe @bats@
  7. The toy gods have smiled on me dear friends and neighbors. I found Several DC Direct figures at Magic Mart in Norton, VA for $5 each. Now anyone who collects these will now that they normally retail for $15. A great deal to be sure. I found all of the Superman/Batman series with Supes, Bats, Darkseid and two versions of Supergirl. I found the Crisis on Inifinite Earths series with Batman, Huntress, Dr. Light and Superboy Prime, I passed on the Weaponer of Qward fig. And also they had Identity Crisis with Green Arrow, Dr. Light, Deadshot, Zatanna and Hawkman. I threw these guys in layaway since I am broke for the next week or so, but I still can't believe I found em so cheap. Yay fo me!!!! @supes@
  9. I HATE ALL OF THESE FOR NO APPARENT REASON!!!! BOOGA BOOGA BOOGA!!!! Seriously though, to me, the Hasbro Legends keep getting better. The thing about all the people who hate them is that...well... it is that way with anything. There are gonna be people who hate these. There are gonna be people who hate the 25th Anniversary Joes. There are gonna be people who hate the DC Superheroes lines as well as DC Direct. The thing is, I am willing to give most anything a shot. If I like it, great. If I don't, so be it. I personally don't like My Little Pony, but I also don't feel the need to troll My Little Pony forums just to tell people who do like them that the ponies suck and lack individual hoof articulation. These people are expressing their opinions, and while we may not like it, it is still their right to do so. I personally have better things to do than to spread the same negative crap around over and over and over and over and over and over and over..... In closing, I like series 3...ALL OF IT. I like Astonishing Cyke, I love the character and fig of Danger. I mean, come on... the Danger Room coming to life to kill the X-Men...BRILLIANT!!!!! I can't wait to get an old school Cap and Bucky team-up going. I dig the Rachel figure. I am really looking forward to troop building with the Hydra Agent. I loved the design for Colossus in X3. And I am DIEING for a Black Knight so I can make a custom winged steed for him to ride. As for the BAF, while I am not a big fan of the whole brood thing, it is still a nice fig, and it should shut up everyone hating on the Hasbro paint apps. Ok, here is the part where someone says "You're stupid." or "You and Hasbro suck." or for those message board trolling scholars of the inter-webs..."Hasbro is the suXXor. Toybiz 4 Lyfe." Now, commence to burning me in effigy all you non-believers. Us true believers will be fine.
  10. well then heres hoping your nephews parents didn't have their heart set on grandchildren @loll@ @loll@ @loll@ @loll@ @loll@ @loll@ @loll@ @loll@ @loll@ I could care less about the differences between TBML and HML. (Yes Hasbro could be better) but I'm not gonna pass on a charater I want cause its arm can only bend 90 degrees. I collect ML because I love Marvel Characters. VERY WELL SAID!
  11. This is my custom of a more grown up Terry McGuiness in Batman Beyond.
  12. Fantastic job. Very nice custom indeed.
  13. Just because they had all of Toybiz's waves to look at doesn't mean that they will automatically know how to produce the same caliber figs. And as for my experience with ToyBiz legends, and stop me if I'm the only one, but a lot of my ToyBiz Legends had problems with very loose joints or crooked legs or arms. I had to return at least 2 - 3 figs out of every wave past the fourth wave due to these problems. When I bought Mr. Sinister, his fingers were barely hanging on because they hadn't fastened the peg good enough. Haven't had these problems yet with Hasbro legends. But the thing that irks me the most, and this isn't just an action figure thing, is that it seems like these days all people wanna do is piss and moan and find fault with the new stuff that we get, be it toys, movies, video games or what have you. I mean for crap's sake, The same people who bitched that Megatron wasn't a gun in the movie were perfectly willing to accept that fact that he could be a Dinosaur in beast wars. And even though Prime was still a semi, he apparently wasn't the right kind, but I guarentee you that if he had been the firetruck that he once was, that would have been fine and dandy. I mean Christ people. Can't we just let the little stuff go and be happy for a change. I agree with ThundaStorm...Yay Hasbro! And one last note for all the folks who want finger articulation, wrist articulation, thigh articualtion and butt articulation...it could be worse... they could turn the legends line into a series of Non-Figures like McFarlane churns out to no end. I can live without finger articulation, give my Hulk fists, my Ironman repulsor blast hands and my Thor one hand sculpted for Mjolnir and one fist to clobber Loki.
  14. What everyone seems to be forgettting is that the first few lines of Toybiz legends pretty much sucked to, cap and Ironman were the best, but even they were missing the things people gripe about now, finger articulation, paint washes...all that crap, and don't get me started on Toad or the Hulk's strange "half-fist" hands. Hasbro is learning this line. Are there problems? Sure. But all I am saying is look at any toy line, it usually get's better as it goes along. Now, the pics I have seen of the Brood Queen and Holocaust series look pretty damn good to me. And so what if there are X3 figs in the lines, I happen to like them. I like having alternate, updated versions of classic characters. I mean my god, can't we just be happy to be getting toys like this. We could have nothing at all, you know. Ok, now everyone can tell me I am wrong and insult my intellect, manhood, parentage, etc, etc ...
  15. Ahem, again, you're not getting it guys. This is for re-issuing previous figures only! Not all new figures. In other words, those 3 choices are completely, totally & irrevocably invalid. Also, to play "devil's advocate" (because, I really would like those KOTOR figures, & we are getting another Jedi Luke this year...) (in the words of EU haters, of which there are many), "At least the characters that only have 2 seconds of screen time are in the movie. Bastila & HK aren't even "real" SW characters since they had no screen time at all." Again, not my opinion, but there are those who would say that. @hmmm@ And to those I would say..."It's all pretty irrelivent since George Lucas stopped giving a crap about what we want a long time ago... at least in KOTOR we get some cool characters and concepts...not a rehashing of some sissy bounty hunter in the form of his father. Clone wars my shiny metal butt."
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