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    I'm done!!

    You're a blahblahblahblah. First, the price of manufacturing and tooling toys is only going to go up because the materials are getting more expensive. That's going to be reflected in the retail price. It's called making a profit. A bottle of soda used to cost 5 cents. Now it's upwards of a dollar. Do you think that's because the companies are trying to push soda sales online? No, it's called inflation and manufacturing cost increases. Second, part of the hobby is spending way too much money on insignificant crap that only serves to make you happy. If the hobby's too expensive for you, my advice is to blahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblah Or you could just blahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahI'm sure that will really help. blahhhh Edit by Card- okay kids, lets play nice, no need for name calling.
  2. cr0w

    Wave 10 Hits

    Grow up. Free enterprise and capitalism are not illegal. Yet. I guess we should accept any and all business practices...o ok, I guess deregulation that cost millions of American jobs is ok because its free enterprise and capitalism.....yay, then someone buys up figures to resell at a higher profit...yay, yeah we don't like it. So go find a hobby where you won't run into it? I'd be hard pressed to compare the resale at a premium of action figures to business practices that lead to jobs lost and a tanking economy. If you honestly think they're even close to comparable, I have some swampland in the Everglades to sell you. For all the whining and moaning about scalpers, you know damn well that you've spent more than retail price on a figure you wanted. If you've even paid $0.01 higher than retail to an individual that is selling a figure he bought at a retail store, you have absolutely no right to cry about scalping, because you've contributed to it. I'm convinced the only reason half of you even collect figures isn't because of a love of the property, but because you're masochists who aren't happy unless you're bitching about not getting everything handed to you on a silver platter. Part of the hobby is doing whatever you can within your means to obtain a hard-to-find figure. If every figure was produced in the millions, and you all had no problem finding them, your interest would be lost because it would be too easy to get them. But God forbid someone get what you want before you could get to it, or tries to make a profit to recoup some of the gas they spent trying to find the figures they want. They're automatically a scalper because they did something you didn't like. Boo God damned hoo.
  3. cr0w

