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  1. So, this begs the question... just how skinny is Batman supposed to be? In other words... what waist size is the belt for?
  2. The Sinestro Corps Power Battery Prop is now FINALLY available for pre-order over at Discount Comic Book Service! The discount? 32% off of DC Direct's MSRP, making it only $238.00! Needless to say, mine is now pre-ordered!
  3. New announcement this week from DC Direct. Frankly, I saw this one coming a mile away! You can pre-order the Power Ring Spectrum Set from Discount Comic Book Service and save 32% off of DC Direct's MSRP!
  4. Here's DC Direct's advance solicitation for the Sinestro Corps Power Battery, as posted by TNI HERE: JLA TROPHY ROOM: SINESTRO POWER BATTERY PROP REPLICA In blackest day, in brightest night, Beware your fears made into light Let those who try to stop what’s right, Burn like my power... Sinestro's might! The latest addition to the JLA TROPHY ROOM is the must-have replica for any Green Lantern fan! As a companion piece to other DC Direct Green Lantern Power Batteries – and in light of the events of Blackest Night – the Sinestro Power Battery is sure to add a little fear into the heart of any hero. The Sinestro Power Battery Prop Replica is 11.5” high x 7.25” wide x 10” deep is made of resin and comes with a ring. Packaged in a 4-color box, with a 4-color Certificate of Authenticity. Limited Edition. Manufactured to order. Advance-solicited; on sale October 27, 2010 * Prop Replica * $350 US So, looks like the hopes of this being metal like the previous JLA Trophy Room Power Battery have just been shattered. And here I was, looking forward to having a metal version of the Sinestro Corps Power Ring.
  5. Nope, you're just duplicating news already posted HERE... you really ought to look at all the topics on the first page or 2 before posting a new thread!
  6. And that's why crafty DC Direct collectors long ago discovered certain online dealers that discount DCD's products AT LEAST 30% when you pre-order through them (and often more like 35% off! ) which is the only way to go when ordering their more expensive offerings, such as the props and the statues.
  7. Didn't realize that, deleted that picture. I wasn't sure who made those, but now I know! I must have missed that thread, but I wasn't sure if those figures had been seen yet, so I erred on the side of caution. There's no "kinda" about it for me, it WILL be mine! I only have one Power Battery Prop right now, the very first one that DCD ever put out! I've passed up all the others, although I now wish I'd picked up the Alan Scott one. But I will NOT pass up this one! I'll find a way to get it for substantially BELOW the MSRP and it WILL be mine!
  8. I also found an official promotional photo of the Sinestro Corps Power Battery Prop...
  9. Since TNI has been so slow to cover the DC Direct booth offerings at Toy Fair 2010, I figured it was time for me to start this topic, so that others can see what was for me one of the most anticipated parts of Toy Fair this year! The following pictures of DC Direct goodness all come to us courtesy of Green Lantern head writer Geoff Johns, who posted these on his Twitter page... The Flash (Barry Allen) as a Blue Lantern Wonder Woman as a Star Sapphire And now the part I was waiting for... The "Power Ring Spectrum Set"... DC Direct's own, official LIGHT-UP power ring props! This looks to me like it's mainly a packaging sample, as the rings themselves look 100% identical to the PVC promo rings that were included with key issues of the Blackest Night storyline this past fall. I'll bet they don't even have working LED lights in them yet! And then DC Direct unveiled one last surprise that I was not expecting at all... A SINESTRO CORPS POWER BATTERY PROP!!! My only complaints: The Sinestro Corps Power Ring that's included needs to be painted the exact same metallic gold color as the Power Battery, so that the 2 match; and it needs to have the little display pedestal for the ring, as the other power battery props did. Once they fix those 2 things, it'll be PERFECT! @luv@
  10. I checked a couple Targets yesterday, and no luck. Tomorrow, I'm going to go to a town I rarely go to that has both a Target and a K-Mart, in my quest to find City Strike Snake Eyes. While there, I'm going to make a point of checking the Target for the "Serpent" Armor, too. And something just popped back into my brain, while we're on the subject: While Hasbro went the "easy" route, reusing/recreating the old molds, to reissue the original S.N.A.K.E. Armor toy in a new color, and while I will buy it (since I never owned the original when I was a kid,) I really wish they would have done a BRAND-NEW sculpt, based on the updated S.N.A.K.E. Armor design seen in the Rise of Cobra video game: As soon as I saw that screen shot, I thought to myself "that would make an AWESOME toy!"
  11. I was looking at the latest issue of Lee's Toy Review on the news stand a few days ago, and they showed pictures of this wave of Target exclusives, and stated that they were available at retail NOW! So, has anyone actually started to find these on the shelves/hooks at their local Target stores? Or were the peeps at Lee's just being a little bit speshul?
