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  1. F#@K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This sucks. I can't describe my anticipation for that Mean Machine. Truely an awesome fig. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From a less angry standpoint, baron and XIIK, I cannot agree more. .....s#*t...........
  2. By the way, wheres Harvey/Two-face in all of this. I mean, theres not a single shot of him that I noticed in any of the footage so far. Not even a "Vote Dent" poster. Kind of makes me think he won't be quite as significant in this film as some had thought......
  3. Idk, Ive watched the preveiw several times now. I didn't dare say this in my previous post, but the more I watch it, the more I feel Ledger will be the definative Joker for me(I stress "for me"). Judging by the preview, its a flawless live action Joker. I am so amped to see this movie now its ridiculous!!!!
  4. Although I completely understand where your coming from, I have to say I LOVE what I see. Even with the stills and different pics that have been released I was still very skeptical. Not only with Heath Ledger, but with a new Joker. After seeing this, I now know Ill get to see Joker close to the way I always imagined him. Crazy as F**K!!! Yes, I understand you think he should be funny. What I think your missing is what is "funny" to a manical, sadistic, cold and calculated serial killer. Murder and mayhem. Death and destruction. Thats what my Joker always laughed at. Gradeschool pranks of any sort? I don't think so. Blowing up a bank and "taking care of" whatever's/whoever's left? Thats more like it. This all might sound a bit twisted, Im sure, but isn't that what the Joker truly is? Yes he wears clowns make-up and has known to be a practical joker(no pun intended), but the real Joker, the original Joker was nothing more than a sociopath murderer. A pleasure killer. Jack was good but I can't help but feel some people only think he was the best because of nostalgia purposes. Note that Im not trying to discount your opinion in any way. I totally respect your feelings on the issue and Im not trying to pull the "I am right and you are wrong" thing. Its just that I, personally, am very pleased with Ledgers Joker and CAN NOT WAIT to see the movie. Just my $.02 @joker@
  5. I posted on the realm, so Ill shorten it up here. Mouth literally open for 30 sec. in awe. ABSOLUTELY BREATH TAKING.
  6. I hate to re-hash this old topic, but I was following it and haven't checked in until now. WOW. Haha. Electro16, please tell me you're not serious about all this. #1 Reason why your arguement doesn't work for me You couldn't be MORE right. He is pure fiction. On that note, so is Spider-man, Batman, Superman, He-man(haha), the Joker, Wolverine, and of course, Electro. They are all FICTION(I hope I didn't just crush your dreams ). They are not real. PERIOD. This is more than enough reason for this verbal battle between you and Sheriff to not have gotten this far. #2 Reason why your arguement doesn't work for me Haha. Chances are, Marvel gave them the right. Yeah, MARVEL. Marvel owns the character rights, not Hasbro. Infact, someone at Marvel probably helped design our Scorpion in question. Long story short, blame Mravel if you need someone to blame. Look, I am no Spider-man super-fan. <-I am, apparently a rapper. JK. Seriously, I don't know the elaborate history of Spidey. I am just on the outside looking in on the arguement between Mr. Sheriff and you. Regardless of ALL of this, Alexx already made the best point yet: "IT'S JUST A TOY"
  7. That seriously might be the single greatest phrase in all of "toy-dom". When you get down to the base of it all, you couldn't be more right Alexx.
  8. Xmen Warpath(modern) Guido(modern) X-man(Warren Ellis style) Banshee(modern with the jacket) Forge(modern/classic hybrid) Marvel Cosmic Gladiator Drax(modern) Raza Erik the Red Adam Warlock(with pants not speedo ) X-men Villains AHAB(redesigned/modern) Bastion Mikhail Black Tom Omega Red(I never got the prevoius one) Alternate U AoA Magneto AoA Colossus AoA Gambit Ultimate Apocalypse Ultimate Thor(with a cool braided viking beard or something) Spiderman Mysterio(as creepy looking as possible without a huge "bowl" and a huge, crazy cape) Venom(Mac Gargon) Puma(modern) Morlun ......Tombstone, I guess.... THANOS THANOS THANOS Thats my .02
  9. I tried to get a lil FA love that's all!? Ha. Sorry. Didn't mean to sound rude. Here comes a newb question.....what exactly does FA stand for/mean?(be easy) Terrax is a huge OH YEAH from me. Here's an obscure want of mine: A redesigned/updated Ahab! I never thought Blaastar would be a cool figure, but I admit this custom makes him pretty appealing edit: I think I got it. FA = first appearance
  10. Firelord Ulik They look a little bit better to me in those pics. The old firelord looks sooooo lame to IMO.
  11. iExploreX

    ML redos

    Do you mean the "Ultimate Magneto" repaint? If not, do you have any links to or pics of this Magneto?
  12. This may have been discussed before, but why do Hasbro's figures look so descent when they release pics but when the ACTUAL figs release, they look so crappy(low-end)? Isn't it kind of like false advertisement? If someone has a good, honest reason for this, let me know. Seriously.
  13. Thanks folks. The review is what made me wonder if he had been released yet. I agree he looks a little odd, but Im a HUGE Mags fan sooooooooo I can't pass it up. I guess Ill just keep searching here in Florida. Thanks again.
  14. iExploreX

    Mags ML Icon

    Has anyone seen or bought the new ML Icons Magneto? Or better yet, is he even out yet?
  15. AHHHHHHHH!!!! This sucks. I used that Wolv. for a Cable custom I started like, right after that body came out. Now my injunuity will look like I just copied theirs. CRRRRRRAAAAaaapppp. @grumpy@ . I hate their head sculpt though. I used a DCSH Supes head with a little paint and it looks much better.
  16. iExploreX


    anybody have any info on the Clayface release?
  17. I live in central FL and picked up Bane and Two-face about a week ago . Anybody know when Clayface will be realeased?
  18. Hello all. im new here and this is my first post, so be easy . "slao", i jsut looked at a supergirl today at local(florida) K-mart for 8.99. just thought you might want to know. and i found part of wave 6(?) at TRU. all black BM, two-face and bane.
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