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  1. http://www.calormen.com/Star_Trek/SouthBend/index.htm If you check out the link above, you will see a cool old starship from 1979. Below is a link on what Im trying to make, a CLASSIC TOS ENTERPRISE that can be reconfigured. http://www.calormen.com/Star_Trek/SouthBen...B/prototype.htm http://images1.snapfish.com/34738%3C987%7F...845349533nu0mrj http://images1.snapfish.com/34738%3C987%7F...845349536nu0mrj Lmk what you think. I honestly think that this toy is a good start to give TREK fans a good kickstart back to basics. AAs ships are great, but I really think fans can get more than that and would be willing to back them up if they did. Granted, my prototypes are crude, but the idea has merit as well as marketing potential--accessory packs with cargo containers, extra engines, dishs, pylons as well as extra weapons and sensor devices. Im tired of seeing just a ship and the potential to make other ships with mixing and matching parts is IDIC itself. Hope you enjoy the TOS CREATOR SHIP
  2. I was hoping that if the FIREFIGHTER PILOT came out we might actually see that rig. I just watched EP III again and there are a host of vehicles that they could do. I know the snowspeeder and y wing always sell out where Im at here in Jersey. I would really like to see some new vehicles rather than a repaint. Heck, even ANAKIN's CLONE WARS ship would be met with open arms.
  3. Hello, For a long time, the idea of a starship that can be reconfigured has been talked about on the ART ASYLUM msg board. I was one of the 3 that help found this idea. My two friends, Mars and Arex came up with the STARSHIP CREATOR series based on the software and I added the SOUTH BEND ENTERPRISE that is able to be reconfigured. Together, we have been trying to get support for this idea inside the ART ASYLUM itself. I have made a prototype using legos, epoxy and a Polar Lights TOS ENTERPRISE, please give us your feedback, we really want to know what you think. Go to this thread to see pics. http://www.artasylum.com/cgi-bin/ultimateb...ic&f=8&t=002638 Please remember this, this will apply to any of the trek franchises, tng, tos, ds9, and voy. The toy prototype was done by an amatuer....me, so cut me a little slack and please lmk if you think this has any merit with you the trek fan and do you think it would sell.
  4. I think if you order a decal sheet from federationmodels.com, you should be able to accurize it even more. Granted this ship is a tad bigger than the ERTL model, but not by much. I would skip the aztec pattern, I dont think it would ever turn out to what you wanted or expected. Granted the SOUTH BEND ENTERPRISES do get a little pricey, but you know what, they are worth every penny, I have 2 and 2/3 (I have a pylon and nacelle missing) but the other two are complete. Even tho the toys are quite old, they are still very sturdy, some glue or epoxy may be needed to strengthen the areas where the glue has faded or become eroded over time. I can assure you, any money you spend on this toy is worth it. If you are not satisfied with it, lmk, I will always pick up a SOUTH BEND ENTERPRISE as long as its somewhat reasonable.
  5. Future BATMAN and THE ROBIN look good, even THE GOLDEN AGE FLASH-ill wait and see how it goes.
  6. Thanks PJ and SpiderBoy2099, I just think its a waste, considering the techniques used today as opposed to 10 years ago. I was really impressed that the TAS figures of Justice league are getting knee and elbow joints-that was the only thing these figures ever needed. I hope they redo some of the BATMAN TAS line.
  7. I have tried to contact the 4H club and find out why with such great sculpts that they skimped on the elbow articulation. In the BATMAN/SUPERMAN 2-Pak, SUPs has elbow and ankle articulation in addition to what the figures both have already. I even saw the big 12 inch Bats and yet again, no elbow articulation. With Marvel Legends being as popular as it is, is there any hope of seeing a DC character with that kind of articulation?
  8. SAVE YOUR MONEY!!! These figures are the worst I have ever seen. I picked up a GL and I had to take it back, it looks vaguely similar to the promo pics but the expression is not the same as well as the paint job is the crappiest. I love KC and I have been looking forward to this line for the longest. Its a big dissappointment. Maybe Bats and Robin will look better but I aint holding my breath. :evil:
  9. Nightwing doesnt look too bad, I was shocked to find BATS/SUPES at Suncoast Video. I just wanna know, how come Supes has elbow articulation and Bats doesnt? I originally didnt want to buy this line due to the limited articulation, but after buying the Bats/Supes 2pak, I have changed my mind. I definately just want the main characters and the upcoming villians Croc and Freeze. I like DCD, but at 17$ a figure, I will pass unless its a really great figure.
