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  1. Ha! Nice try, but I'm pretty sure it'll be some kind of "pass the blame" update, along with a vague update on the future of the DC line. Id be all for the "pass the blame" game...as long as dead is dead on this subscription try a lot of the faithfuls who bought subs are commenting on how much they think DC/Mattel is gonna make it work for them with the 60%...and I hope, no, pray thats not the case. My schadenfreude senses are tingling. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I feel it myself.
  2. "Oh noes! they arent 6 inch! therefore they will be teh suxors!" i swear. be optimistic. gosh. from what i saw in person there. (i was there) they were detailed and actually awesome looking. even the wolvie and x men ones.Dont judge a figure unless u saw it up front. if u still hate it, then dont buy it. and dont whine either.
  3. i was reading toyfare and they had an ad for wave 23&24 at toys r us and it had the tarantula variant.
  4. hopefully im gettin 'em today! Il be lookin 4 em! @cap@ EDIT!: i went and only got black spidey/kraven. only one they had besides hulk/abomination. i dont want that one, so i passed. my tru Sux! damn! @SpiderVenom@
  5. How about some dc movie minimates? The dark knight: Batman and The Joker Joker Goon and Opening scene Joker Bruce wayne and alfred Variant: BW and Lucius Fox Watchmen Rorschach and Dr. Midnight Nite Owl and Silk spectre The Comedian and Ozymandias Variant: perhaps either origianal Nite wing and/or Original Silk Spectre and some comic marvels:(no specific wave theme) New comic hulk and Abomination(variant A-Bomb) Spiral and Mojo(variant Longshot) Bob agent of hydra and agent x( variant fat agent x) Howard the duck and doctor bong(variant howard the rat) Blob and toad (cant think of any variants) Falcon and Winter soldier (variant new bucky cap) etc... can you guys think of anything? probabally.
  6. I was at a my LCBS today and i saw a huge box with comics in it and there was a hevanly sight i saw. There, i saw the motherload of deadpool comics. there were so much of them. But, to my dismay, when i asked the clerk there, he said they were not for sale, they were being stored there.
  7. Yes! a forbush man toy! woo! finally! now the prototype comes to good use! and leamonhead, this is sarcasm, just wanted to let u know that this is what its supposed to sound like! #US1#
  8. Went to KB yester day and got everyone but MK 3. It was there, i just did not want it. but, I noticed that deep down, i really wanted it so i went to target today to see if they had repulsor red. they did not have it but i finally picked up MK.3. Also, my target has a new series of those marvel graphic novels in the kids books. i got an iron man one and a Spider man/Silver surfer one.
  9. DOes anyone know why on the back of MK.3, the Iron monger with removeable chestplate has a guy with white hair and no beard as obidiah stane?
  10. If there's "no clear link" then its not a fact, is it? No, it means you are drawing conclusions where there's no supportable facts. You are making ASSUMPTIONS based on your own desires. Its like a 9/11 conspiracy theorist convinced that missiles hit the Pentagon and they fabricate "evidence" and suppositions to support their claim. You're making assumptions all across the board: that Hasbro is thinking the line is "bleeding", that they are viewing this forum on a regular basis, that fewer podcasts mean Hasbro is relucatant to face the public etc. etc. etc. Go with what is ACTUALLY happening. Is the line failing? We don't know. Is Hasbro rethinking their approach for Marvel Legends? We don't know. Were Jesse Falcon and co. brought in to save Hasbro's ass on ML.? We don't know. See how refreshing and liberating actual knowledge ( or LACK of it) is? No guessing, no BS--just dealing with what really is--not what we want things to be. We'll find out the answers to those questions, and more, when they come out-- which will happen sooner or later. Seriously, if that doesn't work for you......then just go ahead and make up total garbage. Y'know........stuff like" "Hey, didya hear that they Hasbro is gonna turn Mr Potato Head into a MARVEL LEGEND???? Yeaaa, they are gonna scale him with Deadpool and a naked Storm figure and lots of guns and a HUGE New York City Playset that'll cover 100 sq feet and cost only $10. Its true, I swear!". <cough> Look, this isn't about having an "opinion", its about spewing crap. You might think the line is failing.....but the line might be doing very well for Hasbro. You are basing your observation