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  1. So, this begs the question... just how skinny is Batman supposed to be? In other words... what waist size is the belt for?
  2. The Sinestro Corps Power Battery Prop is now FINALLY available for pre-order over at Discount Comic Book Service! The discount? 32% off of DC Direct's MSRP, making it only $238.00! Needless to say, mine is now pre-ordered!
  3. New announcement this week from DC Direct. Frankly, I saw this one coming a mile away! You can pre-order the Power Ring Spectrum Set from Discount Comic Book Service and save 32% off of DC Direct's MSRP!
  4. Here's DC Direct's advance solicitation for the Sinestro Corps Power Battery, as posted by TNI HERE: JLA TROPHY ROOM: SINESTRO POWER BATTERY PROP REPLICA In blackest day, in brightest night, Beware your fears made into light Let those who try to stop what’s right, Burn like my power... Sinestro's might! The latest addition to the JLA TROPHY ROOM is the must-have replica for any Green Lantern fan! As a companion piece to other DC Direct Green Lantern Power Batteries – and in light of the events of Blackest Night – the Sinestro Power Battery is sure to add a little fear into the heart of any hero. The Sinestro Power Battery Prop Replica is 11.5” high x 7.25” wide x 10” deep is made of resin and comes with a ring. Packaged in a 4-color box, with a 4-color Certificate of Authenticity. Limited Edition. Manufactured to order. Advance-solicited; on sale October 27, 2010 * Prop Replica * $350 US So, looks like the hopes of this being metal like the previous JLA Trophy Room Power Battery have just been shattered. And here I was, looking forward to having a metal version of the Sinestro Corps Power Ring.
  5. Nope, you're just duplicating news already posted HERE... you really ought to look at all the topics on the first page or 2 before posting a new thread!
  6. And that's why crafty DC Direct collectors long ago discovered certain online dealers that discount DCD's products AT LEAST 30% when you pre-order through them (and often more like 35% off! ) which is the only way to go when ordering their more expensive offerings, such as the props and the statues.
  7. Didn't realize that, deleted that picture. I wasn't sure who made those, but now I know! I must have missed that thread, but I wasn't sure if those figures had been seen yet, so I erred on the side of caution. There's no "kinda" about it for me, it WILL be mine! I only have one Power Battery Prop right now, the very first one that DCD ever put out! I've passed up all the others, although I now wish I'd picked up the Alan Scott one. But I will NOT pass up this one! I'll find a way to get it for substantially BELOW the MSRP and it WILL be mine!
  8. I also found an official promotional photo of the Sinestro Corps Power Battery Prop...
  9. Since TNI has been so slow to cover the DC Direct booth offerings at Toy Fair 2010, I figured it was time for me to start this topic, so that others can see what was for me one of the most anticipated parts of Toy Fair this year! The following pictures of DC Direct goodness all come to us courtesy of Green Lantern head writer Geoff Johns, who posted these on his Twitter page... The Flash (Barry Allen) as a Blue Lantern Wonder Woman as a Star Sapphire And now the part I was waiting for... The "Power Ring Spectrum Set"... DC Direct's own, official LIGHT-UP power ring props! This looks to me like it's mainly a packaging sample, as the rings themselves look 100% identical to the PVC promo rings that were included with key issues of the Blackest Night storyline this past fall. I'll bet they don't even have working LED lights in them yet! And then DC Direct unveiled one last surprise that I was not expecting at all... A SINESTRO CORPS POWER BATTERY PROP!!! My only complaints: The Sinestro Corps Power Ring that's included needs to be painted the exact same metallic gold color as the Power Battery, so that the 2 match; and it needs to have the little display pedestal for the ring, as the other power battery props did. Once they fix those 2 things, it'll be PERFECT! @luv@
  10. I checked a couple Targets yesterday, and no luck. Tomorrow, I'm going to go to a town I rarely go to that has both a Target and a K-Mart, in my quest to find City Strike Snake Eyes. While there, I'm going to make a point of checking the Target for the "Serpent" Armor, too. And something just popped back into my brain, while we're on the subject: While Hasbro went the "easy" route, reusing/recreating the old molds, to reissue the original S.N.A.K.E. Armor toy in a new color, and while I will buy it (since I never owned the original when I was a kid,) I really wish they would have done a BRAND-NEW sculpt, based on the updated S.N.A.K.E. Armor design seen in the Rise of Cobra video game: As soon as I saw that screen shot, I thought to myself "that would make an AWESOME toy!"
