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  1. The next installment of SOCOM: US Navy SEALS should rock the PS3. Since it's not a launch title then I hope the next one comes to PS2 first then. I hope Syphon Filter will come back with a stronger title, and I'd like to see Mercenaries in the next-gen. I hope that Chow Yun Fat game, Stranglehold is good. I'm a big fan of CYF and this game is supposed to be a sequel to Hard Boiled, the greatest cop action movie ever.
  2. Finally got a chance to see the new SG-1. It was alright. The set-up was better than the payoff. I just finished episode 17 from the 2nd season for SGA. It was alright, more of the same.
  3. Unless it's half-naked Katie Holmes. Then there should be more! @lol Well, he kicked the crap outta 3 inmates, blew up an entire house of ninjas, (who can say they've done THAT??) beat up like 8 goons at the dock, took out about 1/2 of Gotham's police force, and eventually took out Rhas. The fight in the prison was more of a brawl, the blowing up of ninjas is not hand-to-hand, and the training scenes are alright. But the scene with thugs on the docks was just fast cuts of nothing. You saw nothing. People get taken out... and end scene. What they should've done, or at least, what the next movie should have, is the fighting you see in the comics and The Animated Series. Batman opening up a can of whoop-ass on baddies with style and finesse. Go Bruce Lee-style on their asses. Admittedly, this is hard to do with a heavy rubber suit on, but still... that is the Batman action I'd like to see. Batman Begins was successful and pretty popular. The title is ripe for multi-edition, DVD double or triple-dipping action. A 2 or 3-disc Special Director's Cut Unrated Edition is surely in the works followed by a Superbit, HD-DVD and Blu-Ray edition.
  4. Still needs more action! Batman isn't Batman unless someone gets the crap kicked out of them by Batman.
  5. According to one site, the list is: Blu-Ray Exclusive: 20th Century Fox Sony Buena Vista/Disney Liongate HD-DVD Exclusive: Universal Both Blu-Ray and HD-DVD: Paramount Warner Bros. New Line HBO Supporters of both formats haven't made any official announcement of allegiance yet, but it's likely they'll support both. Personally, I just wish it was one format. Having two is just a waste of time. I doubt any of this will matter much because it's not like they're gonna stop making regular DVDs any time soon. Oh yea... PS3 for $499 to be released early summer! I guess I'll get one in 2008.
  6. @lol@ These two rarely go hand-in-hand for Hasbro or businesses in general.
  7. Just so we're clear on this, Wave 3 will only have 1 RAH product, right? The SS, SE, Stalker Vietnam pack?
  8. They could always do a Director's Cut/Extended/Unrated version with even more Jessica Alba and Ashley Scott booty and breast shots that we all know the film crew took copious amounts of. Probably tons of slow-motion and intense close-up shots. There must be at least 5 hours of jiggling fun on the cutting room floor. It'll probably come out along with a Fantastic Four Special Edition to help hype the F4 sequel.
  9. Like others, since I want CC and Serpy to co-exist in the same faction, I have Serpentor as the greatest battalion commander in Cobra. Scrap Iron gets mechanized infantry, Firefly has covert operations, SS covers recon, etc.
  10. ^^ Yes, everything robot_sonic said! So Hasbro needs to get us some classic looking Vipers with classic gear, proper paint apps on the gloves and boots and the head fixed. Or maybe finally give us some Night-Vipers, Iron Grenadiers, or Annihilators. It won't be that expensive to make these kinds of army builder 6-packs (in light of the current "Is Hasbro making money of Joe?" thread). As long as they don't screw it up and have them classic-looking, then we're good to go.
  11. I got my NW set not too long ago, and while it was pretty good, the CIF set still looks better. The blue on the CIF is sharp and vibrant as hell. The only thing the NW set has over the CIF set is the weapons, and even that could've been better (give us some AK's already). It's funny how the old sculpt heads have the sleepy eyes and the new heads look so long in those pics. HTS should sell the CIF set again since TRU doesn't have them anymore and so many people missed out on them the first time around. They'd make a ton of money.
  12. What are you gonna put on the sides, if you are putting anything there at all? You should get some lots of missiles and bombs and build some racks for them and get a Funskool Weapons Transport for added effect.
  13. HTS = $55.80 DTC= $0 Total = $55.80 So bascially, one of each. Gimme a reason to spend more, and I will. As it is, RAH pickings are slim, and few and far inbetween.
  14. I wouldn't hang the Joe fandom altogether just yet. People who've had problems with DTC didn't just imagine them. These kinds of folks will always be around. To them, it's always the fans' fault, and Hasbro can do no wrong.