  12. BUMP! Has anyone actually found these in Target stores yet?!? I've seen the wave with Snake-Eyes on his "ninja motorcycle", but I've NEVER seen the wave shown in that first auction. And I would grab the "Serpent Armor" if I saw it, because I never had the S.N.A.K.E. armor when I was a kid!
  13. So, I just edited one of my posts to fix some typos. And when I clicked on "Save Changes", I got MASSIVE formatting errors in the edited post. First, all it showed was the text with HTML formatting code. Images weren't showing up, only the HTML code associated with them. After fiddling with the post a few more times, I got the images showing up, but I STILL see HTML code where I used italics, and in other places. Just for the sake of illustration, here's the post in question as it now appears: All of those HTML tags shouldn't be showing up! Also, when I click on the "Full Editor" button, it does nothing. I can't access it. So, if you could fix these glitches in the forum software, it would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  14. Since I only just stumbled upon this thread, I'll add some G.I.*Joe Demotivational Posters that I made several months ago using some cool wallpaper images I had on my computer. And this last one was created in response to one someone posted on a different messageboard. Theirs was making the claim that Altair and Ezio from the Assassin's Creed video games were basically the deadliest, most awesome dudes around. So, I had to set 'im straight!
  15. SOMEONE hasn't been paying attention to the latest movie news over the last few months! Allow me to fill you in: DESTRO HAS HIS MASK!!! Remember, the movie's subtitle is RISE (As in ORIGIN) OF COBRA! So, by the end of the movie, Destro IS wearing his mask! A screenshot of Destro with the mask on hit the web a couple months ago... the CGI footage wasn't complete, so the mask didn't look as good as it will on screen in August, but it was recognizably Destro! AND we've now seen images of not one, but 2 movie figures of Destro which BOTH have THE MASK. As for Cobra Commander... without giving away too much of the movie's plot, for the sake of those that are avoiding spoilers... Cobra Commander's origin story has been DRASTICALLY changed from what it's been in all previous versions. He is no longer the used car salesman-turned-domestic terrorist of the Marvel Comics version, I'll tell you THAT for free! And it seems that someone also got him and Snake-Eyes mixed up when it comes to the whole "someone got their face severely burned" plot point! I'll be seeing the movie, that's a given, but sadly, it seems my hopes of a new version as good as the Marvel Comics continuity may be dashed. This is looking more like a live-action version of the cartoon, rather than a live-action version of the Marvel comic, and that's a real shame, because it was the Marvel comic that MADE G.I.*Joe: A Real American Hero what it was and, for that matter, still is for myself and many, many other fans around the world. The comic was always VASTLY superior to the cartoon in, oh, so many ways. For that reason, while my buddies were watching the cartoon, I'd have the TV OFF and be reading and re-reading issues of the comic, instead! Still, I enjoyed the director's previous movies as what they were intended to be: summer popcorn action flicks! They were entertaining to me, so as long as I find the G.I.*Joe movie entertaining, I can accept it as a new interpretation of ARAH... even though it will most likely never replace or surpass the Marvel comics in my mind! But thankfully, the comics aren't going ANYWHERE! Most of us still have those in our longboxes, and we can enjoy them again anytime we like!
  16. And how does a link to an interview with Nic Cage show us what Destro's mask looks like?!? Translation: The link you posted is bad and no longer leads to the picture of Destro's mask.
  17. Is that the Green Hulk? If so, how's he look? I haven't found that figure anywhere yet.
  18. MARVEL UNIVERSE FIGURES ARE NOW HITTING TARGET STORES!!! Now that I have your attention... This weekend, for the first time since these figures came out, I found Marvel Universe figures at Target stores here in MD! To be more precise, they have hit the Target on Route 2 in Glen Burnie, MD... and Wal*Mart now has a PRICE WAR on their hands!!! Target is charging $7.99 each (same price as at TRU and the lowest price I've found anywhere) for both the Marvel Universe figures and the X-Men Origins: Wolverine figures, while the Wolverine and the X-Men figures are priced at $8.00 each... don't know why those are a penny more, but that's what the pricing is. So, this means that the stores of choice for picking these up are, yep, you guessed it... Toys "Я" Us and Target! And as for K-Mart and Wally World, I've got just 2 words for them... SUCK IT! ...well, you know, unless they're the only place in town that has that one really hard to find figure that I really want, in which case, I might pay a little more to get it from them, 'cuz it would still beat either buying it from a comic shop for $12 or buying it from scalpers!