on your wants as a fan, Hasbro is basing it on units sold. You can swear up and down the line is bleeding and everyone is hating it, but its just blowing smoke out one's ass--when the truth is...you don't know. I don't even know, but I'm intelligent enough to know that assumptions do not get me anywhere and I deal with information as it comes to me from the actual source--not some imagination from the ether. And just to humor you--let's answer your question with a different "logical" assumption: "There is no clear link between the two, but, how else could it have come about?" How? Companies hire former talent on creative projects to work on new and similar projects......simply because they bring to the new project some of the ideas they never got to employ in the old. They can be brought on to act as consultants or actual team members churning out new creative material. Rather than re-invent the wheel constantly, they ask the old guard how they solved problems, or what they intended to use to create certain characters. They can ask what character rosters they had planned in their heads and what BAF options they had considered. This can be all in the matter of just keeping the line fresh and on-going, and not because of any dire doom about to befall it. I've been brought in on projects in just such a manner, and it was for reasons very similar to the above that it came about. See? There's another perspective that you probably have not considered before.......and its an apporach that works just as well as assuming that things are going to hell in a handbasket. You want to believe things are going to crap--then they will, based on what you WANT to percieve. The opposite applies as well and, believe it or not, so does simply waiting for actual answers to come forward and give you the honest truth. ( and some people are so wrapped up in their biased they don't even accept that) I like how this started out as sayinng to stop fighting, and now look what it turned into! Hi-larious @loll@
  11. I hope u get banned dude. . ."seriously". . . thanks dude... i really don't know why that guy is acting like that towards me... i'm pretty sure i haven't done anything wrong towards him that would make him act like that... that guy has issues... 'cause last time i checked, this forum/thread is not about making sure your collection is better than other peeps' collections... this was never about who's collection is great and who's collection is not-so-great... yeah, i hope that guy gets banned here... in all his posts, i haven't seen one that was appropriate and that makes sense... he just talks a lot of crap... maybe he eats a lot of crap that his mouth starts to smell like crap and all he's got is crap. Don't worry PVB. Hes probabally just some guy that sits alone in his house perfecting his collection every day. ALONE. He will be banned sooner or not much later! #US1#
  12. Oh yeah I Cannot wait! but, in long island, scalpers are everywhere! Damn it! @grumpy@
  13. Who the hell wants children when we can have action figures? Besides my figures protect me at night when I'm sleeping. Can a child do that? Point proven. That was not funny at all. My friends have children. thats just mean and derrogatory(however you spell it)
  14. Who the hell wants children when we can have action figures? Besides my figures protect me at night when I'm sleeping. Can a child do that? Point proven. That was not funny at all. My friends have children. thats just mean and derrogatory(however you spell it)
  15. Thank you! How is reanolds going to work this? Back then, he was a serious assassin. Still, also there could have been a better pick for my fave anti hero. I just cant see him even doing a deadpool voice. (Crackily and annoying like in MUA and X men L. 2) When i think deadpool the first namie that comes to mind is certainly not Renolds
  16. He is Forbush Man. He was the star of Not Brand ECHH! in the '60s and was in the comic What The?!?. He was basically the comedy character. His real name is wat for it... Irving Forbush?
  17. A.FF classics(?) Kang. B. What?Whats a happy fun ball
  18. Hey guys! Did you know that Will o the wisp was not it spider man TAS? Whats up with that? and i thought this thread was 90s tas. @loll@
  19. what is hulk the end about? same as all the other "the end" stories, the final fate of the character in question, i don't want to spoil it for ya but i'll say 2 words.....Giant Roaches....... Giant Hulk Eating Roaches
  20. Just finished reading Hulk:The end! now i want the toy!
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