  15. As far as sci-fi goes, I still like Star Trek, Stargate and even Star Wars better.
  16. This is why ordering online sucks. It's already bad enough when you buy it from a local store, but it's worse when you gotta do all this mailing back and forth crap. I don't know what it's like for everyone else, but if I had to mail something back, I'd imagine I'd have to take it personally to the Post Office. I live in NYC, and at any given time, the wait is at least 30 minutes. Having to travel 20 minutes on the subway and then wait on line to return it to a local store is no less tedious. All that hauling back and forth is annoying... and really, I got better things to do with my time.... like get drunk and go to bars and unsuccessfully hit on women. Luckily, defects don't happen too often, but they aren't a rare event either. I've had to take back my AWE Striker, NAC, and my Moray Hydrofoil (most of the time, I'm like "screw it" for the figures). The last two were pretty friggin' big to be carrying around the city, on the train, and to work. I've only ordered once from HTS, and the experience has been good. I just wish the joints on my figures weren't so loose, and wished they would stop rubberbanding and action-posing the comic pack figures and ruining the hands. Get with it already, Hasbro. Those things are annoying!
  17. Dude, it ain't gonna get any better if you exchange it. Mine is like that too. In fact, MANY RAH figures are like that. You can see the same imperfection at YOJOE.COM : CHECK OUT MY BUSTED UP LEG!! Like BFB said, the RAH molds are just getting up there in age and the less than stellar plastic they use ain't helping none either. Of course, it'd be nice if Hasbro would restore these molds and manufacture these figures in top condition like we know they can, but alas, it's the best we can get outta them. Just rejoice in the fact that the Scarlett headsculpt looks nice, finally for that mold. All sad... and all true at the some time.
  18. OMG!! I never realised that until now!!! That is awful! Terrible... even worse than Katie Holms being in Batman Begins!!! It also has Michelle Monaghan, though it's nothing to be excited about either.
  19. Probably X-Men 3. Mission Impossible 3 is just gonna be more of the same and a watered down action movie. It'll have some great stunts and gadgets, but just like MI2, even a limited John Woo couldn't make this a great film. Who's the female lead? Keri Russell? I'm not impressed. Superman Returns has SM in a way too retro costume, but I'm looking forward to one of my childhood heros to come back again. PotC should prove entertaining, but I'm not really a big fan of period films to begin with. Could care less about Da Vinci Code.
  20. Well, I heard Sunfire is gonna be in this movie (well, there's a Japanese guy in the trailer, so most are hoping), and from what I hear, since Rogue has Sunfire's powers in the current comics, it's possible these two will be brought together in the film.
  21. Actor's diva demands? One can only guess that it was Halle Berry wanting more screentime. The only reason I would even support her is because X-Men Tirilogy is already mostly the Wolverine show. I have nothing against Wolverine, but damn, it just seems like a waste now that he's already getting his own movie series. But one has to wonder if the Trilogy would've been successful had it not focused on Wolverine. For some reason I can't explain, I would've like Cyclops to be better written in the movies. I don't know why, but he was one of the characters I like in X-Men. Pretty cool power, and kinda underrated by most and in the movie.
  22. I saw Serenity on its own (no bad movies to put me in a slump) and I was only mildly impressed with this quirky sci-fi adventure film. The action was mediocre and the cutting/editing was kinda horrible at times. I've never seen the series, and the acting, story, pacing, and dialogue in this movie doesn't make me want to rush to download or rent it or anything either. I doubt I'll watch this movie again. If this is supposed to be good Whedon stuff, I'm glad I'd not familiar with anything else. 6/10, more or less
  23. As long as it's within the limits of their return policy, it's all good. I'd be surprised if this policy extends any farther than 2 weeks, and even that seems long. I'm surprise this policy even exists to this day (other than saving on the shipping thing).
  24. I got all my Comic Packs in from HTS and I really like all the Dreadnoks. I hope they finish up the rest of the crew (Torch, Zandar, Zanzibar, Roadpig). General Hawk kicks ass too. Probably the definitive Hawk to date. I still like the v2 arms and legs better though (and only because the v4 arms and legs fitting isn't as good on the v2 torso). The Scarlett headsculpt is an improvement from v1. Great paintjobs on all of them, with only a few small specks of stray paint. Alot of the joints are loose as hell, which is a huge problem, though. The weapons for the Joes sucked big time. In fact they all sucked besides the Dreadnok ones.
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