  19. I was in the Toys "Я" Us in Rockville, MD on Thursday evening, and I found a BUNCH of MU figures on the hooks! They had a bunch of Iron Man figures, so I finally picked up one with a decent enough paint job to be worth opening, but Hasbro really needs to get on the ball with quality control, because every one of them had at least some minor problem with the paint apps. @hmmm@ I also managed to snag a Silver Surfer! Then, last night, I was in one of the Wal*Mart Super Centers here in MD and they had a bunch, too! They had new figures I'd not seen yet... Gray Hulk, Iron Fist, Ronin, Green Goblin, and the Human Torch... not Johnny Storm with his hair on fire, but the proper Human Torch! But I ended up passing on all of them. The only ones I was really interested in were Gray Hulk and maybe Human Torch, but I didn't like the paint apps on Gray Hulk (his skin's way too light for my taste... makes him look more like "Off-White Hulk") and Human Torch looks funky... less like he's made of fire, and more like he's LAVA MAN! I would have picked up a second Silver Surfer, but I noticed that every single one of them had major, very noticeable paint discoloration on the thigh of the right leg. So I left all of them on the hook, and now I have to check the one I did buy to see if it has the same problem. Seriously, can someone beat some sense into Hasblo so they'll learn about a little thing called QUALITY CONTROL? Please?!? @?@
  20. Well, aren't you the lucky guy! I had some luck today myself. Decided to hit the TRU in Annapolis. Thought sure they'd have nothing, but I was down there anyway, so I HAD to check... and found several Marvel Universe figures on the hooks! I grabbed the only Iron Man they had (more on him in a minute) and both of the Stealth Ops Iron Man figures they had! @bounce@ I left behind 2 of the bloated-head Punishers, a Daredevil or 2 (nice looking figure, but I'm a very casual fan of DD, so I left it for someone else), a Spider-Man (might have picked it up if they'd chosen a darker shade of blue. His pants are too light for my taste), Wolverine in that black and gray outfit (which I've never seen before this figure) and a "Flaming Hair Johnny Storm" figure. I'm pretty sure that's everything they had left, but that was late afternoon/early evening, so there's no guarantee that someone else didn't snatch up a bunch more after I left. But they had no Silver Surfer love for me! @sad@ Now, on to the Iron Man figures... the 2 Stealth Ops ones are nearly perfect. One has a small black dot near where his nose would be, the other has a small paint blemish that looks like a scratch on one side of his chest, nothing major. But the regular Iron Man... as has happened to others, I got one that shouldn't have passed through quality control, In My Opinion. The problem is the helmet. There's what looks like a bad molding issue in the upper left corner of the mouth slit, and just above that, there's a very noticable, rectangular discoloration in the gold paint. I snapped a couple pics real quick with the camera on my BlackBerry 8900 to show what I mean. They didn't come out as clear as I'd like, so I may try to take better pics later with my "real" digital camera. Notice the area circled in orange: I'm not the only person to be a victim of mold and/or paint issues on Iron Man's helmet. Check out the review HERE to see one that's in even worse shape than the one I got, one that DEFINITELY should have ended up on the reject pile, not on store shelves. You'll also notice that he had the same complaint with the Spider-Man figure that I had. The sculpt on Spidey is SUPERB, it's only the blue paint they chose that leaves something to be desired. So, bottom line, this Iron Man will be staying sealed in his "plastic prison" as my Mint On Card one. When I can find one with the paint and molding as flawless as on my Stealth Ops ones, I'll pick it up to be the one I'll open. Overall, it was a decent day. Could have been better, I would have been even happier if they'd had Silver Surfer, but the 2 Iron Man figures were the ones I wanted most, so not a bad haul today. BTW, the real reason I went looking today? Some of you mentioned an "on sale date" of March 1st, and today happens to be March 1st! Anyone else have any luck finding these today?
