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  1. Aside from the costume, it should be at least alright. With the amount of drivel we've gotten in the last 6 months, it can't get any worse. I also didn't like how they're now messing with Supes' crib. No more Fortress of Solitude?!? Hehe.... I still get goosebumps anytime a variation of the Superman theme starts. The effects looks super!
  2. What websites are you going to that give that much adware/spyware? I'm on P2P alot and most I have are tracking cookies (which aren't uber harmful anyway).
  3. yep, you can watch the scene over at www.superherohype.com I liked it!, cool to see ... well... what it is that u see! The tounge in cheek dialogue and Wolverine's lack of taking the situation seriously is because the scene takes place in the Danger Room! I thought the clip was only alright, and just barely at that. On other boards, lots of folks thought it was bad-ass. But for me, they didn't show the meat and potatoes of the... uhh... situation. But I guess it's mostly due to budgetary reasons. Fox shoulda given them another $5-$10 million (or whatever the CGI fees would cost) for extended and/or better action scenes. But this is based on this one scene. I hope the rest of the movie is better.
  4. Anybody else catch Hugh Jackman on Leno last week? He brought a new clip of X3, which I don't think anyone's seen before, certainly I don't think its been aired for the commercial. Anywho, I hope the movie is better than what that clip had to offer (trying to avoid spoilers here).
  5. After many months of a movie-land drought, I've reevaluated my stance on MI3. I need to check out a good ol' fashion action movie with no "superpowers". I just hope the body count is high and it's not, yet again, sugarcoated like MI2 (but I think chances are it'll be PG-13).
  6. I agree with a lot of folks. James Cameron's Aliens and Terminator II are still top movies today, decades later after their release. Subsequent chapters in these series are lackluster, to say the least (tho, T3 and AvP wasn't too bad). Spider Man II's Doc Ock fight was amazing over anything SM1 had. Notable improved sequels include: Blade II (sequel just had better SFX) Superman II Bad Boys II Rambo II And though really down the line in the Star Trek movies series, I liked the TNG cast alot better. First Contact was just bad-ass. So I disagree with the movie-going community (in general, not this board) that originals are always better.
  7. VERY nice trump card for Nintendo. Too bad it ain't gonna be free.
  8. Blu-Ray also offers more storage space to make so that games can look prettier and have better content and gameplay. Now, folks have said that DVD-5 or DVD-9 have been enough, but I've also read some exciting new thing they can do with games (more depth and content for the gameplay) that wasn't possible before (which is odd since most the stuff they talked about sounded awfully similiar to what they said for PS2/X-Box, but anyway). Developers have also said that they've even run out of room on the DVDs in this current generation, so Blu-Ray should help out with that. So only time will tell if the extra storage will mean bigger, better, and more immersive gaming. One thing I wish they would've included was the broadband router. It think it was gonna be a pass-thru or something like that so that the cable from the broadband modem would go to the PS3 then have another port where a cable would go back to your computer's NIC card. Since this feature was dropped, I'll have to set-up a router, which is more loose equipment around. Personaly, I don't have a HDTV so any and all features regarding this aspect of of the PS3 will be useless to me. I also don't need the PSP compatibilities or Bluetooth this and wireless that. I rather have wired controllers. And I'm sure these thing add to the price, yet, what are ya' gonna do? The system can't be customize to each individual's needs and preferences. As far as the actual price, I think they're gonna go with a nice round number, $399. Stuff in Japan is more expensive anyway, so a simple Yen to dollar conversion isn't exactly all that telling. It gives you the ballpark. I'm not even gonna speculate on any kind of price drop for the 360. I'm not saying it's impossible or that it won't happen, but I'd be surprised if they did given the current situation of the system. But why not? In for a penny, in for a pound. So would that include 360?
  9. One would assume the stand alone Blu-Ray players would help with the cost, though this is delayed too (that is, until HD-DVD launches). As far as losing ground, I think most people and Sony themselves are confident (some say too much so) and look at their track record as justification that the delay won't hurt the system that much and/or that regaining ground won't be as difficult as it would be if it was someone else.
  10. Excellent point! I mean, god knows RAH gets so little love as it is. Yea, the Comic Packs are great, but two at a time every few months and a 6-pack thrown in whenever is hardly inspiring hardcore collecting. I would be supremely surprised and happy if totally new, never-seen-before TRU Exclusives make it to the next Joe Con (I've been out of the loop). Two to three six-packs with two medium-sized vehicle exclusives (HISS II and if possible, the HAVOC or Sky Hawk) by years' end would be awesome stuff.
  11. Nintendo's biggest problem has always been third party support (for the last few systems anyway N64, GC). They surely don't enjoy the support like PS2 and X-Box did (though, it might be by choice -- quality over quantity and more family oriented video gaming). Having all these great innovation is... well, great. Nintendo is excited, and even the developers are excited, but that doesn't mean that Nintendo is doing its job of supporting developers with dev kits (just read that very few Western developers haven't even gotten dev kits at all - if they matter all that much, anyway) and helping them utilize this system's unique features. Sure, 1st party games will be stellar (as they always are), but when you're third party devs are twisting in the wind trying to figure the damn thing out, it just seems counter productive and yet another repeat of the next-gen wars.