  11. I was looking at the latest issue of Lee's Toy Review on the news stand a few days ago, and they showed pictures of this wave of Target exclusives, and stated that they were available at retail NOW! So, has anyone actually started to find these on the shelves/hooks at their local Target stores? Or were the peeps at Lee's just being a little bit speshul?
  12. BUMP! Has anyone actually found these in Target stores yet?!? I've seen the wave with Snake-Eyes on his "ninja motorcycle", but I've NEVER seen the wave shown in that first auction. And I would grab the "Serpent Armor" if I saw it, because I never had the S.N.A.K.E. armor when I was a kid!
  13. So, I just edited one of my posts to fix some typos. And when I clicked on "Save Changes", I got MASSIVE formatting errors in the edited post. First, all it showed was the text with HTML formatting code. Images weren't showing up, only the HTML code associated with them. After fiddling with the post a few more times, I got the images showing up, but I STILL see HTML code where I used italics, and in other places. Just for the sake of illustration, here's the post in question as it now appears: All of those HTML tags shouldn't be showing up! Also, when I click on the "Full Editor" button, it does nothing. I can't access it. So, if you could fix these glitches in the forum software, it would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  14. Since I only just stumbled upon this thread, I'll add some G.I.*Joe Demotivational Posters that I made several months ago using some cool wallpaper images I had on my computer. And this last one was created in response to one someone posted on a different messageboard. Theirs was making the claim that Altair and Ezio from the Assassin's Creed video games were basically the deadliest, most awesome dudes around. So, I had to set 'im straight!
  15. SOMEONE hasn't been paying attention to the latest movie news over the last few months! Allow me to fill you in: DESTRO HAS HIS MASK!!! Remember, the movie's subtitle is RISE (As in ORIGIN) OF COBRA! So, by the end of the movie, Destro IS wearing his mask! A screenshot of Destro with the mask on hit the web a couple months ago... the CGI footage wasn't complete, so the mask didn't look as good as it will on screen in August, but it was recognizably Destro! AND we've now seen images of not one, but 2 movie figures of Destro which BOTH have THE MASK. As for Cobra Commander... without giving away too much of the movie's plot, for the sake of those that are avoiding spoilers... Cobra Commander's origin story has been DRASTICALLY changed from what it's been in all previous versions. He is no longer the used car salesman-turned-domestic terrorist of the Marvel Comics version, I'll tell you THAT for free! And it seems that someone also got him and Snake-Eyes mixed up when it comes to the whole "someone got their face severely burned" plot point! I'll be seeing the movie, that's a given, but sadly, it seems my hopes of a new version as good as the Marvel Comics continuity may be dashed. This is looking more like a live-action version of the cartoon, rather than a live-action version of the Marvel comic, and that's a real shame, because it was the Marvel comic that MADE G.I.*Joe: A Real American Hero what it was and, for that matter, still is for myself and many, many other fans around the world. The comic was always VASTLY superior to the cartoon in, oh, so many ways. For that reason, while my buddies were watching the cartoon, I'd have the TV OFF and be reading and re-reading issues of the comic, instead! Still, I enjoyed the director's previous movies as what they were intended to be: summer popcorn action flicks! They were entertaining to me, so as long as I find the G.I.*Joe movie entertaining, I can accept it as a new interpretation of ARAH... even though it will most likely never replace or surpass the Marvel comics in my mind! But thankfully, the comics aren't going ANYWHERE! Most of us still have those in our longboxes, and we can enjoy them again anytime we like!
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