  21. Superman: Doomsday Justice League: The New Frontier Batman: Gotham Knight Wonder Woman (which comes out in early March) But it will actually be the SIXTH if you also count Watchmen: Tales of the Black Freighter, which comes out at the end of March, about 2½ weeks after the main movie hits theaters. #joecool# Here's the cover art for the 2-disc special edition:
  22. Well, aren't you the pot calling the kettle black! But you're right, I do have the same access to the internet. And because I also have a brain, and am not afraid to use it, I've checked online for the best price, using both Google Shopping and eBay. And because I've done so, I know that the $7.99 price at Toys "Я" Us is THE LOWEST price these can be found at, period. Even on eBay, $7.99 is the lowest Buy It Now price you can find... at least on the 2 Iron Man figures, at any rate. And I've already mentioned that those are the ones I want out of this wave, so that should come as no surprise. But even if I COULD buy these online from TRU (which I can't, because they show as "Out Of Stock" every time I check) by the time I add in the Shipping & Handling to buy those 2 figures online, I might as well have just bought them at the LCS that's charging $12 each, because they'll be just as expensive as that, if not more so, after S&H is added in. For instance, by the time TRU's website adds in S&H and tax, you're paying $13.33 for one of these figures if you live here in Maryland! So, maybe now you'll understand why I'm just a bit jealous that you guys are actually managing to find these in TRU and Wal*Mart stores. I mean, who the hell decided that Phoenix, Arizona deserves to get these BEFORE the Nation's Capital?!? #WTF# But that's a long-standing complaint with me. These toy companies CAN launch a product at ALL stores nationwide, on the same day, when it's something they deem REALLY important... like, oh, say, the new line of Pokémon figures tied into the newest craptastic TV season featuring those dillweeds. But when it's a line collectors really care about, like, for instance, DC Universe Classics or G.I.*Joe: A Real American Hero... they couldn't care less about making sure we can all buy them on the same day. I knew that was part of the complaint from all the numerous mentions of the fact that Marvel Legends used to be $7.88 at Wally World. But we've had MASSIVE inflation since then, whether we like it or not. It's not helping things that petroleum (oil) is a main ingredient in the manufacture of the plastics used to make these figures. The gasoline we put in our vehicles and the fuel oils we use to heat our homes aren't the only things being affected by the wildly fluctuating price of crude oil. Surely I can't actually be the only one that was NOT surprised to see Marvel Legends figures hit $15 each at the same time I was paying $3-4 a gallon for gas for my car, can I? Anyway, back to the topic at hand. Yesterday, I was in Montgomery County, Maryland, and hit the TRU stores in Rockville and Gaithersburg. Those 2 stores often have things I can't find anywhere else... for example, the Gaithersburg location still stocks Doctor Who figures, and is still getting the new waves in, at a time when every other TRU in the area has stopped stocking them altogether. But no luck at those stores, either. It was the same crap as every other TRU out here... I saw a couple of the Wolverine and the X-Men figures, and that was it. @bH@ $7.99 each is the rock bottom price I can find on these anywhere, so if you've been lucky enough to find them in-stock at a TRU at that price, or yes, even at Wally World for $8.44 each, then yes, I DO hate you right now.
  23. Guys, guys, guys... $7.99, $8.44, even $9.50... you have NOTHING to complain about! Yeah, that's right, I said it... you have ZILCH to complain about! You know why? @?@ Because here in the Greater D.C./Baltimore Metro Area, the ONLY place I've been able to find these in-stock is a Local Comic Shop.... where they go for $12 each! 12 mother-frakkin' dollars!!!! For just 1 little 3.75" figure!!!! Stupid frakkin' Diamond Distribution and their ridiculously high prices!!!! @cussing@ So, yeah, you guys got NOTHING to complain about. That is all.
  24. I just want you guys to know that I hate all of you right now! I've been looking ever since I saw the Marvel Universe figures at a Local Comic Shop and passed on them because they were $12 a piece! Stupid Diamond Distribution and their insane mark-ups! @cussing@ But so far, here in Maryland, I'm coming up empty EXCEPT FOR the LCS that got them in. Wal*Marts... nothing. Targets... nada. Toys "Я" Us... oh, a couple of them had the X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie figures and the Wolverine and the X-Men cartoon figures, but the regular Marvel Universe figures were nowhere to be seen. And their website also shows the MU figures as Out Of Stock, which totally sucks giant, hairy, sweaty MONKEY BALLS, because they have the best price around at only $7.99 each, both on the web and in-store! @bH@ Haven't checked K-Mart yet, but may have to do so tomorrow. @hmmm@ After seeing them in person, I really want the 2 Iron Man figures, and maybe Silver Surfer. If he had looked like the prototype I remember seeing, I would have wanted the Punisher, too. Instead, we get this goofy thing... ...with the old, gaudy white gloves and boots (and belt, too) and an oversized head that looks ridiculous! #WTF# Luckily, Hasbro and/or Marvel must have realized that one was made of suck, because we're getting a better Punisher in Wave 2... ...so I'll be waiting for that one. In that wave, I'll also probably grab classic Iron Man, and both versions of the Hulk! Now these things just need to show-up at TRU or Wal*Mart in plentiful quantities, so I can grab the ones I want. @hmmm@ EDIT: Come to think of it, the Punisher prototype I saw was probably this version 2 one coming in Wave 2, because I remember the prototype having the black gloves, belt and boots.
  25. BOUGHT!!! I'll pre-order it just as soon as I can pre-order one for a discounted price! But I can't believe it's taken 25 YEARS... a full QUARTER OF A CENTURY... for us to get GOOD 12" figures of Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow. Shame on you, Hasbro... SHAAAAME!
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