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  1. Tons of folks are seeing them in the UK or downloading them through BitTorrent/P2P. They are airing in the UK on some channel called Sky/SkyOne or whatever. Should air in the USA soon enough though. Okay... not really. I Am Legion - 9/17/2005 Shadow of the Hawk - 9/17/2005 Chaos at the Earth's Core - 9/24/2005 To Another Shore - 9/24/2005 Flash and Substance - 2/11/2006 Dead Reckoning - 2/18/2006 The Great Brain Robbery - 3/4/2006 Grudge Match - 3/11/2006 Far From Home - 3/18/2006 Ancient History - 3/25/2006 Alive (1) - 4/1/2006 Destroyer (2) - 4/8/2006
  2. **Lex Luthor searches for the remains of Brainiac in distant space by using the Secret Society. ** SPOILER Pretty good fight between the two sides of the Secret Society. Darkseid/Brainiac is back, and the last episode looks like it's gonna be one big epic fight. Shame there isn't enough time to have really great story and a really gigantic all-out brawl, at least not one giving good time to the original 7.
  3. One also has to consider the whole Blu-Ray/HD-DVD thing going on. This whole new format war was non-existant a year ago. And given the price of stand-alone next-gen DVD players, Sony would take an even bigger loss on the system had it came out last year. And those games, a year ago, the list wasn't that long. To be honest, those games are kinda lackluster for me. Warhawk might be good, Tekken will be more of the same and I'm interested Stranglehold (the Chow Yun Fat game), but none of them are really system sellers, aka killer-apps. Nothing on that list makes me wanna drop $399 for a new system.
  4. For me, it'll definitely take alot to get into since I don't know jack about any of the characters except Supergirl. JL was pretty familiar with all the well-known DC characters, and JLU still had them around alot for the most part, but SATLOS is gonna be a stretch. On a sidenote, I hope they do something better with her hair. Back to this episode, I don't think they set-up enough background for Supergirl to have her stay in the future. At least not on the show or any other DC TAS. So it kinda makes her wanting to stay in the future because all of a sudden she feels like she belongs there and because she met some dude seems a bit unbelievable.
  5. It think it kinda sucks that she stayed in the future. Is this following comic continuity (I don't follow DC comics at all really)? And I read that they are gonna do a Supergirl and the Legion of Superheros toon, one of the Teen Titan guys are involved. I know even nothing about these characters, which'll make it even harder to get into. Anyway, good episode for Supergirl action, but still sucks that she stayed in the future.
  6. 8speed

    jlu cancelled

    And yet another TAS bites the dust. First Batman, then Superman, now JL/JLU. I hope they come up with something else in the near future. I don't see what the problem is with live movies and cartoons on TV. I don't see why they can't coexist. I mean, really.... with the comics and video games and other DC products, what's the big deal? There's money to be made all around.
  7. Tala. For me I don't care, but I thought it was a bit much for a kids' show. Oh well, not that it matters anymore anyway.
  8. Black Hawk Down is probably the best modern day war film. It's got Delta Force, Rangers and mini-guns... can't go wrong with that combo. Otherwise, you've got "We Were Soldiers", "Band of Brothers" (HBO mini-series) and "Saving Private Ryan". They tried to do a modern military series based in Iraq on cable called, "Over There". It only stuck around for one season, though.
  9. Now this was a Flash episode.... too bad it wasn't really Wally kicking butt and doing all those cool things with his powers. Man, he took on a ton of people from the League and knocked them the f*^@ out. Just shows how much Flash's powers are severely dumbed down in every other episode he's in.
  10. Short Fuze in the set was pretty cool. I renamed him Downtown, of course. He was one of the main reasons why I bought the set. I gave him some goggles from a Elite Forces figure and he looks bad-ass now along with the [Elite Forces] M-14 I gave him.
  11. Well, for me, I'm not picking X3 because I'm into comics (at least not a hardcore X-Men fan). In fact, I've read less than 150 issues of X-Men related comic books (including Uncanny, X-Men, X-Force, X-Factor, Wolverine) or starred an X-Man (guest-spots). However, if Da Vinci Code was about a top-secret communications encryption/decryption code used by the United States Special Operations Command and the CIA that has fallen into the hands of the Taliban or something... and Arnold Schwartzeneggar and his elite team of Special Forces commandos were tasked to recover the code, then I'd be all for it. I think it just looks like the least interesting of the group.
  12. Sounds good, can't wait. New and more Superman TAS is always good.
  13. Monica Bellucci [and her boobs], by a landslide! Easily the hottest of these three.
  14. It's good to know more comic packs are coming out. I just wish there were more! Glad that they're finally using Lady Jaye since the Con Set come out a while back. And more Oktober Guard is never bad. I hope the Troops get good weapons (and LJ & the OG too). Any word on when they will be out?
  15. Black Hawk Down Predator Terminator 2 A Few Good Men Enter The Dragon Dang, Top 5 is kinda hard. I've seen some great movies in my lifetime. It'd be harder if I included Hong Kong films too.
  16. I chose Tyra Banks because she has a slamming body. Beyonce is a runner-up (great face, younger). These would be my top two hot black chicks, in the world, celebrity-wise. Halle Berry is getting up there in age and her super-short haircut ain't doing it for me.
  17. I assumed it was a degatory term equivalent to hillbilly or redneck given the guy's scruffy looks. I don't care for Jack, he reminds me of Duke from G.I. Joe, but I do want to see them do some flashback's to Jack's time in the military. Jack was in the military?!? I'd like to see that as well.
  18. My favorite is Kate, because she's HOT! (So I voted for the hot girls, Kate and Libby). After that, it's Jack. I don't like Sawyer and the hype he gets, or Hurley or Charlie. Everybody else is tolerable.
  19. PS3 is gonna have Blu-Ray, it's been one of the main features of the system since its introduction.
  20. And.... According to the latest PSM, they're developers contacts expect the system to debut for $399. Sony will have to swallow the cost on the uber-expensive PS3's, but they could be facing a 360 with a price cut, not to mention the importance of dominance in their little HD format war (Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD).
  21. What's PS3 launch line-up so far? That'll probably be the biggest problem for the PS3. But they do have some triple A killer-apps waiting in the wings (MGS, etc) so it shouldn't be too bad for people. And I don't think the PS3 is gonna make a March launch date. An early summer (June 2006) launch is more likely than March. And even that might just be Japan. Fall for the US launch.
  22. I think it can still work. MGS and SC are predominantly stealth games. SF has a healthier mix of action and stealth. SOCOM is squad-based and with the rest is single-player, it could easily define itself with the whole loner, one-man army type action title. Much in the vein of 24, James Bond and Mission Impossible type concepts. SF can still work I think, as we see tons of weaker and lesser known 3rd party action/stealthers around every year.
  23. I'm only problem with the comic packs is that they usually use the oldest sculpts. However accurate, it usually results in the figure having just "swivel head". The inability to look up and down kinda sucks.
  24. 8speed


    Yup! 100% For you and alot of people maybe, but there's also alot of people who want to army build the sh*t outta these guys as I'm sure you already know. And they don't want them in rainbow colors. $22 bucks for a 1x vintage CG versus $22 for 6 reissues.... I think we all know what the stance the army builders have on that as well as other kinds of collectors. And Hasbro is trying to capitalize on that and it's tons easier and safer when they're close to original colors. Not that any of this matters at the moment as new RAH products these days are slim pickings.
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