  10. Sorry, my bad, its early and Im a night person-Thank you Riker.
  11. Hey all, If anyone has an old NCC-1701 PLAYMATES ENTERPRISE they want to get rid of, please let me know. I dont care if its broke, just need to know what part is broke and what pieces are still in decent shape. If you have a loose one that you want to sell or trade for gi joe or star wars stuff, lmk. Thanks for your time.
  12. Hey JayC, I have looked at the 3 sites for summer cons and none of them have any info on the YSK exclusive. Can you find out anything? Like how much will it cost? Is it available as a 1st come, 1st serve? Is there a limit to how many you can buy? Any info you can give would be very appreciated. Thanks.
  13. Hey JayC I read adc's summary of toys coming from AA and at the bottom there was a paragraph which said the LOTR Helmsdeep playset for the Minimates was absolutely incredible (paraphrasing) I checked today and its gone, what's up with that? Is this a mishap similar to the Marvel Minimates posted pic that was put up last year and taken down oh so quickly?
  14. Yes, he looks ##$%$#ed or just wants to say "Duuuuhh". I think this is a re-issue from the fellowship line. I believe there is a TTT version of a cool looking Aragorn and a cool looking Aragorn with horse. I checked out banned and they gave a very in-depth review of each figure coming out and really really good pics. I liked FOTR, but I saw TTT last night and was blown away, now I want to make a diorama of Helms Deep with Legolas, Gimli, Aragorn and soldiers galore. This movie is just that cool.
  15. That does it for me. I just picked up Legolas, Gandalf the White and Aragorn with the Horse-which I cant open till xmas. Legolas I did open and he is great-of all the figures he doesnt have any sword swinging push button. All I can say is leave the transparent plastic band on the sword sheath hanging from Legolas's belt-I took it off and regret it now b/c the plastic tunic bows out if you do not have the sheath pressing down per the rubber band. But Legolas is my favorite of them all. I did want to ask if you found just the single of the Elven Archer with shield. I will probably get the 2-pack but I want to build an Elven army-maybe I should just buy the 2-pack and build both armies at the same time?
  16. Not yet, but I keep on hoping. Does anyone know anyone at Lego who can comment on this? The Star Wars line is oh so popular, why not Star Trek? If any line needs a boost it is this one. I like what AA is putting out but the figure lineup is short to begin with and why they went to 7 inch figures is beyond me. Legos have always done well, the only lines I have seen that werent that popular were Rock Raiders and Mission to Mars, other than that, everything else pretty much sell. I would like to think that the following sets and figures be made-- TOS 1-Bridge playset with all bridge crew 2-Shuttlecraft Galileo with a couple of red shirts ready to make the ultimate sacrifice. 3-transporter playset 4-engineering playset with Mr Scott 5-Enterprise with opening shuttlebay doors and shuttlecraft appropriately scaled. TMP 1-Enterprise 1701-A w/shuttle to scale 2-bridge playset 3-Khan and crew on Reliant bridge 4-Reliant 5-Shuttlecraft w/Sulu 6-dry dock w/shuttlepod 7-shuttlepod w/scott and kirk 8-Klingon D-7 9-Klingon bridge and crew TNG/Nemesis 1-bridge playset with crew 2-shuttlecraft-3 different versions 3-aliens-klingons, romulans, borg-with appropriate shuttle or display scene--ie borg alcove 4-engineering, sickbay, transporter room playsets 5-Nemesis versions of bridge playset, figures ships and shuttlecraft. DS9 1-OPS with ops crew 2-Runabout shuttle 3-Defiant bridge and crew 4-Promenade/Quark's playset 5-Trials and tribulations figures 6-Bajoran shuttle 7-Jem hedar attack craft 8-Jem hedar attack crew 9-DS9 with multiple types of starships to dock-federation, klingon, cardassian etc VOY 1-bridge playset and crew 2-Speedboat shuttle with crew of 2 3-Delta Flyer with crew of 3 4-aliens- 5-Borg alcove and figures 6-Voyager with scale shuttle Enterprise 1-bridge and crew 2-shuttlepod with 2 figures 3-playsets for engineering and hangar and sick bay 4-NX-01--- 5-Vulcan shuttle and figs and needlepoint ship There is so much one could do with this property its almost scary. A couple of people on the AA message board have also asked about a starship creator type toy-basically you build your own starship with variations to the nacelles, the secondary and primary hull. Although this has been done with South Bend Enterprise, I think the idea has merit and it should definately not be throw out. Legos would be perfect for this. Well, that's all for now. If you want to add your own ideas please do so, and if anyone knows where I can get a Point of Contact to ask about Trek Legos then by all means email me or post it here.
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