    Wave 10 Hits

    Grow up. Free enterprise and capitalism are not illegal. Yet.
  4. cr0w

    Wave 10 Hits

    Either or. The z account apparently went missing.
  5. cr0w

    Wave 10 Hits

    Found a full case on the shelf at Wal-Mart in Houston, TX. Only collect the Bat-family and rogues, so I grabbed a Bats, Joker and Man-Bat and left the rest.
  6. I'm starting a new job, and this is to help with my car payment this month in case I don't start as soon as I'd like, so no trading right now. I don't really want to sell it, but I need the cash.
  7. MOC Yellow Stalker up on eBay. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=260285408652
  8. Great figure. I had to modify the crap out of mine to be 100% happy with it by putting the Takara cape on it, fixing the triangles, and a few other things, but damn he's nice.
  9. Go back to English class, for the love of God.
  10. No interest in Manga Batman. At all. Looks like crap. Of course, I hated Gotham Knight, so yeah.
  11. Bingo. Every piece is hand painted. Every bit of clothing is tailored. Have you ever seen clothing on a 1/6 scale figure that consistently fits so well? They don't look like doll clothes. They look like clothes. That alone drives the cost up, plus the material they use for the clothes is almost as high quality as what would be used in real clothing. Then you have the accessories, multiple heads, etc. All painstakingly detailed and, when needed, hand-painted. They mass produce statues, that don't move or have any sort of tailoring, for the most part, and they tend to be in the $300 - $1,000 range. Just because these are technically action figures doesn't mean they aren't works of art. My Hot Toys figures are the best looking pieces I own, and I've got a few statues myself. Nothing comes close to them.
  12. Not sure, I haven't tried it.
  13. Look. I respect the living hell out of anyone that has the courage to be who they are and tell their family, friends, and other loved ones the truth about themselves rather than live a lie, regardless of whether they can accept it or not. My point is that, at least in my case, before you respond to something I post, at least read it first before you comment on it. I clearly said I was at least getting the v2 Joker head, but for the 2nd or 3rd time, you posted and responded to something I never said. It happened before, I can't remember which thread it was, but I think it was the original HT thread. I said something, and you read it completely wrong and went on a rant about what you thought I said, when in actuality I said the complete opposite. I don't feel you should be anything, to be quite honest. I'm merely presenting to you a couple of quibbles I have, and I hope that at least in the future with me, you'll actually read what I say before launching a reply based on what you think I said, rather than what I actually did say. And I've spent 27 years coming to terms with the fact that I'm basically Patrick Bateman, though I've managed not to murder any hookers yet. So hold that over my head the next time you get pissed at me, and we'll call it even.
  14. I don't find anyone's persona to be "unacceptable". I just think it's annoying how you seem to insist on interjecting yourself where you don't belong, i.e. pretending to be Mr. Toy Cop when someone posts that they have Movie Masters to sell or whatever. It's not your job, or else you'd have a nice "Moderator" title under your avatar. You jump on people far too quickly, when there's really no reason to. You're flitting from post to post insisting on furthering the character you're portraying on the board so everyone will know who you are and what your opinions on everything is because you seem to need to convince people you're a trademarked presence here. It's like the kid at school who wants to be noticed by everyone so he starts doing increasingly elaborate crap to bring attention to himself in hopes that people will think he's cool, only everyone just thinks he's friggin' weird and doesn't want to be anywhere near him. If you think I have problems with your personality or whatever because of your personal lifestyle, you couldn't be further from the truth. I'm pretty damn accepting of anyone, due to working in a very liberal environment for most of my time here in Houston, believe it or not, and over half of my co-workers and best friends hang out in the Montrose district. If you have any idea what that means. However, the point I'm trying to get across, and it may have gotten lost somewhere along the way, is that it's not, at least to me, that hard to type out your thoughts like a normal person so they'll be easy to read without your personality or the character you feel the need to portray overshadowing it and turning your posts into, "LOOK AT ME, I'M FLAMBOYANT AS HELL, HONEY, AND YOU BETTER NOT FORGET IT BECAUSE I'M EVERYWHERE ON THIS BOARD!"
  15. I'm going to refer you to a post I made a couple of months ago, when you responded without actually reading my damn post and went off on one of your trademark sass fits, and request that you stop and read what I post before you comment on it. Again.
  16. I'm currently weighing getting the entire figure or just buying the new head off eBay and slapping it on my v1 Joker. I like the accessories, but I don't care about displaying Joker in his bank robbery get up enough to spend however much it costs to get him, so I may take the cheap route and just buy the head.
  17. It depends on the figure. Many DCD figures I have I feel are superior to their DCUC counterparts, with the main exception being the DCUC Robin. He's fantastic. But DCD does artist-specific figures very well, with a few notable exceptions (Michael Turner). DCUC is great for a uniform, generic line that fits in with itself. My biggest issue with DCUC is the 4H's use of the exact same body type/sculpt for almost all of their figures. They all have the exact same muscle structure, and that's always bothered me, even back in their MOTU line. There's no differentiation between sculpts aside from character-specific details. But, it's a mass market line, so it makes sense. I'm still partial to DCD mainly because I love seeing so many different versions of characters. I have a Jim Lee Batman, Ethan Van Sciver Lantern Bats, Matt Wagner Batman, Mike Mignola Batman, Vampire Batman, Ed Benes Batman, Andy Kubert Batman, George Perez Batman, Alex Ross Batman and Frank Miller Batman all displayed together, and it's very striking.
  18. You should get yourself a Hot Toys Joker to go along with 'em.
  19. Stop being such a drama queen and let people post what they want. Last I checked, you weren't the board police, and I think a lot of the topics here would benefit from the cessation of your antics. It may have been cute for a month or two, but it's starting to get really old now, and I feel like I'm reading a transcript of a Richard Simmons interview every time you post.
  20. So I'm really digging the Robin in this wave. The first good modern Robin figure we've gotten...I can't believe it took so long. Set him up next to DCD's Teen Titans Robin and you've got a nice past & present set.
  21. Well, I think I've gotten the face paint to where I'm finally happy with it. It's amazing what a little shading on the brow will do, because without any black paint on it, it looks far too pronounced, but with a little wash, it blends into the sculpt and makes everything look much better.
  22. I mean it's the 67th issued figure. Like the first HT Batman was probably #40 or so. Wolf Predator was #53.
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