  12. Everybody knows they're waiting for price drops on their hardware, specifically the Cell Processor and the Blu-Ray drive. I find it hard to believe there are problems with the chipset all of a sudden. (This is all speculation on my part, of course )
  13. I doubt Halle Berry would come back unless the story has some decent focus on Storm. Her big ego wouldn't allow her to sign on to more X-films to continue playing second fiddle to the Logan and Jean story.
  14. In no particular order: Yamila Diaz Tyra Banks Petra Nemcova Adrianna Lima Laetitia Casta Kristy Hinze And check out SPORT ILLUSTRATED 2006 for more choices! And some oldies: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/swimsuit/collection/
  15. Aside from the inability to do it, but even if they could, I doubt they would produce 5-10 million units anyway from the get-go. Taking $400-$500 dollar loss on 5-10 million units produced would look like crap on their balance sheet (which is what? $5 billion). I would think that they would produce the minimum (say 500k units) and get the system out there and then produce more as time went on, as prices got lower. Hell, in 6-12 months the hardware costs will be halved already.
  16. Which would bcome down once regular blu-ray players come out to help with the cost. It'll be just like the PS2 all over again. The cost is high because there's nothing else out to help pay for the new technology. That will change once blu-ray gets released. All new technoliogy is expensive which is why the PS3 costs more to make than the 360, but it always comes down once people have had the chance to buy it. Like I said, given these numbers, I wouldn't expect a huge production run if they're gonna take the big suck on this one. Which isn't all that great anyway, but at least PS3 will be out there, however limited. WHEN the 360 counters the PS3's launch with a price, cut, you'll see how bad of an idea dragging their feet was. I don't know. I'm sure they'll (MS) do a price cut (unless they have a big numbers already), but even then, it'll only mean something if 360 already has a huge installed base. Time will tell. Will 360 have 10-20 million user by then? I think Gamecube was cheaper, and how much better did they do? And that's first party games aside.
  17. Yes, I know that consoles sell at a loss, but your expecting Sony to eat a $400/$500+ loss on per system sold? Like I said, it's not $100-200 loss here. What system has sold at that kind of loss and became successful in the long run? 360 sells for about $100-$125 loss per unit, you expect Sony (or any business) to take triple to quadruple (if not more) of a loss for the PS3? Come on.... be reasonable. Also, with HD-DVD lagging behind (well, not really but the buzz isn't exactly resounding either) and 360 not exactly having stellar or record-breaking sales, Sony's "waiting for the last minute" tactics seems like the safe and sound approach. This overly ambitious product of Sony's will see a drastic reduction in cost per unit in just 6-12 months from now. And while Sony contends that they do plan on a Spring/Summer 2006 release, my guess is it will be a small number in Japan only (500,000 to 1 million units at most... if not less... 250K.. for the rest of the year) with a limited number for USA in Fall 2007. It'll probably ramp up in the following post-Winter/Spring season. Besides which, only a handful games would be ready. And there's no telling if they were (or would be) even good titles to begin with. So we'd be potentially looking at another 360/PSP/DS (maybe) launch. And they've already cut corners long ago (extra HDMI port, DSL/Cable Router, & HDD all removed - probably a few more). The PS3, as is, is what they really want on the system and can't do without. They were waiting for the Blu-Ray drives and Cell Processors to drop in price. Cheaper and more efficient manufacturer techniques for the Cell Processor and putting the BD drive to other uses will surely scale down costs.
  18. By the same token, taking such a big loss could be a huge mistake also. We're not talking about a $100 or $200 loss per unit here. If Sony intends to compete with 360 and the PS3 sells for $399.... how can they afford to take that big of a hit?
  19. I only recall seeing Green version. The same reason they casted Michael Clarke Duncan as Kingpin in Daredevil. Hollywood thinks it needs to make comic book movies more politially correct apparently... #US1# Uhh... wasn't he grey? Which is kinda odd because he acted more like the Savage Green Hulk (albeit, grey in color). Maybe it was just dark....
  20. Hehe... I was beginning to think I was the only one who thought this was Lieutenant Gorky. Shrage come out in CP#6 already. It'd be nice if Hasbro put up Comic Pack #6 & #7 again so people can get the whole team at once. I wonder if they'll finish up with Red Star, Volga and Big Bear... Anywho, glad to see more Comic Packs coming.
  21. I'd rather see Charlie or Hurley go. Their stories and backstories are ones I care the least about and have next to no interest in learning more about.
  22. It was better than I expected. Which is to say it was better than alot of other Marvel toons. I didn't like how they portrayed Banner or Thor though. Is that how they are in the comics now?? I haven't read comic books in awhile. I figure I'll just do the lazy thing and catch these animated shows instead. It's too bad Professor Hulk wasn't around, and it would've been nice for the Avengers to fight a major character than a faceless alien armada.
  23. From what I've read, these days, Asian is the term used when referring to "people", whereas Oriental is for "things" (IE oriental rugs). That's the easiest distinction and, not to mention safe, guideline I go by. Anyway, if you think these chicks look ugly, then you guys must have high standards; or maybe mine are just low. Hehe... Halle Berry is a stunner, but she can't act. But I'm sure everyone wants, including the production staff, beautiful people who can act and are cheap to cast for the movie. So I guess beautiful, talented, and cheap actors are too much to ask for. That's something we're all gonna have to live with.
  24. The series finale will be shown Monday, February 13, 2006 at 5:30PM on Sky.
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